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[Center [B [+red In the town of wolfs ridge lives one of the last werewolf packs in the world. The Bloodfang pack is a small but strong pack with deep ties to what magic remains in the world.The pack has lived undetected in the town of wolfs ridge for centuries. That all is about to change. The peace the pack has known for all this time is about to be disturbed. When a small group of humans start meddling in magic they know nothing about. Can the pack stop the humans from unleashing a great evil or will all hope be lost when they fail.]]]

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[Center [B [+purple bio- shadow is the son of the current alpha and can't wait to take over the pack but he can't do that until finds his mate and proves himself]]]
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[Center [B [+orange bio: Rin was destined to be the future Alphas potential mate. She grew up along side him as his best friend and they were always inseparable when they were growing up.. Rin and Shadow both don’t know they are destined to be mates.]]]
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[Center [B [+yellow bio: Chris is from a pack that’s down by great numbers. There’s only a handful left and he was sent to seek the surviving ones either help or a new pack. He’s one of the best warriors they have but haven’t been labeled as number one because he refuse to have a such an important role. He simply loves to fight.]]]
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[Center [B [+yellow bio: The girl is a witch running from family problems. Her mother grew more into the dark side seeing them ‘advance’ more in life. The girl and her fathered decided to go separate ways to hide from her and her newly found dark ways. She met Chris when his pack thought she was the source of evil happening when in reality she was keeping it out of her studio apartment. It took a while to convince them she was good and turned out to be helpful. However, no matter what the darkness seems to be over powering everything they do. It’s expected since she’s one single witch trying to correct all dozens of evil witches mess.]]]
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[Center [B [+blue bio: not much to say she’s an outsider adopted by a family that is no longer with the bloodfang pack cause they were murdered so she just does her own thing and sometimes hangs out with Rin and Shadow]]]
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[i Rin looked at shadow and hugged running upstairs to her room and slamming her bedroom door..] [i [+pink he may be the future Alpha but he needs to step up and be more of an alpha and not let people off the hook so easily... he isn’t going to get anywhere acting like that... and who the hell is he to talk to me like he did??!! I’m not the one who ran off and risked the lives of several memebers of the pack... I am also not the one who attacked him... no I’m the one who attacked his attacker back and tried standing up for my mate and I’m the one who gets sent to her room to wait like a good female...]] [i Rin thinks to herself pacing letting her anger and turmoil get to her she starts picking things up and throwing them around her room breaking things and tearing stuff off the wall.. sitting down she starts crying before she stands up and gathers some clothes and throws them into a suitcase and opens her window and drops to the ground running to her Jeep and jumping in and starting her Jeep... she takes off for town and ditches her Jeep 10 blocks away from the hotel she was heading to....] [i [+pink I’ll just lay low here for awhile and see what happens]] [i Rin walks into the hotel and gets a room smiling at the hostess and heads up to her room]..
  Katrina Warren / CrystalDemoness / 260d 5h 14m 32s
Ava is full of excitement and adrenaline. What she did was fun. Scary, but fun. Chris on the other hand was more on the protective side. Does he really think they would retaliate out in public? These people don’t know anything about the supernatural world besides the crap they’re fed by entertainment things. The girl couldn’t stop looking back. It’s also something done in scary movies and that stupid person who keeps looking back dies... ugh... her stomach began to turn.

Ava caught shadows image walking towards them. Chris may kill her for this but she used her powers to control him. She even took the paper from the hot head since chris couldn’t move. It was best that she didn’t look at it. Something is happening. The darkness aura has changed and it in a good way. Her nose began to bleed as she explains herself. She has never used that much magic before. She was never allowe too and then now things have changed where she has to defend herself and protect others. Her father would be proud.

[#af18ae “We can’t leave. There’s another witch here. A evil one... chris it may be starting.”] as she spoke the girl watches the wolf in front of her carefully. Scared that he would harm her. Instead he grabs a small towel he most likely stolen from the hotel and hands it to her. As if they were swapping things he snatches the paper out of her hand.

[i [#4682b4 “We aren’t helping unless we have too. They treated us like trash. This pack is going to die if that douchemonkey becomes the new alpha and with that crazy chick. They’re meant to be because the love jumping to conclusions and attack anyone or thing that’s not from here.”]] Ava somewhat heard chris. Chills ran down her spine. Fear paralyzed her. Whatever was coming. It’s coming fast. Everything felt like happened in slow motion. One of her hands quickly raised and with a flick of the wrist chris was magically pushed as hard as she could do with her powers. The moment her wrist flicked something dark grabs her feet and yanks her beyond humanly fast towards the woods. It hurt. She has twigs and other things collected in her shirt and hair. Now she’s dirty. It’s horrible.

All of sudden she was pinned against a wall. Evil laughter surrounds her.
“Ava. Ava. Ava. I’ve heard good things about you. Looks like your slowly tapping in to your poses. We need you on our side. You’re strong but at the moment weak because you don’t know how unlock and use your powers as of yet join us. Join your mother. Where’s your dear oh daddy? We need him too. The more the merrier.”
[#Af18ae “My mother is dead to me. She chose the wrong path. You killed innocent kids.”]
“Wolves. Filthy stubborn creatures.”
[#Af18ae “You’re no different. You’re evil. Stubborn. Killing for sport...”]
“It is fun but we need fear and anger. We’re going to bring this century back to the old dark ages. Have them serving us as gods and the wolves as our protection.” The unknown witch cuts Ava and puts her blood in a small vial and yanks a few strands of her hair. While enchanting, she puts the hair in the vial. The girl did the same to herself and put on the vial around each of their necks as pendant necklace and magically their appearance changed.

The evil witch now looks like Ava. “Time to go spread some fear. Be a good girl and stay here... not like you have a choice... See you around cousin” the evil witch magically seals Ava’s mouth. Pretending to be Ava, the girl was already there at the house of wolves. While the real Ava was god knows where. Truth be told fear is starting to sink in. She needs help. She can’t do anything with she’s magically bonded and mouth is sealed. The girl doesn’t know how to tap in to the powerful power she so call has.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 267d 13h 53m 56s
When they got out of the hotel, chris places a hand on Ava’s back to help her walk faster. He could tell she’s worried. She kept looking back. What he doesn’t get is that she said Gina is on their side but she’s not following. Maybe they’re playing a manipulation game trick. Everyone seems short tempered and full of rage. No wonder why they felt okay here. The darkness is already ready to do their thing. Maybe they came to the wrong place for help. For hope... chris train of thought popped sensing a wolf coming up behind them. He is tired of being nice. Chris is a eta, a warrior. One of the best. If he didn’t act like a jerk half the time he would’ve been number one but back then he didn’t care because their were others. Now his pack is dying. What kissed him off was that he couldn’t move. Ava must be using her magic. Ava takes the piece of paper the stupid hot headed, son of the alpha tried giving to him. Five minutes after he left Ava releases him. He was going to complain until she spoke and her nose began to bleed.

[#af18ae “We can’t leave. There’s another witch here. A evil one... chris it may be starting.”] as she spoke he grabs a small towel he stolen from the hotel and gave it to her. He snatches the paper out of her hand.

[#4682b4 “We aren’t helping unless we have too. They treated us like trash. This pack is going to die if that douchemonkey becomes the new alpha and with that crazy chick. They’re meant to be because the love jumping to conclusions and attack anyone or thing that’s not from here.”] he watches Ava. He couldn’t tell if she was listening or not. All of a sudden she used her magic against him throwing him a block away, but as he was flying something dark drags Ava towards the forest. [#4682b4 “Ava!”] he shouts before hitting a stop sign. Fuck that shit hurts... they just lost the one person who can help.

Chris got up to run. Looks for this place but instead he catches Gina’s scent and runs towards her. No more mister nice guy. He doesn’t care if she helped. All of this happened becushe was curious and it pissed of everyone. His hand was gripped around her throat, lifting her up in the air. His eyes turns blue because those are his wolves eyes. [#4682b4 Because of you and your stupid pack my only chance of saving my pack is gone. They’re here and they took Ava. She could’ve help. You assholes wasted a lot of time.... take me to your stupid pack house. Better hope nothing has happened to her because I will kill your pack myself if something has had.”] it took everything in him not to drop her. If Ava was there she would’ve talked him out of it. Instead he sets Gina back down on her feet and closes his eyes taking a few deep breaths to relax a bit. When he opens his eyes they’re brown again. Something about Gina is different. She smells different. [#4682b4 You’re leaving your pack... not sure if that’s smart or stupid. My pack is dying. We don’t need more members until we fix this problem. Just take me to your leader and it the child wanna be leader.... please...”] chris struggles sayings please. He’s not one to say certain words because it’s just not in his vocabulary. However, since being here he’s seen how it is to be mistreated for nothing and that opened up his eyes. He was like that and not he can’t correct his wrongs long because a big chunk of his pack is dead. He can’t apologize not, but he can improve from here on out or at least try. These people got on his last nerve.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 267d 16h 21m 23s
It was extremely amusing to watch both Shadow and Rin float upwards, and stay floating as Ava did her magic. As Gina looked on, she felt a bit weird as she looked on at this spectacle. Gina knew that it felt very unnatural to be moved in such a way, but at least it got Shadow and Ava out of the way.

Even though it was only for a short while.

Gina found it somewhat sad that Ava and Chris were both leaving. She had wished to have a longer chat with them about all this darkness shenanigans. It sounded so sinister, chaotic, just pure evil. But it looked like both Chris and Ava were bent on leaving. Gina knew she couldn't stop neither of them. Either Ava would magic her the same way she had magicked Shadow and Rin, or the rogue wolf would do something nasty to her.

As the two of them left, both Rin and Shadow dropped to the floor. Neither of them were hurt, but it took them awhile to get back on their two feet.

But what happened next, Gina was expecting Shadow to yell at her. She had, after all, pushed a future alpha down on the floor while being only an omega.

His words flew past her ears, all his arguments were wrong.

First point: She had never put herself in danger, for both times Ava hadn't even harmed her, nor had the rogue wolf at all. The only threats which had been directed from Ava or Chris had been at Shadow.

Second point: His rage acting, he didn't have to act that way. He could have simply initiated a civil conversation without threatening anyone.

Gina jerked as Shadow lifted her off the floor after roaring loudly enough to scare her a bit. He held her up in the air, continuing to rant at her.

Well well, this was interesting. So Shadow and the alpha had some knowledge about this darkness. Gina totally agreed with Shadow on why such a thing should be kept from the rest of the pack.

But his other points, she did not agree that much.

Third point: Her impatience. She had not acted impatiently. She had acted as fast as possible in trying to find out what was endangering the pack so the pack would not be wiped out. Gina did not want to witness a wipe out after the last one she had witnessed.

Fourth point: Ava and Chris didn't want to help them because of her. Oh really? Then why had Ava said that not all had daddy issues? Why had Ava said that Gina was was on their side? Evidently this had escaped Shadow's mind when he had went into instant rage mode.

Gina whimpered and jerked as she impacted the floor, that had hurt. As she breathed through the pain, Shadow gave her the choice of either following all future orders or leaving the pack forever. And with that, he left the room.

Gina slowly stood up, clutching her somewhat in pain elbow. Moving her shoulder hurt a bit too. The impact, not a nice thing at all to experience.

Gina trudged back to the pack house. Upon entering it, she was tackled by an angry Rin. Rin's hands digged in, pinning her to the floor as Rin sat atop her. Gina let Rin have her way with herself, give Rin the opportunity to let out all that negativity.

Gina knew that Rin was going to hit her, that wasn't too hard to tell. That was until Shadow pulled Rin off, and simply told Rin to go back to her room. And then Shadow walked off, without another word.

Gina went back up to her room, and took out a backpack. She packed a few sets of clothes into it before walking back down the stairs. Opening up the refrigerator, she prepared a number of snacks which she also packed into the bag. Putting on a sturdy pair of shoes, she walked out of the house and went in search of Chris and Ava.
  Gina / NorthernWolves / 268d 6h 27m 50s
Shadow stood up growling from where he had been pushed then thrown. He walked slowly over to gina with rage filled eyes. " [+red How dare you try to dominate me!! You are the one who is not thinking properly!] [+red Twice now you have put yourself in danger from this witch and this rouge! You forced me to have to act in such a manner as I have!]" He roared once rin had left the room. He picked gina up off the ground as if she weighed nothing. "[+red Me and my father know all about the darkness and the danger it brings. Old magic runs deep in our blood as alphas of this pack.] [+red We chose to keep this secret from the pack,because knowledge of it breeds fear and hate. Fear and hate feeds and makes the darkness stronger.] [+red Now I must go find that rouge and the witch to handle things the way they should be.] [+red Your impatients is why I have not had a normal talk with them. You are the reason a fellow pack believes we won't help them.]" He said tossing her to the floor. "[+red I suggest you think about what I have said, because now you have to make a choice.] [+red Either accept your an omega and Im your future alpha and that pack politics are none of your business, or pack your belongings and get out of my territory.]" He said leaving her in the room alone. He stopped at the front desk n paid for the damage to the room then left the hotel. Borrowing a strangers jacket and sweats from a cloths line he began tracking Chris and ava. When he found them he tapped Chris on the shoulder knowing he would get a bad reaction. "[+red Look I apologize for not acting as a decent alpha, my actions where because I perceived that the young omega gina from my pack was in danger.] [+red If you still wish to discuss the issues with the darkness then meet me n my father at the waterfall on the edge of my territory in two hours.]" he said handing Chris a piece of paper with directions to the waterfall on it. He then left the strangers and returned to the pack house. He heard the commotion going on soon as he walked in the house. Sighing he walked into the main room where rin was jumping gina. He picked rin up clearly not happy. He ignored rins words as she spoke. "[+red Go to your room and wait for me rin.]" was all he said then set her down. He turned following his father to the alphas office. He explained the whole situation of what happened to his father then left to go speak to rin.
  Shadow storm / kenbloodmoon / 268d 7h 15m 12s
[i Rin was sitting in the living room waiting for Gina to show up she was pissed and fuming and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the the little ungrateful brat..] [i [+pink how dare the little bitch put her hands on my mate and think she can get away with it!..]] [i Rin thinks to herself pacing in the living room.. the other pack members were staying clear of her cause they were aware of the situation and knew not to fuck with an angry newfound mate. Rin has just sat down when the door opened and Gina walks in before Gina can even get a word out of her mouth Rin had tackled her and was now sitting on top of her holding her down.] [i Rin’s Wolf snarls and starts talking inside Rin’s head to Rin ask her to let her out... Rin snarled at Gina. [i [+pink What makes you think that it is okay for you to ATTACK THE FUTURE ALPHA AND MY MATE AND GET AWAY WITH IT?!]] [i Rin snarls getting ready to attack Gina again when she is yanked back and strong arms are wrapped around her to get her to stop thrashing about she whirls around and is about to say something Snarky to the person who pulled her off and freezes when she sees that it was Shadow and Alpha Blaze behind him shaking his head.] [i [+pink what the fuck Shadow why did you pull me off of the ungrateful little brat? She needs put in her place and needs to know who is in charge!]]
  Katrina Warren / CrystalDemoness / 271d 6h 5m 9s
Ava was going to warm this girl about the darkness but there was a knock on the door. She looks at the wolf confused. Is this a trap? All of a sudden the door is broken and the other wolf from before was growling at her. What the hell did Ava even do? When she kept calling her a witch she places a hand on her hip and gave her a [i ‘really bitch’] look full of attitude.

Gina is the one who came to her. With her free hand she had her index up ready to say something when a naked guy leaps in like a rabbit or something. She throws her hands up in the air. She so confused. This town is 50 shades of fucked up. [#Af18ae “What the hell... did you plan this bullshit?”] she asks Gina. Then with a blink of an eye Gina attacked her alpha. Ava’s mouth dropped, but quickly composed herself when she remembers she’s still with another bad attitude wolf.

[#4682b4 “Do that thing now.”] chris rawrs to her. Oddly enough it was scary and not at the same time. Weird. Chris was crouched down in front of her like he’s ready to tackle someone football status. The girl he knocked down with a swipe of a kick was now floating. [#4682b4 “Whoever broke that door better be paying for it. We left ya alone and now you’re here to start a unnecessary fight. You guys can suffer what we just endured. We’ll leave but I’m getting what’s left of my pack to pass the bullshit of a town.”] Ava chuckles. He said what she’s been thinking. The hell with this town. She’s over it. However he should know about Gina helping her.
[#Af18ae “But...”]
[#4682b4 “Don’t. We tried to be nice and look what happened. Fuck these people...”] chris grabs his bag. Ava rolls her eyes. He’s such a hot head. It’s annoying. [#4682b4 “If you let us go we’ll peacefully let this grunge looking chick down. Someone apparently has daddy issues...”] Ava looks at the girl. Maybe it’s true. She looks clingy too...
Ava looks at the busted door way. She has to tell him about Gina. [#Af18ae “Well not all of them. They call her Gina and she may be on our side. She wants to know more about the darkness and then tackled the nudiest because he came on huffing and puffing like a big bad wolf and almost attacked me when my guard was down.”] Ava quickly tells him. He looks at her for confirmation and Ava nods. Then Chris looks at the Gina girl and smiles at her. She was taken back a little. Did he really just smile?

[#4682b4 “Make him fly like you did too me. He’s a big guy who’s mad all the time. It may make him loosen up.”] Ava was honestly in love with that idea. Maybe this rin chick too. It’s so tempting! Ava crack/ her neck with a quick rotation and wiggles her right fingers. Ava tilts her head signaling for Gina to move before letting him up too. The girl had trouble at first but then accidentally lifted him up too much because she made him hit the ceiling. Chris chuckles. Hearing him chuckle made her laugh. Then they both began to move, Ava carefully moved the two floating wolves as they try to leave. Ava stops and looks at Gina. [#Af18ae “Dark magic is using fear and anger to get stronger. That it makes the horrible people worse. For the love of the pack and everything else don’t give into the darkness. Okay? That’s all we know. Good luck.”] she says smiling to Gina. She moves the two floating wolfs into the the hotel room. Chris went to go pay for the hours they stayed and told them people broke into their room and they’re still on there. When she got the signal they can go she slowly walks down. When the crosses the street her magic was dying and bam. They both fall and now Ava and Chris were running.
  Ava / Simply_random / 275d 4h 27m 16s
Chris had enough. He can’t deal with this. Fighting is his way of life, but fighting for his dying pack is too much strain on him. Everyone next on line was killed off. He can’t be a leader. He’s to stubborn like the douche from earlier. That’s not alpha material. His pack is looking up to him. Not just him but Ava as well. She may not be one of them but she has helped the best she could and that means something to them. To think the first pack he met doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. Not the back but literally themselves.

He continued his talk with his pack. He went to the where he first met the rude ones to look for whatever Ava was talking about. He found the thing but didn’t touch it. Right now he feels anger so he couldn’t sense the negativity coming from it. When the call ended a long and deep sigh escapes him. A hard wind rushes pass him. He could smell the wolves from before mixed with Ava’s scent. [#4682b4 “Fucking A... not again... for a witch she seems to have bad luck...”] he says to himself before running back to the hotel. A lot has happened the alpha is down on his ass. The naked wolf from before seems to be going rogue. Thankfully she had certain parts covered in him. He walks back and runs to jump over them to get to Ava. A mean growl escapes him as he crouched down and swipe his right leg as hard as he can to knock Rin down. [#4682b4 “Do that thing now.”] he rawrs to Ava. Chris was crouched down in front of Ava football style. The girl he knocked down with a swipe of a kick was now floating. [#4682b4 “Whoever broke that door better be paying for it. We left ya alone and now you’re here to start a unnecessary fight. You guys can suffer what we just endured. We’ll leave but I’m getting what’s left of my pack to pass the bullshit of a town.”]
[#Af18ae “But...”]
[#4682b4 “Don’t. We tried to be nice and look what happened. Fuck these people...”] chris grabs his bag. He looks at his spilled over leftovers. A irritated growl escapes him. [#4682b4 “If you let us go we’ll peacefully let this grunge looking chick down. Someone apparently has daddy issues...”]
[#Af18ae “Well not all of them. They call her Gina and she may be on our side. She wants to know more about the darkness and then tackled the nudiest because he came on huffing and puffing like a big bad wolf and almost attacked me when my guard was down.”] chris looks at the Gina girl and smiles for three seconds as a thank you.
[#4682b4 “Make him fly like you did too me. He’s a big guy who’s mad all the time. It may make him loosen up.”] he says jokingly. He watches Ava crack her neck with a quick rotation and wiggles her right fingers. Ava tilts her head telling Gina to move before letting him up too. The girl had trouble at first but then accidentally lifted him up too much because she made him hit the ceiling. Chris chuckles. They both began to move, Ava carefully moved the two floating wolves as they try to leave.
  Chris / Simply_random / 275d 6h 26m 13s
The door opened. Gina only had enough time to realize that the door had opened before being pushed against the door without being touched. That had to be magic, but Gina was not about to complain. She was not here to flex strength, it was useless with a witch anyways, but to talk and seek an understanding of what this darkness thing even was.

Gina kept herself calm, even though her wolf inside protested somewhat. She kept taking deep breaths, appearing as non-threatening as possible to the witch.

The show continued as Gina found herself pulled inside the room without the witch touching her. Gina did not utter a single protest. She had a single goal, and if that meant putting up with this farce of a play, then so be it.

The male wolf stranger had walked out by then, leaving her alone with the witch. It was still not smart to mess with a witch, even without the male stranger. If the witch could make her do things without touching her, then it was better off not to piss of the witch.

Gina was about to respond to the witch, and then there was knocking on the door. Gina cursed internally, Rin had found her before she could have a normal conversation with the witch. And before anything else could happen, Rin had torn down the door and rushed inside.

Gina had a very sudden urge to knock Rin stone cold to the ground. Gina did not care at all if Shadow or the alpha found out, they could go $#!@ themselves. If this is what it took to save her new pack's lives, then that was what she'd do.

With Rin snarling, Gina had an extremely big urge to wipe that snarl off of her face. The witch had not mistreated anyone, instead the witch had offered to help. And what was shown to the offer for help? A bunch of bullshit responses.

And of course Shadow came running in, BLOODY NAKED! Gina groaned internally, this would not get any better. This would instead get worse.

And worse it got, as Shadow was going in for the kill. But then he stopped, the stranger male wolf was coming back.

Upon hearing Shadow's order to get out, something awoke inside of Gina. Both she and the wolf inside had had enough, and both of them came out as Gina snarled loudly.

But her rage was not directed at the witch or her male friend, instead it was directed at Shadow. Gina lunged at him, shoving him backwards hard as she snarled angrily once again. Just to make sure he went down, Gina shoved his right leg.

With another snarl, she turned on Rin as well. Gina stared with a deadly stare into Rin's eyes. [+purple "Do neither of you understand? Do none of you have any idea of what you are doing? They offered us help in saving our pack. In my old pack, we did anything to survive. If that meant taking help to survive to the next day, then so be it. Do you not understand that to constantly hide like a безмозглый coward is never a good way to survive??!!??"]
  Gina / NorthernWolves / 275d 7h 33m 10s
Shadow ran from the house shifting into his wolf after hearing what rin and gina had done. Be damn his fathers rules or if he was seen. he needed speed and his wolf was faster then any vehicle. His best friend and mate was in danger. Soon he reached the hotel scaring many people along the way as he busted into the hotel room growling. He shifted back to his human form and began walking straight at the witch hate and bloodlust in his eyes. He did not care that he was naked infront of the three girls. He was to pissed to care about that right now. "I warned you witch now you will die." he snarled as he got closer to the witch. "Rin Gina do not interfear and be ready to go home. "He orders the other two angrily. He did not care that facing a witch in a fight was basicly suicide his wolf was in control howling for him to protect their mate. "You put my mate and a member of my pack in danger I will now make you regret it."he snarled lunging at the witch girl's throat. He stopped as he caught the rouge wolfs scent coming from near by now he had to protect rin and gina from both the witch and the rouge wolf. "Rin gina when I give you the chance get out of here and back to the house." he said watching the witch and listening for the rouge to arrive in the room.
  Shadow storm / kenbloodmoon / 275d 15h 6m 1s
Allie glares after Rin as she brushes past her and ignores her. Oh well not my problem Allie says to herself before heading down the stairs and into the rec room to sit down and watch the television.. As she is flipping through the stations she hears a commotion come from upstairs and sees Rin take off with her jeep keys in hand and sees her jump Into her jeep and take off away from the house she stops the young girl who had followed rin down the stairs and asks her what was going km the young girl explains the situation and Allie curses and runs up stairs and bangs on the alphas door when the door opens there stands a furious looking shadow and his father she holds up a finger and leans over to catch her breath standing up she looks at shadow and tell him what is going on and how Gina took off after the rouge wolf and his witch and how now Rin was on her way to rescue the girl as well... Looking at the alpha and his son she walks over to the rail of the stairs and Hillard at the young girl who told her all this to come up and repeat what she said to Allie but the girl was gone And the only people it the house were a couple pups and a couple elders. She looks at Shadow and slightly snarls. Are you going to go after them at all or are you going to just ignore what I just told you
  Allie / DarkFaerie / 276d 6h 46m 55s
[i Rin got out of the truck And followed Shadow.. Walking through the house as they are walking the other members of the house shifted uneasily and muenster to themselves knowing that something was different between the to friends..rolling her eyes as they get to the top of the stairs the girl named Allie walks out of the Alphas office and brushes past shadow and stops Rin and starts talking to her.] [+maroon I cant talk right now Allie im busy.] [i rin says pushing the girl aside and standing outside of the alphas office she listens in on their conversation and gasps when she hears shadow confirm that he had found his mate. Covering her mouth she turns on her heels and flees to her room and closes the door breathing and smiling she sits down on her bed and leans back looking up at the ceiling] [i [+maroon I knew he was ignoring the tugging in his gut when my wolf jumped and screamed in my head Mate! Why would he ignore it though? Does he not want me as his mate? Am I not good enough for him? We have been friends for our whole lives training together and hanging out so I wonder what gives.]] [i she thinks to herself when there is a soft knock on her door she gets up and answers it to find another house mate looking at the ground... she as there to inform Rin about Gina taking off and how the girl had followed her to a hotel and feared she was in trouble so she rushed back to tell shadow but couldn't find him so she came to rin to tell her hoping she would help or go tell shadow herself. Cursing Rin takes off out the house and jumps in her jeep and follows the directions the other wolf had given her and head tot he hotel when she gets there she can hear struggling and she knocks on the door and when no one answers she busts in the door to find Gina standing in front of the witch and the witch looking sad.] [+maroon whats going on here Gina? Whats the witches problem why the log face?] [i Rin asks walking towards them and grabbing Gina's arm to face her.] [+maroon Gina you know Shadow and Alpha Blaze aren't going to be happy with you for leaving the house without permission and for fraternizing with this witch.] [i rin looks back at the witch and makes a disgusted face as her wolf inside snarls at the witch.]
  Katrina Warren / CrystalDemoness / 276d 6h 59m 40s
Ava wasn’t going anywhere. This wasn’t going anything. Trying to find the pack without having anything, but memories. Which doesn’t help. The girl sighs. She began to pacing chewing on her bottom lip. Her hands on her hips. Why is she even here? Why should she even bother? Being with them keeps her in harms way. It’s annoying trying to stay strong and yet constantly get threatened and in danger.

She left hand goes to her head and scratches it out of frustration. One thing she knows it’s not because of Chris. There’s no feelings towards him. Right? Right... Ava goes to her left over container to heat up. As it warms up in the microwave she turns in the TV to only hear a knock on the door. The girl sighs. She really doesn’t want to answer it, but something told her to do it. Chewing on her bottom lip again, Ava answers the door. Seeing the naked wolf from before. Ava uses her magic to push her against the doorframe, side ways. [#Af18ae “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. Your leaders son will kill you. Not us because my boyfriend is a warrior from the his pack and I, I got magic...”] she says taking a few steps back, stilling using her magic to drag the girl inside. All of a sudden Chris gives her a nod and walks out. It confused her so much that she lost focused and watches Chris leave. [#af18ae “For fucks sake... I so don’t need this...”] Ava began to pack. [#af18ae “Dark magic is heading this way. I feel it. Your stubborn ass son of an alpha better watch his temper. If he piss of the wrong people it’ll make things worse. People don’t like bad mouth assholes like him...”] when she was done gathering her things she looks at Gina. For some reason she feels bad to be leaving. Chris probably won’t make it if he’s left alone... the girl sighs sitting in the bed.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 277d 9h 6m 19s
Chris didn’t like how things happened a few minutes ago. He locked himself in the bathroom. The boy paced replaying what had happened.

[center [i "Don't you disrespect me like that. I am the son of alpha blaze and the next alpha in line of this pack I handle my fathers business!!! And i know that bitch is a witch she stinks of magic!"]]

How could he possibly know about magic? His pack knew about magic but didn’t know what they [i smell] like. A low growl escapes him. He punches the air before pulling out his phone to call the other. He wasn’t like that they didn’t answer. He waited a few minutes before calling again. It happens six times before he got through. Two more died. The darkness seems to be leaving but yet getting worse at the same time. They’re no longer in their town. They don’t even know where they are. The ones who survived never left and now they’re running from something they can’t beat. Alone. Scared. He was happy they FaceTimed him. He could see their scared and slightly dirty faces. His pack is withering away...

The smell of the wolf from earlier popped up. Ava can handle it. She could use her magic to help protect herself. While being on the phone exited the bathroom, nods at Ava and leaves before leaving. He needs to walk around. He won’t go far. He’s obviously not welcomed. Part of him wants to shift and run back all the way home to see his pack before they die...
  Chris / Simply_Random / 277d 10h 21m 26s
At first, Gina could not understand why Rin was giggling. There was a serious confrontation happening, one which could devolve into a bloody business; no time for laughing.

Gina only realized why Rin had giggled when Rin had walked up to her, and put a coat over her. Gina only then realized that she had been standing, even though it was short, naked. All her clothes were wherever she had turned into a wolf.

Rin said something. Gina felt her face flush, a reaction over which she had no control over. She could feel her face warm up quickly, and a hard to control smile forming on her lips. Despite the fact that Rin let out a fearful smile, Gina felt somewhat amused.

This was Gina being a hypocrite, as Gina had only moments ago had criticized Rin for giggling during a serious confrontation.

Gina did not appreciate being dragged by her arm, but Rin was in no mood to ask politely. Gina also did not appreciate being shoved into the truck, as if she were some defenseless pup, and wanted to get farther away from Rin as Rin was acting somewhat antsy.

But what is better to sit next to an antsy Rin, or a pissed of Shadow? Definitely better to sit next to an antsy Rin, as at least there was no scary yelling flying around.

Gina could feel her inner wolf sort of cower a bit, as if respecting the potential alpha's voice. It made Gina look downwards, feeling a bit ashamed of herself.

Upon getting back to the house, Gina ran up to her room as fast as she could. It did draw a few of the other pack members' eyes, but Gina was only worried about getting to her room ASAP.

She slammed the door, leaning against it and breathing hard. She still had Rin's jacket, but Gina would return it later. For now, she needed to get clothes on.

Walking to her closet, Gina began to search through it. She found another plain black, up to the elbows t-shirt; she had a few of those. As for pants, she found a pair of light grey hiking pants and put those on.

Gina thought about what to do next. She did not want to see the alpha, he'd be pretty pissed off about the incident that had just happened. And then Gina had a lightbulb moment, what if she followed the two back to wherever they were and had a much more pleasant talk?

Selecting a black zippered hoodie, Gina walked out of her room and down the stairs. Along the way, she asked a few of her packmates if they needed anything from the produce store to give the impression that that was where she had gone.

Putting on a pair of shoes, Gina walked back to the clearing. Upon getting to the clearing, Gina found the scents of the two strangers and began to follow it.

The scent led her to some sort of hotel, and the scent went further inside. Taking a deeb breath, Gina walked into the hotel and continued following the scent.

The scent stopped at one of the rooms, so the strangers had to be on the other side.

Gina raised her right hand, and gently knocked on the door, hoping for a response.
  Gina / NorthernWolves / 278d 2h 29m 10s

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