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Group Roleplay

1 male and two female characters needed.

Plot summary:

Naruto gets promoted to chunin along with Shikamaru after their first chunin exam and gets moved to a new division in the shinobi corps where he gets placed in one of their teams. Not Anbu... I feel that the Konoha 11 continued to work together cause they were the main characters and from a story point of you, it would be stupid to give Naruto a new team and forget the old characters. But realistically, I believe letting Naruto work with a team of chunin will help him grow into his role quicker and the same for Shikamaru.

This will cause many things to go different from canon and this will be completely AU.

The new team: All four are chunin
Team leader: Most experienced. A few years older than Naruto
Third member:
Fourth member: Naruto

Everyone will be between 12-16 years old with Naruto being the youngest and the team leader being the oldest.


Character Name:
Chakra Affinity: Can be two as seen in some rare cases. No Kekkei Tota though. Jonin are said to have mastered two elements. So even two is pushing it for a chunin. So unless your character is born with two primary affinities, you can't have mastered more than one. You may still use jutsu from another element though as shown in the series, where you don't need to master an element to use the jutsu. Naruto needed his element mastered because he was taking nature transformation to a level that hadn't been seen before. Don't make your characters too powerful and, give them a lot of space and potential to grow, as I'm hoping for a long term rp. They're just chunin, so they will get their ass handed a lot of times and will either win due to sheer dumb luck or flawless teamwork or a combination of both, with a lot of strategy/tactics for good measure.
Weapon/s: If any besides the standard kunai and shuriken
Specialisation: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Trap-making, Strategy & Tactics, Medic, Weapon specialist, Long range specialist, Mid-range specialist etc... Here you can also add the field that your character is training in, to specialise. As chunin who are still young, I don't think any of them would already be an expert in all their chosen fields, so this will be like future goals they're aiming to attain.
Dreams for the future:
Personality: A few words
List of known jutsu:
Genjutsu: If any

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