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The overwatch needs more heroes, and they must be good ones, so gather your gear and get ready to take on anything that is thrown at you, because you must fight to prove yourself worthy of being a member of the Overwatch.


Yan (DoomGuy123)

To join:

Please send me a PM titled “What A Hero’s Made Of” describing your character and their name


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Yan smiled a bit. “I remember you too well...” she said, and then she removed her mechanical arm, and she smiled more. “You saved me and my mother during the omnivores crisis fifteen years ago , but I had lost my arms...” she said, and then she looked at the outpost. “It seems Talon has found out how to make better versions of your weapon...” she said, and pointed to the heavy pulse rifle that her companion had.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 9h 33m 26s
"Strike commander?..." He was in shock at the man he had just shot, no way there was no chance he died during the explosion of overwatch but the man standing there his reacted to the names. "that's a name I haven't heard in a long time". The soldier says taking off his visor and Van saw it there aged and scared, the hero he saw on tv so many times, the man he inspire d to become when he grew up now stood before him and he had shot at him he was pissed at himself no way he could forgive himself for doing that. "I ..my sincerest apologies...!". Van spouted utterly embarrassed by his actions.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 9h 36m 22s
She grabbed him and dragged him to cover, her grip like an iron trap. “You’re doing something that could get you kicked from the Overwatch...” she said, and she farted over to where 76 was, and when she saw him, she looked surprised at how he had aged. “Morrison...?” She asked, and he lowered his weapon.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 9h 44m 3s
Van Looks over the horizon seeing the figure just over the horizon yeah there was someone there but not someone he recognized he took aim with his rifle. "If it is then that bastard it's working with talon I won't take chances". He firest a burst at the figure sadly the figure its quick to avoid the hail of pulse ammoniation coming his way "Tsk he has nice reflexes I am going in ". Van springs up from his cover shooting in a burst to keep his foe pinned down not giving it a chance to pop its head out and shoot back, of course, this was a rookie mistake since he was out of cover while doing so and could easily be shot at without even looking by the experienced soldier.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 9h 46m 48s
She nodded and ran out with him, and soon the self destruct sequence initiated, annihilating the outpost. “That was actually quite exhilarating for a suicide mission..” she said, and soon the two were hiding behind a large rock, and she could see someone in the distance. “Is that...Soldier 76...?” She asked
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 10h 3m 27s
"That's a selfish choice we could have carried her...damn it". He disagrees with her method but he had his hands tied she was the one who rescued him and she even brought him this far plus the rifle might be enough to get something. Van with his new weapon ready a pulse rifle ditches the normal assault rifle for the pulse rifle walking out the hallway where he shots a talon soldier who was gonna try to get a quick shot at them sadly Van reacted way faster than the average grunt. "I am guessing they won't like the explosion lets run before riienforment get here". Van states and starts his dash out the outpost hoping Yang can keep up.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 10h 7m 16s
“I set the self destruct, and it was an old enemy of mine, Yu Sing...” she said, remembering how everyone hated her because she would beat those who she thought were unwanted. “She deserves this fate if you ask me.” She said, and she tossed the weapon to Van. “Use the weapon, it could be useful.” She said, and she told him that they should leave before the outpost goes boom.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 10h 17m 30s
"The Heavy pulse rifle?....those were supposed to be top secret overwatch tech, not even the black market has gotten a hold of those are you saying that talon has access to top-tier secret technology?". Van was spring to further shock by this pulse weapons are not exactly realized to the public and only one man has been able to steal it the mysterious soldier 76 who is wanted by international security for acts of terrorism. "I need to report this all back to my commander he would make sense of this more than I ever could...hopefully". He explains to Yang all the while he gets out position and moves towards the female cyborg staring at it. "..there something else that tickles me...its a cyborg so the person here was either abducted from the town or someone they killed I doubt but they had volunteers for this kind of twisted experiment".
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 10h 22m 59s
She grabbed the weapon and she noticed something. “Hey, this is just a heavy firing version of the old Strike Commander’s pulse rifle!” She said, and she sighed, remembering when Morrison had saved her mother and herself.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 10h 32m 27s
"True if she wakes up and shots it would be an issue Ill guard the entrance on the meanwhile I am not a techie". Van explains and assumes an aiming pose at the entrance taking a peek with his with just his rifle and eye aimed out, he wanted to make sure no talon soldiers came by and surprised them. This place caused his mind to think, if talon was building up robots were they trying to make a second omnic crisis if so that would be horrible, a war like that had to be stopped no matter what.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 10h 36m 2s
“It’s unfinished...” she said, and she said that their best option was to set the cyborg to self destruct so that Talon couldn’t recover their research. “I’d grab the high powered energy rifle from her, just as a precaution...” she said, and she began to type in a code into the console.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 10h 41m 45s
Van sees Talon start pulling back that could mean one thing they have found Yang, or worse regardless he can't take chances if something didn't go to plan he needs to check up on it. He runs forwards into the base seeing Yang handiwork and entering the base and seeing the robot. "that's what they were working on" Van says a bit shocked he hoped to be able to bring it safely to wistom he could probably tell them more about it and find some use for it. "It's it active?". He ask to Yang who he saw on the scene just as shock as he was.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 10h 44m 0s
When the female got inside, she was met by soldiers, but she pummeled hem without hesitation, killing them by breaking their necks, and soon she was in a strange room, and what she saw horrified her, a female cyborg with powerful weapon systems attached to her body
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 11h 1m 0s
The dead of the first guard caught their attention and they all spread out to find the shooter which wasn't hard since Van fired a hail of suppressive fire taking another of their man down, they then began converging on his position taking cover behind barrels or pieces of rocks, sadly for them they didn't have his reflexes even with all their hail of bullets Van stood still and shot, again and again, taking one by one sometimes he missed badly a few rounds specially when the bastards took cover but hisposition had a bigger advantage he would be fine unless they rushed at him but them seemed reluctan to do so since they suspected there was more than one man this was, of course, false but it was the only thing holding them at bay.
  Van / LordLighto / 1y 6d 11h 3m 21s
She was poised in a ready to dart pose, her hand on the ground. “Fire at will...” she said, and when the gunfire started, all they could see was a quick flash of orange and crimson.
  Yan / DoomGuy123 / 1y 6d 11h 12m 19s

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