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[center There are just too many of these and yet here I am adding to the mass.]

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Yeah. Hi. This is yet another search thread. Whoop-de-friggin-do.

[center Anywhoville.]

Here's some guidelines of mine. Please note that this is also for my other account -Serenity-. Two birds, one potato.

[b -] I'm willing to do pretty much any genre but some genres are less likely to grab my attention than others. I'm well adapted to fantasy and supernatural. Things like sci-fy/futuristic, apocalyptic, alien/space travel, etc are not exactly topics that stick out to me but with the right concept plot, I might be interested.

[b -] I only do MxM and MxF parings. I also play primarily male characters so the chances of me playing female are slim to none. Although I CAN play female characters, please don't ask me to. I am TERRIBLE at playing female characters as a main role. An NPC, no problems. Don't have to think too much. As a main character? Nope.

[b -] Anime/Digital art/Illustrated images only. I won't use real images primarily for the reason that it's just weird. At least with a drawn image it's not someones actual face)I admit, one character on -Serenity- has real images but most of them are painted style and I use those more than the real). I also like to match image styles as well as setting style clothing so everything flows together. It's not required but I just like it as it's aesthetically pleasing.

[b -] No Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu type characters. This one should be obvious though.

[b -] All my characters have preexisting backgrounds. However, I'm flexible with them and I'm willing to bend them around quite a bit. I expect my partners to be the same way but to the limit they are comfortable with. Flexibility is key when roleplaying. A temporary alteration for the sake of a story doesn't make the original disappear.

[b -] I am willing to do some anime based stories. However, I would have to have some knowledge or had to have seen the show in order to do anything on them. As far as pairings go, I prefer CANON x OC pairings but I am willing to do CANON x CANON pairings as well depending on the pairing. I am also willing to do crossovers as well depending on what anime worlds are getting crossed. If OCs are involved, I prefer to play the Canon character depending on the anime and depending on the story line. I'm not entirely fond of OC x OC pairings but I MIGHT do it if the idea is convincing enough.

[b -] I'm a patient person so I'm not going to pester people to post. I understand life can get hectic and health doesn't always stay at optimal levels so if things get crazy, just let me know and I'll understand. I go through a lot of the same stuff as does everyone else. We're only human. Communication is a good thing so lets talk and keep each other informed so we aren't left hanging out in the open.

[b -] As far as how much per post I can write, usually it's somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 characters. 2,000 to 3,000 characters is an average post for me but 1,000 to 2,000 is more common. I rarely ever go lower than 1,000 unless it's in a causal free-for-all type thread.

[b -] I will never do one-liners and I will not roleplay with someone outside of a free-for-all that does one-liners. Proper grammar is a must as well. I can't stress these enough. I also won't use text talk unless there is a part where it's someone sending a text or email.

[b -] Right now I'm only accepting 1x1 roleplays. Groups can be a bit tedious to keep up with. If I want to join one, I'll search on my own for one that suits me.

[b -] I might do double characters. However, this all depends on how much I like the plot and what characters I have or if I have to make new ones. The keyword here is [b MIGHT].

[b -] I am all for collaboration and sharing ideas. Progressing the story and helping each other come up with the next scene is a big thing to me as it helps give more structure to the plot as a whole. So lets talk and help each other build the story together.

[center If this hasn't scared anyone off, I don't know what will.]

[b I have a few story ideas already in mind. Quite a few actually. Probably too many to even bother listing. But here's a list of the basic genres they are under. This list will be updated with any changes.]

[b -] Anime

[b -] Sci-fy? Futuristic?

I have other ideas but these are the ones I've been most excited for. Some of the other ideas I have aren't fleshed out or I created a character that I want to use but I don't have any solid ideas for them. I'm open to possible ideas from others as well so if you have one you think I might like, let me know. Or we can just make something up on the fly and go with that.

[b I have some characters that I don't particularly have any story for but I would like to use. Although they may be fit for certain settings, we can build ideas off of the characters and go from there.]

Hopefully all this didn't give you a headache. PM me if you have any questions!



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