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“Hey Inkopolis, DJ Ash here with a new song, and I’m dedicating this song to someone I met today, hope you like it Abby.” He said, mentioning her name, and he smiled as he put on the song When Can I see You Again, nodding to the song as it played over the radio.
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 7h 56m 32s
She waved goodbye to him gently before he had kind of rushed off. Afterwards, she finished putting the last few groceries away and she sat down on a bluish couch in the living room. "Should I listen to channel 13?" She asked herself aloud, contemplating. "I guess..." Abby sighed, turning on a nearby radio to the channel Ash was on, and hearing his music along with his voice.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 7h 59m 11s
“If you turn on the radio, you’ll hear me on channel 13.” He told her, smiling, then he put on his glasses and headed back out. “I’ll come back later if you still are feeling down.” He told her, and with that he hurried to the square, where he had a small radio station set up.
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 8h 2m 47s
Abby nodded slowly in understanding towards the male's statement, and her face turned a bit solemn again when he said he had to go to work. "Okay..." Was all she said, sighing gently as she got up from where she was.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 8h 5m 35s
He let go and smiled again, looking slightly nervous, but otherwise confident. “(I just don’t like seeing anyone upset about something...” he said, and he have her a quick hug and told her he had to go to work
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 8h 7m 35s
The female replied with a simple "I guess you're right...or whatever..." as she went silent again and looked down for a few moments, unsure of what to say or do. The way Ash was hugging her made her feel a bit...nervous, oddly enough. She blushed gently but tried to hide it, and looked back up towards him.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 8h 10m 11s
“Don’t say that...I know you’ll be good at something...always be positive about it, and keep trying no matter what happens.” He said, doing his best to be polite and he hugged her again, trying to cheer her up
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 8h 12m 8s
"And what if I'm not amazing at anything?" She then asked, as things suddenly went silent. Abby looked towards the male, with an expression that was desiring an answer, a solution, anything that he could muster to say to ease her restlessness of her question.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 8h 22m 47s
He sighed a little. “What you should do is find something that you are amazing at, and for those who don’t know how, help them...” he said, smiling a bit, hoping he gave her a valuable piece of advice
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 8h 25m 20s
Abby blushed as her hands were being held by the male, but she continued. "Yes, I know I'm special to others, and I'm happy for that...I'm happy that they feel like that about me. That they have a friend, someone to trust, and for me to have them to trust in return. But...self-worth is important as well...and...I just don't feel special to [b myself]..." She admitted.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 8h 28m 4s
He sighed. “But you’re special to the people who you’re friends with...they would always be there for you when you need them the most...” he said, smiling sheepishly as he held her hands gently while talking
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 10h 39m 13s
Abby sighed again and hugged the male as well, but was rather silent for a few moments before she spoke up again. "You have talent, looks, everything else needed to be known as special...and I have [b nothing] to make me feel like I'm making a single difference in this world. I don't have a talent, I don't have the looks, and I don't have everything else." She told him, sounding more and more solemn, which wasn't a good sign.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 10h 46m 10s
He sighed and without warning, he hugged her gently, trying to make her feel better. “Hey, at least I’m here for you...” he said, smiling gently as he cradled her gently,trying to make her feel better.
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 10h 51m 15s
"Well, maybe I don't know what to do. Maybe I've tried to be special before, and maybe I've failed at it multiple times. Maybe I've been trying for too long...don't you understand?" The female asked, looking down as her hair hid her face from the male.
  Abby Lazia / AskTheStaff / 10h 53m 16s
“But you can do what you want here in Inkopolis...within reason...” he said, trying to make her feel somewhat special, and he smiled. “Being something special doesn’t happen overnight...it takes a while for me to get things done.” He said, trying to make her feel better
  Ash Reswinn / DoomGuy123 / 11h 22s

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