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[center [size16 [font "Papyrus" A mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past.]]]
[center [size16 [font "Papyrus" Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, soldier and history professor who must use the machine's prototype to travel back in time to critical events. While they must make every effort not to affect the past themselves, they must also stay one step ahead of this dangerous fugitive. Can this handpicked team uncover the mystery behind it all and end his destruction before it's too late?]]]
[center [b [size16 [font "Papyrus" While this is based on the TV series Timeless, we are putting our own theories into action. This is not intended as a spoiler to those who have not yet watched the show but there will be some references. These ideas are mostly our own and have derived from discussing our own plot ideas while watching the show.]]]]


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There was something in his eyes that told her he believed her, even though what she was saying must have sounded completely insane. A complete stranger was telling him that she knew of the future and that is exactly where she came from and telling him that he needed to help her take down Rittenhouse; the people who killed his wife and child. He had questions and that much she could understand, and she was only too willing to answer them. After all, she had nothing to hide.

“In the beginning we didn’t know that it was Rittenhouse who brought my team together to use their machine. You had stolen the mothership and we were asked to go after you and stop you. We were told that you were trying to change history and because of my profession I was all too happy to go after you and protect the past. For a while that’s what we did until we realised that you were not our enemy, they were.” Lucy sighed and continued to speak, knowing that none of this made sense at all. “In the end it came to light that the reason you were able to steal the ship was because of this conversation, because of [I that] notebook. Now my team are underground and hiding from Rittenhouse whilst also trying to figure out a way to stop them. They were the ones that were changing history for their benefit, to increase their power.”

Lucy watched the expression upon his face, trying to gauge his thoughts about this whole situation until he asked his second question. She watched as his eyes scanned the book she gave him and almost breathed a sigh of relief when it appeared that he would be keeping it. Lucy nodded her head. “When you come to me, it’s right at the very start of this whole mess. We have no idea who Rittenhouse are, and we are made to believe that you are a criminal…a terrorist even. When you come to me all I know is that I must protect the past. I have no idea that Rittenhouse have already changed it and that you are trying to stop them…sometimes even change it back to how is was meant to be. That notebook details all of the events I know Rittenhouse had changed or aim to change and when the time comes for us to work together we need to stop them.”

The half-smile did not go unnoticed by her. It never did, the way his sarcasm and charm seemed to work so perfectly together to intimidate those who kept his company, but she knew better. “Flynn, you need to keep that book with you. It’s the only way that I am going to believe any of this. The final page details things about me that you would only know if I told you…things that are going to happen to me in the future that would be impossible for [I anyone] to know. You need to use that.” Lucy looked around and noticed that the sky had stopped pouring and she pulled her umbrella down, shaking it off in the opposite direction.

“Keep yourself safe Flynn.” She said softly, her eyes lingering a little longer than intended before she nodded and started to walk away, making her way back to the lifeboat where she was sure Rufus would be losing his mind.
  Lucy Preston / d1gn17y / 239d 11h 50m 46s
It was crazy. This woman and her words, it was all mad. Time travel was a story for children, a fantasy idea that was created to give people something to dream about when they thought of their regrets late at night. How many times had he thought to himself ‘If I could go back…’. If a machine had really been built that could travel through time, then why hadn’t future him used it to save his wife and child? If Rittenhouse had commissioned this machine, then surely this woman who had used it to come back in time to speak to him was part of them? Why else would they have let her use it?

“It’s a nice story, Miss. I won’t lie, the idea of travelling through time sounds convenient. Especially for a man who's just lost his family. It’s a clever play I’ll give you that.” Flynn opened the journal and scanned his eyes over the first page. His eyes caught a sketch, a strange circle with an eye-like shape in the middle. Flynn frowned and slammed the book shut. He had seen that before, not exactly but something similar. Either this woman was with Rittenhouse or she was from the future. “Answer me this, if Rittenhouse is building this machine, if they are powerful enough to kill my family, if Rittenhouse is this dangerous, why are they letting you use their machine to form a team to stop them?” Flynn raised his eyebrow questioning the woman before tucking the book into his coat pocket where he would read over it again and again.

Yes, this was all completely mad and made very little sense. So why was it that Flynn felt like he could trust this woman? Why did she speak to him as though he was a friend? She needed him and yet she seemed so confident that he was going to help her. A confidence that would come if one knew the future. Her words were interesting, holding so many more meanings than showed on the surface. If she was telling the truth then they would work against each other before working together and looking at how stubborn and unflinching she was, he would have his work cut out.
“In two years, when I supposedly come to you, will you know me?” The answer would not change his trust, for she was right and deep down he did believe her, despite how illogical it was. This question was curiosity.

If everything played out how this woman said if a machine travelled through time and he stole it, tried to kill the founder and then worked with this woman to take them down. [I If ] this all happened, then that would mean he would be the only one to remember this meeting, he would be the only one to know that she had travelled back in time to get him to help and the other man would not remember being dismissed. She wouldn’t remember standing in the rain and his angry words as he shouted about his family’s death. It would be a memory just for him. Without waiting for a reply Flynn straightened up and wiped a drop of rain from his face.
“I’ll read the book. If there is a small chance I can get revenge then I’ll do it, even if this is all the ramblings of a crazy woman.” He said, the corner of his mouth twitching with the hint of a smile.
  Burningsxn / 239d 13h 8s
It was strange how much their roles had reversed over time. When they first met, or what Lucy thought was their first meeting, it was Flynn who seemed to know of her and claimed that they would work together one day. It had been her who had found it so hard to believe him then and she could understand why he would be finding it so hard to believe a word she had to say now. She had given him no reason to trust her and she couldn’t blame him for questioning why he had to wait two years, especially since it was so clear that he wanted to avenge the death of his wife and child much sooner than that.

It was clear to her that Flynn was hoping that she might cower away from his anger, but Lucy had never cowered away from him. Not when he kidnapped her and locked her friends in a hotel with a serial killer, and she certainly wouldn’t do that now. They had been through far too much together and she needed him to believe her, otherwise it would all be for nothing. She let out a sigh of relief when he finally reached out to take the notebook from her hands. That did not mean that she had an easy task ahead of her, it just meant that she had peaked his interest enough to listen to what she had to say.

The rain still poured around them, and she wished that they were somewhere more private but as those passed them on the street she realised that they were not paying much attention to anything other than getting out of the rain. Lucy listened to what he had to say and nodded to show that she understood the difficulty he faced in trusting her, it was a difficulty she faced trusting him.

“Rittenhouse have just commissioned the building of a machine that can travel…that can travel through time.” She lowered her voice at the last part and looked around her before continuing to speak. “I know you are going to find this hard to believe but it two years’ time, that machine is going to be ready and it will work. You’re going to steal it and use it to go back to different points in time to try and find the root of Rittenhouse. You’re even going to try and kill the founder.” She sighed for a moment, knowing that whatever she had to say must have sounded crazy to him. “I know this because, two years from now you come to me, after reading this journal and you try to convince me to help you rather than working against you. I know this because I am from a time when that happens, when we stop working against each other and finally put our personal beliefs aside to take them down.” Lucy took a step forward and placed her hand on the journal.

“I know this all seems impossible but there are things in that journal that I believe will convince you that what I am saying is true, things that I know about you, about the past and the future that could only be possible if I was speaking the truth. I know you Flynn and I know deep down you feel like you know me too.”
  Lucy Preston / d1gn17y / 242d 8h 15m 36s
Garcia watched the man hesitate at the womans words before turning away. Clearly, she had the authority over him. Whether as a lover or colleague Flynn couldn’t tell yet. The man seemed to take a protective stance over the woman, as though they were close, yet, he walked away without so much as a second glance back, he was frustrated at the woman for dismissing him or maybe the situation. It did not matter to Flynn. If they were doing it to win his trust it wouldn’t work, he trusted no one these days.

Again, there was that word. The woman spoke it with such familiarity and ease, as though it was something she spoke about often. There was something in her eyes as she declared she was not with Rittenhouse, almost a flash of guilt, too quick for the untrained eye. Flynn however, was not untrained. His job had been intelligence, picking up on the little things to create a bigger picture. Trying to draw on his previous experience he listened to the spoken words with as much of an open mind as he could muster. His heart was still beating erratically from his outburst and his hand still rested on the pistol, ready to shoot at any given moment.

As the woman continued to speak his mind reeled. She was right, he did plan to avenge the death of his family and take down Rittenhouse, whoever they may be. If she had stopped there, he might have been able to relax and talk to her calmly. Her words continued though, explaining that she too, wanted to take down Rittenhouse and help him. Flynn's brown eyes narrowed as the woman held out a notebook. Black leather with neat pages, as though it had not yet been read. Her admission that the notebook contained everything he needed almost made him snatch it from her hand and read it on the spot. Flynn knew better than to take the bait and so he kept his stance, unmoving.

“Two years? What, do I have to arrange a date to take them down? Am I one in a long list of people that have arranged takedowns?” His words were sarcastic and though he knew he should be asking a different kind of question – How did she know this? – His temper was blinding him. Flynn locked eyes with the woman, the fire behind his burning steady. It was strange that she did not cower, any woman he knew would have at least flinched at his words. However, the woman before him stood strong. Maybe that was why he released his hold on the gun and reached out to take the notebook. It looked like an ordinary journal with two gold letters reading ‘LP’ in the bottom corner.

“So what, I just read this and we take down Rittenhouse together? I’ll admit, it all sounds perfect. I must be the luckiest man in history. My family get killed, I’m framed for murder and then a strange women turns up outside my house and gives me a book that will apparently help me get revenge, but not for another two years. Do you understand why I’m having a little trouble trusting you?” He said, raising an eyebrow at her.
  Burningsxn / 242d 13h 10m 51s
It was clear that the man before her was not accepting of her reasoning for being here and she detected the movement behind him and the soft click of the safety being taken off a gun. Her throat dried up, mostly because she knew that he was capable of killing the two of them right there if he chose to, but she was confident that this would work. It [I had] to work. She had succeeded once and Flynn’s presence in the future was proof enough that he must agree to help her before this conversation was over.

As Garcia spat out his words she found herself looking back at Rufus who was telling her that they were wasting their time. “Rufus. Why don’t you go back to the li…the car?” She asked, not really suggesting that he had much of a choice. Having Rufus here was distracting for the both of them and Flynn looked like he would shoot him at any moment. Lucy tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrows while she watched him think about arguing against her before he finally let out a frustrated grunt.

“Fine but if you’re not back in an hour I’m coming back for you.” He said as he starting to move away hesitantly, occasionally looking back at the two of them. Lucy turned back towards Flynn and smiled once more, trying to show him that she was not here to dispose of him or send him to jail.

“I’m not with Rittenhouse.” She swallowed hard as she spoke, knowing that her last words were not exactly true. She had learned that both of her parents were members of Rittenhouse and they had spent a considerable amount of time telling her that she was too and that she did not have a choice. Those who were born into it never did but she fought against that fact every day and the notebook in her hand was proof of that.

“I know you don’t know who Rittenhouse are and I know that you plan to avenge their death and find a way to take them down. I want that too. I want to help you with that.” Lucy held out the notebook in her hand and offered it to him. “This…this is everything you need to know about them. It’s a lot of take in.” She said, knowing that it was going to be hard to explain the concept of time travel and how they have been travelling back in time attempting to change history to benefit them and that they would do anything to protect their cause, even kill an innocent woman and her child.

“Two years from now…you will have your opportunity to take them down. You need to study this book and learn everything you can about Rittenhouse, about my team.” Lucy looked down at the book, hoping that he would take it and take his hand off the gun that he kept his hand on. Lucy remembered the first time she had learned of the ability to time travel and how difficult it was for her to believe it and she wondered how Flynn would react to such news when she had the chance to explain who Rittenhouse were and what they were aiming to achieve. Lucy couldn’t help but wonder what Flynn might have been like before his wife and child were taken from him but this cold version of himself was the only person she knew and if they were going to succeed, this would be the person they needed to finally put a stop to Rittenhouse.

“Please, take it.”
  Lucy Preston / d1gn17y / 243d 10h 9m 23s
Before the words were out of the woman’s mouth his thumb was clicking the safety off on the pistol. Within seconds he could have both her and her friend on the floor. It would not be the first time he had shot at someone but it would be the first time he had done it under his own command, something that a few weeks ago would have been unimaginable but now with his wife and daughter buried six foot under the earth, seemed plausible. The man who now stood under the umbrella on his own was still shifting uncomfortably as if he knew the dark thoughts inside Flynn's head. Having never met the man before, he only assumed it meant the couple were here to dispose of him now that they had finished the job with his family. There had been so many that night, so many shooting in the dark, stopping him from fighting back. Something he had regretted every second since. It seemed humiliating that they would only send two now.

There it was, that word again. The word that had turned his world upside down and ripped the most precious people from his grasp. The word that was going to change his entire future spoken by a woman who would cause him so much trouble, not that Flynn knew that yet.
“I believe you're mistaken, Miss. I don’t know who you are or how I can help you and I sure as hell don’t know what Rittenhouse is.” It was true, Flynn had no idea what Rittenhouse was and in his current emotional turmoil, he could not be of any use to this woman.

“How do I know you’ve not been sent here to kill me? How can I be sure you aren’t part of this ‘Rittenhouse’?” The gun was now firmly in his palm. The man took a step closer as if noticing the anger start to surface in Flynn. Whether or not he was moving into position to attack him or protect the woman, he was not sure, but either way, he did not want this man within reaching distance. The hand that was not holding the pistol raised in a motion to stop the man and Flynn shook his head, laughing in a sarcastic tone.
“So it wasn’t enough to take my wife and child then frame me for their murder, now you’ve come to kill me.” His words were not a question that needed answering. They were spoken with hate and anger and with everything that had happened his temper was shortening by the second, begging him to snap.

“Or perhaps you’ve come to throw me in jail? Let me live out a sentence that was meant for your people? I’d rather die.” He spat. It was true. As he was in that moment, he would have rather died than live a life on the run with no other end goal than making it to the next day, alone. Because he would always be alone now.
“Maybe we should go.” The stranger said to the woman in a harsh whisper. “This was a mistake coming here. He’s not worth it.” Flynn rolled his eyes at the man who seemed to be ready to run for the hills. It was insulting that they couldn’t even send someone efficient to finish the job, just a simpering man who would probably wet himself if Flynn pulled out his gun.
  Garcia Flynn / Burningsxn / 243d 11h 38m 6s
As she strapped herself into the lifeboat she found her nerves beginning to surface. There were so many things that could go wrong upon this endeavour, especially since Flynn has been known to be dangerous and she had no idea how he might react to the two turning up on his doorstep so soon after Rittenhouse had taken his family away from his but she also knew that she needed Flynn to take them down. Lucy let out a sigh as she gripped the notebook to her chest and looked over to Rufus who was checking that she was sure she wanted to do this.

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life.” She braced herself for the jump. It was not as bad as it used to be but it was never easy. Luckily, it was over quickly and within a matter of seconds they had reached their destination. As she began to unclip herself from the straps that held her in her seat, she found her heart rate start to increase with the adrenaline she felt from their situation. Even though Flynn himself had told her that he agreed to help her, she was still nervous in case he did not accept what she had to say.

Lucy climbed out of the lifeboat and looked down at the piece of paper that she had kept in her hand. “Okay, so this is the address. I don’t think it’s too far from here.” She said with a sigh, taking in their surroundings. They had landed somewhere secure so that they wouldn’t be found. “At least we do not have to wear a costume this time. We’ll blend right in.” Her lips turned up into a smile as she turned to face Rufus who didn’t seem too sure.

“It won’t matter that we blend in if Flynn kills us.” Rufus tried to laugh but both of them knew that it was a risk. After recently losing his family he would be harder to reason with. Lucy shook her head and took hold of his arm and started to pull at it gently.

“Come on drama queen.” Her tone was laced with humour as the two of them began to walk to the nearest road so that they could navigate around the streets to find Flynn’s residence. She looked up at the sky as a droplet of water fell upon her face, slowly travelling down her cheek. Luckily she had brought an umbrella and she motioned for Rufus to join her underneath it as they travelled towards their destination.

When they found their way to the road they found their way through the crowds. The streets. Full of those not fully understanding the danger that surrounded them every day and those who pretended not to see things to keep themselves safe, or what they believed to be safe. The truth was, in a world where Rittenhouse could exist and thrive, no one would ever be truly safe. There would always be violence and decay on the streets, especially if it showed benefit to those who were giving themselves more and more power.

As they moved, they passed bustles of busy humans going about their everyday lives never really understanding how much of a blur their life had become. How much Rittenhouse has changed the world they lived in and how much they would change the future. At this particular moment they were instinctively getting their coffees and making their phone calls on their way to their place of work, going about their every day routine that many would never break out of and she found herself longing for such simplicity and ignorance again. How she longed for this war with Rittenhouse to be over.

Soon enough they had found their way to Flynn’s home and as they neared it she noticed that the door was opening and that he was leaving his house. She tried to hide away the fear the felt; the fear that this could easily amount to nothing and that she might be wasting her time and she allowed a smile to dance upon her lips as they neared each other. Lucy glanced over at Rufus and found herself wishing that he was calmer, that he wasn’t making Flynn wary of their presence here so instead she handed the umbrella over to Rufus and took a step forward, ignoring the fact that he was reaching around for a weapon. She knew from their meetings in the past...or rather the future that he kept a weapon in the same place.

“Actually. I was hoping we could help each other. I need your help taking down Rittenhouse.”
  Lucy Preston / d1gn17y / 244d 15h 28m 0s
Garcia Flynn had once had a simple life. A wife and daughter whom he loved with every inch of his heart. A home that he returned to each night and a job that he felt grateful for every day. In the end, it was the job that killed Garcia. Working for the National Security Agency had been a passion of his, with an eye for detail and a curiosity for global monitoring he had been good at what he did. The job paid the bills and gave his family enough that they could live a life they deserved.

It was just a document to start with. “RITTENHOUSE” printed in clear letters. Garcia had only asked what it was out of curiosity and the moment the word had left his lips his whole world fell apart. There was never a choice if there had been he would have sacrificed his own life over the innocent souls of his wife and daughter. Lorena had been the perfect wife and Iris, she had been the most wonderful child. Rittenhouse, whatever it was, was brutal enough to destroy the lives of women and children. Garcia did not want to believe it was a government programme. He believed in his country and could not comprehend the government he believed in allowing something so awful and unjust to happen.
[I I’ll protect you ] What a lie that had been.

The mistake had been keeping him alive. Garcia was not the type of man who could drop something, especially when it was so clear that this Rittenhouse was behind the deaths of his family. Only a few days had passed, libraries and newspapers were useless, everyone he spoke to seemed to know nothing about Rittenhouse, as far as his colleagues were concerned he had misread or possibly created this mystery document out of his grief. It was no mistake though, he knew exactly what he had seen and what had happened as a result. This Rittenhouse had destroyed the most perfect thing in his life and there was no way in hell that he was going to let it drop.

It was only fitting that the day he left his family home, once a warm haven, it was pouring with rain. Garcia threw the last of his clothes into the bag that was mostly filled with weapons and lifted it onto his shoulder. With one last look around the living room, he closed his eyes, letting the emotion flush over him one last time. So many days had been spent in this room, together as a family. If only he had known then how little time they would have together, maybe he would have treasured each moment more.

Opening his eyes, he turned to leave the room, picking up a single photo frame of the table in the hallway. A picture of his family to remind him, to remind him of what precious things he had lost. The cold air hit him as soon as the front door opened, a few raindrops hit the ground in front of his feet. Garcia drew in a harsh breath and blinked back the tears that were threatening to form in his eyes and took a step out into the rain.

He only got a few steps before he saw her. Stood under a wide umbrella with another man, eyes bluer than the sky and a smile that made him feel as though he knew her, which was preposterous as he wouldn’t have forgotten a face like hers. The man beside the woman seemed tense, his shoulders tight and his eyes narrowed.
“Can I help you, miss?” He said, the corner of his mouth turning up in a smile at the woman as he took a step forward, his hand slipping behind his back to touch the gun that was tucked into his belt, out of sight.
  Garcia Flynn / Burningsxn / 247d 12h 1m 46s
Everything had been leading up to this moment. When this adventure had started, Lucy never imagined that she would find herself here. She had been told that everything she did would lead her to this moment but she had always refused to believe it. As she sat as her desk, writing in the journal that she had once denounced, she could not help but allow the nerves she felt to overcome her. Today was the day that she would try to convince Garcia Flynn to help her take down Rittenhouse even though she had spent several months trying to stop him. Of course, she did not fully understand the extent of all of this back then. Lucy had been told that he was simply angry about losing his wife and child and he was trying to destroy history to find a way to get them back but it was much bigger than that and Lucy would be the catalyst.

The journal that she wrote in now was supposed to help Flynn take down Rittenhouse but it was also meant for him to hold some kind of proof that Lucy had in fact wanted to work with him in the first place. Her intention was to go back in time, shortly after Flynn’s family had been taken from him far too soon and start him on the crusade that was already taking place. She could hardly believe that it would be down to her in the first place but this was the only way. Rittenhouse would only become more powerful and change the past to secure it further if she did not do something about it now. She wouldn’t be able to do it alone. She needed Flynn.

Lucy tapped the pen against her lip as her eyes scanned the pages, checking that she had not left out any important details that would prove detrimental further down the line. Her heart raced as she allowed her fingers to flip through the pages, each moment getting closer to the inevitable. A sigh escaped her lips as reached the final page. It was now or never. Lucy closed the journal and placed her hands against the desk and rose from her seat, pushing it out from under her.

It would not be easy deceiving Rufus and convincing him to take her back in time but when it came to Rittenhouse, he was just as keen to bring an end to them, especially since he had messed with his life just as much as her own. She picked up the phone that lay next to her hand and she dialled the number she had for Rufus and arranged to meet at the Lifeboat. A few hours from now she will have started a long-term plan with the intention of destroying Rittenhouse for good. With one final look at the journal she made her way towards the rendezvous.

“So, let me get this straight. You think the key to taking out Rittenhouse is Garcia Flynn. The same Garcia Flynn we have been trying to stop for months on end? I know Rittenhouse are not exactly the good guys here but neither is Flynn. We can’t trust him Lucy.”

“I know you don’t trust him but I’ve thought it over. Whether you like it or not we need him. I need you to take me back to 2014, just after Rittenhouse killed Flynn’s family.” Lucy bit her lip and looked up at Rufus and tilted her head to the side slightly. “Come on, don’t you want a shot at taking them out? If we do nothing Rittenhouse keep going back in time and changing the course of history to their own benefit but this…this might work.” Rufus looked towards her with a contemplative look and after a minute he nodded.

“Alright, but we go now, if they catch on to what we are doing they will never let us take the Lifeboat so we need to leave now. We don’t have time to fetch Wyatt.”

They had not travelled through time without Wyatt in such a long time and the prospect of such did not sit well with her. They were a team and as far as she was concerned her was just as much a part of this as they were but Rufus was right. Without a word she nodded and made her way towards the Lifeboat and she looked over her shoulder. “Well, what are you waiting for. We’ve got an organisation to take down.” Rufus smirked and nodded, following her towards the machine with more determination than he ever had before.
  Lucy Preston / d1gn17y / 277d 4h 50m 14s

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