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She blinked slightly at his reaction to her and looked around cautiously for any others. After all, more often than not, there were always other psychos around somewhere hiding. She looked at the shack he hid inside and called out. "You can come out, I'm not going to hurt you."
  Mara the siren / wingedwolfy120 / 3h 3m 16s
Johnson looked up and his eyes went wide as he dove inside a shack. His voice yelling out. "leave me alone!" the voice inside his head talking to him. "agreed she's a siren. She can kill us with a look. Although. " he peeked out a window slightly. "she's fucking beautiful. "
  Psycho / ganondorf / 3h 21m 50s
Mara yawned slightly and watched the scenery pass by in the window. Soon the train stopped at a station and she grabbed her things getting off. She paused hearing a familiar song from a banjo nearby and looked around​ for it. She stopped seeing a psycho just sitting there and playing the song in his banjo. She raised an eyebrow confused and got ready for a possible fight drawing her gun.
  Mara the siren / wingedwolfy120 / 3h 38m 59s
Johnson growled as he walked through the abandoned town. He didnt know why. "hey lunk head this is where we lived. remember?" He yelled at the voice in his head. "Suit yourself. maybe protecting here for so long you may remember." He grumbled walking to the train station in town looking around. "deserted as always go sit in the chair. play us a tune. the one you know well." He nodded agreeing for once with the voice and took a load off. he had been patrolling for hours may as well rest. he picked up the nearby banjo and began to play an unknown tune to him or the voice in his head, but it felt familiar and comforting anyway.
  Psycho / ganondorf / 4h 45m 10s

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