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[center There are just too many of these and yet here I am adding to the mass.]

Yeah. Hi. This is yet another search thread. Whoop-de-friggin-do.

[center Anywhoville.]

Here's some guidelines of mine. Please note that this is also for my other account -Serenity-. Two birds, one potato.

[b -] I'm willing to do pretty much any genre but some genres are less likely to grab my attention than others. I'm well adapted to fantasy and supernatural. Things like sci-fy/futuristic, apocalyptic, alien/space travel, etc are not exactly topics that stick out to me but with the right concept plot, I might be interested.

[b -] I only do MxM and MxF parings. I also play primarily male characters so the chances of me playing female are slim to none. Although I CAN play female characters, please don't ask me to. I am TERRIBLE at playing female characters as a main role. An NPC, no problems. Don't have to think too much. As a main character? Nope.

[b -] Anime/Digital art/Illustrated images only. I won't use real images primarily for the reason that it's just weird. At least with a drawn image it's not someones actual face)I admit, one character on -Serenity- has real images but most of them are painted style and I use those more than the real). I also like to match image styles as well as setting style clothing so everything flows together. It's not required but I just like it as it's aesthetically pleasing.

[b -] No Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu type characters. This one should be obvious though. No one is totally flawless. Even the greatest of people have dents.

[b -] All my characters have preexisting backgrounds. However, I'm flexible with them and I'm willing to bend them around quite a bit. I expect my partners to be the same way but to the limit they are comfortable with. Flexibility is key when roleplaying. A temporary alteration for the sake of a story doesn't make the original disappear.

[b -] I am willing to do some anime based stories. However, I would have to have some knowledge or had to have seen the show in order to do anything on them. As far as pairings go, I prefer CANON x OC pairings but I am willing to do CANON x CANON pairings as well depending on the pairing. I am also willing to do crossovers as well depending on what anime worlds are getting crossed. If OCs are involved, I prefer to play the Canon character depending on the anime and depending on the story line. I'm not entirely fond of OC x OC pairings but I MIGHT do it if the idea is convincing enough.

[b -] I'm a patient person so I'm not going to pester people to post. I understand life can get hectic and health doesn't always stay at optimal levels so if things get crazy, just let me know and I'll understand. I go through a lot of the same stuff as does everyone else. We're only human. Communication is a good thing so lets talk and keep each other informed so we aren't left hanging out in the open.

[b -] As far as how much per post I can write, usually it's somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 characters. 2,000 to 3,000 characters is an average post for me but 1,000 to 2,000 is more common. I rarely ever go lower than 1,000 unless it's in a causal free-for-all type thread.

[b -] I will never do one-liners and I will not roleplay with someone outside of a free-for-all that does one-liners. Proper grammar is a must as well. I can't stress these enough. I also won't use text talk unless there is a part where it's someone sending a text or email.

[b -] Right now I'm only accepting 1x1 roleplays. Groups can be a bit tedious to keep up with. If I want to join one, I'll search on my own for one that suits me.

[b -] I might do double characters. However, this all depends on how much I like the plot and what characters I have or if I have to make new ones. The keyword here is [b MIGHT].

[b -] I am all for collaboration and sharing ideas. Progressing the story and helping each other come up with the next scene is a big thing to me as it helps give more structure to the plot as a whole. So lets talk and help each other build the story together.

[center If this hasn't scared anyone off, I don't know what will.]

[b I have a few story ideas already in mind. Quite a few actually. Probably too many to even bother listing. But here's a list of the basic genres they are under. This list will be updated with any changes.]

[b -] Anime

[b -] Sci-fy? Futuristic?

[b -] Ghouls

I have other ideas but these are the ones I've been most excited for. Some ideas may not be fully fleshed out so be warned of vague town. I'm open to possible ideas from others as well so if you have one you think I might like, let me know. Or we can just make something up on the fly and go with that.

[b I have some characters that I don't particularly have any story for but I would like to use. Although they may be fit for certain settings, we can build ideas off of the characters and go from there.]

Hopefully all this didn't give you a headache. PM me if you have any questions!



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