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Valentina and ___ have been friends since they were six. As they grew up their group of friends have expanded and they slowly began to drift. Out of the blue they became a couple. No matter what happened they were always there for each other. None of their friends understood why the other hung out or would even date the other. Perhaps it’s a phase. Maybe it’s just to see how things go. Who really knows?

Then one night things took a turn. He needed help and asked her. Except things didn’t turn out to well. The cops showed up minutes after she got there. His friends blamed her for everything that went wrong. She spent an hour in jail for questioning and when she was released she told him she loves, not to worry she’ll try to get him out and visit him every week if he goes to jail and that she’s pregnant.

Again, nothing turned out okay. He went to jail. She would try to see him but either he didn’t want to be seen, he got into trouble, he’s with his lawyer... at first she would still show up and wait all day for him to see her but then she gave up. Stress wasn’t good for her at the moment and she enrolled to school to have a better life for her and her baby. Two weeks before their baby’s birthday he got released. What’s going to happen now?

[center All this happened senior year. I wanted to do a weird mixture of my own idea and the movie The Best of Me.] [center In need of a male. I also want to take things slow. No falling in Love four post in and wanting to get married and have a baby by the eighth post.] [center real pictures please.] [center Char limit would be set for 1200. I can bring it down to 800 because of rl things.]

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