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Hi this is my first crack at roleplaying so I must warn ya I may be a little low on your preferred role-play level ☺️

This is a role-play set In Oklahoma and I will be playing the lead male character. I am looking for someone to play Charlotte who is on vacation with her boyfriend heading to corpis Christi Texas but they have stopped in Oklahoma for the week to do some site seeing. My character will be from Oklahoma but visiting some In the city when they meet.

I have an idea about how Charlotte should look. If possible I would like her to be tall, blonde, with hazel eyes. Yes I know kinda particular lol. But there's a reason for this but I'm not stuck on it and can be swayed to a different look. Would prefer to keep the hazel eyes though if possible. I know who I would like to play Charlotte but if the person is unavailable I would play with someone else.

Possible other positions that may need to be filled depending on what my female lead would prefer are as follows.

Megan: my characters girlfriend in the story who isn't around at the beginning.
Charlotte's boyfriend: who is around but not quite in person at the beginning.
My brother the sheriff: yes my brother is the sheriff
Zack: Charlotte's boyfriend

I will be looking for the lead female first before any other characters. When I have my partner I would update on wether or not we will be needing the other characters.

You may have to take it slow and walk me through some of the things like how the change the color of text for one. yes I know very annoying and I apologise ahead of time.

I appreciate all of you taking the time to look at this and I hope we might get to create something fun together.

PS. I have a job so it may take a few days for me to reply and I understand I may not be the only one with a life lol.


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Okay that had been the WORST ride she could have picked for them to go on first. Thinking about it, Charlotte should have picked it as the last. And as the world blurred by and her hand was in his, the girl felt oddly better. She still hated it, but it was better knowing that she had someone there with her. [#be5cf5 "There is more to this one?"] She asked and gave a look to him. Yeah she was never doing this one again.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 8d 6h 17m 20s
Harry held her hand firmly as the world blurred, gritting his teeth as they were forced back in their seats. After about 15 seconds the ride finally slowed down as it reached the opposite end. As the ride was still moving, a lot slower now, Harry quickly looked at Charlotte and managed to get out, [#d21e3f "get ready! Not done yet!"] Before feeling the rollercoaster bump to a short stop.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 8d 6h 25m 37s
Her head tilted to his words as they were spoken. [#be5cf5 "I doubt that I could hate you.. And kind of a habit, you know waitress here."] The young woman said, flashing Harry a bright smile. Honestly she was curious what the words had meant.

As soon as the countdown began and when the ride jolted forward, Charlotte understrood. This ride was going to be hell and without thinking her hand gripped his and she couldn't help her screams. She liked roller coasters, but even this was too much for her and left a sinking in her stomach.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 8d 6h 37m 15s
Harry looked over at Charlotte with a sigh as he saw the person operating the ride radio the operator on the other end, he gazed into her hazel eyes as he replied, [#d21e3f "you are right and I apologise Charlotte, honestly I just hope you don't hate me after this."] Then he frowned before continuing, [#d21e3f "and I appreciate your manners but you don't have to call me sir."]

Harry heard the operator begin to count down from ten and instinctively reached for Charlotte's hand as he looked forward in preparation for the uncomfortable ride.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 8d 6h 53m 17s
[#be5cf5 "By the way you said your words and the smirk you gave before. Those make for a bad way to have a gal trust you, sir."] Charlotte said as he did her straps nice and tight. When she tried to move, the blonde beauty with the hazel eyes found she couldn't and was all but pinned to her seat. An interesting thought came to mind but she was quick to push it out of her mind.

There was a subtle change to the man's demeanor as he tightened his own straps. But she could have been imagining it, right? [#be5cf5 "You sure you're good and we're not in for hell to pay?"] She asked, her head turning just enough to look at the man.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 8d 6h 45m 41s
Harry chuckled as he made sure Charlotte was strapped in securely before replying, [#d21e3f "I don't know, why don't you trust me?"] Then strapped himself in, pulling the straps as tight as possible. He was feeling a bit nervous now for this ride was his least favorite in the park, not that he would admit it to Charlotte or let her see it on his face.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 8d 7h 3m 14s
Okay so maybe she was being a "brat" in the way she was behaving but she hardly got to do things like this anymore. She even loved roller coasters, or mostly did. Her eyes were fixated on Harry the whole time and she was watching his eyes as they seemed almost glued to her. Was this normal? And as that was the case, her cheeks flushed a soft pink because she found she liked the attention. Just something about it made her feel good.

[#be5cf5 "Now why don't I trust you and those words, sir?"] Charlotte asked when he had moved ahead of her. It had only taken a couple minutes and soon she was in the seat of the cart beside him.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 9d 22h 17m 30s
Harry was momentarily distracted as he watched Charlotte bite her lip, finally having her question penetrate his thoughts. He looked into her captivating hazel eyes while unsure what he wanted to do more, snicker or just stare, finally he snapped out of his thoughts enough to reply, [#d21e3f "absolutely nothing, just wanted to make sure"] then stepped in front of Charlotte before she noticed his devilish grin.

He quickly straightened his face before taking a seat in the middle car and watching Charlotte.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 10d 18h 59m 22s
The smirk on the man's lips had her bottom lip drawn between her teeth as she looked up at him. She didn't know why he seemed to be smirking. But then she had NO idea what ride she had chosen. The young woman had simply seen a roller coaster and wanted to go on it. Was that so bad? [#be5cf5 "Yes! I'm sure I want to go on this one! What's wrong with it anyway?"] She asked, teeth letting go of her bottom lip as her head tilted and hazel eyes were locked upon Harry.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 10d 19h 10m 21s
Luckily they had arrived while few people were around so they didn't have to wait in line, unfortunately for Charlotte she had picked the silver bullet for her first ride and Harry couldn't help but smirk to himself before asking innocently, [#d21e3f "you want to ride this one first?"] Hoping she didn't mind going speeds exceeding one hundred miles per hour.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 10d 21h 7m 11s
The girl gave a mocking pout as the man had said she mist certaintly did owe him a round of drinks for the "heart attack". And as her hand was taken, the young woman pulled him to his feet with the same mocking pout upon her lips as the two stood waiting at the light. [#be5cf5 "Sorry, daddy.."] Charlotte said, her words being all sweet and innocent as she was led across the street.

When they had gotten to the other side, she noticed he still had yet to let go of her hand. [#be5cf5 "What's the matter, don't trust me?"] She asked with a giggle as she raised their still interlocked hands, hazel eyes still dancing as she was led through the twelve feet tall arches. Again she was all but bouncing with excitement and all but dragged Harry to the first roller coaster that she saw. [#be5cf5 "This! We HAVE to do this first!"]
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 10d 21h 37m 24s
[#d21e3f "you most definitely do after that heart attack!"] Harry said before allowing her to pull him to his feet, keeping a firm hold of her hand as he pushed the cross walk button giving her a mock glare, finally chuckling as he shook his head at her as he led Charlotte across the now traffic free road.

Harry realized that he was still holding her hand but decided that after the incident moments earlier he was loathe to let her go. They reached the entrance to the amusement park and Harry looked at Charlotte before saying, [#d21e3f "hope you like this."] And leading her through the twelve foot tall arches.
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 10d 21h 43m 32s
Sometimes she could be so childish and so carefree and it got her into trouble. And in those few short moments when she had run off ahead that was apparent. The light had turned green and she had not noticed the black car racing her way until it was nearly too late. If Harry wouldn't have been there, Charlotte would have gotten hit and probably would have been a goner.

Both of them fell to the ground rather roughly, her on top of him as he had pulled her back. The young woman's breath was quick and her body trembling against his. It took her a few moments to calm down and to move to be sitting at his side. A bright smile came to her lips and she nodded. [#be5cf5 "Thanks to you I'm fine. You just saved my life."] She said as she stood and took his hand to pull him up. [#be5cf5 "I think I owe you a round of drinks later!"] She trilled with a giggle, her hazel eyes dancing.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 11d 2h 9m 33s
Before Harry could reply she was off like a firecracker, leaving him gaping for a moment before laughing and giving chase. Harry was barely two steps behind her when he noticed that she was fixing to run across a street where the light had just turned green, seeing a blur of black speeding towards Charlotte's left side Harry barely had a moment to think, acting instinctively he grabbed Charlotte around the waist from behind and kicked the side of the black Sudan causing them to fall back roughly with her on top of Harry.

Harry held her close as he tried to calm his breathing and racing heart, finally after a minute he sat up and asked her, [#d21e3f "are you okay?"]
  Harry Sherwood / Crompth / 11d 17h 42m 43s
Seemed she did have an effect on this man, which was interesting. She didn't know why but there was something enduring about it. And it made her know also to be careful in actions she took or made. Though she was outgoing enough and expressive the last thing she wanted was to make anyone uncomfortable. Just that smile told her that he was uneasy but she decided to leave it alone and to act like she noticed nothing. Charlotte didn't mind acting the "ditsy blonde" when it was needed.

[#be5cf5 "I bet the sunrises are just beautiful at that time. And from how you put it, the work does sound amazing and like it is very worth it."] Her words were soft and thoughtful when she spoke them. Very much was she truly interested in all that Harry happened to say and she had to admit if he was ALWAYS so open. She knew for a fact that she wasn't always like this.

Her cheeks flushed a soft pink at his words on her being the part time model. A giggle slipped from her and she shook her head. [#be5cf5 "That's really sweet of you!"] She said with a bright smile and a teasing wink. Her attention was then on being a waitress and she nodded, hands returning to her back pockets. [#be5cf5 "Especially when you get the orders wrong or not as quick as they want. But in its own sense it has its rewards."]

She was thoughtful on his words with the horse and nodded slowly.[#be5cf5 "Well I think that makes sense. Maybe you can show me a day of the farm life?"] Okay, forward but she REALLY was curious and she did only have a week. It would be an adventure for sure and perhaps a once in a lifetime chance. Hazel eyes then traveled to the amusement park as it was coming to view and she took off running towards it. Her excitement had gotten the better of her.
  Charlotte / SheDevil / 11d 20h 13m 39s

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