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Shadow just glanced at Rin as she hoped in the truck while he was leaving the driveway. He felt his wolf jump when Rin got in the truck. He was to angry to hear what his wolf had said when it jumped. When rin turned the radio down he reached and turned it back up with a low growl. As he was driving towards town three scents hit his nose. One was Gina one of his packmates and friends. The other two was a outside wolf and a witch. Without a word he yanked the truck off the road and down one of the four wheeler trails his pack had made. Soon he reached the clearing where Gina and the strangers where. He hoped out the truck and ran standing between Gina and the strangers. "You have four seconds to explain why your in the territory of the bloodfang pack. Only the wolf may speak if your witch so much as twitches ill rip her throat out." He snarled standing protectively infront of Gina. He stood there watching the other two. "Gina go get in the truck with rin now." he ordered he might not be the full alpha yet but most pack members still obeyed him except the elder members of the pack. "Speak!" he ordered the strange wolf with all the power a future alpha held. He would not allow his pack to come in harms way.
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[i Rin stood there shell shocked at what she had just heard. Normally shadow is so cautious about shifting he has never got caught before now.. He’ll neither one of them have ever been caught... Rin looks after Shadow as he walks out after he asked her if he wanted to go with him to town.. before she could say anything he was already down the stairs and out the front door and in his truck waiting she looks at the alpha and hurries down the stairs only to be stopped by another pack member after they left her alone she rushed out the door to see that Shadow was already pulling out of the driveway she runs to his truck and grabs ahold of the passenger door and yanks on it..] [+maroon Did you really think you were gonna leave here with out me Shadow?] [i she asks softly closing the door of his truck and putting her seat belt on.] [i [+maroon I wonder what he was thinking letting himself get caught in wolf form he knows he can get in sever big trouble for it.]] [i Rin thinks to herself watching her best friend as he jams out to the music blasting through the radio.. Rin sighs and reaches over and turns the radio down and clears her throat about to question Shadow when suddenly she gets this weird feeling in her stomach and chest that’s like butterflies and her wolf inside her fully awakens and cries out those words she’s been waiting for her whole life.] [i [+Purple MATE!]
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What Chris suggested had her mind racing. What kind of boyfriend would he even be? He’s so closed, hardheaded, bipolar and rude. Well she’ll see. Whenever something was said about the other they would go with it and complain later which was fun! Cruel at times but fun.

Ava began to feel uneasy. Something wasn’t right. She looks down at her cup of coffee as they waited for their food. The girl didn’t eat it all so she would have something for later. Chris did the same. Although it was possibly because he’s to worried about his dying pack to eat while the others are in hiding. He paid and went to go use the bathroom. Ava waited outside. There’s such a negative vibe around that it made her walk in small circles trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. The breeze helped guide her to the source. It led her to the forest. She crouches down hovering her hand around the ground to see if her feelings are right. That was until she got interrupted by something. A growling wolf ready to attack judging but her posture. A chuckle escapes Ava. She tends to laugh at the worse possible situation ever.

She wiggles her fingers as she closed her eyes thinking about Chris. She made the bathroom lights flicker, the bathroom mirror fog up and have SOS written on it. [#Af18ae “Dam and when I thought the town was friendly. No wonder why no one is hiking in such a beautiful weather. Why worry about serial killers when there’s a big bad wolf ready to eat little girls.”] yea, she’s stalling. It took a while for Chris to find her. He was quick to push her behind him. A growl brews, increasing volume. [#4682b4 “The darkness is killing my people. My pack. We seek help... I would like to speak to your alpha. I’ll leave when that’s done...”]
[#af18ae “Take. Me. To. Your. Leader.”] Ava says in a robot tone. When Chris hit her she chuckles. [#Af18ae “Keep hitting me and I’ll push you against the tree...”] she whispers nudging him. Ava crochés down trying to find the object. Her eyes locked in a creep old doll close to the Unknown wolf. [#Af18ae “Hey pup move away from that doll would ya? It’s full full negative aura. Touching it may do something bad. Maybe...”] Chris looks back grilling her. Crap. He doesn’t want anyone to know about her because they would A. try to kill her or B. use her to keep them safe and kill anyone who’s going to prevent it from happening. At least those are the reasons as to why she thinks he wants her to keep a hush, hush about her being a witch. Ava stands up crossing her arms.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 11d 11h 31m 3s
Chris doesn’t mind the awkwardness. He loves silence anyways. Not to mention she’s seems to be trapped her in her own thoughts. With his eyes closed majority of the time, he used his canine hearing to listen into conversation. Nothing sounded like what he’s searching for. One thing he kept hearing were about nightmares and fear. Maybe it’s normal? The guy normally avoids listening to conversations. He’s rude but not that rude.

When the food arrived he picked at he. How can he eat when is people are hiding? Possibly starving. The thought of it turns his stomach. He forced himself to eat something so he won’t become weak from the lack of everything. He left his food alone as he waited for her to say she’s done before paying. It took a while but he kept busy. He kept listening to conversations. His favorite one was a whisper Maury argument. A small laughter escapes him hearing the girl say the baby has his stupid ears, nose and snoring face. He’s never heard a [i snoring face] as indicator as to why he’s the father. It threw him off guard.

After paying he excused to go use the bathroom. He only went to go punch the air and release some anger, worry and everything negative. He has to keep focus. Stay positive. He got this. He can save his people. Sighing, he turns to take a leak. As he began to pee the lights flickered like crazy. Like I’m a horror movie. Zipping his pants he goes to the sink to wash his hands. In a blink of an eye SOS was written in a magically fogged up mirror. [#4682b4 “Fuck... Ava...”] he grumbles hearing up. Storming out of the bathroom and the restaurant a slight panic washed up. His hands runs through his air. Whiffing in a chunk of the air to pick up her scent he exhales slowly. His head quickly turns to her directions and bolts to the forest. Did he really take that long in the bathroom? How can her tint normal legs have taken her this far?

It took a while for Chris to find her. He was quick to push her behind him. A growl brews, increasing volume. [#4682b4 “The darkness is killing my people. My pack. We seek help... I would like to speak to your alpha. I’ll leave when that’s done...”]
[#af18ae “Take. Me. To. Your. Leader.”] Ava says in a robot tone. Chris hit her because she’s acting childish when anyone can happen. It’s a serious right now. God, he wanted to hit her again hearing her chuckle.

[#Af18ae “Keep hitting me and I’ll push you against the tree...”] she whispers nudging him. He was abkit to growl but he heard Ava crouches. Her knees popped. He mentally shook his head. She needs to start working out... [#Af18ae “Hey pup move away from that doll would ya? It’s full full negative aura. Touching it may do something bad. Maybe...”] Chris looks back at her. How are they going to get help if she’s calling them pups? Stupid witch...
  Chris / Simply_Random / 11d 11h 34m 4s
As she made her way down, someone else made their way up. That someone else was Rin. Gina did not know too much about Rin, but from what she understood Rin had been together with Shadow as a childhood friend, and there were some rumours that Rin had some affection for Shadow.

What no one knew about Gina, was that she also had feelings for Shadow. Gina had never talked about it to anyone, not even to Shadow. She felt too shy to say this to anyone. Maybe it would have been better to talk to someone about it as it could the weight off her stomach. Or maybe it was better that no one knew, for in this house rumours flew fast and tended to get somewhat distorted.

Gina ignored the rest of her family that was spread around the house here and there, and they did the same.

Walking up to the kitchen, Gina opened the refridgerator and nosed around inside. She somewhat enjoyed the cold air flowing from the refrigerator, as it reminded her of some happy family moments while she still lived in Russia.

Gina decided to go with something simple, a sandwich. There was ham in the fridge, which she took out and sliced three thin slices before putting the rest of the ham back. Taking the bread out of the cupboard, she sliced two, somewhat thick pieces before putting the bread back into the cupboard. Putting the three slices of ham onto one of the pieces of bread, Gina put the second piece of bread on top.

She walked out of the house with the sandwich, just in time to hear a truck driving away. Gina shrugged her shoulders, and walked into the forest.

As she walked throughout the forest, GIna slowly ate the sandwich. One small bite, followed by a thorough chew up, and then repeat. She also liked to wander through the forest, and purposely getting lost in the forest. Well, one could not exactly call it getting lost as she always knew how to return back to the house.

Gina stopped, putting the remainder of the sandwich inside her mouth. As she chewed, she heard someone walking by the sound of leaves being stepped on.

Gina instantly turned into a wolf, a pure black in color wolf with yellow eyes. She sniffed the air, the person was someone unknown. At least to her.

In wolf form and on her feet, she quietly walked, hoping to get a glance at this unknown person.

Gina stopped behind a tree, and poked her head out. And there, there was that person walking. A female human from what she could see. The female was wearing a white t-shirt, long black hair, pants, and shoes.

Gina walked out, her whole wolf body showing. She growled, her head slightly hunched, and a menacing gaze from her eyes.
  Gina / NorthernWolves / 11d 13h 9m 59s
The alpha just ignored rin and entered his sons room. "[+green Shadow you broke the rules again and went out in your wolf form in the daytime.]" He said glaring at his son in anger. "[+red So what I was in the forest no where near the town.]" Shadow said glaring back at his father."[+green point is you broke the rules what if a human had been out in the forest and seen you.]" His father said. Shadow ignored his father and walked out of his room seeing rin. "[+red rin you wanna go into town with me??]" he asked without stopping his walking to the stairs and out of the house. He needed away from his father for a while. He didn't know if Rin was following him or not but he wasn't gonna wait for his father to catch up with him. Once down stairs he headed straight out the house to his truck. Why did his father all ways have to be such a stickler about the rules. He sat in his truck waiting to see if rin was coming or not. He turned the key cranking thewaited. As he waited he began fiddling with the radio until he found a station playing highway to hell by AC/DC. He turned the volume as loud as itd go. He looked back at the house to see if rin was coming. He decided head waited long enough and put the truck in drive and began out the drive way.
  Shadow storm / kenbloodmoon / 11d 15h 38m 56s
[i Rin has been out roaming the woods again but this time she was trying to find out where her best friend Shadow had ran off to earlier in the morning. Rin come to the clearing where the waterfall was and looks around and sighing with disappointment when she finds out that shadow wasn’t there like she thought he had been. Looking around Rin sees she’s alone and starts to strip from her clothes]. [i [+maroon Well I might as well enjoy a swim before I head back to the house and no one is around so if I want to I can freely shift into wolf form after my swim to dry myself off quickly by running back to the pack house]] [i Rin thinks to herself before diving into the pool of water and re emerging near the waterfalls base. Rin decides to go into the cave where her and shadow spent most of their childhood when they were younger and Rin’s Parents were fight this is where they would escape to.. after about an hour run exits the cave and swims back to the main pool so she can shift to wolf form and dry herself of quicker before heading back to the pack house. Once Rin got dried and was on her way back to the house she stopped and picked a flower and put it in her hair under her beanie. Once she got to the house she goes inside and up to shadows room to see if he’s there. She arrives at his door and is about to knock when his father comes storming out and brushes past her and glares.. Being a beta Rin isn’t to make full eye contact with the Alpha unless she is spoke to first..] [+maroon Sorry sir I didn’t mean to be in your way] [i she says softly keeping her gaze on the ground].
  Katrina Warren / CrystalDemoness / 12d 8h 27m 36s
Another boring drive be. Chris was either in outer space with his thought or doing an award winning performance of ignoring her. Times right now is tough. It’s confusing as to why he asked her to tag along. He doesn’t trust her, but that’s okay because she doesn’t trust him. For all they know he could’ve done something to began whatever went down. He doesn’t follow rules from time to time. However, he does have a heart. He got hurt saving a child or pup. Whatever they’re called.

They’ve hire wires two cars and he broken a window to the first one but it’s was raining so it wouldn’t do. They did take the coins, cash, and the snacks they had in the car. Ava yawns as she stops the car. [#Af18ae “Time to clean up.”] she whispers whipping the car clean for finger prints and anything that would get the identified. She used her magic to turn on the ignition so it can rolled down the hill and into the water.

The silence is killing her. It makes her miss her old life when she didn’t have to pick a side and go out with friends. Now she’s stuck helping Chris’s pack and trying to stay alone and positive, in the healing side of magic. As she was beginning to break a sweat the walked into town, got a room, and found a place to eat. [#af18ae “It’s spreading here. I can sense it. They can help one way or another, but first you need to eat. You can’t fight when you’re lacking nutrients...] Ava tells him scanning the menu. Reading every single little thing made her salivate. Christ timing was on point. She figured out what she’s going to order and Chris points at a random thing on the menu for her to order. Except knowing the bad boy he isn’t going to like it. Therefore, she ordered something else for him.

[#4682b4 “You’re stubborn. If anyone asks this time around we can say we’re daying. I can’t be distracted like the last place...”] he says taking a sip of his water.
[#Af18ae “So I’ve been told.”] she says looking around. The town seems welcoming. Chris simply needs to sniff out other people of his kind to have a friendly talk with them. If they even know what friendly is. From her experience they don’t like outsiders.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 12d 9h 6m 41s
There is apparently nothing scarier than seeing a friend turn into a werewolf and having to lock them up to save them. Seeing die is a lot scarier. It was hard to protect his pack and not worry about the others. Especially the small ones. Day by day, night by night, things got worse.

It got so bad only a handful is left, the camp out in different locations for less than a week before moving. Never the same place twice. Ava helps with protecting and helping them hide but they need to do more. Seek help or join another pack. Four nights in a stolen car, the finally ditched it and hiked into town. They got a room at a hotel and went out to eat. It would be a good place to sniff out others like him. Chris hasn’t said a thing since he left his home.

[#af18ae “It’s spreading here. I can sense it. They can help one way or another, but first you need to eat. You can’t fight when you’re lacking nutrients...] Christ points at a random thing on the menu for her to order. When he looks down to see what it was to simple hear her order something else he shakes his head.
[#4682b4 “You’re stubborn. If anyone asks this time around we can say we’re daying. I can’t be distracted like the last place...”] he says taking a sip of his water. He could smells the others but no one closer enough to arrange a meeting. He looks at Ava who seemed to be itching to do something. Possibly some witch craft. She must love what she does. Her and her stupid crystals and weird ingredients that sometimes smells like death with a hint of mint or lavender.
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One of her favorite hobbies had become to sit on the roof. No one else ventured up there, so it was quite the good spot to be alone and in no ones way.

And that was what she was doing right now. She enjoyed this calm and quiet every time, and enjoyed it even more when she was doing something else at the same time. Her two favorite activities to be doing while sitting on the rooftop were reading and playing her violin. She enjoyed both of them, and up here she could do either without having to worry about any kind distraction.

Her belly rumbled, she was hungry and hadn't ate anything yet.

She pivoted around 90 degrees, and slid herself down the roof carefully. She did not want to risk falling down two stories and breaking something, and then having one of her best alone places closed off to her.

Slowing down her slide to a complete stop, Gina carefully stood up and jumped down on the balcony which led to her room. She crouched on her knees as she landed, and then slowly stood back up. Taking one last look at the outside, Gina headed inside her room and then right out it.

Exiting her room, she turned right. Going across the hallway, she bumped in with the alpha of the pack. It didn't seem as if he was too pleased with something. Had his son gone out with his wolf form again? It had to be, unless something else had displeased him.
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Shadow yawned as he climbed out of the water of the spring that lay deep in the woods of his packs territory. He shook the water from his fur where he'd taken his swim n wolf form. He ran through the forest that lay behind his home enjoying the wind in his fur. he didn't care that his father forbid being in wolf form in dear of the day. Shadow hated hiding from the humans they lived among. the fact that he blatantly disrespected his fathers rules is why his father hadn't given him control of the pack yet well that and the fact that he hadn't found his mate yet. He sighed as the pack house came into sight. The pack house rested on the boarder between the town of wolfs ridge and the forest that most locals were terrified of cause it was the home of monster sized wolves aka his pack. He ran into the house in his wolf form ignoring the disapproving stares of his pack-mates and up to his room. once inside his room he shifted back to his human form and began to get dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt that had been laying in his bedroom floor and smelled clean. he grumbled under his breath as he smelled his father approching his door. he laid down on his bed waiting for the lecture that was to come when his father got to his room.
  Shadow storm / kenbloodmoon / 14d 10h 29m 14s

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