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[size18 [center [b Prompt #15]]]
[size16 [center [b "We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn."]]]

[size18 [center [b Prompt #16]]]
[size16 [center [b "Life ain't all strippers and burritos my friend."]]]

[size18 [center [b Prompt #17]]]
[size16 [center [b Write me the best 10 word or less story you can think of. Examples: The smallest coffins are the heavist/ Goodbye mission control, thanks for trying/ Brought home roses, my keys didn't fit the door anymore.]]]

[size18 [center [b [ PAST PROMPTS]]]]

[size18 [center [b [ This is a cool website I've heard about that can help people looking to world build/organize stories or RPs. Its free as far as I can tell. Hope it'll help someone]]]]

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[b ~Prompt 17 - Compliments/Advice Welcome]

[h3 [center ---]]
[center 'My kin shall always be the [u [b Lords of the Sky]].'
  ::Elder Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 163d 20h 2m 37s
[h3 [b [i [center Prompt #14 - Comments welcome]]]]

[b "My name is Jax. I used to be a hero, I saved people from burning buildings, kicked mega villain ass, even got a little action from damsels in distress...Oh those were the times...That was until I finally stopped the super-villain, a man named Prism. This crazy sonofabitch wanted to control the damn sun and even the energy around us! He nearly succeeded too until I foiled his plan."]

A man sitting across from Jax in his home was holding up a tape recorder. "[b "And then what Mr. Kaiser?"]

Jax cleared his throat. [b "Oh how I was cheered on that day, even had a party at my place, this place. It was amazing, the villain was dead...I was the hero of Earth for many years..Until I was replaced by some stupid young man who was a big showoff. Everyone loved him. He was better than me! An upgrade as those damn kids call it these days."]

The man nodded. [b "Like what, better tech, powers, what?"]

Jax chuckled. [b "Kid was flashy with his powers, he impressed me I'll give him that. I was jealous. Soon I was like trash to the wind...If you look up top superheroes on Google right now I bet you'll find him at the top...I was on there for years. I even saved a damn family from a fucking robber and all they could say was "Oh, we were expecting Boy Miracle" or whatever his stupid title was. Not even a thank you. I slunk away and decided to just keep to myself...Until Boy Miracle shows up at my door and needs my help with a mission he's on...Freakin' believe that shit?"]

The man nodded. [b "So did you team up with this guy?"]

[b "I'm getting to that part, hold your horses...I think to myself that this could be my chance to redeem my name! I join the damned kid and we fight the usual baddies and then he turns to me pulls a gun out on me. Tells me that I killed his father. Y'know, that cliché bullshit where the hero kills the main villain only to be hunted down by his offspring? Yeah that shit happened to me. I left a boy an orphan at only 5 years old. He said I became the villain that day and I nodded. I killed a kids father even what he did was evil as well. Then he did something that haunts me to this day. He puts the gun to his head. Pulls the trigger, and lights out for him."]

The man looked at Jax and nodded. [b "So this Boy Miracle shoots himself? Why not shoot you?"]

[b "Because I made him do it. I controlled his mind and ended his life there. I knew he was going to end up like his father. A pathetic lowlife trying to take over the world. I know I'm the villain now. You don't be a hero forever...Thing is my time here is done and I fulfilled my purpose...I lived long enough to be the hero everyone loved, and sadly lived long enough to see myself become the villain everyone feared. A lot knew of what I did to Boy Miracle, and shun me. I notice you have a gun in your left jacket pocket.] [i Pull it out"]

The man put down the tape recorder as he pulled out his gun from his left jacket pocket. [b "W-What are you doing?"

[b "What I should have done a long time ago...] [i point it at me"]

The man aimed the gun at Jax.

[i "Pull the trigger"]

Once the man broke from the spell he stared at Jaxs' lifeless body as a single bullet hole oozed blood and dripped brain matter from his forehead. He looked the tape recorder and clicked stop and saved the file and left the home.
  Physica - God of Physics / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 20h 44s
[h3 [center Prompt #8 ]][b “Come here!”]

[b “Why?”]

[b “Just come here!”]

[b “No, you're just gonna hit me.”]

[b “Well yeah, but we're gonna hit you anyway!”]

Nori was used to being called out like this by Ami's bully trio, but they usually weren't quite so brazen about it. Still she was experienced enough with that she just clenched her fists and got ready for a fight. Before she could approach them though the trio took off at a dead sprint. Quickly followed by a blur of black hair; a blur she recognized as one belonging to her only friend in the village.

[center [pic]]
The girls long black hair and pale white skin combined to give her a countenance that could already be considered a little frightening, but combined with her maniacal smile it made her downright terrifying to the trio of young bullies. Their fear only served to motivate her more though as she gave chase, and so it did not take her long to catch up with the slowest of the trio. Instead of tackling them she chose to just slide a foot into the bully's Achilles tendon as she ran past. While she was filled with thoughts of vengeance she made sure to hold back enough that she would not break the bully's leg, although it was still enough to send them tumbling into the dirt road.

Despite their friend having been painfully forced to the ground the other two bullies kept up their pace to the best of their abilities. It did not help though as it took her no time at all to then catch the middle member of the group. Just as she did before she sent the bully tumbling into the ground by sliding her foot into their Achilles tendon leaving just Ami left for her to catch.

Ami was a better fighter than her followers and was one of the faster members of their class, but she was not a match for Nori's best friend. Fastest beats faster every time. Just as before that speed allowed her to be on top of Ami in minimal time, but unlike before this time she coiled her right leg around Ami's left to forcibly dislocate it. The force of their collision sent them both into the dirt where, but only one of them let out a howl of pain.

[b “You should save your breath Ami,”] Nori's friend said as she staggered to her feet. [b “It's going to get a lot worse for you from here.”]

[b “Stop!”] Nori yelled as she sprinted over. [b “That's enough.”]

[b “What?”]

[b “That's enough, you don't need to hurt them anymore,”] Nori said. [b “Okay? We can just walk away.”]

Nori's friend glanced between the two before leveling a death glare at Ami; one filled with such palpable killing intent that Ami momentarily lost control of her bladder. Nori went to step between them at the sight of her friend's look, but before she could her friend turned to her with a happy smile and nodded.

[b “Okay then, do you want to go get some ramen? It'll be my treat.”]

[h3 [center Prompt #9 ]][b “Relax Vanessa, I promise to be on my best behavior,”] I said with my standard smile.

She just rolled her eyes at me though. [b “You don't have a worst behavior. I'm more worried about my parents embarrassing me.”]

I just laughed as I parked on the street outside her parent's house. A nice little three story home in the suburbs with a two car garage that made me think I might be under dressed in my t-shirt and cargo pants. Still confidence was the most important thing, and so I kept the smile on my face as I got out to open the door for Vanessa.

I made sure to walk her to the door and wipe my feet on the welcome mat before she let us in. The entryway was sparsely decorated, but exceptionally clean as I noticed a dozen shoes stationed just off of the carpet. It gave me a good feeling as I looked at how nicely they maintained their home.

[b “I'm so sorry,”] Vanessa whispered as she closed the door behind us.

[b “Paragon in the flesh,”] a voice I recognized all too well said as four men appeared in front of me.

[b “Gutman,”] I said without hiding an ounce of my distaste for the man.

A wannabe kingpin that was a souped up middle man for just about as many gangs as you could name. He'd been a thorn in my side for as long as I'd worn the mask and now he had me over a barrel with three armed gunmen in my face. Well if he'd been smarter he would have at least, but I saw an opportunity in his foolishness.

Of the four in front of me the two on the left were armed, and the one on the far right. Thanks to Gutman being so close I could trust their reactions would be dulled, and if I moved carefully I could keep the one on the right from being able to shoot freely. Still I would have to be fast being outnumbered five to one; thankfully being fast was a specialty of mine.

First step was to close the gap between me and the one just right of Gutman and slide my shoulder into his dominant arm. Second step I had to grab his arm and snap it causing him to drop the gun before shoulder throwing him into the one on the far left. Third step kick both dropped guns away from the remaining active combatants. Two down three to go.

Follow up by with a shove that knocked Gutman into the last remaining shooter which forced him to lower his gun. Then I seized on that on that moment by closing the gap and grabbing the arm from the back this time making it easy to snap it in multiple places leaving him unable to hold onto the gun. Which left me to pick it up and aim it at Vanessa as I put my boot on Gutman's back.

[b “Please don't make me a murderer,”] I whispered. Not that I could kill her, but after that display I doubt she knew that.

Vanessa put her hands up just like I would expect from the woman that I had loved. Still I kept the gun trained on her as I pulled cable ties out of my pockets to restrain Gutman and his men. It drew a raised eyebrow from Vanessa, but you never know when you might run into criminals. If anything this whole incident just proved that I wasn't paranoid enough.

After I had them all in makeshift cuffs I pulled them into the living room and sat down to figure out what I was going to do next. Gutman knew my secret identity and I was not in the best position to threaten him to keep my secret. I'm Paragon after all I have to be an example to the public that is the whole reason I got into the superhero business. Of course that didn't mean I wasn't considering killing him after what he had put me through, but I would never let him know that he got that close to ruining me.

[b “So what are you going to do now?”] A synthesized voice asked from the nearby computer.

It was a voice that drew everyone's attention, but from the looks on their faces it seemed I was not the only one that recognized it. Gutman seemed to be sweating more after Adler spoke than when I was cuffing him. Maybe there was a good solution to this that I hadn't seen yet.

[b “I don't know Adler, what do you think I should do?”] I asked back.

[b “If it were me I'd have killed them already,”] Adler replied just as I expected.

That seemed to get their attention even more, but Gutman just had to give them a look to get them to keep quiet. The fact that even with multiple broken bones in his trio of armed guards they were all quiet as a church from that look was impressive. He probably didn't inspire loyalty the right way, but respect where it's due he knew how to inspire it.

[b “Adler, as in AM?”] Gutman asked with an audible gulp.

[b “The one and only. You fucked up this time Gutman,”] Adler said.

[b “Language,”] I said as I watched Gutman's response.

Now he looked like he just been in a sauna with how much sweat was pouring off his brow. If he knew her from her time as an even more notorious black hat hacker then it was no wonder he was terrified right now. Of course you would think the cuffs would be the intimidating part, the 6'3” superhero, or maybe the fact that the superhero had a gun. No, it's the teenager with an internet connection and a synthesized voice.

[b “Give me an alternative Adler,”] I said with a neutral expression. If I was going to redeem her she could not just jump to murder to solve all of her problems, and in truth I couldn't think of much better myself.

The line went silent for a moment before her synthesized voice spoke up again. [b “You're going to liquidate Gutman, every single thing in every one of the accounts you can get your grubby little hands on. We'll let you keep five percent of it, and in return you will keep our secret and live a law-abiding life.”]

[b “What about the other ninety-five percent?”] Gutman asked.

[b “Some of it will go to cover my costs in keeping you under watch, but the rest of it will be sent to charities to help the peoples whose lives you've ruined,”] Adler said.

Gutman looked around at his men and daughter in cuffs and appeared to consider his options for a minute before he nodded. [b “I should warn you that my employers will come after you for this.”]

[b “They'll come after me when I'm in uniform, and in a fair fight I'll happily take my chances.”]
  Tesla / 236d 1h 51m 14s
[font "Book Antiqua" [size14
[center [h3 Prompt #5 [i {Comments are welcome.}]]]
"You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and move forward like the queen you are."]
It took me a while to get this to a point I feel good about sharing it. I would like to explore more about this type of plot in the future as well. Since this was written over multiple days, it probably also has some connectivity or flow issues. I highly appreciate constructive criticism. {Also, I apologize for the slightly excessive length XD}
Thank you for reading.]
[hr ]
[right [pic]]
[b [i “Do you believe in past lives?”]]
Blinking for a moment in surprise as she realized that she had been zoning out during her Comparative Literature lecture for who knows how long, Rhys sat up slightly and glanced around the room, as students started to perk up to the intriguing question that their professor had just been asked. Sneaking a look at the clock she breathed a sigh of relief to find that she had only been spacing for about two to three minutes-- it was almost the end of the period anyhow. Making a mental note to never take another eight am class if she could control it, she refocused on the professor who seemed to have paused to think over the question.
[b “I think that it’s certainly plausible.”] She said, re-adjusting her glasses as she looked up from her laptop that was controlling the powerpoint she was currently presenting. Rhys always enjoyed these moments, when her professor - Dr. Redner, or Carol occasionally- let students ask almost any question they wanted so long as it remotely related to the current stories they were studying. Sometimes she would even let them break into discussions that hardly had to do with the planned lecture if they were a bit ahead perhaps. [b “There is a sizeable community that actively believes in past lives, as well as some that have been able to recount information that it seems quite impossible if they were not. I hadn’t really put too much thought into it though.”]
[b [i “So… does that mean that this story might be possible?”]] The first student asked, though it was a bit overlapped by the sound of the lecture hall starting to wrap up their notes and put away laptops and notebooks. The had been reading an old story about a man whose spirit was trapped to continually reincarnate into different bodies, still aware of the memories of his previous lives.
[b [i “Of course, haven’t you seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer?”]] Another student joked, obviously poking fun at the idea of it even being a possibility, as they put their books into their bag off to one side. [b [i “I mean come] on. [i This sort of thing only happens in stories.”]]
[b “Perhaps there’s more to it than we think.”] Dr. Redner said with the slightest smile, looking to the time. [b “Well, you’ll all have plenty of time to think on that before our next lecture on Thursday. Have a good day.”]
As the students around her began to get up and head out of the doors to the lecture hall and out into the early morning chill, Rhys packed up her things carefully, trying to remember what it was she had been thinking about so intently that she had forgotten the world was still here. Almost like a dream of sorts, almost more but less at the same time, the feeling of sensations she could imagine but not quite see in her mind’s eye. The feeling of the pull of hair longer than hers braided against her head, a stark difference to the lightweight of her current, near pixie-cut length brown hair. Something smoother than cotton against her skin with more weight than the tshirt and hoodie she was wearing. A sense of danger, the feeling of wind against her skin. All these things that she could not quite put together yet still persisted. The sound of a yell of [i ‘Heads Up!’] and the narrow dodge of a frisbee nearly hitting her directly in the face was enough to wake herself from those feelings-- if only for a few moments.
[center -=-=-=-=*=--=-=-=-]
Sitting on one of the crappy couches that had probably been in the basement-lounge of the dorms longer than most of the students living there had been alive, Rhys had settled into a somewhat comfortable position and took out her laptop, trying to bully herself to write an essay about a topic she honestly couldn’t care less about. She still found herself unable to shake the feeling that she was slipping away from herself, but did her best to blame it on the fact that since midterms were coming up she was just under a lot of stress. It wasn’t the first time she let herself daydream anyhow-- she had always been an imaginative child and it wouldn’t surprise her if those habits had carried over from childhood.
Sneaking a look at the time, she frowned at the fact that it was edging towards midnight and she still had another three paragraphs to finish. Rhys resisted the urge to rub her eyes, some distant memory of her mother telling her it was bad for her eyes to do so. As she continued to type the words on the page she was working on became more and more blurry until finally she had fallen asleep.

[center …]
And woken up, feeling decently refreshed. The morning sun was streaming in through the windows and softly dancing upon the wooden floors of her suite, and a young woman opening the other curtains nearby.

Wait… sunlight? Wood floors?
[left [pic]]
Sitting up, Rhys felt the pull of the weight of long hair on her head and looking down, saw it cascading in a long braid down one shoulder and nearly reaching her waist. She wore some strange form of loose-fitting dress.

[b “Awake finally I see.”] Said the woman who had finished opening the curtains, and Rhys became aware of the true size of the room around her, with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace and balcony and-- [b “I thought that it couldn’t hurt to allow you an extra hour or so of sleep, but the day really does need to begin, Princess Rhi.”]
[b [i “Rhi… but my n-”]] Rhys stopped herself mid sentence.
Rhi. Rhiannon. That was her name, not Rhys.
How could she have forgotten, on this the most important of days, who she was. As the memories of her true life came back to her the memories of that strange, future dream of herself faded away into just that-- a dream.
[b “I thank you Renae, but do wish you had woken me earlier.”] Rhi stated rising from the bed to give the older woman a hug. [b “There is still much that must be done, with the news that we received yesterday.”]
This was never how things were supposed to be. She still had another year until she was originally supposed to attend her coronation, but it had been moved up rather swiftly due to an attack on her kingdom’s borders to the West, and the murder of her father soon after. Her country needed a ruler, and with no Queen left behind to rule since the passing of her mother and young sister in childbirth, she was the only one fit to do so.
Today would be the day she would ascend to the crown, with the threat of war and an impending assassination hanging above her head it was unfortunately not safe to be as public as they had planned.
But who was that young woman she had believed herself to be in dreams?
[center -=-=-=-=*=--=-=-=-]
As the crown that had been taken from her father's corpse was placed on her brow and she was handed a branch from the tree of knowledge that grew in their courtyard, Rhys opened her eyes to a disorienting world once more. [i What is going on?] An old man in what looked like some sort of priest’s robes gestured for her to turn, and as she did so she saw many smiling people in a large room below her.
[b “Go forth, and let your people greet their new Queen for the very first time.”] He said as he continued to keep his arms outstretched. There was the sound of a large crash nearby and a scream, the feeling of an intense pain in her side then darkness.

Waking up startled, Rhys sat up suddenly from the couch in the lounge.
[b “What the hell…”] She muttered aloud, and looking down she saw her laptop and books had slipped to the floor. Still reeling from the adrenaline of her dream, she picked up her phone to look at it. 3:37 am. Rhys shook her head at herself and got up slowly, gathering her things to make the trek up three flights of stairs and collapse in her own bed. Maybe the dream will be different now…
It took her another half hour to actually get herself to fall asleep.

The feeling of pressure on her side and pain, so much pain, surrounded Rhiannon. Opening her eyes, she saw those around her breathing an audible sigh of relief, and saw the doctor come over to her.
[b “I suppose that they’ll have to try a bit harder to take away our Queen.”] The doctor said with a worried smile. Looking down, Rhi saw her side fully bandaged and the tinge of dark red on her dress and clothes surrounding her.
[b “Can I walk?”] She asked, causing a slight laugh from those around her. The doctor nodded slightly, and offered her a hand. Getting to her feet a bit unsteadily, she turned to her lady’s maid, her comfort. [b “Can’t get rid of me so easily. And we must let it be known.”] She added.
Renae nodded and gave her a gentle hug. Walking slowly back towards the balcony she had been at only a short while ago, she picked up the tree-branch once more, but found something within her hesitating.
[b “You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and move forward like the queen you are."] Renae said gently to her, and Rhiannon nodded in agreement.
Something strange within her told her this wasn’t to be the end of it. Stepping forward to view her kingdom and her subjects, she couldn’t help but think of the dream version of herself.
Of Rhys.

Something told her that she too, was in danger.
[h3 [center Prompt #5 ]]Was this really how her story was going to end? Devoured by a menagerie of the monstrous merfolk that she had so easily enslaved before? Such a degrading end for one who had been so feared within the waters, and the fact that it was inside her own territory only served to make it worse.

Despite the sharks surrounding her she found herself getting lost in memories. The memories of her early life, the memories of her forebears, and even some of the memories of the younger Abominations. It brought a small comfort to her in what were sure to be her final moments, until a certain memory started to call out to her.

The day the first Imp clan pledged itself to her and the other members of her divine species. Despite the fact that they knew she would never love them as one of her own they worked themselves to the bone for her sake. Once that first clan pledged itself to her it led to a mass exodus by the rest of the species as just about every clan made its way to her side. They went through all of that in their struggle to survive all because they believed in her, and here she was about to be devoured by some scum sucking merfolk. That could not be allowed to stand lest she be unable to look her underlings in the eye in the next life.

The rapid change in her attitude could be felt by the merfolk due to her psionic presence, but still they continued to circle her unaware of just what the change of heart had done. Even as they circled they seemed unaware of the pale sickly brown colored flesh spreading out from her wounds. [b “I am Seraphina, eldest of the Greater Eldritch Abominations, founder of the Duskgate, Empress of Novrehold, and The Mother of Monsters,”] she declared as her presence reasserted itself. [b “You made a grave error in making an enemy of me this day.”]

Just the reassertion of her presence was enough to stun the army of merfolk, and Seraphina seized on that opportunity by grasping the closest four in her fleshy tendrils. She brought them close as dozens mouths appeared all over her tendrils. After that she started to devour those she brought close on both a physical and metaphysical level.

Seraphina's unique biology made use of their flesh to repair her wounds with her more beautiful blue flesh even as the pale sickly brown colored flesh continued to grow out of her forming a sort of cocoon. Despite the armor of flesh surrounding her she remained a brilliant blue beacon within, as her tendrils sought out more of the merfolk to devour. Her presence growing ever stronger as she sought to mentally dominate the lesser species to keep them from fleeing.

It was only a few minutes between her being surrounded and on death's door to having a plump flesh cocoon filled with every existence had threatened her. The turnaround had to be terrifying for the lone survivor of the merfolk, and if not for the two of them being alone it almost certainly would have spread as a famous tale. All Laquta could see though was that his army had been wiped out by his most hated enemy, and that having brought her so close to death had only served to make her stronger.

[b “Did you really think that I would be so easy to kill Laquta?”] Seraphina asked as she shed her flesh cocoon to seize his throat with her bare hand.

[b “You can't do this to me,”] Laquta begged. [b “You've seen what I'm capable of, a mind like mine deserves better than to fill your belly!”]

[b “You are right that a mind like yours deserves better. It deserves to be controlled, dominated, and enslaved,”] Seraphina whispered as her psionic presence made its way into his mind. [b “Death would be too kind a gift for the man who almost killed me.”]

His screams died out unheard by any but his tormentor.
  Tesla / 263d 15h 1m 56s
[center [h3 Prompt #1 :]]

[right [pic]]

[center [b "Dare, I ask- why there is a jar full of souls on your desk?"]]

The new customer asked in a interrogating tone as he leaned over to reach for the object. But, before he could lay his grimy little fingers on the thing; the shopkeeper snatched the jar of souls from him.

Being smug, she lifted the glass into the air as if she were about to do a toast. [b “Bottoms up!”] Vow gleefully cheered, while handling the fragile jar with her mechanical hands to her mouth. [b "No!”] The customer shouted tragically, as he tried to steal the souls from her grasp...

[hr ]

Earlier that year,

The unyielding screams of torture soul’s reached out from the depths of Styx. Unwinding their sorrow away, as they coiled up into the transparent cylinder. The poor unfortunate souls who were being captured and stolen away from Hades lair; began shouting in agony as they entangled themselves with each other, all the while flowing through the jar in a endless whirlpool.

Idly watching them at eye level, the shopkeeper named Vow Gully measured the amount of souls by eyeballing them from her hand. It was then...
[h3 [center Prompt #1 ]]John was happily typing away at his computer just like he did everyday. His cubicle an assortment of what personal items he was allowed to bring to work. His novelty coffee mug, his word a day calendar, a few comic strips on the wall, and placed neatly next to his monitor a quart sized jar full of glowing green in the shape of moaning human faces.

[b "Dare I ask why there is a jar full of souls on your desk?"] Sarah asked as she set some documents in John's folder.

John blinked a few times as this was his first interaction with a coworker, but quickly turned to them with a smile. [b “Oh, I just like the glow that it gives off,”] John replied. [b “I'm afraid of the dark so it's always good to have a backup light in this weather.”]

[b “You're afraid of the dark?”]

[b “If you knew what I did about what lurks in the would be too.”]
  Tesla / 279d 1h 28m 59s
[center [b ~Prompt #1 - Compliments/Advice Welcome]]
[center [i 'Dare I ask why there is a jar full of souls on your desk?']]
[h3 [center Jar of Souls]]
It could be such a thankless job. My eyes were closed, listening to the world around me. Though, even with the darkness, I could sense everything, see the glowing orbs of those around me, wandering the halls of this place.
I barely moved, even as I heard footsteps approaching my door. I saw a violet orb approaching, floating just outside of my office. The sound of a heart beating could be heard, at least to me. Being what I was, anything such as life and its auras was something I was closely attuned to.
Not bothering to wait for whoever was on the other side to knock, I spoke out, [#dc143c "Come in."]
I chuckled a bit under my breath as I sensed the slight surprise of the other. The door started to open, and in response I opened my own eyes. The violet orb was gone, instead in its place was what appeared to be a short woman with a slender build. In her hands, she held several envelopes. I already had an idea what was inside them.
I remained in my settled position, feet still propped on the desk. My red eyes met with her purple gaze. I could sense that she was judging me. Well, despite my young appearance, I was a lot older than many thought. This woman was I was not familiar at all with, must be a newbie to the workforce, carrying mail and whatever else the higher-ups had these new faces do.
[i "Serro, I brought you several jobs the head would like you to look into."]
Hearing the woman say that the 'head' of the place was waiting for my response made me groan slightly. I moved my feet as she set the envelopes on the desk. I noticed as she seemingly paused. Her eyes shifted towards the corner of my desk, seeing a jar of...well, a collection I have had for quite some time, and still adding to it.
[i "...Dare I ask why there is a jar full of souls on your desk?"]
I couldn't help but smirk hearing her question. I shifted by body, my elbows resting on the desk before me. I settled my chin on my hands as they folded neatly before me. My red eyes looked directly towards her.
[#dc143c "Oh those, don't mind them. Though, if you must know, let's just say they are those who where unlucky enough to either be my targets, or..."]
As her gaze would meet mine, she would be met with glowing red eyes. The glare of a beast of death. Eyes of a predator, always seeing prey before it.
[#dc143c "Souls who were foolish enough to come across my more...malicious nature. Oh, and those are just a small part of my collection."]
Well, my words must've struck something. I could sense the fear in the woman. The eerie grin never left my face as I continued to observe.
[i "I-I see...well, I shall be going then and leave you to your work..."]
The female then left without another word. Once the door closed behind her, I settled back into my chair. I sighed softly, slowly blinking my eyes, the red dimming to a soft, calm glow once again. I glanced towards the jar, staring at what appeared to be small glowing, fiery orbs of different colors floating around inside.
[#dc143c "Well, guess it's time to see what work needs to be done and who else will be added to you,"] I muttered to no one in particular.
  ::Killers:: / Dragoncita / 289d 20h 15m 17s
"Dare I ask why
there is a jar
full of souls
on your desk?"
His voice, tinged with fear,
did not tremble,
for it was not the answer
that scared him,
but the story behind it.
  Lest (OOC) / Kaeleigh / 290d 1h 4m 8s

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