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Both men quietly but quickly moved down the hill to the cabin. Jackson moved to look inside the house as Mike stayed in the tree line to cover him. Moving to the front door he reached for the door to find it unlocked opening it he moved inside to find the inside was just as old and dusty as the outside. No light shown on the first floor as walked around looking for anything. I looked like it been abandoned for years. Once he got to some stairs that lead upstairs he slowly moved up. He could see a light at the end of the hallway as he walked up the stairs. Making sure to be quiet as he could he moved into the room to see an old man at a table with books stack high on either side. Plants rested all around him with bottle with strange liquid in them rested on one table. He was saying something but he couldn’t quite make it out.
  Jackson / Mended / 364d 22h 25m 54s
Holo continued to walk through her forest. Her daughter was safe, her pack and other packs were around for protection as well. A deep breath escaped her throat as she allowed a howl to emit from her mouth. She shook her dome and headed back towards her pup.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 32d 4h 4m 22s
After eating and an hour walk they came to a single house in the wood. It was small and looked like it hadn't been used in years. Sticking to higher ground the two of them watched it for a few hours before something happen. The man that Jackson had shot came out of the house with a person over his shoulder. He walked around the building and came to a celler door. Opening it he walked down the stairs and closed it behind him. "Looks like we are in the right place." Mike said
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 34d 16h 50m 33s
Holo watched as the two men walked past their home. She heard them talking. An hour a way. A creature with strength could cover that treck in no time. She woke her pup to push her further into the woods, away from where they were going.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 36d 4h 16m 1s
Jackson and Mike had started there long trip up into the hill. Jackson took a quick look in the desertion of Holo cave and hoping the two were doing okay. They walked for about two hour before coming to rest to eat. "So the place you want is about another hour out. What do you hope to find?" Mike asked as he stated chewing into a peace of bread. "Answer hopefully" Jackson said eating his own food.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 37d 16h 14m 33s
Holo kept her pup towards the den while she went out to scout. She felt something off and wanted to check it out before hand. She sighed deeply hoping the trouble wouldn't move to her forest and pack.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 42d 46m 2s
Jackson head out of the house where an older man was waiting for him. “You ready kid.” The man asked. Jackson nodded “Yea Mike I’m ready.” He said. Mike was a victim grandfather that he meet while searching for answers he had agreed to show him around the wood. Both men where armed as they head out.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 55d 15h 48m 40s
Holo and her pup were with the pack deep in the forest doing what they always did. Hunt. Holo sighed softly as she watched the pack running in front of her.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 56d 3h 4m 25s
Jackson double checked that he had everything. "Gun, wallet, spare mags, food, tent map, radio, and smoke. Yep that everything" He said to himself a he finished packing his bag. He finally made a connection that gave him a real lead. The date that he found when lined up in a way gave a grid on a map that wasn't two far way from the town. Having found he wanted to go see what would be there though it maybe dangers he need more information.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 58d 2h 59m 20s
A few days had gone by and Holo and her daughter stayed in the woods like usual. Holo could sense something was coming, but she couldn't tell what. She took a deep breath and urged her pup deeper into the cave and into the hidden caverns.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 59d 14h 28m 31s
After ending his call Jackson got up and got some food ready. He was in a grilling mood as he went outside and set of the grill. After a few minutes he had a burger and hotdog cooking on the grill. The smell was really good as he added flavoring to it and got some chips ready
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 60d 4h 8s
Holo went into one of the pubs and ordered herself something to eat. She sat there watching the other people around her and sighed. The place was full of couples today and it made her feel more alone than ever.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 60d 14h 20m 47s
“Hey big bro” a voice answered over the line. “How’s the case going?” Moving to the front porch he replied. “Well so far found some interesting thing out that may help me.” He sat down in a rocking chair and pulled out a smoke. “ how about you how’s that kid.”
“There good.” She reply “ and that good. You’re so busy these day we don’t het to hear from you that often. Are you still coming for Leona weddings next month?”
“I am. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. How’s see and mike doing.” He rested his feet on the porch railing.
“Busy with planning and finding a home but other then that they are good.” Suddenly her once turned to one of teasing. “How about you what up with your love life.”
Jackson could almost see her narrowing eyes. “That good and what love life? I’m so busy with case that I don’t have one. Plus I travel to much for most people.”
“O come on your telling me that you haven’t meet any cute girl.”
“I didn’t say that. I just said I don’t have time to find someone.”
“So you did meet some one. You know we can’t wait for ever Jack if you don’t find someone soon I’m going to hook you up with someone.”
He just filed his eyes. “Goodbye Lilly.”
“Bye” was all he heard before hanging up his phone. Looking out at the town the day was already half over. Maybe he should make himself some lunch.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 61d 3h 26m 34s
Myuri saw her mother passed out in her nest and sighed softly. She knew her mother just needed her space for now. She shifted and dressed before heading into town to purchase some apples. They always helped to cheer her up.
  Holo / Darkelfprincess / 1y 61d 14h 29m 53s
He spent the first half of his day a sleep on his floor passed out from per sleep deprive. However around noon he finally awoke to his phone going off. Reaching up he noticed it was one of his sister calling him. "Hello Lilly," He said as he accepted the call.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 61d 14h 38m 1s

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