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[center [b [size20 lore:]]]

Her mother always told her stories, ones of magic and fantasy. One that young Hana Tanaka enjoyed was the story about these beings, ones similar to humans, that were referred to as Demons.

Demon's lived along side Humans, peacefully. They shared food, supplies, and Demon's often used their magic to assist the weak and sick Humans back to health. Demon's were considered to be incredibly powerful but very peaceful. They detested raising swords against each other and never took part in human wars.

Though, Humans could be so cruel. They began to abuse the Demons and their power. At beginning of the warring times they would take their family, the young and the weak, to force the strongest of Demon's to fight for them.

After that, Demon's disappeared. They seemingly died off, never to be found again. It was like these beings never existed in the first place.

Hana's favorite part of the story? About a young human woman who'd fallen in love with a Demon. Their shared love produced a child together. Hana was always curious who the young woman was and who the child was. But her mother never gave her a straight answer.

[center [b [size20 the secret revealed:]]]

Hana grew not knowing if the stories her mother told were true. She knew nothing of her half-demon blood coursing through her veins. Nothing of her father who never visited and she never knew. Eventually, she stopped asking for the story and about her father.

Life was to change drastically for her. Just turning 18 the girl had stumbled upon her abilities, causing a bit of chaos in the human world and soon enough the world of demon's caught wind as well.

The Demon society couldn't allow a forbidden off-spring to live on or else their existence would be uncovered. The elders, those who have lived the longest among the demon clans and highly revered, sent off their strongest and most nimble men to locate and capture the girl. There the 5 chieftains gathered and with the elders were to decide her fate.

She was poorly welcomed. Hated. A half-blood was seen as disgusting. As they hated human kind and their 'evil' ways. They argued that her 'crimes' were punishable by death. Seeing as she had almost brought attention to them and their society after being hidden for over 200 years, let alone her birth was a crime in of itself. But one chieftain argued to save her, offered her a way out and live among them in their society.

[center [b [size20 her savior:]]]

The Chieftain who wanted to save the girl was entrusted with her by the Elders as no other wanted to take her other than to slay her. He was to watch her, help her integrate and prove her worth to the demon society and ultimately save her life.

Though, even if he wanted to save her life he wasn't particularly happy about being placed on babysitting duty. They were given 18 months. If she could not prove herself worthy to the demon society nor integrate with it's people...she would be put to death.

But she may not be the only problem stirring for the demon clans and their hidden world.

[center [b [size20 Rules]]]

1. This isn't necessarily 'mature', but I would prefer a partner that can handle mature content if it were to arise as there is violence, romance and drama.

2. I would like to see a post about once a week. I do get busy myself, so I understand if it goes past a week. I won't complain! I can post anywhere between 1500-3000 characters. Really depends on how my partner would like it to be. No less than 1000, if possible.

3. Pictures are illustrated.

4. There are 5 chieftains, 3 elders. You can change the name of the one you choose as well as the personality. I just listed these here for later NPC uses. :) This will be a 1x1 and The one you choose is the Chieftain who wishes to save the girl :

[center Given name: [b Eikichi], Family name: [b Sato:] Chieftain of the Western Provinces. Known for their knowledge in medicine and magic. Eikichi is elegant and poised but has wicked words that are masked with a sarcastic smile.]

[center Given name: [b Hiroto], Family name: [b Ogawa:] Chieftain of the Eastern Provinces. Know for their swordsmanship and diplomacy. Hiroto is Traditional, Unadventurous, Law-abiding. Most dependable of the chieftains.]

[center Given name: [b Katsu], Family name: [b Kaneko:] Chieftain of the Wondering. Know for being 'Jack of all trades', gypsies, no home land. Katsu is a jester, prankster, takes nothing seriously and the youngest Chieftain.]

[center Given name: [b Makoto], Family name: [b Date:] Chieftain of the Northern Valleys. Known for their knowledge of wildlife. Often have animalistic features. Makoto is dependable and straightforward, cunning and often mistaken as the human equivalent of a fox. Also quite the womanizer.]

[center Given Name: [b Ryuu]. Family Name: [b Sano:] Chieftain of the 6 districts of the Southern Seas. Know for their hunting abilities, often are assassins. Ryuu is the largest of the 5, Can be seen as unsentimental and apathetic. Has strong loyalty to elders.]

5. There are a few more things worth adding to the plot, but I will explain those once I have a partner. You're always welcome to provide ideas once you join as well! I like when I can collab with my partner. :) To join just send me a Skeleton with a picture of your character:

[center [b Character Name:]]
[center [b Chieftain of.....known for their...]]
[center [b Age: ]]
[center [b Height:]]
[center [b Weight:]]
[center [b Summary: Who are they? How did they become chieftain? How long have they ruled over their village? ect.]]

6. I am no NO WAY a expert in Japanese culture/History. So, if you know more than me and see errors, don't hesitate to inform me.

[center [b [size20 Thanks for reading!]]]


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Hana gently touched the necklace her mother left her with as she listened to Zakje speak. She couldn't help but be overly grateful, it seemed his peers distaste of her and her existence was less with him. Or at least, he was very good at hiding it. She was surprised at such kindness..seeing as her existence was 'forbidden' but Hana choose to drop the subject. Demon's take on gratitude and respect were to much higher standards and she should learn to understand them as to not disrespect any one in the future.

She returned the gentle smile he'd given her at the mention of the neckless she now wore.

"[#892a57 I suppose that's true.]" Though, parting with her mother was nevertheless hard and the tightness in her chest felt like it would never leave. But she felt herself relax with Zakje and was comforted by him and it made the ache a little more bearable. "[#892a57 Alright.]" Hana agreed with a nod of her head as she took his hand once more through the portal he'd created.

Hana was interested and wondered if she'd ever be able to use such magic. From the occurrence just the other day it seemed quite possible. As the two had come back to the woods they had started in Hana could feel the exhaustion really set in. Today's events came in as a blur and reactively tighten the grip on the other's hand and leaned in on Zakje for a moment before righting herself and letting go. "[#892a57 Sorry, I didn't realize how truly tired I was.]" She spoke with mild embarrassment.

She stuck close by Zakje's side as the two had ventured back through the woods. The moon over head with streams of light through the tree tops, it was truly serene. It was but a short distance as the temple grew into view and the young woman that had treated her before stood out by the stairs, seemingly awaiting their return.

"[i Ah, back from your walk?]" Her voice was pleasant and her smile sweet. "[i Kaneko-san, you know it's not good to take such a young woman out this late. Some may think you have ill intentions.]" She teased the Chieftain and Hana felt flustered at the thought.

"[#892a57 Well, of course it was nothing like that.]" The girl Zakje referred to as Miki giggled to herself as if Hana had missed the joke. "[i Come I have prepared you a room. Kaneko-san, you can see yourself to your usual room?]" She phrased as a question but it seemed more like a statement as Miki took Hana's hand and lead her away.

"[i It's awfully late, you should get some rest. Remember, you have 18 months.]" Hana nodded. "[#892a57 You're right. If I'm going to learn or prove anything I should get enough rest.]" Hana glanced back at the Demon chieftain who was in charge of looking over her before they rounded a corner into the temple and to a room that was much cozier than the room she arrived in.

"[i Nice and comfortable for you. I know today has been a bit of a whirl wind for you, but I hope you can relax and get some rest.]" Miki smiled sweetly once more before bowing and exiting the room, leaving Hana to her own thoughts. This would be the first night she was spending completely detached, alone, without her mother.

Loneliness edged its way into her stomach as she laid down on the futon provided. It smelled clean, fresh, unfamiliar and only caused more ache in her chest. Sighing, Hana closed her eyes to try and force herself to sleep but clearly, it seemed sleep wouldn't be coming tonight no matter how tired she truly felt.
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Zakje waved her off again for good measure as she bowed to him in gratitude and sending her thanks. He wasn't used to such gratuitous gratitude for doing an overall simple task by his standards. But that would be his standards, and she was just beginning to understand the depths of difference between humans and demons. There was also her situation to consider, so it seemed a little silly to berate her for being grateful. Truth be told he wasn't used to it from a human, let alone a demon, but she wasn't really either was she? He released a sigh as he watched her navigate the familiar territory. He kept his distance and using some of his other gifts followed after her until he saw the lantern flicker to life and her mother step out. He bowed his head and excused himself from the vicinity, navigating back to the woods. The woods were different from the ones back at Yayama or rightly any demon territory. But it was encouraging to see them still thriving in their own way.
[#00C78C "Just like us I imagine, although tis easier to grow a forest then replace lives loss,"] he spoke with another sigh. He really wasn't a fan of human villages, they filled his head with pessimistic thoughts that were very much against his character. He so hated being something he wasn't, but at least near Tanaka's house he didn't feel that animosity, there was a genuine warmth with that place. Although it may have been slightly biased view of his having created a sooth bond with Tanaka. He was feeling a little guilty about that as well, but that was something he could get over. Creating bonds like that required some intrusion on his part he didn't like doing, seemed against his free spirted nature but it was a requirement. So he witnessed some of her memories, he saw a very young Tanaka learning to sew from her mother, her falling asleep in her mother arms, and other such daily things, that she no longer would have. He closed his eyes discarding the thought. It was out of all their hands, now they just had to pick up the pieces and make it work.

No surprise his musings eventually led him into the treetops as he leaned against the trunk and got a better view of the night sky. Even the stars seemed to twinkle differently, but there was a night breeze which helped to clear his thoughts. The wind always knew his moods, and exactly what to do to lighten them. It made him smile a little at the thought.
[#00C78C "You know me so well, don't you old friend,"] he spoke softly. He looked to where Tanaka's house was, at least there wasn't any incidents with her mother and the townsfolk, but that was mostly likely due to whoever brought her in they used magic to make the people overlook the event, or simply remember it differently. Truth be told probably one of Sato's or Sano's clansmen. He found himself humming one of Tanaka-san's songs, as there was a brief flash of an image in his head. He couldn't be sure, but it seemed to have been her mother standing next to a man, her father maybe? He brought his hand to his face feeling the tears, another side effect at times with the sooth bond. Feeling the emotions of the memory, but Hana wouldn't have been born yet, so how would she have that memory? He wiped the tears away, probably the melody itself had memory, and perhaps it was her mother's way of sharing her father with her? Zakje tilted his head, he couldn't get any readings on the man to possibly signify what province he came from, so much for getting any hints to her powers. Not that it would make a difference just because a demon resides somewhere they can have very unique skills compared to others from the same area. There was also the glaring fact if it was her father, he may not even be alive. Now his thoughts were going to his own sordid family issues. The wind blew again, a little harsher, causing him to lose his balance to hang from the branch he was standing on. [#00C78C "And like any good friend you know when to kick me in the ass to get me back in the game. You will always have my gratitude,"] he chuckled to himself adjusting his posture as the wind blew gently like a kiss rustling the charms in his horns. His issues were resolved, more or less, now it was time to help Tanaka-san with hers.

Zakje had come to terms with his thoughts as he continued to hum a medley of the songs from Tanaka-san's memory, the wind gently tinkling some of his charms along to the rhythm. There was a subtle humming different from his. He shrugged his shoulders and began to descend from the tree, landing gracefully away from Tanaka-san so as not to startle as he walked up to her, the wind rustling the charms a little more to alert her of his presence. He could tell she was crying but he wasn't going to call her out on it.
[#00C78C "Again with the gratitude? You needn't worry about that, as I said it was the least I could do. A friend of mine once said a parting need not last forever,"] he spoke loosely seeing the necklace. [#00C78C "And certain people never really leave you even if you can't see them,"] he finished. He gave her a gentle smile. [#00C78C "I have no doubt you are but, the lessons can wait. It's been a long day, and more are sure to follow, so let’s get you back to the temple where I'm sure Miki has already prepared a room for you,"] Zakje explained as he pulled one of his slips out and placed it on a tree. [#00C78C "We have time, so we shall take it one day at a time, and go from there,"] he offered his hand again and pulled them through the portal.
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Hana watched the crooked fanged smile spread on the Chieftain before her. She felt her self smiling in return as the other spoke and tiled his horns in the way of the woods as they needed to go further.

She listened whole heartedly as they walked together. Learning how demon's respected each other and how more complex it was compared to her other world. The one of humans. It was true they held high respect for elders but also for samurai and those of higher power. But was it truly respect? Or fear?

Hana mulled this over as she continued to listen to Zakje speak and giving her very first lesson on being a demon. Hana smiled again as she continued to quietly listen , she was still apprehensive but trusted that demon's looked scary but were very honorable and trustworthy.

The two walked side by side a little longer until Zakje found a spot he deemed good enough. He had pulled a strand of hair from her head and she winced slightly as it stung for just a moment. But was in awe as she watched the fine piece of hair twirl in his fingers before he blew softly causing it to become as stiff and sharp as a needle.

Hana thought to herself as she closed her eyes and began to imagine her home '[#892a57 Thank you,]' she thought before her mind was crowded with thoughts of her home, her mother, the songs her mother would sing to her as she fell as sleep or pretended to before getting up from her futon and sneaking into her mothers.

It was only a mere seconds later warmth washed over her, it was soothing and she almost felt like she could cry. It was comforting and she opened her eyes to take his hand before they were seemingly all of the sudden at the fringes of her village. Not far from her home. Zakje's demeanor shifted slightly. Like he was uncomfortable or maybe even unhappy. Hana couldn't thank him enough, even if this was only going to be short and bitter sweet.

He shooed her off but before then she bowed deeply to him "[#892a57 I can't thank you enough.]" She finally spoke after a long silence with him before hurried along through the darkness to her home - or at least used to be.

Hana arrived just a moment later as they didn't live far off from the edge of the village. "[#892a57 Mother?]" she called out into the darkness of the home when a lantern flickered. "[i Hana?]" Her mother spoke and seemed to have scurried from her room, looking surprised to see her. "[i I didn't think you'd be able to come back.]" Her mother smiled, she looked like she'd been crying.

"[#892a57 So...you know?]" "
"[i I'm your mother, of course I know. If I didn't what kind of parent would I be? I'm just surprised they let you come say goodbye.]"
"[#892a57 Well....]" She started not sure how to explain that she wasn't 'really' given permission. Zakje and her just had a little agreement.
"[i Any case, I am glad to get to say goodbye properly.]" Her mother smiled and gave Hana a tight squeeze. "[i Be good, I am sure they are skeptical of you and you'll have to earn your stay.]"
"[#892a57 How do you know so much?]"
"[i Your father warned me when I fell pregnant with you. That eventually you'd be found and that your demon abilities would show. He didn't stay long after and after all that happened the other day I knew it was a matter of time.]"
"[#892a57 I am sorry if I caused any trou-]" Before she could finish her mother waved her hand to stop her.
"[i You did no such thing. You should go though, I am sure the kindness wont last long.]"
"[#892a57 I wish it was different and I could stay.]"
"[i Now, now, none of that. If you cry you know I will.]" her mother half-halfheartedly joked. "[i Let's not waste their time much longer. I am glad I get to say goodbye. I love you, Hana. Stay safe, okay?]"

She smiled warmly and Hana felt a tightness in her chest, she wanted to cry, to stay, but clearly that wasn't something her mother would let happen nor something that could happen. Hana pulled back her tears.

Defeated and she gave her mother one last hug. "[#892a57 I'll miss you.]" "[i Hush, hush, you'll be okay. We couldn't stay together forever.]" She smiled again, but it didn't touch her eyes as they both knew this was more than likely the last time they would see each other. "[i Take this, that way if you get a little homesick..]" she handed Hana a little neckless of a butterfly, one she'd seen her mother wear many times before. Hana smiled as she placed it around her neck. "[i Now go on, any longer and it'll only make things harder.]" Her voice was hoarse, emotional, as she shooed Hana back out the door.

Hana smiled sadly and kissed her mother's cheek before she stepped back out. The night air cold as ever. She didn't turn back knowing that if she did she wouldn't be able to leave. Hana had walked far enough that her mother was no longer able to see her.

Hesitantly, emotionally, she spoke out "[#892a57 Zakje.]" Knowing now that they would be going back and she would be starting her next 18 months of proving herself worthy of being anything but dead. It was almost in that second he was by her once more. She quickly erased the tears, trying not to look like a sad little human. "[#892a57 I am not sure how to thank you enough. You've spared my life and allowed me time with my mother.]" They had known each other a mere few hour or more and he'd already gained her respect. Hana had vowed to work diligently. If not to honor the kindness he showed her.

"[#892a57 I'm ready for anything you have to teach me.]" She looked up at the odd looking demon with a halfhearted smile. Her heart still ached but Hana knew dwelling on it would serve no good and if she wanted to live, she knew she would have to use every valuable second.
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Zakje smirked crookedly one of his fangs peeking out from his lips.
[#00C78C "I had a feeling you would, but we need to go a little farther away. I could say it is to avoid prying ears and eyes, but as demons we try to respect one another's privacy, we can't exactly be caught in fighting over petty little things. Respect is a very important part of our society,"] Zakje began with a shrug tilting his head towards the woods signaling for her to follow him once more. [#00C78C "I can't say I've lingered much with humans in the past, but perhaps our respect could be compared to how your elderly are treated? By human standards it may seem like some entitlement, that a human has lived so long that has earned them respect? There is a little truth to that in demon society but it's more than simple age. If age was the only thing that garnered respect, I can assure you I would not be a chieftain. Respect is earned, the means one obtains respect varies as much as there are types of demons."] He tilted his horns back towards the temple. [#00C78C "You've already seen we come in a variety of shades and hues; that includes powers. We'll need to do some tests to see where you fall in that, but again I digress. You needn't worry, we have time, and despite our looks and powers, we honor agreements, promises. We were lied to in the past, and promises were broken, one of the many events that led us to where we now stand, if you can trust in anything I say now, you can trust that you will be given your chance,"] he shrugged his shoulders and released a heavy sigh. [#00C78C "So how about I shut my mouth and start working on that wish?"]

They walked a little further, until Zakje paused and looked towards his back catching the flickering lanterns from the temple. Overhead the moon shone through the leaves creating a silvery dapple effect on the ground.
[#00C78C "This should be as good a spot as any, now I require a couple of things from you,"] he grinned as he quickly plucked a strand of her hair. He twirled the strand between his fingers a couple of times before bringing his fingers to his lips and blew softly. The strand straightened instantly like a needle as he began to twirl that between his fingers much like an impatient child. He held the needle of hair between one pair of fingers as he handed her the blank paper. [#00C78C "Close your eyes and imagine your home, in as much detail as possible. Memories in that place with you and your mother,"] Zakje spoke softly. [#00C78C "Most mothers have a lullaby for their children, recall yours,"] he began to tap the needle in the air to a rhythm all its own. The paper began to shimmer and grow warm in a soothing way. [#00C78C “Now take a deep breath,”] Zakje snapped his fingers and the needle snapped in two as they were engulfed in light.

Zakje emerged first holding out his hand to help Tanaka. It took a bit of effort on his end to not cringe at the change of atmosphere. He avoided humans as much as the next demon, but human village always had a draining like atmosphere to him. Perhaps it was his wondering spirit that didn’t like the idea being tied down, or caged being the more realistic result when it involved humans. He had the placement right to be on the fringes of the village and it was at night so there was the less likely chance of running into them. He wasn’t a chieftain for nothing.
[#00C78C “Take your time, I won’t be far,”] he smiled. The broken needle was still in his hand; he cupped the pieces and hummed a gentle tune as he unclasped his hand revealing a pair of small red wings. He clipped one wing to his ponytail as he handed the other to Tanaka. [#00C78C “Call my name, and I’ll be by your side; until you can earn your own wings. Now get moving while it’s still dark,”] he shooed her on her way.
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Hana was hesitant to walk with the man outside. It was true the weight of everything, the information, the fact she couldn't see her mother again. It hasn't truly set in. At thing point, Hana was merely in shock from it all but her mind lagged to truly understand it.

18 months. That's all she got.

Zakje gestured her to come once he reached the doors and Hana pulled herself from her thoughts to quickly catch up to him.

The night hair was a little chilly but refreshing, it made her realize just how exhausted she'd be come in the short time they were in the temple for. The events were slowly setting in, her shoulders slumped, and her chest was tight. Even if she got this chance, what's to say in 18 months they don't just kill her?

Hana couldn't shake the depressed feeling that was washing over her but luckily the cool night kept her grounded. She had little time to be sad over it all, little time to process it. If she were to live..she had to use ever ounce of the 18 months she got.

She had stayed silent as she walked along with Zakje, listening to him intently. He spoke of how the Chieftains had parts of their society they ruled over. How he had no settlement, no home land, that he merely wondered and so did his people. Questions did bubble up. How did he stay in contact with his people? Did they travel as one large pack or just scattered staying in random villages?

They had reached just the edge of the temple. The outskirts more like it and Hana had gotten to see a few of the more townfolk people. Though, they appeared to have less power they still seemed like strong beings and their outward appearances differed so wildly. Hana knew she must stick out like a sore thumb.

Zakje spoke again, Hana agreed. She had lots and lots of questions but she was very tired. Zakje posed a question.

Would she like to see her mother? At least for closure. Hana had stayed quiet this whole time they had been alone. Not sure how to speak or what to even say. "[#892a57 Really? I could see her?]" Her voice was soft as she looked at the blank paper he's slipped out.

Hana looked up at his smile. She was very grateful, he seemed to be a very kind and generous Chieftain. Hana smiled back at him, "[#892a57 I can keep a secret. Thank you.]" Hana held back the tears that threatened to fill her eyes.

Her mother wouldn't be too mad, right? She probably knew all along this may happen. "[#892a57 At the very least, I'm content with seeing her once last time.]" she spoke more to herself, almost as if she was trying to convince herself it was okay that they wouldn't be able to see each other again.
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Somehow it felt like Zakje was had, like Arashiro had this whole thing planned from the beginning for him to get stuck with the girl.
[#00C78C "I'm not so sure admitting defeat is the same as acceptance sir, nor do I care for what the others have to say. I don't intend to change their minds, I can't do that for them, but so be it. Say what you will,"] Zakje responded with a shrug turning his back to Arashiro and took to leaning against the wall. Zakje glanced to Arashiro then to Tanaka about the terms. He clicked his tongue in mild agitation. [#00C78C "Aye, I understand the weight of my responsibility but..."] he glanced back to Tanaka but shook his head as she agreed to the terms. [#00C78C "Not sure how much that would be."]
[b "You're quick to belittle yourself when it comes to matters like these. Showing little concern, but perhaps that is one of your better qualities, I believe you will do what you can to help her,"] Arashiro spoke over his shoulder and left before Zakje could say anything to that. He blew a sigh beginning to feel a headache come on as he looked over to Tanaka.
[#00C78C "Well you remembered that at least Tanaka-san. But I wouldn't thank me yet,"] Zakje stated as Ogawa spoke his peace. It was probably for the best if he kept his mouth shut, it was a rather nice statement coming from that chieftain then what he had given to him.

[i Now] they were finally alone, and he didn't have a clue what to do.
[#00C78C "I wouldn't say that either. I can imagine the weight of the situation hasn't rightly settled in for you yet. You're being forced from what you know to something probably straight out of a fairytale,"] Zakje broke the silence first. [#00C78C "Walk with me, it’s late but I imagine I can tell you a few things at least,"] he began as he pushed off the wall and walked past Tanaka he paused at the doorway and gestured for her to follow him. The night air was crisp and refreshing as he took a few deep breaths. [#00C78C "I believe it was Miki that prepared you for that gathering? She probably didn't get a chance to tell you much of anything. Our society is scattered, the proper term would probably be broken if I'm being honest. The five chieftains that you met are in charge of the different parts of our society,"] Zakje paused. He never was much of a teacher, let alone a babysitter, but he'd have to get used to it sooner or later. [#00C78C "My situation is unique in which I have no set territory, I'm known as chieftain of the wondering. Perhaps another reason why you got handed to me you can see more of our world then if you were with one of the others. However I believe that is enough from me for the moment,"] he ended scratching behind one of his horns.

Where they had stopped it was on the outskirts of the temple. A few other demons were moving about; no doubt word has traveled about their visitor. Zakje rested his hand on the back of his neck looking towards Tanaka then back towards the temple.
[#00C78C "I do better with questions then broad explanations, but I imagine it's late and you would like some sleep. Miki can take care of a room for you while you're here. But I have a question for you,"] he fished through his sleeve pulling out a blank slip of paper. [#00C78C "Would you like to see your mother? It would be against that bit of leaving your human life behind, and although you were brought here against your will, you still agreed to the terms. But it seems a tad unfair to expect you to drop everything so...messily. I would like to offer you some proper closure on that chapter of your life,"] he offered with a smile. [#00C78C "I can keep a secret if you can."]
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Hana lifted her head from her from her bow as the chieftains began to argue over who would watch her. Relief began to fill her as they were seriously considering saving her life.

It was overwhelming what had all just happened, the information, that fact that her life still hung on the balance and really could tip either way. There were some tears she shed but was quick to wipe them away as the others began to file out.

No time to act like a weakling now and have them second guess her. That was the very last thing she needed.

All that left was herself, the elders, Ogawa-san and Kaneko-san. It seemed that Kaneko-san had given in, he was going to watch over her, and for that she had to thank him.

Arashiro was smiling beneath his lengthy white beard. "[b Very well, Kaneko-san. Your acceptance may well earn the respect of your peers.]" He paused before continuing on to the terms. Hana perked up as the elder looked back at her.

"[b You will learn of our ways, our traditions, from here forth..you are no longer human. You've left that part behind and we expect you to act as a full fledged demon. You have 18 months from this day forward and if in 18 months you come back without having learned what we deem satisfactory nor have gained any trust...we will have no other options.]"

The elder seemed to have harsh words but his eyes were gentle. Hana stood and bowed deeply. "[#892a57 Thank you. I will do my very best.]" "[b That's not to say, if you try anything that Kaneko-san deems to be a threat to us demons within the 18 months you are to stay with him-]" Arashiro looked over at Kaneko. "[b He has the elders full permission to kill you right then and there.]"

Hana looked over at the male. She felt a bit of a shiver, but understood these terms. "[#892a57 I understand.]" Arashiro nodded. "[b Kaneko-san, be sure to teach her as much as you know. She will need all the help you can provide. You are dismissed.]" Arashiro and the other two elders bowed to the two remaining Chieftains and excused themselves from the hall.

Hana was timid to approach Kaneko. She couldn't act as such now. She felt obligated to thank him, he was giving up 18 months to help her. Even if he was a little unwilling.

The girl approached him a little closer. "[#892a57 Kan-]" She stopped herself, remembering he had asked to be called Zakje "[#892a57 Zakje-san, thank you. You have no idea how much this means.]" Hana bowed deeply to him.

The other Chieftain spoke up. "[#567a24 You may be half-human, but that doesn't disregard to the half-demon in you. I wish you luck on this, Tanaka. You as well, Kaneko-san.]" Hana didn't hesitate to bow to him as well. "[#892a57 Thank you, Ogawa-san. I will do my best.]" With that, Ogawa sheepishly smiled at them both and also excused himself from the hall.

It only left them two. Hana nervously shifted, and glanced up at the male, "[#892a57 I look forward to learning everything I can about being a demon from you.]"

This was going to be her life for the next 18 months. She had to be respectful, listen, and do her best to keep her nose clean with Zakje-san or she risked the chance of dying. Either by his hand or...the larger males golden cold eyes popped up in her mind and she shivered. Hana certainly didn't wish to see those cold daggers for eyes on her like that again.

He was truly a terrifying beast. Zakje certainly had his quirk about his appearance as well. Hana gazed up at the horns that hung charms and talismans...it was almost whimsical and She had preferred his less terrifying appearance over the other Chieftains.
  тαηαкα / -StarGuardian- / 16d 4h 58m 39s
There was that nagging sensation in the back of his head as Zakje continued to listen to the banter between the chieftains about the fate of Tanaka Hana. Like an itch he couldn't quite scratch, he tried to absently scratch at the thought as his hand brushed against one of the talismans in his antlers, a gentle chime singing through that only he ever rightly heard. It seemed like her fate was going to be sealed so Zakje was all but set to leave, there was clearly a majority for her death amongst the other chieftains as well as the elders, what the elders said was law, more or less so what good would it do to say anymore?
[#00C78C "The more we talk the less likely she will be allowed to leave still breathing, since you have [i clearly]] [#00C78C decided her fate why prolong this farce of a trial? Sano-san seems all the more willing to kill her himself, that or Sato-san. If you had a choice, Tanaka-san, I'd recommend Sato-san. He's a bit cleaner with his kills, painless even for the victims."]
[#DC143C "That's probably one of the nicest things you've said to me, I'm touched. But I will decline having anything to do with the child. I'd have to throw my vote with Sano-san. Forgive me Arashiro-san, but I do have far more pressing matters to attend to then something as trivial as this, so with your permission I must be excused,"] Sato spoke as he stood and bowed towards Arashiro.
[b "A moment Sato-san,"] Arashiro spoke stopping Sato as all eyes went to Ogawa and Zakje. He wouldn't say he was actually [i defending] her it seemed more like he was stating an obvious fact to a child that the situation did seem a little unfair.
[#6B8E23 "There are options-,"] Ogawa began until Tanaka interrupted him. Zakje covered his mouth swiftly in an attempt to conceal his snicker at the look of disbelief as the girl interrupted Ogawa. Ogawa clearly wanted to say something else but Arashiro beat him to it. All the chieftains looked to the elder at the mere thought he was going to allow this child to prove herself. It was laughable that he was willing to entertain such an idea. Sano was the first to recover from the shock, clearly shaken that the elder would allow such a thing. Sumida was all too eager to join Sano in that statement.

Zakje felt that tickle of a sensation again as all eyes went back to him.
[#00C78C "No, no way in hell am I doing this."]
[#DC143C "Now that look of shock suits you, Kaneko-san, I'm glad I stayed. But I really must be off, for this situation has clearly been resolved, at least to the point that I'm needed to be here,"] Sato spoke doing little to hide his smirk as he bowed to the other chieftains and elders as no one stopped him as he left the hall.
[#33A1C9 "Have fun Katsu-kun. Seems that mouth of yours has finally decided to turn against you. It was bound to happen with your flippant behavior,"] Date finally spoke chuckling wolfishly as he stood as well bowing towards the elders. He ruffled Zakje's hair to the point he grimaced as he left as well without another word.
[#CD3278 "I must admit, as Arashiro-domo has said this is rather interesting,"] Hiroki the last of the elders finally spoke. Zakje could never get a read on that one. Sumida was easy to figure out; he kind of hated everyone and was willing to do anything to keep everyone feeling under his thumb. Arashiro kept him around because when he wasn't being such an ass, he did have a good head for tactics. Hiroki was the quietest of the lot, and truthfully probably had the most of Zakje's respect. [#CD3278 "What do you think Ogawa-san,"] he turned his gaze to the only other candidate for babysitting.
[#6B8E23 "Sir, I believe Kaneko-san would be the best fit to watch over the girl."]
[#00C78C "Now wait a minute! Don't I get a say in this debate?"]
[#6B8E23 "You said plenty when you defended the girl. I may have as well, but you did so first with no hesitation something rather unlike you. If we're being honest you are closest to her in age. Perhaps she would feel more comfortable and may actually do something with this chance,"] Ogawa remarked as he stood.
[#996633 "We can't trust her, so you want to pair her with the other least trusted person here? A bold move may earn your place here Kaneko-san or show your true colors like certain others-"] Zakje was on his feet with his hand on his hilt ready to draw in an instant. Hiroki was quicker, Zakje didn't even see him as the old man managed to be standing right beside him with his hand covering his keeping the sword sheathed.
[#CD3278 "Sano-san I believe a decision has been made, thank you for your input and you may leave now,"] Hiroki spoke levelly not showing a hint of frustration or anger as Sano backed down, bowing to the elders and leaving as well.

All that remained were Ogawa, Zakje, the girl, and the elders. It seemed it was a losing battle, and then Zakje released a groan, relaxing his posture as he finally got an answer to that nagging sensation, hindsight was never his friend.
[#00C78C "Aye, very well I'll keep an eye on the girl,"] Zakje admitted, mildly defeated but he shook his head. [#00C78C "I'll watch out for Tanaka Hana. Arashiro what are the terms of her proving her worth?"]
  Zakje / HanyouMokushi / 16d 6h 57m 17s
It was now that the younger ones that seated themselves around the elders began to speak among themselves. The much, much larger man spoke out in a booming voice.

[#ab714f "The answer should be obvious, kill her before the situation escalates,"] but all Hana really focused on was 'kill'. Her heart felt like it was going to beat right out of her chest, her head light and her hands began to tremble...but she didn't want to show weakness. Not if she was ever going to get out.

Hana seated herself to regain control of her emotions and folded her hands in her lap to stop them from visibly shaking. Trying to keep her mind calm and sharp. Panicking right now wasn't going to help. The Chieftain continued to speak and argue about what they were going to do with her. Half-demon came up again? The elder, Sumida, had mentioned before she was only half-human. It didn't take long for realization to hit her.

Clearly these men weren't normal. They seemed godly like in power and appearance..but the stories were merely stories? No time to truly process what's even being said about her or the situation.

Eventually the room finally had turned their attention completely back to her as the man that called himself 'Zakje' spoke and asked for her name. Even the elders quieted down and focused on her. [#892a57 "My name is Tanaka Hana."] She mustered out her voice and did her best to not seem fearful, but her voice still wavered.

"[b Tanaka-san,]" the eldest spoke her name with a moment of pause.

"[b It is that merely your birth in of itself is a crime.]" Hana blinked in confusion. How can she commit such a crime when she had no choice in the matter? "[b But the real issue is you almost uncovered what we had worked so hard to hide. Demon's do not fear humans but wish to never interact with them again. If they were to know we still existed...who knows what wicked things they may try to do.]"

It started to make sense. Her mother didn't tell her pretend stories..they were real. Hana's eyes flickered to each man in the room. Their people had suffered a great deal due to some of the nasty beings that lived in her world...but how was Hana at fault? "[b I can see you're still confused. Do you not remember just yesterday? I am sure you are well aware of the power you exerted to those men on the street corner.]"

Without hesitation, [#892a57 "I was protecting a young boy. I had no idea..."] her voice trailed off once more as her eyes fell to the hands that tightly balled up in her lap. It was true, she did some how release this 'power' from her hands...but she had no idea how or even how she could do it again. She felt angry, scared, she didn't want to die. Not for something she had no control over.

[#892a57 "Until just yesterday I was a human girl. Nothing different. Now today you tell me otherwise? That I am at fault. I believe this is unjust!"] She found herself shouting, tears of frustration in her eyes. Though the eldest, Arashiro, seemed amused by the outburst but the others were quiet the opposite in their reaction to her outburst.

[#ab714f "You are in no position to speak of what is unjust nor raise your voice at the Elders. How are we to just assume you're not lying? Half-demon or not you're still partly human...and still untrustworthy. Clearly this girl has no respect..my opinion still stands."]

His voice was cold, his eyes even colder, if looks could kill Hana would have died a thousand deaths. A cold chill down her spine and she was quick to quiet down again. "[b Now, quiet down, Sano-san.]"
"[#cf220c Yes, no need to get so hasty, Sano-san. She's clearly lashing out like a terrified little rabbit wanting to live.]" his words seemed to be in her defense but the smile and his eyes said he'd personally cut out her tongue if she spoke like that again.

The one they called Sano let out a gruff sigh but quieted down. "[b You're right, as was Kaneko-san, and Ogawa-san. But we simply can't let you go back to the human world. There is just too much information that you know now. What shall we do? I don't suppose the Demon society would be so kind to accept her.]"

"[b [i Of course not!]]" Sumida shouted. "[b [i She a walking reminder why we don't mingle with humans. Who would allow such a thing to continue.]]"
"[#cf220c Well, surely we can't just sit around all day. I have other business to attend to. What shall it be?]"
"[b Well, lets ask those who defended her.]" She followed the gaze of the rest of the men to those who did speak up in defense. The one they called Ogawa and Zakje. "[b What do you say? If she cannot return to her home, and demon's will seemingly reject her?]"

Why should she allow her life to rest in their decision? Maybe if..."[#892a57 What if...]" Hana started and their eyes all snapped back to her. "[#892a57 What if I prove myself worthy to be apart of your society? I am half-demon after all...I think I have that right.]" She bowed with the request, keeping her eyes on the floor, saying a partial prayer in her head.

"[b Interesting...]"
"[#ab714f Not possible. Who could trust her? Surely none of us would want to babysit this girl until she ultimately fails.]"
"[b [i I agree, Who would even watch over her?]]"

Hana could feel her heart sinking but continued to bow deeply. "[#892a57 All I ask is a chance. My life depends on it.]"
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It was going to be a bad day. Not sure how, why, or who, but it was going to be a bad day, and there was nothing that was changing Zakje's mind about it.
[#33A1C9 "Kaneko-san, sir,"] a voice disturbed his brooding. He didn't show any signs of hearing the other demon. Not even a twitch of his ears or a sway from his horns. He knew who it was, Jiro. A decent enough individual he was a shape shifter with the scales of a snake in his true form along with a serpentine tail. He was fidgeting from one foot to the other. [#33A1C9 "Kaneko-san, sir, about the summons..."] he tried again. Zakje could give him credit for being professional. In his opinion he was professional enough for both of them. It was an odd position to be a chieftain in charge of a wandering group of people, it seemed...silly wandering spoke freedom to him yet he was in charge of their freedom? He didn't like it, but perhaps there needed to be some control so they wouldn't do anything excessively stupid. Mildly stupid, is acceptable since you can't cure that even in demons. [#33A1C9 "Kanek."]
[#00C78C "Call me that one more time, and I won't hesitate to throw you in the river, oh ye who can't swim,"] Zakje interrupted finally turning around to look at the other demon.
[#33A1C9 "Zakje, my apologies but still would it kill you to have some...professionalism?"]
[#00C78C "I have a summons to go to where I'm going to hear far more of that then I would like to hear. You've known me far longer to know my particular quirk on that, yet you still try to make me feel something about that? A rather poor effort this time,"] he smirked revealing a fang.
[#33A1C9 "You already knew about this didn't you? How long,"] Jiro responded with a sigh seeing that Zakje was being Zakje.
[#00C78C Let's see I'm supposed to be back at Yayama this evening, yes? Well since I’m not cooped up in a room nor rightly have any responsibilities on paper. I do this crazy thing, and listen, surely you know these charms aren't just for show,"] he absently flicked one of the talismans on his antler it made a musical chime. [#00C78C "So I've known for about...a week?"]
[#33A1C9 "WHAT?! You're lying! Why didn't you say anything,"] Jiro shrieked causing some birds to scatter in the treetops.
[#00C78C "I couldn't be sure, I hear a lot of things Jiro, it takes time to sort them all out from the real world, humans, demons, even dreams. And you wonder why I don't sleep much? Besides not like I could say anything to the council, it wasn't really in my jurisdiction, I believe the girl came from the Western Provinces wouldn't that be Eikichi's territory? You know he doesn't like me."]
[#33A1C9 "With that attitude no wonder none of the other chieftains like you!"]
[#00C78C "Yet none of them can touch me, guess I'm ahead of the game with that. They may not like or trust me for that matter, but I do my job and mind my business; I'm not fishing for any praise here. Never am,"] he remarked with a shrug easily hoping down from the branches with a practice grace that even Makoto couldn't match. Not bad for a one armed man. He landed on the ground in a crouch, tilting his head a little this way and that, not hearing anything to be of concerned to them. Zakje stood up straightening his clothes as he pulled out a charm slip and placed it against the tree. With a gentle tune the charm hummed to life accessing one of the portals he had set up in the area. [#00C78C "Shall we see what all the fuss is about?"]

[center ~*~*~*~*~*~*~]
The duo made their triumphant return to Yayama with no incident, as if it would be an issue for Zakje. Jiro bowed his head and left leaving Zakje with his usually mother henning to mind his tongue and simply do as he was told. What Zakje would give to have to avoid the summons all together, maybe get some decent food and drink, but alas even he couldn't shirk certain duties. He may have known about the girl for a week but nothing substantial, just that [i something] was agitating some of the smaller demons in the area, like a ripple effect and it left him more sleepless then usual trying to decipher all the chattering, but perhaps for the best he didn't say anything. It wouldn't do to cause panic not to mention who else would be listening. He looked to the night sky with a somber look. It's been awhile since such creatures went bump in the night, but he blew a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Can't do anything now may as well wait and see what was to happen next.
Zakje was what he would consider fashionably late to the gathering hall. It seems their prisoner hasn't been brought in yet, but it didn't stop the noise when he entered the hall.
[#6B8E23 "You're late Kaneko,"] Ogawa barked as soon as he entered, he's gotten better at not flinching when he heard his name but it didn't stop the groan.
[#00C78C "Sorry, had to travel a little further then you to get here. So did you managed to go to the next village over or turn tail half-way as usual,"] Zakje asked smugly taking his seat at the end closest to the door.
[#6B8E23 "Some of us have more pressing issues to deal with then scouting."]
[#DC143C "At ease Ogawa-san, Kaneko-san does his job keeping the other villages safe and providing information on the situation,"] Sato smoothed over quickly enough.
[#00C78C "Something has you in a mood, you're not one to jump to anyone's defense, sure as hell not mine,"] Zakje spat back, he never could trust Sato when he was being amicable, he had to have something planned.
[#DC143C "Only your lack of competence to control this very situation we're in now,"] Sato spoke back serenely enough if not for that wicked glint to his eyes.
[#00C78C "[i My]] [#00C78C competence? I heard she was found in [i your]] [#00C78C territory, and guess what it's a helluva a lot smaller then my jurisdiction of covering all of your asses when you can't even look outside to see that something is wrong,"] Zakje shot back leaning back in his seat with a smirk. He didn't have any proof that something was wrong but when it came to certain...omens as it were Zakje was pretty spot on with them. Couldn't predict the when so frequently only that something was amiss. But he fell silent keeping his thoughts to himself when Sano hollered for silence as the girl was escorted in.

Zakje figured she was young, but not [i that] young. She seemed barely out of being a kid. But he would admit having issues on judging the proper age of humans they aged so much faster than demons. But as the elders began to speak there was silence, from the other chieftains some mumbling between them, but all had their eyes on the girl. He could feel the tension in the air, and couldn’t help but feel nauseated by it, which may have given the girl his own look of disgust.
[#00C78C "Well Date might eat you, that used to be a thing a century or so ago wasn't? Offering young maidens to your alter for sacrifice,"] Zakje mentioned offhandedly earning a growl from the Chieftain in question as well as a nasty glare from Sano for interrupting the elders. Zakje was never a fans of the Elders, they kind of demanded respect and he would begrudgingly give it but there were a little too...old.
[#996633 "The answer should be obvious, kill her before the situation escalates,"] Sano boomed voicing his opinion, even compared to the elders and the other chieftains Sano was a beast to deal with and a very loyal little puppy to the elders. Zakje often wondered if there was anything between his ears.
[#00C78C "Extreme doesn't even cover that claim. We're supposed to be better than the humans, not their equals in blatant massacre,"] Zakje interrupted.
[#996633 "You more than most should know what humans are capable of. Don't let naiveté cloud your judgment,"] Sano barked back. It took a lot of will power on Zakje's end to not grab the stub of his arm as he looked toward Arashiro.
[#00C78C "Surely sir, you wouldn't be compelled to listen to that idiot."]
[#DC143C "And you haven't fallen to name calling have you Kaneko-san,"] Sato asked.
[#6B8E23 "Even half-human, means she is half-demon, would we be so swiftly to kill one of our own,"] Ogawa spoke using that diplomacy to smooth over the situation of another very real issue.
[b "And what would you recommend to be her sentence,"] Arashiro asked passing a glare to Sumida to silence the fool.
[#00C78C "And all of you seem to be missing the point, I'm surprised Ogawa didn't point this out sooner,"] Zakje began looking straight to the girl. [#00C78C "Do you know what crimes you have committed? Knowingly or unknowingly so? I'm going to assume not, so it's not my place to pass judgment. How about you tell us your name, then we can stop calling you an it and the elder,"] he pointed to Arashiro. [#00C78C "Arashiro can tell you what you have done. My name is Kaneko Katsu, but you may call me Zakje."]
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Hana sat in the small unfamiliar room. The day before running through her mind...trying to remember what got her there.

[center -Yesterday-]

Hana Tanaka had done her daily chores for her mother. Cleaning the clothes, sewing any kimono's the had become frayed, and preparing the morning tea for her and breakfast. Hana's mother smile at her lovingly as Hana placed the food in front of her. Her mother was a bit of a frail woman as the age crept up on her, but she still worked hard, even until she made herself sick.

"Mother, you really should take breaks more often." Hana sighed as she sat across from her with her own break fast as her mother set down her sewing. She had been a seamstress since Hana could remember. Her hands always rough, sores, and pricks all over from hard work day in and day out. "[i No, no, I have to help support you and our life, Hana-chan. You're still young and its my duty to take care of you.]" She smiled once more, love and warm, but tired.

Hana rolled her eyes. "I'm an adult, mom" But her mother wasn't hearing any of it as she dug into the meal and the subject changed. They spoke of what was in store for their day, trivial things like Hana's studies, if she has found anyone tho interested her yet, and the typical mother's worry of her married off soon.

As breakfast had wrapped up Hana began to clean, but the gently hand laying over her own caused her to stop and look at her mother. "Mom?" She merely stared, there was a bit of sadness in her eyes, as she got older she noticed how more often her mother would look at her sadly.

"[i You look just like your father...]" Sad, love, anger? Hana just looked at her mother and she smiled. "I wish I didn't." "[i Don't talk like that. He was a good man and it was unfortunate that we couldn't be.]" Hana's mother always spoke like that of her father. The man that left before Hana was born.

He'd sent letters early on..but they stopped and Hana stopped caring. Eventually the not caring turned into hate. They lived like this because that man abandon them. People in the village whispered about the woman who was a single mother.

Hana finished cleaning the breakfast and her mother returned to her work. "[i I have some clients coming today, Hana-chan. Would you mind running to the market to get some more tea? They are very important.]" Hana nodded. "Of course. Would you need anything else?" She simply nodded and gave her a smile as she left their small home toward the market.


The market was busier than usual. It didn't surprise Hana much, it was starting to warm up outside and that brought the crowd out to enjoy it. A lot of women her age walking with men, giggling, flirting. It was about her age...even younger really, that they were interested in marriage or married of. Hana never considered marriage..she had her mother to take care of as he grew older and more frail.

Hana had began her journey back home when she'd heard a bit of a scuff just a bit head of her. It looked like a few bigger guys and a young boy. Maybe 11? Hana had approached the situation just enough to hear their voice as it didn't like...exactly like a friendly meeting. "[b Don't go acting tough kid.]" One sneered pushing the kid causing him to stumble a bit. "[b [i Not my fault you're an idiot.]]" The kid yelled back "[b Why you...]" Hana saw the man reach back, ready to strike the kid.

Without much thought Hana ran over between them, "How dare you raise your hand at a child! What kind of man are you?" The men looked puzzled but the one with his fist in the air howled with laughter. "[b How cute, his little girlfriend stepped in. Out of the way, girl. This little shit wants to talk tough and disrespect us he'll need to be put in his place.]"

"I can't let you harm a child. You're clearly a very insecure man if you have to hit a child." Hana glared and clearly angered the man. "[b Is that how it is, huh? Maybe you need a lesson too.]" His voice low. Hana squeezed her eyes shut as the fist came at her, she was still shielding the boy.

[center -Present-]

That's right.

Hana had protected that boy from those guys and when the man went to attack her she held her hand out and something had happened? almost like a blast of power shot the man back. He had been thrown a few yards back and the men..including the little boy, ran off in fear from her. Yelling 'Demon'. Hana remembered running away from the scene before anyone else could show up but it made such a commotion that even her mother caught wind.

It had seemed to have cooled off by that night but some strange men snuck into her room that night and dragged her off. Unfortunately they covered her eyes so she had no idea how she got here or how far they really took her away.

Hana knew her mother would be worried sick by now. What did these men want? Was it something related to that power?

Hana looked down at her pale hands. They didn't look strong?

Her mind was racing but came to a screeching hault when the door slid open. Hana held her breath, making her self as small as possible, until a female figure walked through the door her face a friendly smile that fell when she looked at Hana.

"[i You must be terribly frightened. I am sorry for the way they acted.]" Her voice..soft and soothing. "Where am I?" The girl gave her a puzzled look. "[i You're in the Temple of Divinity.]" but sensing that Hana still didn't understand she continued "[i The Temple in the middle of the main city of Yayama?]" Hana merely looked at her. There was no village of Yayama. Or she'd never heard of it.

"[i You must not know. It's a Demon village. I had assumed since...]" She trailed of realized that Hana must have been completely clueless as to where she was or even what she was.

"Since?" The girl shook her head. "[i I haven spoken too much. I did not realize...]" The girl waved her hand. "[i The 5 chieftain have arrived and you're being summoned.]" Hana merely blinked once more. "[i I am here to get you presentable. Come.]" Hana paused, not trusting this woman, but deeply curious as well.

The woman did her hair, placed her in a clean kimono, and sent her off into the main gathering hall. There sat 8 men...all fierce and terrifying. There was the eldest in the middle, and on one side sat another elder man with 2 of what she assumed were chieftains. And the other was another elderly man and 3 of what she assumed were chieftains, sitting in a bit of a curved line as to see everyone clearly.

"[b Come in, girl..]" the eldest spoke in a raspy voice ushering Hana into the middle of the room.

Hana approached slowly until she stood with all eyes on her. The feeling of their eyes was terrifying and she felt frozen. Like a small animal cornered by the hunter.

The elder seemed to soften up once she came a little closer. But clearly still pensive and the other males in the room clearly disgusted seeing her. "[b No need to be so timid, girl. We wont eat you...but we do have a serious matter on our hands.]" She started to feel sick. What was all of this? What was happening and who were this men...if you could call them that. They certainly weren't any normal men that she'd ever met.

"[b [i Now, Arashiro, don't go soft on that thing.]]" The elder to his right sneered, clearly angered and disgusted. "[b [i She isn't merely some girl. Remember who we're speaking with.]]" The man the other referred to as Arashiro waved him off. "[b Now, there is no need to be nasty, Sumida. Yes, I know who she is and must I remind you who you're speaking with?]" The one referred to as Sumida heaved a sigh and merely kept his mouth shut. Arashiro must be some ultimate authority or at least very well respected.

"[b Now, young girl, do you realize why you've been summoned?]" Arashiro asked turning his gaze back at her. Hana went to speak but she couldn't get any words out. They all waited in silence. "[b [i Speak girl!]]" The man on the left now spoke, his voice much deeper than the other two. They, along with the much younger men at their side, all quieted down again. "I- No, I don't."
"[b [i Clearly she's lying, Arashiro.]]" Sumida spoke. "[b [i Even half of a human is enough to be a liar.]]"

Hana blinked in confusion. None of them seem as if there were going to clarify to her. "[b What do you say Chieftains? Is she lying and what shall be her punishment for her crimes?]" Arashiro asked those men that sat around him that he referred to as 'Chieftains'. '[i Crimes?]' Hana questioned in her mind...what on earth? Hana had committed no crimes.
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