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The king of doritmre has decided he needs a champion to handle his business he dosnt wish the public to know about. So he has decided to hold a compation to chose his champion. The prince and the kings 3 closest friends will sponsor a champion for this contest. Their champion candidates can come from any background imaginable. The candidate who wins the contest will be granted there freedom while the losers will be sent back to where ever their sponsor found them.


All Es rules apply

No godmodding

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Send your Skelly to me

Title pm I will become champion


The king-

The prince-

Candidate of the prince- letiya storm

Kings friend #1-Shaya Snowwind

Candidate of friend #1-insae

Kings friend #2-Marley yiska

Candidate of friend #2-fisnik

Kings friend #3-

Candidate of friend #3-










Accepted Skellies

username- kenbloodmoon

name- letiya storm

age- 21


role-the princes candidate

specialty- Assassin

background- Letiya was found by the head of the assassins guild at the age of 7 in the ruins of the village that was once her home. The assassin gave her a choice to either come with him and learn the way of an assassin or be left for dead in the ruins. Letiya accepted the offer to learn the ways of the assassin and no expense was spared with her training. She quickly became one of the most feared assassins in all of dormitre. At age 20 she was finally caught by the kings armys and sentced to slave away in the iron mines of tornik. Now its been a year since her sentice began and the prince has come to offer her the chance at freedom.

username: NorthernWolves

name: Insae

age: 24

gender: Female

role: Canditate of Friend #1

specialty: Bodyguard

background: Her background is a bit dark, but not everything has a happy start. She was a dragonkin, meaning that one of her parents was a dragon while the other was a human; the father being the dragon, and the mother being the human.

The thing with being a dragonkin, is that one wasn't either a dragon nor a human. Closer to human, yes, but there were some features that humans didn't consider normal. Most obvious were the tail and horns, but also slightly scaly skin, somewhat unnatural strength, and just something about the eyes.

Humans were extremely distrustful, distrustful enough to kidnap her and killing her mother.

And that's how she started fighting, being forced into underground fighting arenas where people placed bets on fighters to try and gain money. She went through loss after loss, until she finally one her first fight. After that fight, she turned into one vicious fighter. One foe after another fell to her.

Her name started to get around, and one day some noble bought her. The noble's purpose, he wanted a bodyguard. She learned to wield a heavy sword, but still maintained her hand-to-hand combat skills as well.

Username: BBJ

Name: Marley Yiska

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Role: King’s friend #2

Specialty: Verbal manipulation

Background: A Noble family of Dormitre, Yiska’s once held a notorious reputation for butting heads with the royal family. Now tensions between the two bloodlines has cooled exponentially, the two family heads keep the relationship strong. Marley, personally being a friend of the king in his youth and keeping that relationship strong, offered her Candidate to handle his private affairs.

Name: Fisnik

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Role: Candidate of friend #2

Specialty: Soldier/bodyguard

Background: Apart of a noblemen’s guard for the Yiska Family, Fisnik spent the prime of his life watching over and protecting the noble blood he served. Strong and loyal, the only thing he seemed to lack was an interesting tale beyond his life of servitude. But that was about to change as he escorted his mistress to visit her royal friend.

Username: AllOfTheStars

Name: Shaya Snowwind

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Role: King’s friend #1

Specialty: Healing

Background: Shaya was brought up in the snowy valley of Orohiden. She was adopted by the royal family, as the queen was unable to have children of her own, and was meant to be the heir to the throne. However, Shaya's immune system was greatly weakened due to her incredible healing powers. She often grew terribly sick, which was only made worse by the harsh winters. She was sent away to a distant family friend in Dormitre because of the warmer weather that it provided. She was unfortunately hated for being an outsider, and she faced the constant threat of being attacked. As a result, she was given a bodyguard to protect her. She was also given her own closed off sanctuary where she grew a large, beautiful garden. Many years later, she was accepted into the community and was deemed the royal healer. Despite this, she is still always accompanied by a bodyguard.

Extra: Shaya has never tried finding her birth family, but that doesn't she hasn't thought about it.

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It was mid-morning, and Shaya was in her garden tending to her flowers. It was full of all kinds of beautiful flowers, from typical flowers, like tulips and roses, to exotic flowers, like dragon's breath and Alice blossoms. Her garden was thriving more than ever before, as there hasn't been an attack there in months.

She'd lived in Dormitre for seven years now, and hadn't seen her family since. For quite some time after her arrival, she dealt with regular attempted assassinations. She wasn't very popular in the kingdom. It was a common belief that she was a spy for Orohiden, her home kingdom, and that she was there to overthrow the king. She had no idea where this belief came from, as this was far from the truth. She couldn't harm anyone, even if she tried; she was too weak.

Shaya noticed a wilting flower. Bending down, she placed her hand gently on the flowers. Quickly, it came back to life, and it now had a faint glow about it.

"[b Miss Snowwind? I hope I'm not bothering you. I've come with an important letter from the king,]" a man said from behind her. She stood and turned to face him. He was a servant of the king.

"[#8971b7 It's no bother. What is this about?,]" she asked. The servant hand handed her an envelope with a red wax seal. The servant bowed and avoided her question.

"[b We hope to see you soon.]" He walked off without another word. Shaya remained silent, sitting on a nearby bench. She read the letter carefully, even rereading parts to make sure she read it correctly. Shes only met the king a few times,you but she knew the prince very well. He had a tendency to add loopholes into everything he did. Cheeky bastard. He seemed trustworthy at first, but always stabbed people in the back the first chance he sees. The worst part was that he always involved Shaya in his personal affairs. He probably begged his daddy to request Shaya's involvement.

After finishing the letter, she weighed her options. She didn't believe the prince was worth trusting, and she knew it wasn't just the king that wanted her help. However, she knew this wasn't her decision. It was someone else's.

“[#8971b7 Maurice! Are you still in here?]” she said in an unusually loud voice for her size. A moment later, a man approached her.

“[b Yes, milady?]” he responded. He had his hands folded behind his back and his head was slightly tilted to the sky.

“[#8971b7 Could you find Insae and tell her to meet me in the dining room? I have an important matter to discuss.]”

“[b Yes, milady,]" he repeated. He walked off to find his target. Shaya stood from her seat and left for the meeting place. In the process, she thought deeply of what she would say to Insae. This would be a difficult decision for the both of them, and she didn't believe tonight would be enough time to reach that decision fairly.

A little while later, Insae entered the dining room. She noticed that the dragon girl had washed up for this meeting, and she smiled at the idea. Shaya admired Insae for her strength and skill, something that she herself could never have. Then Shaya sighed before passing on the king's message.

“[#8971b7 The king is searching for a champion. He requested you as a candidate. The winner will be granted freedom. If you don't win, you'll be sent back here with me, and continue being my bodyguard. I've decided that it is up to you if you want to compete, but you must come to a decision quickly. He wants an answer by tonight. As you know, there hasn't been an attack here for quite some time and I feel your skills are going to waste. I must warn you though, I don't trust the prince and I don't know the king very well. It's hard to say how much say the prince has in this competition.]” She spoke quieter as she went. In all honesty, she didn't want Insae to leave. Shaya had grown quite fond of her bodyguard, and her presence would be greatly missed. However, she knew that Insae should have the chance at freedom if she so desired.
  Shaya Snowwind / AllOfTheStars / 238d 11h 1m 22s
“What a fine day for travel!” The sly voice of a noblewoman cut through the chatter of the city’s marketplace. The bold noble, who the voice belonged to, sauntered through the crowded streets, her destination almost in sight while her loyal swordsman walked at her heels. “Don’t you agree, dear Fisnik?” She asked over her shoulder towards the older man that followed her and he nodded slightly.

“Yes, my Liege.” Was his gruff reply and the noblewoman sighed over dramatically, though she still held a laxed look.

“Dear Fisnik, you must smile more. The day is gorgeous!” She said and turned to face him as the road opened into a large plaza before the Royal’s gated castle. “Do you know what we are doing here?” She asked him, lifting her head up in a confidant way. She hadn’t told Fisnik what they were going to be doing but she knew he was a smart man, he’d made this track with her many times before so he should recognize what they were doing there. He looked up, across the open space towards the castle, his eyes taking in every detail before returning to the noblewoman’s face.

“We are here to see your friend, my Liege.” He replied, his tone less gruff and harsh now and she nodded but pressed on.

“Yes Fisnik, and [i who] is that?”

“The king.” Was his short reply and she nodded again, beaming.

“Yes the king! It has been too long since we’ve visited the king.” She turned on her heels, striding across the plaza and Fisnik let her get a few meters away before following her.

His Liege, Madam Marley of the Yiska Family. Described as being bears convincing others that they are tame before biting off the hand that feeds them, she lives up to her family's legacy. From her mother, Marley gained grace and recognition for her sharp yet modest looks, and from her Father she received an sly wits and an even sharper tongue. She was fearless and wild and older, for still being an unmarried woman. As the heir to her family’s name, it was expected that she married soon and choose a suitable husband of the same social ranking. But instead she continued to push that thought away. For Marley, marriage could wait, and no one could change her stubborn mind.

Having grown up with his Liege, Fisnik knew all too well how stubborn she could be. She also had gotten that trait from her father but she knew when to yield her opinion and sharp tongue for another day. “Do you know what I’ve heard, Fisnik?” Marley asked back over her shoulder to him but the question was dismissive and she didn’t expect him to respond. “I’ve heard our fair ruler is in a spot of trouble and that he needs someone to settle some private affairs.” She chuckled softly to herself and stopped again, glancing back at her swordsman.

“I think we should offer him some help.” She said coolly, turning away from him again and they walked to the castle gates. Marley showed the guard there the letter with the king’s seal on it, inviting the Yiska’s heir to visit sometime soon.
  TKC / BBJ / 253d 1h 54m 2s
One would think that by swinging a sword at a tree for a few minutes, the wood would have shown many a cut from where the cold metal of the sword had bitten into the soft wood of the tree. But no matter how many swings were made at the tree, no matter how many times the air was filled with the sounds of whistling, the tree showed showed not a single scratch?

Was the tree special in any kind of way? No.

Then the swordsman wielding the sword had to suck at using a sword, right?

The answer was still no.

The swordsman, or in this case a swordswoman, was purposely stopping the sword right before it bit into the wood. She was practicing control, learning to control the sword she used.

If the person who had been using the sword had been a regular human, then the human would have to be out of the ordinary to use such a sword. The sword was long and heavy, almost difficult to be wielded by a human.

But for this swordsman, for her it was like for a human using a regular sword. She was dragonkin, which meant that she had much more strength than a human. Maybe she didn't have the strength of a fully grown dragon, but her strength was not something to joke about either. She could do many a thing humans couldn't, but she would never boast about them.

She, Insae, kept swinging at the tree. She always stopped the motion of the sword right before it bit the wood. Then it was rinse and repeat, but with always a different combination of swings and footwork.

If there had only been the footwork, then it would have looked like the most spirited of dances. But with the blade, this dance seemed more deadly than beautiful.

Insae heard someone coming in her direction. Mid swing, she pivoted about on her right foot and came into a defensive position, holding the sword close to her body but leaning towards the person who had been approaching her.

She quickly lowered the sword upon recognzing the person; it was the servant belonging to Shaya Snowwind, the noble who had bought her those many years ago, and to whom she had become a bodyguard to after her 'career' in the underground fighting ground.

There was a bit of a pause, Insae carefully looked at the servant. Something was evidently on his mind, something that maybe perhaps was troubling him and that had to concern her.

[b "The mistress would like to see you"] This wasn't something that happened irregularly. If Shaya wanted her, and she was out somewhere, Shaya would always send one of the servants to fetch her.

[+purple "Give me 15-20 minutes to clean up myself so I can look more presentable."] The noble acknowledged her response with a nod of his head, before turning back around and going up to his mansion.

Insae picked up the scabbard to the sword, and with practiced ease slid the sword in. Holding the sword under one hand, Insae walked to the bathhouses to clean herself up.

After dipping herself into the hot, steamy pool, Insae put on a fresh set of clothes. The clothes were like her trademark, unique and could only be seen worn by her. In a way, any of her clothing was unqiue since only her clothing had a special hole for her dragon's tail.

Tying the scabbard, with the sword still inside, to her right hip, Insae walked out of the bathhouse and to the noble's mansion.

Reaching the dining room where Shaya would be waiting for her, Insae spotted her right away. Walking up to her, [+purple "You wanted to see me?"]
  Insae / NorthernWolves / 252d 1h 40m 38s
Letiya let out a long sigh as she was escorted from the mines into the large home of the lord who over sees the mines and prisoners. She had been blind folded and now was being led in circles around the mansion. Her guards where attempting to confuse her and make an escape harder. Their attempt at confusing her wasnt working very well. It would take alot more then a blindfold and leading her in circles to make her lose her barings. After a few more trips around the manor her blindfold was removed and she stood before the crown prince. "And to what do I owe this honor??" she asked in a sarcastic voice causing one of the guards to glare at her n step forward. "Show your prince some respect!" growled the guard causing her to chuckle. "What prince all I see is a spoiled rich boy surrounded by his daddies henchmen." she said in a mellow voice causing the guard to point his sword at her. "Put that away before I hurt you with it." she said a mischievous glint in her eyes. She would have no problem with this guard despite the fact that her hands where shackled. The guard gave her one last glare and lowered his sword. "Now then your princelyness what is the reason for your visit??" she asked in the most rude way possible and waited for a response debating on trying to escape or not.
  letiya storm / Kenbloodmoon / 254d 10h 36m 54s

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