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Amusing and not like very many. Other young women he had known would get flirty and silly, but she didn't. If he were to be honest he liked the way Zara was so very much more. It was refreshing and did keep the game interesting. A real chase in a sense that he had not had in easily a century. So it would give him something to do.

[#81e66b "Ah well that sounds very intriguing. Do you much try and put rappers to shame?"] He asked in an easy and light way. His accent was heavily within his words but the man did nothing to stop it. He had learned earlier on that she did indeed seem to be drawn to the accent. And if he wanted to keep her around for a little while letting it out would be in his best interest.

The man was thoughtful before he let a chuckle out at her next words. [#81e66b "So food can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've not heard that before. But if people can then why not?"] Again he was just making easy conversation of her words and expressing she interested him in a sense.

[#81e66b "Would you care for a drink? Or would a walk be better suiting to your tastes?"]
  VS / SheDevil / 1d 1h 50m 0s
[b "The habit of every Latina mother...yes...should have heard my abulita. She could put a rapper to shame,"] Zara tried giving that smile instead she only found herself giving a thin look. Maybe she should go and drink. Yet she also had a lot of work to do on this project.

[b "Killing innocent pastries, no...it's just in the wrong place,"] she ate the rest of it with a dull smile. Why was she so bad at this anyway? It didn't seem that hard in theory.
  Fall / Faust / 1d 5h 11m 33s
Cal could drink and had always been able to hold his liquor so to speak. He guessed it came with being at least partial Irish and the fact that now he was a vampire. And though he could drink, the man had only gotten a beer so that he could sip it and watch the young woman.

After a few moments, the man slipped off his stool and slipped out of the bar. She did seem in quite the mood as she walked and muttered angrily in Spanish. [#81e66b "Habit of yours?"] Caleb asked as he soon fell into step with Zara and offered a faint smile and motioned to the pastry and how she happened to be so very alone.
  VS / SheDevil / 1d 1h 59m 17s
Zara had to be one of the few women that didn't like to go to bars and get drunk. In fact, she barely drank, and when she did it was a beer or two at a social gathering. It was probably better since she got drunk rather easily.

She did find herself at a place that served real food and coffee. Taking the rich coffee this late at night she tore apart the flaky pastry before almost stabbing it with her finger.

Stuck in a city and in this relationship, possibly job, damn.

Muttering in Spanish, mostly angry words to herself as she decided to eat what she could save.
  Fall / Faust / 2d 5h 5m 59s
[#81e66b "So when they go their own ways you see to the man and I will her. As long as they are not around the other then they need not know. Besides if I am going to play, then you may as well too. We both need some fun and it will be a distraction. As you said they cannot know of us yet."] Caleb said, the words from down below having been enough to be caught by the exta sharp hearing that he and Clara had.

He listened for a few moments before he went off down the stairs and into a small bar that was not too far off. IF he was right and the pai would be going their own way then it would not be too long before he would be seeing Zara. Perhaps he would be able to buy her a few drinks and to give her a night of fun. Play the old games they used to play. And perhaps even get her talking about her work and the "cloud" that Clara had mentioned.
  VS / SheDevil / 4d 5h 47m 30s
"In a way...we can't risk her seeing two pictures from back in the wild days, can we?" Clara asked tiltng her head lightly before looking back to the pair. "They can't know of us just yet."


"It is hard to understand, Dalton. Go out there and get experience, get that job. Well...I have that job and now your bitching to me about hours!" Zara griped rising her hands.

"You weren't supposed to be working all the time. I'm going to hang out with the guys that still have time," Dalton stopped in the middle of the sidewalk.

Zara groaned and flipped him off in her bag. She needed some food and drink after this, something bad for her.
  Fall / Faust / 4d 6h 7m 42s
She was right in her words. They were "old fashioned" and so much of the new was curious. He was sure that he had heard just as much as she. [#81e66b "It is a very curious thing to say the least. They seem to think all the changes are useful and to an extent they are. But again confusing."] His words were soft spoken, thoughtful even.

The woman's next words had him smirking. She was right as she always was. It had been a long time since he had played and he did so love the games. [#81e66b "Ah but that means you will be playing as well, does it not?"] Caleb said as he stood and looked out the window at the unhappy couple. And just by the look it seemed it would be easy enough to begin the game.
  VS / SheDevil / 4d 5h 54m 33s
[b "I just wish I knew what this cloud was that they speak of. We came on boat and they have so much more, yet they still seem in such a rush,"] Clara sighed playing with a strand of honey colored hair. Giving him a coy smile she shook her head.

[b "You enjoy playing with them, and it should be easy. She's working, he's upset and ready to play with something new. It's perfect. Look, there they are..."]

And there was Zara and Dalton, walking down the dark street but not very happily. She had the first evening off from all work, she was up until the 1920's and desperately needing a break. She already tracked a few pictures of a similar looking guy, it was both on the cloud and the flash drive.
  Fall / Faust / 5d 6h 27m 8s
One leg was crossed over the other as blue gaze was upon the woman. She had been apparently keeping a closer watch on the human than he had been. Which to her credit must have taken a lot aw she was not at all fond on what the pair of them were supposed to be doing as it was.

[#81e66b "Clara you know these things take time. Which I am more than aware we happen to be running out of. But I cannot just go up to her and say that I need those photos that she has. As you have stated clearly she is not like all the rest and suspects something. So there has to be something else done."] Caleb said quietly.

A faint chuckle slipped his lips at her words of seducing the woman. [#81e66b "Are we not being a little cliche there my dear?"] He asked with a raised brow. But when he realized she was serious a sigh escaped him. [#81e66b "Very well..it appears there is no choice. When shall I start our little game?"]
  VS / SheDevil / 5d 5h 41m 19s
"You're a fool if you don't think that she doesn't know something by now. I've watched her when you weren't and she goes in and out like a busy little bee. She has the pictures...also looks at you differently," Clara shook her head. "We need those pictures one way or another, even if it's on what they call a cloud."

Clara and Caleb sat across the apartment where she lives. "You could easily seduce her...that boy she has is boring...not even interesting to look at."
  Fall / Faust / 6d 6h 17m 45s
Her eyes were trained on the collar as she continued to think about what they had said. If werewolves had been caught up in it, did that mean those like her could be and were too? Those were the sort of questions going around in her head until she heard the two speak.

[b "You said we wouldn't be able to escape and it would be spreading...So this was just the beginning..."] Her words were quiet as she stood and took the collar from Malcolm. The young woman was going to see if she could destroy the thing.

[b "You both should try and get some sleep...and I should probably get to class.."]
  VS / SheDevil / 7d 7h 44m 12s
"If any survived they are long gone. In fact we should destroy that thing..." Malcolm supressed a yawn before leaning back. "This means the war is over here now."

Vicky gave a stiff nod as she drank the gatorade like it was a hard drink. They both looked so worn out ad the idea of more of a war was not thrilling either.

"Welcome to our world, Shifter," Vicky glanced her way. "I'm going to catch some sleep and hope these wounds heal.
  Fall / Faust / 8d 5h 42m 50s
Nikita looked at the collar and listened as the other two explained it. So they had had experience with it before. Wolves who had become the "pets" of the Volturi and others like them. And it made her feel sick to her stomach when she heard what the collars were really for and what they happened to be used for.

[b "If you want...I can shift and take the collar with me...lead their puppies on a hunt and give you a little time."] She said quietly as she stood and was staring at the woods. At this rate she really did want to help and it wasn't like she had much to go back to as it was.
  VS / SheDevil / 8d 5h 58m 5s
They worked quickly, unaware it wasn't supposed to work like this, they weren't supposed to know how to stitch wounds or what herbs to use for pain. Letting Siegfried sleep in the tent he looked to the collar blanching a little. At this time he had cleaned and dressed his body completely.

"It's their tracking collar. These weren't broken in yet. Don't do what the Voluturi say and your family gets killed, fed to them in Italy," Vicky said taking the collar from him. "By the fact that they didn't know to go for the legs or neck I'd say they were new."

"That means...they found us then," Malcolm felt like hell and now even was more sick. Running a hand through his hair he placed his elbows on his knees.
  Fall / Faust / 8d 6h 25m 1s
Green eyes were on both Malcolm and Vicky and then went to Siegfried. [b "Another pack of wolves attacked last night."] She said quietly as she moved aside to let the other two work.

Slowly she went to where her clothes had been that morning and she came back with a collar she had pulled off as a wolf. [b "Does this mean anything to either of you?"] She asked quietly as she knelt down to try and help if they would let her
  VS / SheDevil / 8d 7h 9m 44s

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