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[size12 It was another long day for the blonde. Being a house full of all her family. She tries to go out and do things around the city, but everyone seems to worry about her so much. She never wanted anyone to go with her anyways, because she loved the thought of being alone. She was always told that is very unhealthy that she likes to be alone. Many of her siblings told her that she should go out and get to know someone. Maddie didn’t know if she liked the idea of meeting someone that wasn’t her family. She trusted no one except her family. There was always a reason why, but going into depth with it, was not something she quite enjoyed. Maddie eyes were scanning the area. Wondering where she could possibly go. Madeline decided that she will just spend the day at the library, reading. Reading was her escape from the real world. She loved reading. She didn’t have to think about her life, when she was basically reading a fictional life about someone else.]

[size12 Madeline realized that she read a lot of books throughout the day. When she realized what time it was, she knew that she needed to get home as soon as possible. Madeline gathered up her belongings, and put her jacket on, as she worked slowly home. Madeline looked at the house, and she really just wanted to do something. Without her family. She knew she already did something, but she kind of wanted to get out of her shell. She just wanted a friend that knew nothing about her. A friend that would accept her for who she is, and would be patient with her. Madeline didn’t even know if those kind of people existed. Madeline sighed and then walked inside. Her whole family was waiting for her. Madeline is supposed to “check in,” but she never listens to their rules. Usually ends up with her getting a lecture from Charlie. Madeline sighed lightly, as she saw him standing in front of everyone. She just shook her head, [b “I know, I know…”]] [size12 Then she made her way off to her room.]

[size12 Madeline shut her door behind her, and then she went and sat on her bed. Madeline then looked up and saw that Jasmine was walking into her room. Madeline sighed lightly. Madeline knew that this was either going to be good or bad. Madeline watched her as she sat on her. “Maddie, you should go out! You are always going to the library. Why not broaden your wings, and go to a bar or something.” Maddie eyes kind of widen at what her sister was saying. Madeline never thought of going to a place like that. She doesn’t even drink. What would be the point of going there? Just because? Maddie looked at her for a moment. [b “You know I don’t drink, Jas, or associate with places like that.”]] [size12 Maddie just frowned at her sister, and then Jasmine just shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room. Maddie blinked and then just simply shook her head.]

[size12 Maddie sat on her bed for about an hour, pondering the idea of going to a bar. Maddie sighed lightly, and then thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. Madeline went and looked at her closest. She wanted to dress somewhat nice, but not like she was richy or anything. Maddie chose a very nice summer dress and smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Madeline was a little nervous to even walk into a bar. And even alone. She knew men were try something. The thing is Madeline probably would be grossed out by it. Any type of male that isn’t her family grosses her out. That’s what made Maddie so different. She was a full blown out lesbian, and even thinking about a guy like that made her want to vomit in her mouth. Maddie sighed as she let her blonde hair down. It was naturally wavy, so she didn’t have too much to her hair. She slightly smiled at herself, as she grabbed her keys and headed for the front door.]

[size12 Madeline felt her heart starting to race, as she knew Charlie wasn’t going to be okay with this, and the rest of her family was going to be excited about it. Madeline saw as eyes were all on her. She heard whistles from everyone except Charlie. He had his arms crossed across his chest. Madeline pursed her lips, and looked at him, [b “It’s something different, Charlie.. I promise, I’ll be alright.”]] [size12 Madeline knew she needed to leave immediately, or he was going to start hounding her with questions. Madeline reached for the handle, as she realized that she was shaking. You could tell that she was beyond nervous.]

[size12 Madeline looked for the closest bar near her. She felt her blue eyes just skim the area, and then she got out of the car, and went inside. She watched as some people looked at her, and some people didn’t even bother with her. Madeline went and found a table, and ordered something light to eat. Maddie wasn’t a drinker, but if she found someone that possibly caught her attention, she might try.]

[size12 Maddie watched as other people were dancing to the loud music, and then she jumped when she heard a voice. She turned her head slightly, and looked at the female. Maddie started to bite on her bottom lip kind of fast. The female that was asking her if she would like a drink was absolutely stunning. Maddie then realized that she was just staring at her. Maddie looked away quickly, and then nodded, [b “Uh.. Sure… Never drank before. So I’m not sure what to get.”]] [size12 Maddie was hoping this female wouldn’t just laugh at her and walk away. This was all new for her. She was willing to try something new, and she was definitely doing something new, that’s for sure.]
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[font "Lucida Console" [size11 A small sigh passed though the pink haired woman's lips as she looked at herself in the mirror. She spotted Maddie standing behind her and she shook her head lightly. [#E8ADAA "I know what you are going to say Maddie. So don't fucking bother"] she snapped. Maddie smirked lightly and walked up behind her, putting her hands on her shoulders. [b "Willow, don't be so hard on yourself. It's just practice"] she said lightly. Willow lowered her eyes and looked down at her hands on her lap. It didn't matter if it was just practice or not.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 [#E8ADAA "I know it is, but I feel like I failed all of you.. I hate feeling like this, but I honestly don't feel like myself right now"]]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 [b "I can tell you aren't yourself Illow. But you have to realize, you are doing your best and that's all I ask of all of you"]]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 [#E8ADAA "I know that's what you ask, but you know me. I've always been like this. I always push myself to be better than I was the week before"] she said sighing a bit.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 Maddie pulled up a chair and she cocked her head slightly the side. [b "Willow Combs, are you telling me that you are kicking yourself in the ass right now?"] she asked a stern look on her face. Willow nodded lightly and sighed a bit. She reached for her brush and ran it though her hair. [b "I want you to take at least two weeks off. You aren't allowed to enter the building, and you aren't allowed to come to practices"] Maddie said as she stood. Willow's heart dropped to her feet.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 [#E8ADAA "Maddie.. Please.. Don't do this.. I can do better I promise"] she said slightly freaking out. Maddie looked at her best friend and leaned down hugging her tightly. [b "I know you can, but I want you to take some time off. Maybe then you'll realize what's the matter"] she said. Willow hugged the woman back and sighed lightly, giving in. Maddie stood and walked out of Willow's dressing room, leaving her alone. She looked at herself in the mirror and stuck her tongue out. Since she was off, she might as well make the best of it.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 She applied a little bit of make up, and added a little bit more curl into her hair. She then stood and grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder. She walked out of the room and shut the light off. She stopped by Maddie's dressing room and poked her head in. [#E8ADAA "I'll see you in a couple of weeks"] she said. Maddie looked up and smiled. [b "Have fun"] she said waving her hand. Willow just shook her head and walked out of the Candy building, heading to her car.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 She slid behind the wheel and started the car up. She thought about heading to her favorite bar, and hoped that someone would catch her eye tonight. She headed into town and spotted the building. She pulled into the parking lot, shut the car off and climbed out. She made sure her wallet was in her pocket, and left her bag in the car. She shut the door and locked it behind her. She then headed into the building, the music already blaring. She was itching to get onto the dance floor, but she wanted someone to dance with.]]

[font "Lucida Console" [size11 When she walked in, her eyes scanned the area and her eyes landed on a blonde woman. She wasn't much older than her, and her heart skipped a bit. She walked over and leaned onto the counter. She cocked her head slightly to the side and smiled lightly. [#E8ADAA "Hello there beautiful, can I buy you a drink?"] she asked lightly. She locked her eyes on the woman's, and her heart skipped a beat again. Something about this woman was drawing her in, she didn't know what it was, but she hoped the woman felt it too.]]
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