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[Center [H3 Adventure Summons]]
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The sound of a bell shook the infirmary as a pink haired girl worked. She looked up from her scroll and frowned.
[+Pink "Missy, I have to go."]
She said to her brown haired aprentice. The girl nodded and wished her a sincere good luck as she took the scroll. The pink haired girl exited the hut and walked toward a large catherdral building.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/G0mIu0d.jpg]
Elsewhere the sound of the bell made a greying man jump in the market. Another brown haired man jumped back as the other man ran off.
[+Purple "Damn bell."]
The boy said as he slid his empty hands into his pockets and walked towards the same large building in the distance.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/C4UWrfo.jpg]
With the sound of the bell another boy is grinning widely.
[I "My Hero's journey is finally beginning!" ]
He remarked loudly, drawing a few glances. He grinned cheekily as he too journeyed the building that would change the fate of these adventures forever.
[H3 A Kings Quest]
The three adventures found themselves in an large room, elabortely furnished with lush purple velvet and in the middle of the room stood a large velvet throne. No one sat on the throne, but the stool in front of it held a man with purple hair. His left eye was hidden behind an eyepatch and scars covered his face.
[b "Welcome adventurers!"]
His voice boommed around, the large room making the sound almost deafening. He stood from his stool with a joyous expression, his grin stretching from ear to ear.
Lea stood with her arms crossed.
[+pink "What do you mean 'adventurers'? I haven't adventured since I was a kid."]
Alexander smirked and laughed at the girl, who stuck her tongue out at him.
[+purple "Melans right. I don't know about this kid over here but L and I aren't the adventuring type. "]
He draped an arm around the girls shoulder in an almost brotherly fashion. The research only smirked and chuckled.
[B "Mr Cavendish and Mrs Melan. It's nice to meet you both. As for the title it's something you call someone who is about to go on an epic adventure for the king. "]
Everyone in the rooms jar dropped to the ground as they gaped at the man.
[I "We are going on am adventure for the king!]
Loki's grin never faltered as he spoke, an almost giddy tone in his voice. The man laughed a hearty laugh that filled up the space in the room.
[B "I love your spunk kid! indeed I am here to deliver a message from the king to you three.
Haven't you noticed that the beasts from the forests are seeping out into towns more and more lately?"]
He paused and everyone nodded.
[B "Those aren't all just from the forest. Currently only shore cities and areas around the Unknown Territories are effected by this epidemic. Monsters are leaving the Unknown."]
,[+purple "That's not possible. The most powerful mages cast an enchantment to keep them in. They can't just leave. "]
Alexander's arms were crossed and he stood with a smirk on his face.
[+purple "There are thousands of spells that the beasts would never be able to break. There is no way there isevwn one in free. " ]
The man with the eyepatch just looked at the boy and chuckled
[B "Well Mister Know-it-all the spells were only strong enough when the makes were alive. Currently there is only one known to still be alive, and he's on deaths door. Without the power from them the wall is losing power and breaking. "]
Lea gasped a sympathetic little sound.
[+pink "That's so horrible! How are we gonna keep them all away if when the last mage dies the wall is gonna come tumbling down. We gotta save the poor old man!"]
She said passionately. Alexander and the man looked at her like she was crazy.
[I "I totally agree with the girl! We gotta save the old guy!"]
He stood next to the girl with a serious look on his face.
[B "That's not what we need you to do. We are working on reinforcing the wall ,but we need you to meet the three more equally talented adventurers and find these beasts before they make it to the inland areas.
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