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He sighed and told her that if she wanted to talk to him, he gave her his address, and he stood up. “Listen...” he told her. “If you need me, I gave you my address...” he said to her, then he shuffled off, looking back at her.
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 353d 4h 10m 26s
"I bet you were the same way when whatever happened to [b your] friend, so don't act like you haven't done it before." She replied with a frustrated expression, since Rock was acting like she was the only one who had gone/is going through beating themself up like this.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 353d 4h 23m 21s
“I don’t care if you want to suffer this stuff, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it!” He said, and took off his glasses, showing his bright blue eyes. “I want to do something for you because I know you’re going through some rough shit.” He said
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 353d 4h 26m 45s
Dolores continued to be quiet for a while, unresponsive towards Rock's words. "You already said that." She told him, finally having spoken. "You don't need to do anything. That's pity. Don't pity me. I bet I deserve this...whether I know it or not." Her voice was steady, but so pained.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 353d 4h 32m 3s
“Listen to me...” he said, trying to talk to her. “I just want to talk to you...” he said, sighing a bit, trying to tell her that he wants to do something to help her feel better, but he doesn’t know what he could do
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 353d 4h 35m 37s
"Whatever." Dolores said simply, and bluntly, as she sat next to the male, scooting away from him a bit due to him making her uncomfortable being so close. Her mind didn't seem to budge whatsoever from it's viewpoint.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 353d 4h 48m 12s
He looked at her. “I just wanna talk...that’s it.” He said, and he sat down at the lakeside. “We all make mistakes...especially when we panic...I did the same thing with my friend before inklings killed him...” he told her, trying to tell her she wasn’t alone
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 354d 7h 7m 25s
As she sat there, Dolores heard the male approaching her again. "Go away..." She mumbled, although she knew he most likely wasn't going to listen to her at all. The female Octoling had curled up at the edge of a lake, which was the calmest spot she could try to seclude herself...until Rock had followed her.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 354d 7h 13m 42s
He looked at the ground, seeing the trail of tears, and he carefully followed them to the grate she went through, and he looked around for her, eventually seeing her near the lake. [i I hope she doesn’t run away this time...] he thought as he approached her
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 354d 7h 15m 49s
The female kept running as she cried, leaving a trail of her tears along the ground for Rock to follow, if he would notice them. She soon turned into her octopus form and jumped into a grate that took her to one of the more nature-filled areas of the city, near the outskirts.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 354d 7h 18m 23s
He looked at her, then he sighed loudly, and chased after her. “Wait!” He shouted, trying to keep up with her. “Wait up!” He shouted, wanting to try to help her, but she was still running, and he didn’t know what to do
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 354d 7h 21m 56s
"Lies! I was in the room, with her! I could have tried harder, I could have gotten her out of there! But I didn't, it's [b my] fault she's dead!" Dolores replied loudly, with a pained tone and expression, before she turned and burst into tears again as she began to run away from him.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 354d 7h 23m 41s
He sighed again, and he placed a hand on her shoulder. “Listen kid, they’re not really gone, but you just can’t see them...” he told her, hoping that she would realize that, and he smiled a little. “I don’t know how close you were to your friend, but there’s nothing we could have done...”
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 354d 7h 26m 10s
Dolores could hear the male's approach and his words, but she continued to sit where she was, rocking back and forth awkwardly. "I could have saved her." She repeated in a voice comprehensible, but also filled with solemnity and sadness. Rock could even hear guilt in her voice, shame, horrible emotions.
  Dolores Sparke / AskTheStaff / 354d 7h 36m 37s
The male firefly inkling looked at the flames, a scared and unpleasant look on his face as he watched it burn on, and he looked towards a purple haired octoling girl, who was crying her eyes out. If there was one thing he would do, he would do his best to comfort her. So he walked over to the girl and he sighed. “What’s wrong?” He asked her, hoping to figure out something to make her happy
  Rock Lightning / DoomGuy123 / 354d 7h 39m 13s

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