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He smiled and ordered a plate of curry and a cup of water. As the waiter took their orders, he smiled and looked towards his new teacher, glad that she chose the restsuramt
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 8h 19m 27s
"When the waiter comes over to take our orders, just tell him what you want. I'm sure something has at least caught your eye." The blue dragon said, chuckling as she decided she would order a special ravioli dish. Soon, the waiter had walked back over, asking them what they'd like to eat and drink.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 11h 11m 47s
He looked at the menu and he looked amazed at the amount of food that they had, but his eyes locked onto the word Curry, which was something he’d never tried before, and to him it sounded good.
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 5m 3s
Soon enough they reached the restaurant that she was talking about, which was nearer to the outer areas of the city. The interior had some nice and calming decorations, and although the place wasn't huge, there was definitely decent amount of comfortable seating. The blue dragon spoke to a waiter, who led them to a table in the corner of the room a few seconds later, handing them menus to look over. "It's a bit more high-end than a lot of the restaurants around here, but don't worry about it. I'll pay." She said, looking over the menu and wondering what she should order.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 9m 43s
He stood up, his back cracking as he got up. “Geez...I hate it when that happens...” he groaned, and he smiled a bit. “At least my back’s not completely messed up...” he said, and followed her.
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 13m 8s
The dragon sighed, knowing it was the middle of the night. "Nothing will exactly be open..." She told him, before she smiled. "Wait, I know a place that's open this late. Their food has good quality for its prices and also serves a variety of dishes from many different cultures. Come on, I can lead you there." Sega said, standing up.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 13m 58s
“Honestly, I think a bite to eat would do me wonders for the night.” He said honestly, his stomach growling angrily from hunger. “You know any places with great food by chance?” He asked kindly
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 17m 28s
"I'm happy to hear that. I would say that you've passed lesson 1, and are ready to move on. Tomorrow I can go to the next step, learning how to predict your opponent's movements now that you have a stronger focus upon them. Trust me, what I taught you tonight plays a big role in it, and you'll understand tomorrow night." The dragon told Marco. "Anyways...is there anything I can do for you tonight?" She asked him, believing that he deserved something for how well he did tonight.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 19m 30s
“It’s always an interesting experience when you’re just learning something you’ve never tried to do...” he said truthfully, and he looked up at the starry sky, admiring the sight while he was there.
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 23m 0s
Sega smiled towards the male she had just taught. "Thank you...I appreciate it. I'm glad I can be of assistance to you." She chuckled happily. "So far, you're turning out to be a great student. I appreciate the fact that you're engaged in this." The dragon explained for a moment, before chuckling and sitting down on the ground.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 24m 33s
His own tail was still, as he was listening intently. “I see, you could be a good trainer for fighters in my opinion, but like I said, that’s just what I think about it.” He said, smiling to himself
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 27m 36s
"Fighting styles? Yes, there is an array of techniques in combat. The offensive, defensive, and balanced fighting styles are the main examples, and each of them can be used in different situations. However, that is for another lesson." The blue dragon explained. "We wouldn't want to overload your brain on the first day I'm teaching you, after all. I prefer to break things up into a lesson every day or two." Sega told him, as her tail-swayed slowly from side-to-side.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 29m 36s
“I see, that is actually very interesting and quite a good tactic to keep in mind...” he said, and he sat down for a moment. “As for fighting styles...I fell like there are more than one style you might be able to show me, isn’t there?” He asked.
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 32m 56s
Sega heard the male's question, happy to know that he was actually engaged in the combat lesson. "Well, it would be a smarter choice to put your focus on whatever it is that is more dangerous than your opponent. However, just as with your surroundings, you should keep at least a little bit of your attention on your opponent so you can make sure that they don't try to pull anything sneaky while you appear distracted. If you can do this correctly, they may think you're distracted while you're not at all, and thus letting you counter easily." She told him.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 130d 17h 36m 42s
He nodded, standing normally, and he realized that was exactly what she had done to him in the ring. “I see, and what do I do if I’m dealing with something that is more dangerous than the opponent?” He asked, being serious about the question
  Marco Piercy / DoomGuy123 / 130d 17h 40m 32s

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