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[center [b [size14 Hey- Im not really new here. Ive been around since the old site and fell off the map for a while. Im hoping to be around for a while since writing is healthy for me.]] ]

[B [center Want to know about me?]]
[Center How sweet]

[center [list So I’m a 22 year old female. I am an engineer, im currently waiting to get into a masters program for prosthetics.
Im a semi Lit to lit writer

If you need someone to talk to- I'm youre gal!

I enjoy a variety of roleplays, can play boy or girl.

Roleplay ideas I personally enjoy- InuYasha, Naruto or FMA themes, True blood, supernatural, harry potter themed roleplays. I only say themes, because I like the OGs, OGxOC- to some extent, or OCs that mirror the OGs.

I enjoy realistic fantasy? Like Fairies, vampires, all that good stuff but in believable worlds.

I enjoy romance roleplays. But I cant handle it being the only focus, to me romance isnt a plot. Its something that is added to enhace or complicate a plot.

Im alright with group Rps but 1x1s are preferred. Love doubling in RPs

I dont really enjoy large future jump roles- I enjoy star wars and stuff but I cant hold my weight when it comes to writing that genre.

I try my best to be an honest communicator.
Any other questions- lets chat below
If you like an idea, please talk to me here or pm me and let's see if we're compatible. :D]]

[b [center [size16 Plot Ideas]]] [center [size14

[b 1.] FMA roleplay between Roy and Riza starting either at when Roy is living with them studying under Riza's father or at the ischvalan war.

[b 2.] Two young adults are living in a world where they've discovered they have the ability to bend the elements at will. They were stolen away just a year ago to be studied by the government. But recently a care taker set them free at the cost of her own life. What will these two 20 somethings do with their freedom? What will they do when they find out there are other elementals that have evaded the government and are trying to overthrow it.

[b 3.] [+red Character A] and [+blue Character B] have known each other in passing ever since they were children. It's hard not to know each other when living in the secret world of vampires. Vampires have kept their exsistance a secret for hundreds of years. They can coexist with humans pretty easily, their fangs retract and sunlight causes pain but nothing that kills in minutes. It'd have to be hours before sunlight killed a vampire, but even then vampires have witches on hand to help dispose of bodies before anything is alerted to humans. [+red Character A] is a vampire royality and requires a body guard. [+blue Character B] is their recently assigned body guard- who [+red Character A] drinks from if no witched 'willing' druggie human is avaible for blood. How will [+red Character A] and [+blue Character B] handle living together? Fighting off assisnation attempts? Going to college? Life in general? Finding out the existances of werewolves, rouge witches, vampire hunters, diseased vampires that hunt their own kind? All this and more will follow!

[b 4.] [+red Character A] wanders across a bridge late at night, drunk, lost, who knows in the woods. Suddenly [+blue Character B] appears and curses [+red Character A] for being stupid enough to cross the bridge into the world of supernatural beings. Now they can never return to the human world. Will [+red Character A] survive? Will [+blue Character B] help keep them safe? We'll see!

[b 5.] [+red Character A's] mom was a bit of a hoe and doesnt know who the father of her child is. [+red Character A] has grown up not really knowing or caring. That is til she turns 17 and finds out she is like candy for demons, a good luck charm if they can bed her, sweet blood if the drink her, and will bear the most powerful demon in the world if a demon has a child with her. It's all demons for themselves to try to win [+red Character A]'s heart, kidnap her, bribe her, etc. [+blue Character B] is a demon who may be in it for himself as a lowly half demon, or he may do it to spite his clan, or to use A's blood to save his mother. We'll find out more as the plot continues!

[b 6.] [+red Character A] and [+blue Character B] have been friends for a few years now. They're both getting ready to go away to college when one day [+blue Character B] starts getting bumbs on their back, two right between their shoulder blades. What will they do when they find out [+blue Character B] is turning into an angel? Heaven and Hell are out looking to kill [+blue Character B]. [+red Character A] starts defending [+blue Character B] while [+blue Character B] comes into their own. Together they run from heaven and hell, killing all the nasty supernatural beings they find in between while they try to figure out why all this happening.

[b 7.] Don't Like any of my ideas/ starting points but you're really digging my vibe? Hell yea- cool thats fine- pitch me an idea and we'll see if we're magic together or not! :D ]]

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