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Hecate smiled,”I wouldn’t be surprised. My son has always been energetic.”

Evios scratched the back of his head,”It was fun. Are we headed to the—”

Hecate shushed him,”No spoiling the surprise. This way.” She beckoned them forward and around a corner. This was structured very much like a garden, but looked very different from the one full of plants. Instead of flowers and herbs and trees, this garden was full of crystals and metals. Some were shaped to resemble plants, while others didn’t look plant like at all. Some glowed, some didn’t, but each glittered in what light there was.

“This is my crystal garden,” Hecate explained,”Down here is the only place to get a garden like this really going.”
  Evios / Yavanna / 10h 41m 18s
Asteri smiled at him and pet Draco as he purred loudly. "I think Draco might be a little worn out."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 16h 30m 28s
Hecate smiled,”I’m glad you think so.”

Evios caught up to them before they got too far, and before he could say anything Hecate greeted him,”Came to join us? Did you and Draco have fun?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 1d 11h 39m 32s
Asteri nodded and followed still eating her carrot. "It's a very beautiful garden."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 13h 59m 46s
Hecate smiled,”Thank you. I’m glad it turned out well. Gardening is a hobby of mine, and while plants can be tricky to grow here, I have my magic. Plus the depths here allow growing of another sort. Come, this way.” Hecate beckoned for Asteri to follow her.

Evios laughed,”Just be careful. That one is fine.” He continued on, only to see the two walking out toward the other garden, or at least that’s the direction they were going.”Come on, let’s catch up to them.” He picked up the pace to hurry and reach them before they got too far.
  Evios / Yavanna / 4d 18h 7m 35s
Asteri watched curiously and smiled at her before nibbling on the carrot slightly. "It's really good."

Draco purred slightly and sniffed at a bush of roses. He looked at Evios and Squeaked slightly.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 6h 29m 58s
Hecate pulled up a carrot with magic, not even needing to touch the dirt, then took it by the leafy green part to a little stream that wound its way into and through, then out of her garden and rinsed the dirt off before handing it to Asteri,”Here you go. Let me know what you think.”

Evios walked along with Draco and saw him sniffing at the plants. He laughed,”I’d be careful if I were you. My mother grows and awful lot of poisonous plants along with the tasty ones.”
  Evios / Yavanna / 7d 13h 14m 8s
Asteri nodded listening and said. "yes please."

Draco followed carefully and sniffed some of the plants curiously.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 2h 9m 21s
Evios started walking around to the garden without ducking inside, since Draco wouldn’t be able to follow that way. It was a bit of a longer route since his mother kept the garden pretty well separated from his training area.

Hecate smiled,”Those are carrots. Good asking, because those.” She pointed to another section of the garden where a similar, younger looking plant was growing,”Are hemlock. Would you like a carrot?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 11d 16h 35m 43s
Draco nodded and purred at him.

Asteri nodded and looked around at the garden. "What are these?" She asked gesturing to a group of carrots.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 14d 10h 57m 30s
Hecate followed her gaze and saw Evios and Draco playing still. She smiled and continued to the garden. “If you see anything you want to eat just let me know. I’m really quite proud of it. Oh, and not everything here is safe to eat, so do ask first.”

Evios pet Draco a little bit more, and saw his mother headed away toward her garden. He tilted his head,”Should we follow them?”
  Evios / Yavanna / 14d 15h 7m 15s
Asteri nodded listening to her and peeked over at Evios and Draco.

The starry dragon purred loudly at him and followed him around.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 17d 8h 38m 56s
“It’s quite alright. What would you like? We could go to my garden and see if you spot anything you want. Persephone and I work on our gardens together, and I must say she’s been quite helpful in getting mine to improve, and I got hers started. It’s not easy to garden down here.” Hecate stood up and motioned for Asteri to follow. Her garden was not too close to the training ground where her son was free to practice. She didn’t want him to ruin the garden.

Evios rubbed Draco’s head, figuring they were about done,”That was fun. You’re really quite quick, you know.”
  Evios / Yavanna / 19d 12h 21m 21s
Asteri blushed slightly and nodded. "A little bit but you don't have to give me anything." She said and peeked outside.

Draco playfully batted at him and nosed him down happily purring.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 20d 11h 40m 18s
“Mmm.” Hecate sipped her tea and looked at Asteri seriously. “He hardly needs my permission. Not that he’s inclined to ask, apparently.” She set the teacup down,”Are you hungry at all, my dear?”

Evios was careful not to hurt Draco, keeping his strength under control. He did work pretty hard at his speed though, trying to dodge as much as possible.
  Evios / Yavanna / 20d 11h 55m 50s

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