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[center My personal Journal that is an effort to be more positive. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my goal: one entry for 21 days in a row.]


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[center [b Day 14: I'm grateful for: Relaxation, the final stretch, satisfaction.]]

[tab]So I've finally gotten the dresses done, apart from some small edits that need to be made. It's very... relieving to be honest. I've been working super hard all semester, and finally getting to see something come of it finally feels really satisfactory.

[tab]Now I just have to prepare for the show, and I'm pretty ok with that. I feel satisfied, and that's a nice way to feel finishing off my last semester.

[center [pic https://1funny.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/satisfied-dog.jpg]]
  roмe / Wendigoing / 16h 54m 47s
[center [b Day 13: I'm grateful for: Pizza rolls, sleep, portable burners.]]

[tab]I got a chance to talk with my professor yesterday, and he's like... one of the coolest people I think I've met that's a teacher. Honestly, he doesn't get a lot of respect because he's really young, but he's super down to earth and genuinely helpful. I always look forward to getting his opinions of my work too.

[tab]It's nice too because in actually working with him this semester as a Teaching Assistant, it's been really nice to have a teacher who seems to give a shit about me and whether or not I'm taking care of myself. It's refreshing, and I genuinely hope that we can be friends once I'm out of school, because like, he's cool as hell.

[center [pic http://nebula.wsimg.com/441241c7499e353bb7dc747e0485be5d?AccessKeyId=E8BC749E3F4CB56C9160&disposition=0&alloworigin=1]]
  roмe / Wendigoing / 1d 20h 8m 13s
[center [b Day 12: I'm grateful for growth, flowers, and earthworms.]]

[tab] We finally got to plant our pollinator garden today, and it was a lot of fun to see all of the baby carrots and potatoes that people had grown. It was hard work, but it was rewarding to see the garden grow.
  Wendigoing / 2d 21h 38m 1s
[center [b Day 11: I'm grateful for: the fates system, snuggles, warm kittens.]]

[tab]Yesterday was nice, I got a chance to snuggle with my boyfriend for an hour or two before my boyfriend headed home to spend the weekend with his parents. It was nice, we snuggled and laughed, and it was nice to do that since we haven't had as much time to lately.

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/8a/56/32/8a5632e6d384b93f536f03be0cbc70e9.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 4d 13h 7m 5s
[center [b Day 10: I'm grateful for: Breaks, my plants, microwave food so I don't have to go out in the cold.]]

[tab]It's been pretty quiet this week.

[tab]Yesterday was my boyfriend's long work day, so he came home exhausted. I snuggled with him for a little bit before he went to bed, and we talked. It was really nice, since I've been on such a weird sleep schedule. We just got to talk and snuggle a bit before we went to bed.

[center [pic http://media.galaxant.com/000/137/735/desktop-1408647007.png]]
  Wendigoing / 5d 22h 5m 54s
[center [b Day 9: I'm grateful for: Heaters, a warm bed, napping all day.]]

[tab]I didn't actually do much today, I've been pretty exhausted by finals.

[tab]I did get to snuggle up close with my cat though, and we got to be in a cozy, warm little ball for a while, and he was purring while I snuggled him. It was very nice.

[center [pic https://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/08/mltpu-fox-loaf.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 8d 7m 29s
[center [b Day 8: I'm grateful for Sustainable Gardening, Humor, naps.]]

[tab]Today was pretty nice. I got to get together my professional stuff for after school. I also got to spend like 5 minutes talking about my passion about ecofriendly farming. We got to do art that we wanted to do for a few hours, and it was pretty nice. I wound up drawing some cross sections of vegetables that are going in my garden, and I did a nice pattern of my planned veggies too.

[center [pic https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/cute-vegetable-garden-illustration-vegetables-smiling-faces-growing-soil-set-flat-cartoon-vector-90125834.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 9d 3h 48m 30s
[center [b Day 7: I'm grateful for: rainstorms, quiet, snuggles.]]

[tab]We've managed to shave off some of Narancia's longer hair a bit more before his trimming brush came in, and he didn't panic, though he did try to fight the razor so we had to stop before he accidentally hurt himself by trying to bat at it with those biig clumsy paws.

[tab]He's a lot cooler today, and he's feeling better after yesterday's heat wave. His shorter fur is also really cute, and fun to pet because it's soft and fuzzy like teddy bear fuzz. I love our cat even if he has a big of a bad haircut for today, and he's certainly happier having some of his thick winter full taken off for him.

[tab]Look at this wikihow drawing that looks like a fUCKING BOBBLE HEAD.
[center [pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYzcFUvna3inm6F_hu1tSR74Z1mMY2ZyE_-oNhr2dwLt7TswhwUw]]
  Wendigoing / 16h 52m 39s
[center [b Day 6: I'm Grateful for: Fans, Ice, cool weather]]

[tab]Today has been a long, long day and not a lot of good stuff has happened.

[tab]I think today I should make a note of my mom being outstanding. I called her really late tonight because our apartment was so ridiculously hot. Me and my boyfriend were both overheating and so was our cat, so my mom went out of her way to make sure that we were able to get a fan to try and help with our apartment until we can get the AC fixed.

[center [pic http://www.funnydogsite.com/pictures/Cooling_Off7318.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 16h 52m 57s
[center [b Day 5: I'm thankful for: instant ramen, videogames, and air conditioning.]]

[tab] Today was pretty uneventful all in all since I last wrote. I've spent some of my time working on my professional development stuff and the rest relaxing and preparing myself for a long work weekend. I think the best thing that has happened in the last little while was that my cat snuggled up next to me and slept for a long time, and he usually doesn't do that. He's very cute.

[center [pic https://cms.hostelbookers.com/hbblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2012/02/cat-happy-cat-e1329931204797.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 16h 53m 27s
[center [b Day 4: I'm grateful for: bread, my science professor, my talent.]]

[tab]I didn't sleep much this morning, so I'm gonna list two positive experiences that I've had in the last 24 hours because I need them.

[tab]I was on the school shuttle again last night and the driver was chatting about the fashion show-- when I told him I was working on a fashion line for one of my projects, he got really excited and started talking about how that was what he was passionate about and that he was trying to get into MICA at some point for fashion. I really hope he's able to make it some day, he was very nice, and complimented me about my work.

[tab]I also got to sit down with my science professor today and talk about sustainable farming and we wound up having a nice conversation about political issues and how to learn and change as an adult. And also we talked about free range chicken farming. She's really fun to talk to about this sort of thing, I think it's so cool that she raises chickens and bees, and she seemed really impressed that I like to grow my own vegetables.

[tab]Look at this cute lil pollen butt bee.
[center [pic https://i2.wp.com/honeybeesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Leafcutting-bee-on-dahlia-16x8.jpg?ssl=1]]
  Wendigoing / 12d 16h 14m 52s
[center [b Day 3: I'm grateful for my mentor, graduation, and Chipotle Guacamole.]]

[tab]I've had a pretty rough day today because I was so sick last week and got food poisoning, so my stomach has been upset pretty much all day. That's alright though.

[tab]When I was reading about the surgery that I need to get, I learned possibly the best medical name for something that made me laugh so hard. Meatus. It was just what I needed to cheer me up when I'm feeling sick.

[tab]And my stomach is starting to hurt a little less with time, so hopefully I'll be less sore tomorrow.

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL9iMPx9CpQ]]
  Wendigoing / 13d 12h 14m 21s
[center [b Day 2: I'm grateful for my father, my heating pad, and my growth.]]

[tab]Starting this one early this morning since I've got a long work day today.

[tab]Yesterday was kind of funny, considering my financial situation. I should probably be more upset than I am because I lost sleep because I got ill after eating, but it was cute to have my boyfriend give me some of his food.

[tab]He says it was because our cat was giving him those big old doll eyes, but I think he was just being a softy because he knows I'm struggling at the moment, and it was very sweet in spite of the fact that I wasn't able to keep it down because I was sick. It makes me smile knowing he cares about me taking care of myself, and I'm so happy to have him in my life.

[tab]Here's a cute picture:

[center [pic https://i.ytimg.com/vi/y_H6RZm2vAQ/hqdefault.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 14d 20h 47m 56s
[center [b Day 1: I'm grateful for my Boyfriend, our Cat, and my mother.]]

[tab]I had a nice experience last night when I was taking the school shuttle home, talking with one of the older gentlemen who's been working here for as long as I've been at school. He always talks to me when I get on the shuttle about his life and his kids, and he congratulated me on my graduation that's coming up in a little under a month, and said that he was proud of me.

[tab]He started telling me about his own daughter, and how she graduated from college, and he was so happy that he cried at her graduation ceremony-- and he said it's something he really doesn't do very often, especially not in front of other people, but he said that it didn't matter because he was so happy to see her successful.

[tab]He said that she was a nurse now, and told me that he hopes I'm successful too, once I'm graduated, and it was really nice. I thanked him, it was a short ride, but hearing that his daughter was doing well made me feel a little more confident in myself. I don't know just yet where I'm going or what I'm doing, but I know I'm getting there.

[tab]If I decide to read back through these at some point, here's a cute picture for future me:
[center [pic https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cute-snakes-wear-hats-106__700.jpg]]
  Wendigoing / 15d 7h 52m 27s

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