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[center [size20 Lets Feel Glorious]

This is a story about a man who chased his dreams but never slept, who never slowed or skipped a beat. Life was his to command, the world was up for grabs and he would hold tight and never let go.

No one knew what had made him this way, what darkness he must of gone through to feel the need to celebrate every breath. Don't ask he will never tell, he never does any thing he doesn't want to.

This is a story of those who have met him, who got caught up in the whirlwind that was him

. These are snippets of the never ending moment that was Author Roger Elric. A.R.E]

[center [size20 Overview of Rules and Plot]]

These will be collection of short stories revolving around Author, a man who lives his life to the fullest. They can be group stories or individual stories, [b moments.] Only one active [b moment] at time. This means if you are not in that [b moment] you must wait your turn, I will set the setting.

New Characters can be introduced or you can reuse characters for separate incidents. If you decide to branch off onto your own side roleplay, I am fine with that and it would be awesome to see what you come up with.

The setting will me a Modern Fantasy, the world will form as we play.

Okay with any picture that isn't real.

[center Skeleton]
Quirk 1 Quirk 2 Quirk 3
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[center [size18 Author Roger Elric]

[center [pic http://image.ibb.co/mrRRBc/1277921.jpg]]

[Center 24

Species Unknown Male

Impulsive Always carries cash Is full of conspiracy theories

Likes Sweets & To Laugh & Life
Dislikes Birds & Starbucks & Staying Still]

[Center [Size20 Moment:


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