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Shadow yawned as he climbed out of the water of the spring that lay deep in the woods of his packs territory. He shook the water from his fur where he'd taken his swim n wolf form. He ran through the forest that lay behind his home enjoying the wind in his fur. he didn't care that his father forbid being in wolf form in dear of the day. Shadow hated hiding from the humans they lived among. the fact that he blatantly disrespected his fathers rules is why his father hadn't given him control of the pack yet well that and the fact that he hadn't found his mate yet. He sighed as the pack house came into sight. The pack house rested on the boarder between the town of wolfs ridge and the forest that most locals were terrified of cause it was the home of monster sized wolves aka his pack. He ran into the house in his wolf form ignoring the disapproving stares of his pack-mates and up to his room. once inside his room he shifted back to his human form and began to get dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt that had been laying in his bedroom floor and smelled clean. he grumbled under his breath as he smelled his father approching his door. he laid down on his bed waiting for the lecture that was to come when his father got to his room.
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