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Asteri nodded shuffling the cards and watched her friend. "Hecate, it's not like you to be that quiet with a smile like that." She said quietly before dealing out the cards.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 9h 51m 32s
“Ah, one I don’t know.” Evios took a seat next to her,”You’ll have to tell me the rules.”

His mother took the other seat by Evios, surprising him. Hecate just gave them both a sweet smile,”Are you enjoying yourself? I’ve tried to not smother you too much, but I do so want to play at least one game with my son.”

She leaned her elbows on the table and gave a big smile to Evios. Evios hesitated, blushing a little when he remembered again that his mother probably knew a lot more about his evening than anyone else. She wasn’t saying anything about it yet, so he pushed the thought aside and nodded,”Sure. Yeah, it’s been… good. So, I think we’re playing… rummy, was it?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 9h 56m 32s
She followed him to the table and sat down carefully. She looked around curiously and smiled up at him. "I was thinking we could play something called rummy."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 10h 51m 11s
“Cards?” Evios nodded. He’d played some with his mother. “Some cards games sound fun now. What sort of game? I might even know how to play.”

Tables and chairs had been set up with various games laid out, ready to play. There were board games, dice, and decks of cards. Some gods were clearly planning to play together and picking seats with each other. Evios started toward a table near a corner with cards on it. Being in the middle of things was the last thing he wanted right now.
  Evios / Yavanna / 5d 11h 11m 50s
she peeked up at him and said. "besides physical? i suppose card games."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 1h 26m 5s
Evios saw Asteri smile at him, and returned the smile, still blushing a little. He was not so eager to stay at the party anymore, but there wasn’t any opportunity to duck away. The stranglers finished pretty quickly after Asteri, and then all of them were off back inside to play more subdued games with boards, dice, and cards. Evios walked by Asteri as they started inside and asked, trying to sound nonchalant,”Which sort of games are your favorites?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 7d 2h 54m 38s
Asteri crossed the finish line shortly after him and looked up at him smiling softly.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 3h 1m 6s
Evios hurried at a good run, but wasn’t desperate to be first. First of the stranglers, trapped in the maze? It hardly mattered now. He crossed the finish line and stopped. The others were talking, not paying any attention to the last few to cross the finish line. A mercy for whoever came in last, he supposed. Less embarrassing. His mother was watching over the last ones leaving the maze. He looked up at her, and after a moment she looked down at him. She had this smirk, and Evios looked away quickly, a little red in the face. How closely had she been paying attention?
  Evios / Yavanna / 8d 4h 50m 21s
Asteri smiled at him and ran with him, sort of keeping up with him. She weaved around the others that were gathered at the exit and ran to the finish line.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 2h 8m 41s
“Sure, just for fun.” He laughed, and then let go of her hand and started running. A couple of others had already made it out, and the rest were converging on the exit as well as the two of them. Evios rushed to get out, and hurried toward the finish where all the other contestants were waiting.
  Evios / Yavanna / 9d 2h 14m 33s
"sure, just for fun though." She said and smiled up at him happily.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 9h 15s
Evios smiled,”Yeah, we should hurry.” Still, it took him a moment to actually move. He took her hand and continued through the dark. There were no more tricks or traps, and it was easy to get out, no more branching paths. His mother must have moved the walls too. When there was a light ahead he squeezed Asteri’s hand,”Want to race to the finish and see which makes it first?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 9d 9h 32m 10s
She smiled softly and kissed him softly. "Yeah. Let's go." She said quietly and touched his cheek gently.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 12d 10h 5m 24s
“Then we’ll make sure to go. Have some fun.” Evios laid his head against hers. He fell quiet, waiting and listening. He couldn’t hear the others in the maze. Possibly magic, or maybe no one was nearby. After a few more minutes the vines loosened and retreated.

While they left, Evios laughed,”Looks like the race is about done. The rest of the maze should be easy now.”

His mother had probably pulled back all the traps, because she knew everyone left in the maze had been trapped.
  Evios / Yavanna / 12d 10h 31m 48s
She blushed slightly and smiled laying her head on his chest slightly. "Yes, that can be fairly entertaining I hear."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 18d 18h 39m 18s

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