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[left [pic]]

Aaron liked the idea of a proper meal with a parfait to finish for dessert. “That sounds great. I could probably help? You’d have to tell me what to do.”

He could probably chop fruit passably well. He tilted his head, looking at the kitchen. It was spacious, but they probably didn’t all need to help cook. Especially since the other three clearly knew what they were doing better than he did,”Then again, that might be too many chefs in the kitchen.”

[left [pic]]

Melinda set the bag of pasta on the counter,”Oh, I love the sound of that. The veggies and the dessert.”

Hunter had gotten out the pots they needed, so Melinda started filling one with water for the pasta. The mention of a garden perked her up,”Woah, really? Nice!”

She grinned at Hunter, turning on the burner under the water,”You got it. I’ll take care of the noodles and sauce, you get the broccoli and chicken.” She stuck her tongue out, jokingly,”I get the easy jobs, but I’ll help clean up after. Oh, Lily.”

She looked at the other girl,”Want me to help you pick the fruit real quick? I wanna see the garden, and the water doesn’t need that much attention yet.”
  Yavanna / 283d 15h 36m 51s
Lilly watched Malinda as she bounced around the kitchen, able to see that the young female was clearly a jumble of nerves. However, she was not about to be the one who pointed the fact out, she was not exactly feeling all that calm herself so she understood the feeling. Turning away from the other girl, she instead focused on Hunter, who was taking out the pot and other items that they would need to prepare the meal.

[+orange "I could make a simple desert to go with our dinner, if everyone would like me to? Perhaps a nice fruit parfait to counter the richness and heaviness of the Alfredo?" ]As she suggested this, Lilly felt herself begin to go the place that she always went to whenever she was excited about baking. Merely the idea of it was enough to distract her from her anxiety.

[pic ]

Hunter had been listening to everyone as he got out all the equipment that he and Melinda would need, and found it interesting that Lilly could bake but not cook. It was interesting to him, because though he could bake foods desserts is where he lacked significant skills. [+green "Yeah we can just use the Alfredo sauce, at least for tonight." ]

Taking the sauce, he placed on the counter next to the stove, then he went over to grab the metal strainer. Just as he placed the strainer into the sink, he heard Lilly's offer to make dessert for everyone. He liked the idea, and turned to tell her as much. [+green "That sounds like a good idea, and fruit parfait sounds like the perfect dessert. Hmm, I guess we could also make some steamed broccoli to go with the Chicken Alfredo too.." ]

Going back over to the pantry, Hunter didn't see any fresh vegetables, instead he found a door that lead to a small garden and he had to hold back tears as his foodie heart swelled. Quickly picking some broccoli, the young man came back to the kitchen with even more excitement then before. [+green "We have a small garden! It even has fruits that you can pick from for the dessert, Lilly!" ]

Rushing over to the double sided sink, Hunter quickly began to wash the broccoli. [+green "Alright, let's get started, Melinda! Our customers await their dinner!" ]
  Lilly Rose Johnson / La_Mariposa_Azul_94 / 286d 13h 6m 49s
[left [pic]]

Aaron nodded. Thinking of them as roommates was probably a good way to think about the whole situation. It made it a little easier to deal with.

He leaned his elbows on the table,”Ah, at least you can bake. I never really learned how to do any cooking.”

Aaron always had someone whose job it was to do all those things for him. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and just generally taking care of the house. He knew this was going to be quite the change, but at least his first meal here wasn’t going to be miserable. He also didn’t really want to look like a completely spoiled rich brat to the others, at least not right away.

“Allergies are good to know about. I’m not really allergic to anything, so no worries there.”

[left [pic]]

“Got it, no pork or shellfish. That leaves a whole bunch of stuff though.” Melinda had bounced to the pantry as she talked, and kept up a bubbly chatter as she took a look,”That sounds really good to me. If they have any alfredo sauce here we can use that, if not I can make some from scratch. Oh wow, there’s a lot of types of pasta here. Fettuccine is the usual, so I’ll get that out. Looks like there’s a jar of alfredo, want to use that?”

As Melinda talked, she was looking over the pantry and pulling out what they needed. A box of fettuccine pasta, and the jar of alfredo she found. She peeked out and held out the jar when she asked if they wanted to use it. She was pretty wired on nervous energy, which kept her moving and talking. The situation had her on edge, despite her attempt at keeping her cool. This was her trying not to think about it.
  Yavanna / 307d 10h 58m 26s
Keeping her eyes ahead, Lilly simply shrugged her shoulders in response to Aaron's question. [+orange "I'm sure they will return, but till then I would like to pretend that we all just happened to choose to become roommates.." ]Finding a spot at the island, Lilly watched Hunter and Melinda as she too felt relieved that they at least knew how to cook.

[+orange "I am also useless in the kitchen, much to my mother's dismay and my father's amusement. I do know how to bake, however.." ]Her parents always found it odd how bad their daughter was at cooking, but how amazing she was when it came to baking. Lilly didn't care for the why of it, she was just happy that she was any good in the kitchen if even just for that. She had once made her family laugh immensely by proclaiming that she would one day marry a chief, she still hopped to marry someone who at least didn't mind doing the cooking.

[+orange "I prefer Mexican or Japanese food, but pasta is also alright with me. I am not a very picky eater, so I am alright with almost anything. So long as it is not shellfish or pork, that is sense I have allergies." ]

[pic ]

Hunter glanced over at Melinda, considering if he should agree to let her help him as he usually only let his little sister help him every now and again. The kitchen was a place that he consider one of his safe places, and he loved to work alone for the most part when it came to cooking. However, he knew that everyone here need to relax a bit and to forget the events of the day, so he nodded his head in agreement. Besides, he couldn't possibly stand in the way of a fellow cooks desire to test out the new kitchen.

[+green "Sure, I don't mind a little help." ]Looking over to the other two, Hunter considered Lilly's allergies and began to think of what to make. She said she was good with pasta, and everyone else seemed to be down for anything, so he looked back to fridge and Melinda. [+green "I don't have allergies, but I am a kosher person so I also don't eat those things either. Hmm...we could get fancy with the ingredients, but I'm thinking why not make a simple chicken Alfredo with bow tie pasta?" ]

Looking at Melinda, he wondered if she would be okay with the idea. He felt that a simple meal would do them all good, perhaps make them feel more at home by cooking something that would remind them of home.
  Lilly Rose Johnson / La_Mariposa_Azul_94 / 307d 12h 34m 40s
[left [pic]]

Hunter liked to cook? Melinda hopped up just after he did and ran to follow. There was no way he was doing all the cooking though, Melinda liked to cook too.

She was getting a better idea of the house as she wandered from the living room, which was pretty large, to a decent sized dining room and a kitchen that made her jaw drop. The kitchen in her old apartment was pathetic compared to this. Hunter was already looking around. There was so much stuff to play with, and they’d stocked the place with plenty of food.

Melinda wandered to a cabinet to see what was in it. Crystal clear glasses, and a full set of any other dish she could imagine all in perfect ivory. “Damn. They even have teacups. Who has this many teacups?”

There had to be a dozen white teacups with matching white saucers. She shut the cabinet and turned around and leaned back on the counter,”I hope you don’t think you’re doing all the cooking. There’s no way I’m not testing out this kitchen right now too. And I’ll eat whatever.” Melinda smiled. The whole thing was still weird as hell, but doing something that felt so [i normal] was nice.

[left [pic]]

Aaron waited a moment, watching Hunter, then Melinda rush off to the kitchen. That suggestion worked out well. He stood up last, and wandered with Lily,”Some food will do us some good. I can’t help but feel anxious though. Sooner or later they’ll be back, right?”

Aaron looked at Lily, then ahead. The house was certainly nice, just not quite what he was used to. He could see the quality in everything. This stuff couldn’t have been cheap. And the house had to be big. He saw a staircase near the front door earlier, so there was an upstairs. He was estimating, or hoping really, for four bedrooms up there. Even with that guess, the downstairs was looking pretty big. Was the upstairs smaller than downstairs, or was there more up there? Maybe a patio or something? He was antsy to explore the rest of the house, but leaned against the island separating the dining room and kitchen. “Well, thank goodness you two can cook, I’m hopeless in the kitchen. How about pasta?”
  Yavanna / 318d 21h 41m 20s
Lilly and Hunter both looked up from the vase of roses when Melinda began to talk, watching as she held her hand out and gentle flame began to dance on her hand. Both were impressed by the ability, and were growing slightly more relaxed by seeing other people beside themselves with powers. They would both be more excited too, if it weren't for the current situation that they were all meeting under.

Lilly smiled slightly, knowing that her relationship with fires and heat hasn't always been the best as it tended to dehydrate her if she spent too much time in the heat or to a big bonfire without water near by. Beside that, she felt pretty wowed by the girls extra ability to not be affected by her own power, as Lilly could still technically drown in water.

[+orange "Very impressive..if only I could still breath underwater.." ]She said this casually, a small smile on her lips as she watched the other female put out the fire that was beginning to crawl up her arm. Her focus shifted to the male that was currently occupying one of the chairs, as he spoke up and let them know of his ability and then suggesting that they start looking around their residence.

[+Orange "With or without a presentation, the ability still sounds like it is very handy and amazing. I agree, however, perhaps it is best to look for the kitchen..I am also very hungry." ]Getting to her feet, Lilly looked around and waited for the other to do the same. In all honesty, she just wanted to pretend things were not going wrong, and that she just decided to put herself here with [i "roommates" ]for a while longer.

[pic ]

Hunter Watched with amazement as Melinda showed them her abilities and as the fire began to spread, he turned expectantly towards Aaron when it was her turn. When the man explained his ability instead of showing them, Hunter was tempted to give himself a very very small scratch for demonstration, but was soon distracted by the prospect of food. After being reminded that he hadn't eaten in nearly a whole day, he was more then determined to cook something for everyone.

[+Green "Ah yes, food! I can cook the meal! I actually really like to cook, and maybe this way we can distract from our current situation if even just for a little while." ]True to his energetic personality, Hunter shot right up and quickly lead the way out of the room. Entering the hallway, Hunter walked into the room right across from the living room, and with a bounce he saw that it held a dinning room with the kitchen only being separated by an island for extra eating space.

The room had a decent sized table in the middle of the dinning portion of it, the island had four stools pulled up to it, and behind that one could see that the kitchen was fairly big and filled with nothing but the most modern and best appliances. Giddy with excitement, Hunter went right in for the kitchen as he called out behind him. [+Green "I found the kitchen!!" ]

After looking at everything, the young man went for the fridge and saw that he had a lot to work with and turning his head he also saw that he still had a whole walk in pantry to work with as well. [+Green "Oh..I am in every Chiefs wet dream.."]As everyone began to trickle in, Hunter went back to the fridge and spoke over his shoulder again. [+Green "Alright, so what is everyone in the mood for? I can literally make anything we want!" ]
  Lilly Rose Johnson / La_Mariposa_Azul_94 / 321d 12h 10m 2s
[left [pic]]
Melinda didn’t want to just sit down, but the others were. She settled for sitting on the arm of the couch. She listened to the others, running her hand through her hair silently. So Lilly had water powers. That was pretty cool. She could almost forget her frustration because watching anyone else with powers was so neat.

With Hunter’s display she was pretty impressed. She tried not to laugh at the joke, but cracked a smile. It was nice to not have that feeling forced. When Aaron didn’t speak up Melinda did,”Right, so you know I’m Mel. Or Mels. I set stuff on fire.”

She held her hand up, and a fire came to life, dancing over her skin without bothering her. It grew until it covered not just her hand, but most of her forearm as she continued,”I can sort of manipulate fire too, and as you can see I’m immune to fire and heat as far as I can tell. Not a big fan of the cold, so I won’t be asking anyone to turn up the AC.”

As if just noticing how big the fire was getting she started shaking her arm as the fire died down. She couldn’t feel the heat like normal. With even fire just feeling vaguely warm she couldn’t always tell how hot something was, or how big a fire was. Her whole temperature perception was way off.

[left [pic]]

Aaron watched everyone display their powers. He’d taken a seat in one of the chairs, and crossed one leg over his other knee. Their powers were pretty impressive, and already he was starting to see the way the team was supposed to work. These three were the main power, and he would be acting as support. Support and perhaps tactics or something.

With him as the only one left he leaned forward,”No fancy demonstration from me. I’m a healer, and can heal myself or others. If anyone gets hurt, I’ll probably be better than a first aid kit.”

This was going remarkably well. Everyone seemed fairly calm, but Aaron supposed that just meant some of them were going to get more angry or sad later. For his part, he couldn’t stand just sitting around waiting for more of these shady people. He stood up,”Well, now that we’re acquainted, how about we take a look around the house? I wouldn’t mind finding the kitchen, I’m famished.”

The hunger made some sense when he thought about it. He remembered the woman, Lena, had said something about them being unconscious for hours. All of them could probably use a meal about now.
  Yavanna / 340d 18h 43m 6s
[B Both POV ]

Lilly and Hunter looked from each other to the other two as they introduced themselves, the blond being the first to speak. Not knowing what else to do, they both followed the others into the living room where a sofa and two armchairs stood around a small wooden coffee table.

[B [+Orange Lilly's POV ]]

Once they were all sat, Lilly looked between everyone, and decided that it was her turn to introduce herself. Clearing her throat, the redhead held her hands tightly as she spoke in a calm tone. [+Orange "My name is Lilly.. I think we all know why they took us, at least part of the reason. Our abilities, which I bet we all have one, so I think we should just share what those abilities are. I mean, sense we are all stuck here anyway, right?" ]

Looking down to the coffee table, Lilly saw a vase that held four roses- each a different color. [+Orange I've always hated roses.." ] Lifting her right hand and moving it over the vase, Lilly focused her attention on the water inside the glass and gently proceeded to make it come out and for a spiral and other shapes. [+Orange "I can manipulate water.." ]

With a smooth move of her hand, Lilly carefully put the water back into the vase, keeping her eyes on it for a moment longer before looking back up and to the last member left to introduce himself. [+Orange "Your turn.." ]

[B [+Green Hunter's POV ]]

[pic ]

Looking up at the girl named Lilly, Hunter swallowed cautiously. He had been so use to having to keep his abilities to hidden from everyone else but his parents and sisters that he was nervous to show it now. However, he had a feeling that he was not the only one who had to keep this secret for so long, and it seemed that Lilly had felt some kind of relief when she showed everyone hers.

Taking a small breath and letting it out, Hunter moved his hand over the table and looked intently at it as he spoke. [+Green "My name is Hunter, and I can manipulate the earth so to speak. Plants is more accurate, this includes trees of course.." ] Just as he was saying this, the wooden coffee table began to lift off the ground.

[+Green "My parents call me Father Nature, hah.. Ya'know, because people usually say Mother Nature? Ahum.. anyway, that's my ability.." ]And just like Lilly, after speaking Hunter slowly lowered the table back to the ground, before looking to Melinda and Aaron. [+Green "Guess you two are up.." ] Looking down at the roses, Hunter noticed that the color of the roses were green, blue, original red, and yellow. He and Lilly briefly wondered if had anything to do with each person's powers, and if so he found it to be a sick joke.
  Lilly Rose Johnson / Okami_san_16 / 342d 13h 26m 28s
Neither Melinda or Aaron put up a fight about the bags or being led to a car. Lena left them with some promise to come see them later. What she really wanted was to let them emotionally process things without her before she came to explain the rest.

[left [pic]]

As the car got farther from Lena and closer to wherever their new home was Melinda started to fidget with her fingers. She couldn’t see a damn thing, but she didn’t dare try and take the bag off yet. The fear was settling in, making her feel a little queasy. Or was that motion sickness?

It was such a relief to get out of the car. When the door clicked shit Melinda ripped the bag off, then had to push a mess of blonde hair out of her face. She was looking at three strangers. Her ‘group’ she guessed.

“The fuck are they doing to us?”

The words came out without her really thinking them through. She smacked her palm against her forehead, the bag discarded on the floor,”Sorry. That came out wrong. I’m Melinda. Call me Mel. If you want.”

She looked at the people in front of her. She was feeling a little panicked, and like she was going to explode. She swallowed down the feeling. She didn’t know what else to say. They were basically prisoners here, even if the place looked pretty nice as far as she could see.

The house was furnished and prepared for them. It was pretty basic, but nice enough. Not lived in though. It was like a showroom, put together to look nice but no one had sat on anything or spilled anything.

[left [pic]]
Aaron pulled the bag off slowly. The car ride over had been uneventful and painfully silent. All of them had probably been like him and too afraid to speak. Whatever that unnatural happiness was had faded to dread. The strangers standing in front of him were his team. They’d been arranged to face each other, to see each other as soon as they removed the hoods. Anger surged for a moment, then was replaced with a resigned ache of sadness. This was it, he’d live with these people and never see his brother again.

A blonde girl spoke first, who he quickly learned was Melinda. She was so short. Aaron wasn’t ridiculously tall, but he was feeling pretty tall looking down at the petite, frustrated girl.

“I’m Aaron. We may as well introduce ourselves. Shall we make ourselves comfortable too?” He motioned toward the living room, or what he assumed was the living room. There was bound to be a couch, and hopefully tissues. If no one cried he’d be surprised. He felt pretty miserable himself.
  Yavanna / 348d 20h 11m 6s
Like the others, Lilly was out of her house the moment that she was abducted. She had gone for a late walk to park near her house, where she liked to go feed the gold fish that lived in the small pond. Gold fish had always been her favorite animal, and shortly after moving to the area she had been more then excited to find out that the local park happened to have some.

She had just finished feeding the fish and was on her way back home, when suddenly this strange stinging shot across her neck then nothing but darkness. Eventually, she woke up to find herself in a strange room she'd never seen before, a woman with a bun sitting across from her with a folder in hand. Sitting up slowly and looking around, Lilly remained as calm and collected as usual.

She rarely let her emotions get the best of her, and it was hard to rattle her. However, this situation was one that was making have to actually focus on remaining so calm. [+Orange "Who are you, and where am I?" ] Lilly was young lady of very few words, and preferred to keep things short and to the point.

Lena seemed to like that this new recruit wasn't showing much signs of distress and that she didn't seem to have much to say. Smiling slightly, she still sent out a wave of calm to the female, knowing that she would have to bring up her family soon. "Be calm, Lilly, my name is Lena and I am your groups handler."

Taking pause for a moment, Lena watched as Lilly's shoulders notably relaxed with her influence. Lilly felt slightly wrong about feeling so calm suddenly, but otherwise could do nothing but calm down, making her wonder if the woman before had something to do with the sudden change in mood.

"Lilly you, and three others like yourself, have been recruited for your special abilities. After this brief meeting you and the others will be taken to your new..[i 'home' ]. Also, you will be declared officially deceased tomorrow. More will be disclosed to you at a later time, however at this moment I would like to speak to you about the contents of this folder." Opening the folder, Lena pulled out a picture of Lilly's parents, making the female raise a cautious brow in question.

"Now as you can see, we have eyes on your parents at all times. I am going to cut to the point here and just let you know, should you attempt to escape or disobey in anyway harm will come to your family and then to anyone else that you care for. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear, Lilly?" Lilly kept her eyes on the photo of her parents, the words of the woman only just sinking into her head.

Though she still felt calm, a slight bit of fear crept in, and all she could think to do was simply nod her head and speak a single sentence of understanding. [+orange "Impeccably clear.."] Her fear soon cleared away and a sudden rush of joy overcame the younger woman, as Lena stood and began to make her way out of the room. "Wonderful. Now do cheer up, and sit tight I have only one more recruit to see then you'll all be on your way."

[B Hunter ]

[pic ] Unlike the other's, Hunter was in his apartment when he was abducted. He had been laying down in his living room, just watching some random show on Netflix while his little sister was sleeping in his room. Their parents had dropped off his sister a few hours prior for him to baby sit while they went out on their monthly date night.

When he came to, it took Hunter a moment to realize that he wasn't in his apartment anymore, and he shot up instantly his sibling the first thing on his mind. [+Green "Espe!?" ]As soon as he was sat up, Hunter found himself staring right into the eyes of some lady he had never seen before. [+Green "Where am I, and where is my sister!?" ] Lena frowned slightly at the large amount of anxiety and hostility in the males words and body language, she felt she needed to change that right away.

"Please, calm down Hunter.." As if on demand, Hunter instantly calmed down and no longer felt concerned or as uneasy. "That is much better." After being told the same thing as everyone else, Lena allowed the young man to ask her anything, but the male only had one question in mind. [+Green "My sister, Esperanza, what did you do with her?" ] "Ah, now that is a good question. It was simply, really, we brought in a shifter to pose as you. The shifter successfully handed off your sibling to your parents with little difficulty. As I have assured you, no harm has or will come to any of your loved ones so long as you follow the rules."

Smiling, almost as if in relief to be done, Lena stood and began to walk away. "Now unless there is anything else, you and your group will now be relocated to your new housing. Oh, and please, do cheer up!" With a wash of Cheer running over him, Hunter did not fight as a bag was placed over his head and he was removed from the room.

[B Both POV ]

Soon, both Lilly and Hunter felt themselves being placed into a vehicle, the feeling of clam and joy slightly slipping away by this point. For a moment they waited, before the felt two more people being placed in the seats in front of them, before the car began to jolt and drive away. Tempted to peak, Hunter began to move his hand up to the bag, but then he remembered his sister and parents and quickly placed his hand back down. Neither he nor Lilly knew where they were or where they were going, but neither dared to do anything that could get their loved ones hurt.

Eventually they came to a stop, and everyone was removed from the car and brought into anther building. Standing perfectly still, they were instructed to keep the sacks on until they heard the door close. Once the door finally shut, Hunter instantly ripped the sack off of his head, while Lilly took it off more cautiously. Upon taking off their respective bags, they found that they were set up in a small circle, facing each other and two others as well. They stood in the middle of what seemed to be a small hallway that would lead to a small living room.
  Lilly Rose Johnson / Okami_san_16 / 349d 12h 22m 17s
[left [pic]]
It had happened so fast. One minute she was walking home, everything was normal. There was a prick of pain in her neck, and everything went black.

Melinda woke up on some weird couch/bed, the type she pictured shrinks had you lay down on. The lady in the chair next to her must’ve been a shrink. She had the right look. Bun? Check. Glasses? Check. White coat? Check. And of course, clipboard—No, wait. Scratch that, it was a folder stuffed with papers. Melinda sat up and rubbed her head. Her neck was aching. She rubbed the spot to find a cut there and fresh stitches.

“I would leave that alone. It will heal and you’ll stop noticing it.”

Melinda frowned at the woman,”Really? What is it? Where am I? Who the hell are you?”

The woman peered over her glasses, considering Melinda. The womans voice seemed to change somehow, and Melinda felt a wave of calm wash over her,”Calm down, Melinda. There we go. I’m Lena, and I’ll be your teams handler. You’ve been recruited into a [i very] special group, and I’m sure you’re aware why. You’re in one of our facilities in a holding room. You’ve been kept unconscious for approximately twelve hours. After this briefing you and your team will be relocated to your new home and given time to adjust before your training regimine starts. The locations are all classified beyond your clearance level, I’m afraid. Now, let’s get the unpleasant part out of the way.”

Lena opened the file to reveal pictures of Melinda’s friends. Somewhere under the unnatural calm she felt a panic settled in the pit of her stomach as the woman explained,”If you fail to obey our orders, your friends will be the first to suffer the consequences. We are keeping an eye on them. As long as you listen, they will be safe. That means no contacting anyone on the outside. You will be declared legally dead. The GPS embedded in your neck must not be removed.” She shut the file,”Any questions?”

Melinda couldn’t even panic properly. She was calm, but it felt eerie. All she could do was shake her head numbly. The words were easy enough to understand. Lena stood up,”Wonderful. Sit tight while I brief the rest of your team, and then we can get you home. Cheer up.”

As if it was a command and Melinda had to obey, she suddenly felt a wave of happiness. It felt like everything was wonderful on the surface, and she just smiled as Lena left, unable for the moment to feel anything but a vague bliss. The feelings Lena forced on her would fade in time and after getting distance between her and Lena, but Lena wasn’t going far so the feelings lingered strong.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
[left [pic]]
Aaron’s story was much the same as Melinda’s. He’d gone out on some errands himself, then in the parking lot the pain hit.

When he woke up the incision for the GPS was all healed, leaving a very small scar when he rubbed it.

“You have an amazing healing rate.”

Aaron was a little more calm and collected than Melinda when he asked his questions,”Who are you? And where am I?”

Lena launched into a similar speech, calming Aaron in the same way. It didn’t entirely suppress the chill when Aaron saw his little brothers picture in Lena’s hands. Then his secretary. The rest of his staff. They knew everyone.

He’d be declared dead and his brother would inherit everything. At least his brother would be set up for life and safe, as long as he listened to these people. When she asked if he had any questions he just had one,”He’ll really be safe if I do what you tell me?”

Aaron wasn’t seeing an easy way out of this. Whoever these people were, they were [i professional], and they knew about his healing. Lena nodded and assured him,”Yes, he’ll be perfectly safe. Now, sit tight and try to cheer up. It won’t be too long now.”

The same unnatural happiness settled over Aaron, something he would hate when he came to his senses. He just laughed and laid back. It was insane, but all he could do was laugh.

After going through the other two, dark sacks would be put over all fours heads and they would drive them to the house. None of them could be allowed to see the route. The house itself had a high wall to keep them in, as well as cameras around the perimeter. Lena knew she wasn’t technically supposed to manipulate their emotions quite so much, but it make her job [i so much] easier. And the teams always got to deal with their emotions themselves once left alone, and she didn’t have to sit through crying and screaming.
  Yavanna / 351d 12h 26m 29s

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