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The journey to Vermont was uneventful. Lillian soon fell asleep and Freddie spent most of the time looking at the road, trying to keep track of where they were heading, and occasionally stealing a glance at Lillian. Despite his teasing, she did not snore and other than the occasional huffing sound and shifting in her seat she was as silent as the road around them. Freddie envied her, he had never been able to sleep in a car for longer than a few minutes and never as soundly as the woman next to him was.

The city approached before night fell and Freddie pulled into the parking lot of one of the better-looking hotels. It was almost criminal to wake up up the sleeping blonde next to him. It had to be done and it would be better for her to sleep in a bed rather than his car, not that he could see her sleeping through the night now that she had slept so long on their drive.

He reached over and gently shook her arm, trying to rouse her from her sleep.
"Kitten, you need to wake up. We're at the hotel." He said and sat back, dropping his hands from her arm. "I'm going to go and get us a room, meet me in there when you're ready." Freddie wasn't sure he wanted to leave her in the car alone, or let her walk to the hotel from the parking lot but he thought it would be better to get a room without having to explain that she was his wife and possibly spark an argument between the two of them again.

Freddie got out of the car and picked up the bag of their clothes, slinging it over his shoulder and made his way into the hotel. It was easy enough to charm the woman at the front desk, she was sweet and when he said he would need a room with two beds because he had trouble sleeping and didn't want to wake his wife, she smiled sympathetically.

The woman looked through her book and when she looked back to meet his gaze Freddie knew she was about to deliver bad news.
"I'm sorry Sir, we only have one room left tonight and it has one bed, not two." Freddie ran a hand through his hair as she spoke and sighed, it was looking like he would be spending the night on the floor. It seemed fitting after he had all but left Lillian with no choice the previous night.
  Burningsxn / 1y 28d 16h 28m 33s
Lillian nodded at his words, understanding that perhaps now they could draw a line under what had happened and at least try to forget about it. The tension between them could easy escalate and she was sure that it was more than just tension but she did not want to ponder that thought any longer. It would be dangerous to do so.

Soon enough they were back on the road and she couldn’t help but feel a wave of relief wash over her as they put distance between them and the restaurant. As the relief came she allowed her head to lean on the window of the car and she started to feel herself relaxing as they travelled further up the road. She chuckled slightly at his comment and shook her head. “I’m sure that my snoring is not as bad as you suggest it is.” She thought after that their conversation was over but when he mentioned the waiter she sat up and looked over at him. Had he not noticed how uncomfortable he had made her felt? Or had in noticed and was attempting to annoy her further? She settled on her first thought, hoping that his apology had been genuine after all.

“And I am sure that I would have turned him down.” Lillian bit the inside of her lip at she contemplated what to say, not wanting to let on that he had made her feel the way he did. “He was a creep and I’m not convinced he would know how to treat a lady anyway. Perhaps a Crystal would be more his speed as well as yours.” She said with a raised eyebrow, keeping her tone light so that she did not anger him. She laughed gently and finished it with a sigh. “I do think that deep down you want something more Mr Lester. You may have spent time in bed with lots of women who have plenty of style but a lack of substance and I’m sure that you are bored. Maybe you don’t realise it yet but I can assure you, men who fill their lives with countless women are never quite satisfied, even if they think they are in the moment. Maybe when you get back home you can find yourself a real wife.”
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Her apology was not expected, and as soon as he heard the words, he found they were not wanted. What he had said was out of line, she was not a friend or a lover, she was not his wife or his sister. They may have been through more together in twenty-four hours than he had been through with most people and they may have had chemistry - though he was sure Lillian would never admit that - but he had no right to speak to her or joke how he had. Frederick would need to be more careful with the things he said.

"I do not need your apology, Lillian. I have already said I am sorry so we can just leave it at that." His words were softly spoken, matching her quiet voice. He looked down at her hand that was now gently resting on his arm and swallowed. It was a bad idea. This entire venture was a bad idea. Spending so much time with her was torture on more than one level. It was a very good idea she would be sleeping in her own bed that night otherwise he would be tempted to teach her a real lesson on losing ones temper.

Freddie watched her drop her hand and then looked out the window, mirroring her own movement. The car started and the second part of their journey that day began. How was it possible that one woman, a tiny blonde woman, could force so many emotions from him.
"There is not much else to do whilst we drive. I can not sleep, if I did we might crash, but there is no reason you can't. I won't even tease you if you snore this time." He said and looked at her, half smiling.

Resting his head back against the seat he tapped his hands against the steering wheel for a few moments before speaking again.
"It is a shame I told that waiter we were married, I'm sure if I had merely been your brother then I'm sure he would have asked to take you out." Freddie looked back at the road and continued to tap his fingers to no particular rhythm.
His mind was drawn back to his earlier thoughts. Had Lillian someone waiting for her? Was that why she had overreacted.

He opened his mouth to ask her then, but promptly shut it. He had told her to sleep, to save them both from the risk of another argument. Prying into her personal life would only give her reason to lash out at him and Freddie was not sure how much patience he had left.
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Of course Frederick would not understand how something as simple as a degrading name might anger her but then he did not understand enough of her past for it to make sense to him and the less he knew about her the better. They just needed to get through the rest of the journey without causing the death of each other. From the moment on there were no more words exchanged between the two of them and they ate their lunch in silence, occasionally being watched by the waiter. She was unsure of whether Frederick noticed or whether he chose to ignore it but she was sure that his watchful eye had contributed to how short her fuse had been this time around. It wasn’t the first time she had a man look at her like that. Lillian closed her eyes for a moment so that she could avoid the image of him being burnt into her mind. She might have sat there with her eyes closer longer than intended but it was not until Frederick moved to pay the waiter that she finally opened them again and looked up at him, nodding at his claim that he would behave.

She looked away once more, not because she was still annoying at Frederick but because the waiter had approached that table so that he could pay for their food and she did not want to catch his gaze again. Once he had finished paying she rose from her seat and made her way to the car. The false affection they had shown each other on the way into the restaurant did not make a return upon their exit. She entered the car quietly and waiting for him to start the engine before speaking again. Lillian hated what she was about to say, but it needed to be said.

“I’m sorry that I over reacted.” She said quietly, almost so quietly that he might not have heard her but she cleared her throat and reached out her hand, resting it on his arm so that she might get his attention before he started to drive off. “I should not have let that get to me.” Lillian quickly removed her hand, not wanting to cross any lines and moved her head so that her eyes were on the road once more. “Perhaps I am more exhausted than I realised. Sleep might be a good idea.” She knew that it wasn’t exhaustion but it seemed like a good enough excuse.
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Freddie could have almost laughed at how quickly she had simmered down. Although he could still feel the anger radiating from her as they sat side by side, he did not move to sit back opposite her. It would be easier for them both if they did not have to look at each other after Lillians outburst. A few more mouthfuls of food passed through his lips before he placed his hands down, drawing in a deep breath. It was almost upsetting that she was right, he had enjoyed their teasing and provoking of each other but if it did not stop then they would not make the trips end.

"We will go by a name of your choosing from now on. I had not realised something like that would cause you to get so angered" Freddie said and sighed once again, sorry that he had pushed things too far. He did not enjoy being careful with his words, he rarely sugar coated anything for people, Lester charm.

The remainder of their lunch was eaten in silence and before Freddie moved to pay the waiter he turned towards Lillian. If they hadn't been travelling together, if there was not such a delicate line he did not want to cross for fear of making their journey harder than it already was, he might have touched her. Her hand or her face, maybe her hair. Something to reassure her that he was a good person and had not meant to upset her. If he had not had a reputation to upkeep and boundaries to set, he might have.
"I will behave like a proper gentleman from now on."

He waved the waiter over and before he reached the table he smiled at her. "Well, at least for now I will." The waiter approached and seemed to look at Freddie disapprovingly. Maybe he deserved that, after all, he had spoken about his 'wife' in such a degrading way. The food was paid for and Freddie stood from his seat, not taking Lillian's arm or hand as he had done previously. Instead, he waited for her to finish and then walked them to the car in silence, getting in the driver's seat.

Before she could sit in the car he picked up the map and started to trace the remainder of their route to Vermont with his finger. He counted the small towns they would need to pass, the risks that could arise from travelling certain routes and when he was satisfied that he had found them the safest way to travel, he folded the map up, placing it on the dashboard and started the car.
"We should reach Vermont before nightfall, it's a long drive and in light of what happened perhaps, you should try to get some sleep."
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Lillian knew that she was acting like a child and perhaps she [I had] overreacted but she was not about to admit that now. From the very moment the two had met they had been hurling insults and each other and trying to get under the other’s skin and she was just as to blame for their situation as he was. She bated him and he just took it. Could she really blame him for what he had said? Maybe Lester’s wife would have been a gold-digger. Maybe he would marry a Crystal or Kitty and that actually his portrayal of her said more about him than it did her.

Lillian loosened the grip of her crossed arms, letting out a sigh as her arms fell so that her hands were now resting on her lap, though she did not look towards Frederick out of fear of her frustration surfacing once more she did allow the tension from her shoulders to slowly drift away. She detected the movement of the waiter beside them and she refused to look at him too. He had made her uncomfortable from the moment she had walked in and she did not want anything adding to the tension that was already sitting in the air.

It wasn’t until the waiter placed their food down and walked away that she pulled her eyes away from the window to look at the food before her, suddenly her appetite had subsided but she knew that they were unlikely to stop again until they arrived in Vermont and she wouldn’t have Frederick using this against her too. Even though she was not looked at Frederick she saw him rise out of his chair and move towards her. The last thing she expected was an apology from him yet that it what she seemed to get anyway. She considered his words for a moment and during the silence he took his place next to her and continued to talk.

Her anger seemed to melt away the moment he used her real name and declared that he never intended to upset her. It seemed that now he was sat next to her he wasn’t about to move and he started to eat his food and even though she was not hungry she knew that she would need her energy so with a sigh she reached out for her own food and started to eat. “Perhaps it would be a good idea to forget about names for now. It seems that they cause more trouble than they are worth.” She thought for a moment before turning to look at him. “We can’t keep behaving like this. We’re going to end up killing each other.”
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Freddie let them sit in silence. He had seen the change on her face, from smug happiness to anger. It was clear that he had gone too far, their game had turned into an insult. He thought he was being smart, she had tried to twist things on him and he had snapped fate back and though she was not really his wife, he had portrayed her as nothing more than - how did she put it - a gold-digging whore. There was no point arguing with her, she had a fury in her eyes as she snatched her hand from him and folded her arms, a sign that their conversation was over.

The waiter came back shortly, most likely noticing the tension between the two, and placed their plates of food down. Freddie scarcely noticed the food, his eyes were fixed on the woman opposite him who refused to return his gaze. Had she been his wife, perhaps he would have marched her out of there and disciplined her for the way she had spoken to him but she was not his wife and he was not his father. There would be no hitting, no screaming or throwing of things. Not yet anyway.

Freddie waited until the waiter left and then slowly stood up from his chair, keeping his eyes on Lillian the whole time.
"I am sorry for what I said. Maybe things would have been better if I had sent someone to take you up North. I'm not the best company for a young lady." He said and without waiting for her to look up at him or comment, he went to sit beside her.
"I know things are not easy, having to be on the run, travelling with me. I truly am sorry Lillian. I never meant to upset you."

Freddie dragged his plate across the table and started to eat, not waiting to see if Lillian would hit him, throw her food at him or scream. Either way, he was prepared for the worst and did not expect her to suddenly become a sweet, soft, well-mannered girl, nor did he want that. The fire he had seen in her had made him want to say worse, to see how angry she could get but he knew it would not end well for either of them.

"It seems that your temper may actually match mine, kitten." Freddie laughed softly and chewed a piece of food for a moment before continuing. "Maybe kitten is not an appropriate name for you, after all," he said. "I can't very well go calling you lioness or viper though, can I?"
  Burningsxn / 1y 29d 18h 16m 53s
She thought that she had one up on him. She thought that perhaps she had managed to get her revenge and make him look just as foolish as he had naming her Crystal, Kitty and whatever else he had named her over the last twenty-four hours. Lillian remained sat there with the look of victory upon her face. Little did she know that her look of victory would not remain for much longer. However, she enjoyed the look he now displayed on his face, looking for some kind of story but when he found it the smile disappeared from her face as he had found a way to turn it around on her.

Lillian tried to laugh and brush over it but she found herself biting the inside of her lip so that she didn’t lash out at him. Her eyes locked with his and she shot him a look that told him he would be in a lot of trouble when they were left alone but he seemed to response by taking her hand and kissing if almost affectionately before the waiter seemed to have heard enough and placed their order.

Lillian snatched her hand back and let out a frustrated sigh before leaning forward and lowering her voice so that only he could here. “I’m so glad that you find it amusing to let your wife appear to be a gold-digging whore. I hope you realise that it does not reflect on you very well either. At least now I know that the women that fall to their knees around you really are desperate.” Her words could cut like a knife as they came out sharp and harsh and when she was done, she leaned back in the chair and crossed her arms angrily. Even though they were playing pretend and whatever story he told about her did not besmirch her [I actual] reputation she did not exactly appreciate the way he was portraying her to other people.

For the remainder of their wait for food she avoided looking at him, simply gazing out of the window and thinking about all the things she wished she could say. All she knew was that she would be glad when they got to wherever they were going so that they could go their separate ways and never have to see each other again.
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If Lillian had really been his wife and if they hadn’t been trying to avoid suspicion he might have hit the waiter. It wasn’t just the man's rude intrusion on them, asking such questions when he really had no place, it was the way he was looking at Lillian, his eyes burning into her as though she were not sat opposite her husband or ignoring his stares so evidently. He had seen her look away and wondered how much trouble he would be in if he were to hit the waiter. Surely Lillian would not blame him, this man was creepy and his attention was not wanted, by either of them.

Lillian spoke and it forced Freddie to give up his daydreams of giving the waiter a black eye. He looked down at her hand that he had decided to hold, with an intention of winding her up, and then to the waiter. His holding her hand only drew attention to her lack of wedding ring, something that he hadn’t thought of up until this point. It certainly wasn’t ideal and he could see why it would cause someone to question their relationship. He would need to rectify it.

He would have happily bought a ring for her to use, maybe even let her pick one herself, but Lillian was trying to get back at him, that much was clear.
“Now you see, that is a story. A very, very good story indeed.” Freddie placed the menu on the table and rubbed his jaw, trying to think quickly. He could not just make up some plain excuse, anything he now said would need to make Lillian either embarrassed or angry. Both options sounded entertaining.
“My wife did have a ring. A beautiful ring that was my grandmothers, she left it to me with her dying breath. Sadly my dear Crystal did not approve, the diamond wasn’t big enough, isn’t that right my sweetheart? It is where we are travelling today, to buy a new ring for her.” Freddie told the story all whilst smiling like he had won a war. The story painted him to be the sentimental type, a loving grandson who proposed with a family ring and it made Lillian – or Crystal – out to be a gold digging wife.

Freddie lent forward and bought Lillian's hand to his mouth, kissing it with the briefest of touches.
“You understand, I would do anything for my beloved wife.” He said, looking at her, his eyes blazing with mischief. The waiter seemed to accept the story, either that or he had gotten bored of hearing Freddie prattle on. He walked away, presumably to get their food and the moment his back was turned, Freddie dropped Lillian's hand and sat back in his seat, folding his arms across his chest.
“You think you’re funny, don’t you? Well, I won’t have you make a fool out of me again so easily.” He said and tried to suppress a smile, keeping the appearance of an unamused gentleman.
  Frederick Lester / Burningsxn / 1y 29d 22h 12m 6s
The waiter instantly made her feel uncomfortable. Even in clothes that were not her own, hair that had quite literally been thrown up and a face that had no be tarnished with the slightest bit of make-up, he stared at her as though he had never seen a woman before. She swallowed and looked up towards Frederick, hoping that when he introduced her as his wife he might stop staring at her in such a way and in his new protective manner he slipped his arm around her. She might have flinched or backed away from him if she did not need to pretend to be his wife. She would not be an estranged one if she could help if because that would simply raise questions. Instead she hesitantly smiled up at Frederick, perhaps the slightest bit grateful that the waiter might understand that she was taken, even if that had not been the case.

Lillian followed the waiter as Frederick moved forward and she found herself relieved that he hadn’t given her a horrific name. Once they were at the table he moved his arm from around her and she shot him a look before taking her place opposite him. She personally did not mind the limited menu or the fact that they have clearly been the same menu for several years since they were not exactly pristine and a part of her wanted to laugh at Frederick’s expression. It was evident that he was used to something a little more upmarket. When she heard the waiter’s voice she looked up and notice the he was staring at her the entire time he spoke. Usually if a man and his wife were out to lunch the waiter would mostly address the husband due to the status of women not yet being equal but she understood that his staring was not customary.

As soon as their eyes locked she pulled them away and looked at Frederick instead who had decided to give her another name that one would associate with a prostitute. Her lips twitched slightly as she held herself back from saying anything in front of the waiter. “Water will be just fine for me too, thank you.” She said as he leaned over and rested his hand on her own and did not seem to move it even when his eyes drew back to the menu. It was not long before the two were ordering their food and when the waiter had finished he looked down at their hands and Lillian looked towards him curiously. “Is something the matter?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s just...he called you his wife. Why do you not have a ring?” Lillian smiled and her eyes met Frederick’s. She had been granted with the perfect payback for her horrific name.

“Oh darling, why don’t you explain to this gentleman why your wife does not have a ring?”
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 1y 29d 23h 14m 18s
Freddie climbed out of the car, his eyes scanning around slightly nervously. It was a quiet area to be sure, few cars were parked and when they went into the restaurant it seemed almost deserted. There was an uneasy feeling when they were not in the car, as though the vehicle was keeping them safe from the eyes of those who wished to hurt Lillian. Shaking his head, he looked down at his pretend wife. She had been proclaimed dead by him, he had seen the man accept the news with his own eyes. There was no one coming to get them, as far as their employers knew, he was living his normal life again.

Her words forced him to smile and as the waiter approached them he slipped his arm around her in an overly familiar way and grinned at the man. “My wife and I are looking to get some lunch.” He said and waited for the man to respond, asking them to follow him to a booth. Although he had been tempted to give her a name straight away, he only referred to her as his wife. Let her think he was going to behave, it would be all the more fun when he finally used her new name.

They were seated at one of the empty tables and Freddie released his hold on Lillian, motioning for her to sit down then took a seat opposite her. The waiter placed two menus in front of them, menus that had seen better days and Freddie screwed his nose up at the many dirty splodges that marked his paper. The man, clearly ignoring Freddie’s disgusted face, introduced himself to the couple, never taking his eyes from Lillian and asked if they wanted any drinks.
“I’ll just have water, please. Crystal, what do you want darling?” He said, smiling as innocently as a child at her.

He reached over and took hold of her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. To the waiter, they would just seem like a happily married couple, but Freddie was once again trying to provoke her. It was becoming too easy, especially when she had told him not to use a prostitute name. In his mind that was her begging him to give her an awful name, like Crystal. Freddie winked at her and looked back to his menu, not releasing his hold on her hand. The food listed was all overly simple, the kind of food you would expect from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. If he hadn’t been so hungry he might have taken her somewhere a bit nicer, where the waiters didn’t gawk at pretend wives as though they were lunch themselves.
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Lillian watched the shock in his eyes and the way he needed to take a second look at where her finger had landed on the map. Something told her that she had been lucky and managed to find the right spot. Her lips turned up into a smile when he confirmed that she found he right place by telling her she could have her own bed. At least there would be no arguing over who would get the bed tonight. She figured that he wouldn’t allow her to have a room of her own and she did not seem to mind that even if she didn’t say anything out loud.

Lillian laughed when he took the map from her figuring that he thought that she did not really know what she was doing. Lillian sighed as she looked out at the road. Vermont seemed like a good place to stay especially since it was someone she had never been to before. Apparently, neither had Frederick and at least that meant that neither of them had a chance of being recognised. Until he mentioned food she had not even thought about it. “We can stop whenever you get hungry. My appetite has not exactly been normal this last twenty-four hours I’m not sure I could eat anything just yet.”

Lillian clicked her tongue against the roof of his mouth and snatched the map out of his hand and looked down at the map. “Of course I know how to read a map. If I can read blueprints, a map is just as easy.” The journey was quiet from that moment on, the only conversation was the ocassional direction. Eventually Frederick’s stomach began to demand that the two of them stop and they chose somewhere quiet. There seemed to be a lack of vehicles on the car park and when the two walked into the restaurant the only people in there were those who worked there.

“Well this couldn’t have been more perfect. I don’t know if I could deal with a busy restaurant right now.” Just as Lillian spoke, a waiter made their way towards them and she looked over towards Frederick and raised her eyebrows. “No prostitute names now alright? If I [i have] to play your wife you could at least make sure the I don’t have a horrific name.”
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 1y 30d 14h 13m 51s
Freddie looked over at the blonde next to him, trying to avoid the intrigue from showing in his face as she stuttered over his mention of the men in her past, or possibly present. He hadn't even thought to ask if she was involved with anyone romantically, it would make sense, a reason why she refused to share his bed other than not wanting him. Did Lillian have a man? Someone that she was planning on meeting or maybe even someone she was leaving behind? Choosing not to pry into her life, he forced himself to forget the topic, not wanting to know who she planned to share her bed with when she was settled in her new life. Her romantic interests were none of his business and soon he would be able to get back to his own and forget the woman beside him who had quickly become so interesting to him.

It must have been pure luck that her finger landed on the map in the right area, on the road they were travelling down no less. Freddie had to double take as he looked down at it and raised his eyebrows are her, challenging her.
"Fair play kitten, you can have your own bed tonight. I'm still going to be staying in the room but I'm sure you already expected that." He reached over and took the map from her, balancing it on his lap as he continued to drive. Since Lillian was proving to be neglectful at planning their route he let his eyes scan over it a few times, trying to pinpoint a location that they could head towards. It would need to be something far enough away from the city that they would not risk bumping into someone, but not so far that they would have to drive through the night.

Vermont was a few hours away, they would arrive by nightfall and there would be a selection of places to say and a garage to refill the car. Staying close to the coastline was risky but there would be markets and bars, which would provide them with food and drink, both things that Freddie had almost forgotten about until he felt the empty feeling in his stomach.
"We will stay overnight in Vermont but we will need to stop for food before, I can't have you dying of starvation before I've paid my debt to you." He said and handed her back the map.

"I've never actually driven this far before." He said shifting in his seat to get more comfortable. "You'll need to make sure I'm going the right way. You [i do ] know how to read a map, right? You women are terrible with directions." He said and rolled his eyes playfully.
  Frederick Lester / Burningsxn / 1y 30d 14h 37m 24s
It seemed the Frederick spent the next few minutes thinking about some kind of response trying to rationalise a reason why she might not be able to have her own room. She knew that part of the reason he has suggested they were married was because it was the least suspicious reason for the two to be travelling together and it meant that they avoided questions should any arise. Lillina met his gaze for a moment as he glanced towards her and continued to talk about his exploits. She let her tongue click against the roof of her mouth and her lips parted in shock again when he mentioned her men. “ men?” He brushed over the topic easily and avoided picking up on the offended tone of her voice and continued to discuss their arrangement and confirmed he would not be getting her a room of her own.

She might have argued if she hadn’t been so shocked by his implication. Lillian certainly did not have men in her past nor did she intend to have any in her future. Her only experience of men had not exactly been positive ones and she was not about to admit to a playboy that she had never had a man in her bed nor had she been in another’s. Not because she was a prude or because she believed what many others believed about marriage. Lillian listened to his proposal and held up the map with a smirk. It was true that he had no exactly been following the map and Frederick had taken several turns since they had started their journey but she was happy to confidently bluff her way through this.

Whether she was right or wrong she was not about to turn down an opportunity to get her own bed. “We’re right here.” She said, doing as he said and looking him straight in the eye as she pointed to an area on the map that could easily have been where they were. It wasn’t too far from their starting point that she could be wildly wrong but she would not let him know that she was guessing, especially if she happened to be right.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 1y 31d 13h 25m 56s
Freddie raised an eyebrow at Lillian as she started to almost choke from laughing at him. It was not unusual for him to joke with his friends about women or use his own ego and confidence to talk women into bed. When he had been listing things to Lillian, however, it had not been to boast or to try to convince her to sleep with him, it had been merely to make her laugh, a thought that - if Freddie had realised - would have scared the wits from him.

Turning down another road, Freddie let them drive in silence for a while whilst he thought of the possibility of getting her a room separate to his. Sure it would make his life easier if he didn't have to witness her first thing in the morning, looking like an angel with his shirt risen up just enough that he could see the full length of her legs. Yes, it would be much easier but it also left questions, why were they travelling together? Why did they have separate rooms? If they stayed somewhere with a bar then it meant men could barge into her room and he wouldn't be able to protect her.

Freddie sighed and looked over at her. He wouldn't tell her that though, instead, he would carry on with his selfish act. "I never spend the night with women and no, we don't do much sleeping in the time we are together. If your men are sleeping then they're doing something wrong." He kept his voice soft and light, not wanting to get into her past relations, he moved on quickly. "I want to share a room with you and as it is my money, we will carry on this arrangement until I see fit. I'll even let you sleep in the bed tonight, kitten." He said and rubbed his arm where she had lightly punched him, poking his tongue out at her when she turned her head back to the map.

"I'll tell you what, if you can look me in the eye and tell me exactly where we are on that map, you can have your own bed tonight." He said, knowing all too well that she had not been keeping track of their journey. He had taken them off the main highway minutes ago, not liking the fear that came with every car coming into his rearview mirror and now they were speeding down the country roads which were much quieter at that time of day. If she could, somehow, tell him where they were without looking around for clues, then she would get her own bed. That didn't mean he wouldn't still be in the room.
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