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She smiled and said. "They emit a bluish white light, have some of your men look for a very bright stone. Once we can get all four pieces, we'll have immense power, more than Zeus probably... I will give some plans and ideas to your most intelligent inventors and they weaponize it for you, my son." She smiled and let him hold it while it began to glow once the sun started to set.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 18h 12m 56s
"That's amazing, mother. You're brilliant, that sounds like a wonderful plan." He was excited by the plan, and the possibilities. "You will have the respect you deserve as well. Now, how shall we weaponize it? And how can we find more, or the goddess herself?"
  Evios / Yavanna / 23h 54m 37s
she smiled and said. "a piece of a very special star... we have a new goddess in Olympus... she cares for the stars and constellations because she was born of them." she took the piece out and showed him. "this is a piece of the new goddess, Asteri... I have found it has very powerful abilities, if we find more or even somehow convince Asteri to help, we can weaponize it, and you, my darling son, can have the entire world if you want."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 36m 56s
He looked into the bag. It looked like a rock to him, but it had to be more if his mother was asking. He tilted his head,"It looks like some sort of stone, but that can't be all. What is it really, mother?"
  Evios / Yavanna / 2d 2h 58m 37s
she took out a small leather bag and opened it. "look inside, tell me what you see."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 17h 19m 6s
He looked at his mother curiously,"A plan? I would love to hear it. Is there any way I can help you, mother?"

Aeetes was proud of his mother, of being a demi-god, and wanted to make her proud of him. Despite being a goddess she had always taken time to see that he was doing well, even though his father was just a mortal king.
  Evios / Yavanna / 7d 17h 29m 0s
She listened to him and pet his head gently. Even though she was a goddess, she still cared about her children. "I understand, my sweet boy. I think I have a plan." She said and smiled up at him with a mischievous smile.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 20h 23m 7s
Aeetes was looking over a map on the table. A frown creased his face as he looked it over. It was of the region near his kingdom. His was a small kingdom, but he had ambitions. How could he not, as the son of a god?

His mother appearing behind him didn't surprise him anymore. Not very much, anyway. He turned around,"Mother. I'm so glad to see you. It's just my neighbors. They're in conflict with each other, and so are choking off trade for my people and press me to support them. I want them both to finally kneel to me." He waved dismissively at the map,"They each have a history of bullying and pillaging my state."
  Evios / Yavanna / 8d 23h 40m 0s
"sorry, hecate. I can't help wanting to have some kind of contact with him all the time..." She said and blushed brightly a little embarrassed.

persa appeared behind her son, Aeetes and smiled. "my son, you look so lost in thought... what is the matter?" she asked and watched the demi-god king.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 10d 20h 10m 58s
Evios was a little surprised, and couldn't hide that reaction. He looked at her, then smiled. Until his mother laughed, then his cheeks went red.

Hecate was laughing and had lower her wine cup to keep from spilling,"I see you two would rather I excused myself. I'll be in the garden."

With that she stood up and started to walk out into the garden.
  Evios / Yavanna / 16d 4h 33m 25s
She smiled and nodded sipping her wine. She shyly rubbed her foot on his and peeked up at him slightly.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 19d 3h 16m 38s
Evios nodded,"That sounds good."

Hecate took another sip of wine,"I hope you have fun. I may go out as well. No rush though, do enjoy the wine."
  Evios / Yavanna / 19d 22h 52m 7s
"i was wondering if he'd want to visit my castle...." she said and looked up at him curiously.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 20d 19h 57m 49s
Evios looked a little embarrassed and looked out toward the garden. His mother seemed to find it amusing. She held back her laughter though,"That's good. Now, I imagine you two are tired of me being nosy. Would you like me to leave you two here, or did you want to run off somewhere? Evios may want to leave, I daresay he's probably had enough of this place."
  Evios / Yavanna / 20d 20h 2m 5s
she blushed brightly and nodded. "i will be visiting more often, i really like evios."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 23d 18h 10m 31s

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