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That night, Abra had taken her new friend home with her. She had figured he would be a good way to blow off some steam and if she were honest he had been attractive. Not Julian attractive but enough to distract her from the flirtations and the little game they had played.

They had been going through episodes, but this one was the first Lyla, Abra's character would meet with Gerry, Julian's character. Apparently there was going to be some action between them. And part of her was looking forward to it. [b "Take it this is the usual? But have to admit looks fun."] The young woman said, licking her bottom lip as she took a seat. They also had to wait for Sav and Andy to get more explained. Seemed there has been a "surprise" coming with those two.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 3h 23m 38s
As easily as the moment had came, it was gone, and Julian forgot about Abra and her approach. One of the two women had went off to another guy leaving the chance to score with two, so he just took the one bag to his other place. Another episode was underway, as this was the first real time that Julian's character, Gerry, was going to make a big move on a client's girlfriend, Abra.

Casually waiting for her he had almost forgotten about the encounter before. "So, ready for this? What are we doing here? Hmm, light kissing and petting, but heated. Then shame on her end...Always fun."
  Kayd / Faust / 3h 58m 52s
Being with her and talking it felt like the time had melted away. And he was wondering how much she did remember. A part of Andy wanted to know and to ask, but the other, the more logical chose not to. It would be better to leave it in the past and to just start from where they were now. Though it did in its way torment him.

By the time they got back to her condo, the man returned a kiss to her cheek and hugged her. "Tonight's been fun Sav. Don't stay away so long next time." The last words were ones that he had not intended to say but they had kind of just slipped.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 11h 9m 2s
"That'd be wouldn't mind the company and you might not have met his new husband. I swear Dan was trying to get me to gain five pounds when I was in Colorado visiting them," Savannah laughed, she remembered the friendship they had. She only had some memories of them becoming physical.

"I'll give you the details when I have them. So what else has been happening?"

Talking for what seemed like hours was nice, at her condo she hugged and kissed his cheek before going in.
  Kayd / faust / 1d 6h 42m 43s
Going somewhere to talk sounded like a good idea. Especially with as loud as it was and how alcohol seemed to litter the air. He knew from Julian that Savannah happened to be trying to kick the addiction. And he was trying to drink less himself. So when she suggested leaving, the man nodded and went with her to a small hotdog place around the corner opting for a soda.

"I always wondered what their lives were like. And since you said it comes out next month on Sundance...maybe we could watch it together? Unless you have other plans?" Andy found the words leaving his lips before he could stop them. But in a sense he thought it would give them a chance to reconnect. Not what they had been but just perhaps in the way of friends. And it did sound interesting, had his curiosity piqued even. But it was not something he would want to be watching alone.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 3d 2h 16m 39s
"Why don't we go someplace to talk? It's really hard with this music and the smell of the liquor isn' isn't great..." Savannah tried to laugh it off, but there was strain, she was battling that addiction still. Once at a corner place with a hotdog with pastrami and a mountain dew she gave a relaxed sound.

"The favorite place...Well, India was fun...but it was in Africa that stood out. There's this village of all women, except for the kids, who escaped marriages from hell. God, I can't tell you how much I almost cried hearing those stories...The documentary will be going to Sundance next month."
  Kayd / Faust / 3d 4h 37m 32s
He was right. She didn't know him but she had been toying with him too. There was that thrill of wanting to see what he was like just a little. And the fact that it had been a game of cat and mouse had been refreshing. It reminded her that guys weren't all easy and that she was still alive and sometimes had to work for what she wanted. Though his annoaynce did confuse her a bit.

She was able to shake it off easily enough and had found a partner in no time. And even if he attention was on the guy she had chosen to dance with, her eyes did off and on find their way to Julian. IF there was ever another chance she may take it. But the night was just one of games and wonder.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 2d 4h 51m 33s
[b "Then maybe, Abra, you really don't know me,"] Julian answered evenly, and there was some mild annoyance, yet it was not for the normal reason. He did watch her dance before he decided to not take the bait. This woman was trying really hard and it was refreshing.

He spent some time with the girls, one of them left to go with another guy, and he wound up taking the other girl elsewhere. If there was a chance he would take it. Just not so easily.
  Kayd / Faust / 3d 5h 14m 48s
The man had heard briefly of the documentary but not who all had been involved. But it sounded amazing and also something she would be good at. Well she was good at everything she did and Andy used to tell her so too. "That does sound like a lot of fun. And like you would meet a lot of interesting people. Have a favourite place that you guys did the filming in?" He found himself asking to keep her talking. He really was curious how things had been and what she was up to in the time she had been gone.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 3d 12h 46m 15s
"It was actually a lot of fun and Siggy was good, too. That's not his actual name, I just can't pronounce it. Dad worked on a three part documentary on social status and changes in women's rights, homosexuality, and gender roles. I worked with the females," Savannah explained. "The other guy was a gay K pop star working on gay rights."

She had liked being on the camera again and feeling like she was doing something good. "We were in Korea, India, Africa and for a time in Israel."
  Kayd / Faust / 3d 12h 52m 33s
The man was good. Too good. But he did keep the game interesting and fresh. She could DEFINITELY give him that. When Andy and Sav had said to watch him, Abra had not known why before. But now she did and she seemed like a "moth drawn to a flame". It was like playing with fire but she couldn't stop herself either.

Lightly she licked over her bottom lip before biting at the corner of it. The other young ladies seemed ready to go, which didn't bother her. Hell she was surprised they had stayed around and watched. [b "Talking doesn't seem like something you latch onto. You strike me more as the actiony sort of man, which is sexy as hell. But if you wanna play it safe, have fun."] She said with a giggle and wink before she slipped down from the bar's counter and moved oh so slowly and deliberately towards the dance floor. If he wanted to join that was on him. He didn't well she was sure she could pick up another hottie for the night.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 4d 16m 37s
This could be the critical point and damn she was doing good. Only he felt like he wasn't a step ahead on this game and someone was trying to steal the ball. [b "That's a very nice offer from you. Thanks,"] Julian smiled before taking a drink.

The girls seemed ready to leave but he gave them a smile. [b "Tonight I think I'd just like a conversation with these lovely ladies. But we will be seeing each other soon."]
  Kayd / Faust / 4d 5h 15m 35s
Her words of her brother made him shake his head. The woman knew him better than anyone did. But her next words made sense of being out there again and made him wonder what it was like. Did he want to ask her? Yeah but did he? No.. "Hm that sounds extensive. Is it?" Andy asked, referencing the dance she had spoken of lasting through.

His hand was soon taken by Sav and at the edge of the dance floor was where they ended up. Where the hell was this going to take them? He missed her but was not sure what he wanted. Just being friends again seemed a good start
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 4d 12h 48m 16s
[b "He's not that persuasive, okay kinda is, but I was told I had to try out there again,"] Savannah shrugged, three years and it was still fresh on some days. Though she was enjoying getting back in, there was range nagging feeling always. [b "I did live through a Bollywood dance when I was in India. I should."]

Taking his hand she lead him towards the edge of the dance floor. By no means did she mean to start a full thing with him. It she did want to be friends again.
  Kayd / Faust / 4d 17h 44m 7s
Lightly she licked over her bottom lip, listening to the man's words. A little predictable but also so very smooth. And he made it fun too. She actually had to work for his attention and not just to bat an eyelash and have his attention. [b "Now is that sulf-proclaimed magic or a proven fact?"] She asked eyeing the ladies who all but swooned at that dashing smile of his. Slowly she leaned forward on the counter, catching the tenders eyes and motioned for drinks for the four.

[b "And your own words almost sound like an offer in themself, doll. Would you do a girl a favour and take the floor for a beat?"] She asked as she gave a wink and turned, hopping up on the counter to sit.
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 5d 3h 8m 2s

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