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Evios gave a small smile and hugged her back,"It's good to see you again. Shall we wander aimlessly, or did you have somewhere in particular you wanted to see?"

He hadn't planned this outing out very specifically. For him wandering around with no specific goal would be nice. It was good to be with Asteri. Being near her was calming.
  Evios / Yavanna / 68d 18m 54s
Asteri smiled seeing him and ran over hugging him. "Hi."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 72d 7h 25m 10s
Evios had spent a lot of his spare time with Asteri whenever he could. His mother kept him up on his training, but seemed to encourage the relationship. As she had commented to him at one time, she said she thought Asteri would be a good balance for him. He wasn't entirely sure what she meant, and at the time he didn't care much past the fact that it meant she approved.

Not that Evios really sought his mother's approval in everything. He'd have been sneaking off to see Asteri regardless. He was also curious about the mortal world, and asked Asteri to walk with him one night to see the stars as the mortals saw them, and perhaps to see what the mortals did on nice clear evenings like this. He waited for her in the agreed upon place, a tree near a crossroad.
  Evios / Yavanna / 73d 20h 35m 46s
"I'll leave this with you for inspiration." She said and smirked at him.
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 90d 20h 51m 4s
Vlasis listened intently, taking down a few notes while she spoke. He seemed pretty intrigued by the plans, and the piece of the the star,"Yes, yes I believe I can. If I get everyone working on this one thing, I say it may only take days... with the right resources. If nothing goes too wrong."

The king patted his shoulder,"Perfect. You will have everything you ask for, just get it done as quickly as possible. This is our highest priority."
  Evios / Yavanna / 91d 1h 40m 53s
She smiled and nodded. "Hello, I need you to create a very special weapon. " she explained everything and even showed him the piece of the star. "Do you think you can do it?"
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 94d 20h 40m 23s
He nodded and led her to a table where a man was bent over a drawing. "This is Vlasis. Vlasis, this is my mother. We have a task for you."

The man looked up, a little startled. His eyes widened and he bowed deeply,"It is a great honor. What can I do for you, Your Grace?"

The king looked at his mother,"Perhaps it's best you explain to him. You know more than I do, mother."
  Evios / Yavanna / 94d 23h 48m 57s
She smiled and walked into the workshop. "And that's your favorite inventor you told me about...."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 98d 5h 49m 43s
He smiled and nodded,"Thank you, mother. And I want you to live in the splendor you deserve. This star could make that possible."

He motioned to let her into the workshop first. This was where some of the brilliant minds of his kingdom came to tinker and find ways to improve things.
  Evios / Yavanna / 98d 8h 1m 40s
She listened and said. "You know I only worry about your well-being." She snapped her fingers and the entire castle became sparkling clean. "I don't want you living in such dirty conditions."
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 105d 5h 25m 51s
He sighed, frowning and frustrated,"Things have been difficult lately, or so I'm told. I can't tell what's slacking and what is people really helping with crops and trade. You needn't trouble yourself, mother. But if you would like, you're free to do anything you want."
  Evios / Yavanna / 105d 6h 14m 41s
She followed him and said. "It seems your servants have been slacking off in cleaning, may I ask why? And would you like me to punish them for you?"
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 111d 19h 55m 18s
"Tonight would be perfect, mother." He nodded, then went to the door to go find his inventors and the head of his guard so he could set his plans into motion.
  Evios / Yavanna / 111d 23h 8m 18s
she nodded and smiled. "i can let you meet her tonight, if you'd like?"
  Asteri / wingedwolfy120 / 113d 22h 29m 31s
He nodded,"If you have someone in mind, I'd be delighted to meet her. Now, I suppose we should go see my inventors and get things started. Then see that my soldiers all know to be looking out for her and more shards like this."
  Evios / Yavanna / 113d 22h 44m 9s

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