Cybernetics: Future Wars

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War is something that never the weapons and those who possess the weapons do, but the wars are growing more dangerous than ever, as cybernetic super soldiers are dominating the field, causing great havoc and destruction for both sides...this is the story of Project X-3194, also known as Annihilator.

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The sounds of scientists and engineers chattering, bickering, and working all sounded foreign to a young female cyborg only known as Project X-3194, or simply Annihilator. The cybernetic female was created specifically as a super soldier, with multiple weapon systems on her body for high end firepower on the field. “Sir, she’s still awake...” said one of the scientists, but the leader of the project didn’t care, and approached the inactive creation. “You’re a real beaut...” he said, admiring not her body, but her weaponry and firepower.

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