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Lillian was not sure at what point she managed to fall asleep. While her form and her breathing likely echoed the fact that she might have fallen asleep quickly, her mind was racing and would not let her sleep for quite some time. Her thoughts were occupied with the replaying image of Frederick's hand in her hair and the way it had made her heart quicken so easily. The last thing either of them needed right now were any sort of feelings to develop. That would certainly complicate things and she did not want to allow herself to become involved with anyone, especially since she was about to go into hiding. When she was able to push all thoughts and feelings aside sleep finally claimed her and her sleep was a deep one.

In fact, it was that deep that she did not even wake when Frederick had someone managed to make his way towards her and wrapped himself around her. On some subconscious level it was perhaps the reason that her sleep was uninterrupted. Having him close, wrapped protectively around her had made it a lot easier for her to sleep without a worry. Although, it would have been a different story if Frederick had tried such a thing while they were still awake. Lillian would have likely kicked him out of the bed and made him sleep on the floor for such a thing.

It wasn't until she slowly started to wake in the morning that she realised that the distance was no longer separating them. At first a smile danced upon her lips while she was not conscious enough to understand what was happening, but the feel of his arms around her made her feel safe and that was all she could think about in the moment. That was until her sleepy state finally started to wear off and she found her eyes widen. Lillian turned her head slightly to check if Frederick was awake but she couldn't quite angle her head right to see. Lillian sighed, not wanting to be the one to wake him up but it did not feel right just laying there with his arms around her in this way. She thought about moving his hand but she didn't want him to wake up and misinterpret what was happening so she simply lay there, adjusting herself slightly to put a little bit of distance between their bodies, not wanting her back to be pressed so close to his chest.

"Just perfect." She whispered to herself before she let out another sigh.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 128d 4h 33m 27s
Frederick regretted touching her hair, not because it felt like the silk of her nightdress, or because every time she moved and it shifted, his head was filled with the smell of her. No, he regretted touching her hair because moving his hand away seemed impossible. So instead of moving away instantly, he let his fingers linger on the ends of her hair as she spoke, explaining how she had noticed his shoulder. It didn’t surprise him that she had noticed, not really. In the short time that they had been together, he had realised quickly that Lillian was quick and intelligent. Both traits that he would never have recognised in her had they not been forced into such a life or death situation.

It wasn’t until she shifted that he dropped his hand, placing it firmly at his side. Her words, expressing trust in the simplest of ways, caused his heart to constrict. Where had the fire-tongued kitten who had been ripping at his conscious all day gone? Freddie shifted down into the bed so that he was lying back, eyes staring up at the ceiling. Her back was turned to him and her breathing was soft and steady, giving Frederick the impression she was asleep. It was not until she spoke again to say goodnight that he knew she was still awake.

“Goodnight Lillian.” He said, his voice barely a whisper. The sheets were pulled up and the bed beneath his body was soft yet he could not sleep. Sharing a bed was supposed to help him get to sleep and instead all he could do was think about the woman beside him, or the fact that the bed which had once seemed an average size was shrinking. An impossible thought of course, and yet Freddie was sure that if he were to move even an inch that he would be brushing up against Lillian and then all sane thoughts would truly be out of reach.

Sleep must have come. Between the thoughts of the blonde beside him and replaying the past few days events over and over in his mind, sleep had taken him. Frederick only knew this because suddenly he was awake again. Awake and very warm. It was only when he finally opened his eyes that he found the reason for the unusual warmth. Fredericks' arm had somehow ended up under Lillian, his other protectively wrapped around her waist. The playboy had never woken up with a woman in his bed, especially not one that he had… cuddled. His mouth dried up and as much as he wanted to push her off and get the other side of the room as quickly as possible, he didn’t want to wake her.
  Burningsxn / 128d 6h 19s
“Just for tonight. I’ll go straight to sleep, I won’t touch you or even say anything.” The words were more for him, though they seemed aimed at Lillian. Reassurance that he could share a bed with her without ripping that stupid nightgown off. Freddie knew that it was a bad idea, he had said it was a bad idea. Heck, Lillian had said it was a bad idea and yet his body wasn’t moving.

The moment she offered him that chance to stay she started to regret it. She did not want him to get the wrong idea or assume that it was an invitation to something more especially since that was not her intention. She looked down at her hands that had absently started to play with the other the moment Frederick’s hands had found her hair. Lillian silently cursed herself for opening her mouth. She should have just let him sleep on the floor yet she could not bring herself to allow that to happen.

She only looked up again when he asked about her observations. Lillian smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “It was just the way you held yourself. I could just tell.” She kept her eyes on his as he spoke this time, simply nodding in reply when he asked if she was completely sure. Maybe if he was being his usual flirtatious self she might have changed her mind but there was something about the way he spoke that told her there were no other intentions there. A small part of her wanted, or expected him to refuse but it seemed like there was no turning back now.

Lillian shifted herself to one side of the bed then and started to make herself comfortable after putting a bit of distance between them, ensuring that her back faced him. “I trust you.” She said. It was not until she said that, that she realised that it was true. He had already proven that he was willing to go the distance to help her and despite the inappropriate comments he had never acted upon any of them. Lillian let out a sigh as she reached down for the sheets and pulled them over her as she settled her head into the pillow and allowed her eyes to close.

“Goodnight Frederick.”
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Frederick could almost have hit himself for doing something as silly as un-braid her hair. It had been an automatic reaction. Her hair was beautiful and it didn’t deserve to be tied up but how he was struggling to remove his hand from the ends of her hair. Freddie tensed his jaw, his teeth pressing together, and dropped his hand to his side, forcing it to stay there. Why was his heart beating so erratically? Lillian was not the first pretty face he had been attracted to, nor was she the first woman to share a bed with him, and yet he could feel his lungs constricting.

It should have been a sweet gesture and yet Frederick could only think of how frustrating it was going to be to share a bed with her. She had a point, sleeping on the floor wasn’t going to help how stiff he was, nor was it going to make his shoulder any better. Freddie raised an eyebrow.
“How did you know my shoulder was stiff?” He had been trying to hide the pain as much as possible so that she wouldn’t start fussing, or worse, offer to drive his car. Freddie shook his head and smiled. Of course, she would notice, nothing got past her it seemed.

“Are you really okay with sharing a bed, Lillian? Despite what I may say, I have no intentions of forcing you into bed with me.” Frederick felt the seriousness replaced by something kinder, warmer, in his voice and it shocked him. Since when had he cared about playing it safe? Doing the right thing over doing the actual thing he wanted was not his way and still, he found himself weighing up the risk of sharing a bed over sleeping on the floor. The intention had not been to accept her invitation to sleep on the bed and yet his mouth was already accepting before his brain could catch up.

“Just for tonight. I’ll go straight to sleep, I won’t touch you or even say anything.” The words were more for him, though they seemed aimed at Lillian. Reassurance that he could share a bed with her without ripping that stupid nightgown off. Freddie knew that it was a bad idea, he had said it was a bad idea. Heck, Lillian had said it was a bad idea and yet his body wasn’t moving.
  Burningsxn / 128d 14h 42m 45s
She was so sure that Frederick had fallen asleep and she thought that she would get away with setting up space on the floor so that she could sleep but it seemed that Frederick was not asleep after all. Just as she reached for a pillow she found his hand grabbing at her elbow. At first she was simply startled by the contact, thinking that he had been sound asleep but then he seemed to pull at her arm a little bit so that he body was thrust onto the bed, close to him. Lillian's breath caught in her throat at their closeness and it took her a minute to gather her thoughts.

She might have been angry with him if it were not for the fact that she had teased him earlier. This was probably his revenge. Lillian sighed and shook her head. "I thought you were already asleep, I was hardly going to wake you up after spending all day driving." Lillian ran her hand over the nightdress, straightening it out and making sure that nothing had become exposed due to the force of being pulled onto the bed.

Lillian tried to ignore the way his eyes traveled over her and the heat coming from his hand as he pulled the braid out of her hair. Her throat went dry and her heart beat started to quicken. It was frustrating that he could have this effect on her, especially since she didn't know how to react to him. She swallowed and looked him in the eye before looking away.

"You should stay..." There was a silence for a moment as she thought about what she said. "You need a good night sleep and sleeping on the floor won't help that stiffness in your shoulder." Her voice was not as harsh as usual, almost soft as though he had finally worn her down.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 129d 3h 41m 30s
Freddie had almost fallen asleep when he heard the bathroom door open, followed by the soft sound of movement. Although his body was exhausted, the sound of footsteps gave him a surge of energy. Perhaps it was from her earlier stunt, teasing him. It was foolish of him to think that she would simply climb into bed beside him. He could feel her moving closer to the bed but it seemed she had no interest in actually getting into the bed, or kicking him out of it, both options that were preferable to her sleeping on the floor again. Freddie waited for her to move close enough to the bed that he could smell the soap on her before he moved. His arm reached out and grabbed her by the elbow, gently enough that he would not leave a mark.

His arm drew back, pulling Lillian with it. Freddie opened his eyes as soon as he felt her body come into contact with the bed.
"What do you think you're doing? Did we not agree that you would sleep on the bed tonight?" He said, keeping his hand on her arm. It was a bold move, pulling her onto the bed with him and twenty-four hours ago he wouldn't have done it, in fact, two hours ago he would not have done it, but she had felt comfortable enough with him to tease him and so it was only fair that he got revenge.

"It would be safer for us to share the bed. Not only safer kitten, but more fun." Freddie smiled and bit his bottom lip. It was only then that he actually took note of what the blonde was wearing. The nightdress was tighter than he imagined and he could see the shape of her body through the silk. Maybe his shirt was a better idea, at least he hadn't wanted to rip it off her body.

Freddie propped up, shifting from lying down to sitting slightly, letting the blanket fall to his waist so that his arms were now totally freed from the overs. He reached over, with the hand that was not holding her arm and released her hair from it's braid, moving ever so slowly to let the golden waves fall around her shoulders.
"I'll let you sleep now, darling. The floor will do just fine for me." Frederick said, smiling at Lillian.
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As the water engulfed her skin she couldn't help but notice that there was a victorious smile fixated upon her face. Just seeing the look of Frederick's face was enough to humor her and upon hearing his voice echo through the door she laughed to herself once more. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she allowed her body to slide further into the water and her eyes closed so that she could fully enjoy the bath.

She wasn't sure how long she had spent in there but the only reason she had decided to climb out was because the water had started to chill and feel cold against her skin. Lillian pushed her hands against either side of the bath and pushed herself up before she moved to dry herself off. As she did, she eyed the nightdress and found herself growing nervous about putting it on. It was only a silly nightdress but it was unlike anything she had worn before and the look of it screamed expense. If she had a choice, she would have easily worn his shirt again over this.

Lillian swallowed hard before she pulled the material over her head. It clung to every single curve of her body and highlighted her feminine figure. She tried not to look down at herself as she moved to tie her hair up into a braid, the material dampening slightly around the top of her back as he fell right down the center. Without another minute of hesitation she opened the bathroom door and peaked her head around it, noticing that Frederick had already climbed into the bed and his eyes were closed. The sight brought a smile to her face as she sneaked out quietly in case he had fallen asleep.

Lillian placed her clothes on a chair in the corner of the room and started to gather the extra bedding so that she could make a comfortable place on the floor.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 129d 4h 34m 6s
Frederick could feel his heart racing against his chest and it only got more erratic as Lillian moved back to make way in the door as if to let him pass into the bathroom. He swallowed, his mouth suddenly going dry. Eyes widening and head spinning, he opened his mouth to speak but Lillian had her hand on his shirt, pulling him closer into the bathroom. He could feel the heat of her hands through his shirt and every cell in his brain was telling him to turn away but his body betrayed him, especially after seeing such a pretty blush on her cheeks from looking at the nightgown. Freddie wanted to tell her to stop, that it was a bad idea but instead, he just stood there, speechless, unable to tell her how it would ruin the new peace between the two of them because at that moment he would swap her sweet nature just to keep her hand on his chest.

Then suddenly, like ice water crashing over him, Lillian was closing the door in his face, her eyes sparkling. Freddie stood stuck in place for just a moment before turning away from the door, hands running through his hair in frustration.
"You're going to kill me, kitten." He groaned and walked over to the bed, sitting down. Instead of arguing with her, which would have been easy to do after her little stunt, he took off his shoes and shirt and trousers then slipped into the bed, deciding he would make the most of its comfortable throws and mattress whilst Lillian bathed.

Frederick closed his eyes and rubbed his neck in an attempt to loosen the knots that had formed from driving. He had every intention of moving once Lillian was done in the bathroom and yet soon he could feel his body sinking into the mattress and his eyes refusing to open. Lillian was right, he should have accepted the bed but he had made a deal and Frederick Lester didn't go back on a deal.
  Burningsxn / 129d 4h 53m 48s
As she looked over towards him she could tell that he was feeling stiff from driving for most of the day and if they had not spent most of their time together quarrelling, she might have offered him some relief but then she did not trust him to not sexualise the situation. He seemed to be quite good at doing that. Instead she kept to herself and she watched as he hoped off the bed and made his way over to the bag where he had kept clothes. As soon as she laid eyes on the material of the nightdress she found herself blushing. She should have expected such extravagant material yet she still found herself caught off guard.

Lillian held out her hand so that she could take the nightdress from him and as the material graced her skin she found herself blushing. Wearing such clothing in front of Frederick was not something she expected. She swallowed and looked up to meet his eyes and she nodded. Regardless of what she thought of Frederic, she did not expect that he would be supplying her with cast-offs from his female companions. Lillian’s lips parted as his eyes narrowed. “But…” There was no point. If she argued with him about this it would only cause more issues for the two of them.

Lillian noticed the way he stepped closer to her and she glanced over her shoulder, following his gaze to the bath and she smiled. “Well since you asked so nicely…” she said as she started to step back towards the bathroom, taking hold of his shirt so that she could pull him with her. All the while she kept her eyes locked with his, not once letting it show that she was simply messing with him. When she crossed the threshold of the door she let go of his shirt and allowed her teeth to graze her lip before reaching out and placing her hand on the door.

“Get some sleep.” She said as she allowed the door to close in his face. Lillian laughed to herself as she moved away from the door and prepared herself so that she could get in the bath, slipping off the dress and stepping out of it and then preceded to climb into to the hot water.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 129d 14h 16m 32s
Frederick hadn’t expected her to take him up on his offer for the two of them to bath. In reality, despite his strong attraction to Lillian, he didn’t want to cross a line and sharing a bath would cross that line and keep on driving. A bath sounded good, his muscles ached from sitting in the car and though he had showered that morning, he felt stuffy and restless. A bath would sort that. Freddies eyes found Lillians and instead of throwing something at his head due to his suggestion, she proposed that Freddie should sleep whilst she bathed. It was a good idea, especially as he was not sure he could spend the next day driving if he stayed awake any longer.

The mention of her sleeping in his shirt again made his heart stop for a second. Images of her the night before, curled up on the floor filled his mind and had he been more innocent in the ways of women, he probably would have blushed. Instead, Frederick jumped off the bed with more energy than he had felt all day and opened the bag and pulled out a little silk nightdress that he had taken from his sister. At least he had done something right that day. Amongst the argument and messing up the room, he had remembered to bring her clothes. It was folded up neatly and suddenly, and as feeling the material brushed against his hand and ran through his fingers, he was not sure that the nightdress was any better than his shirt.

“This should fit, and before you say anything, this was my sisters. I’m not in the habit of keeping women’s clothes for myself.” Freddie said and walked over to Lillian, placing the bundle of material in her hands. “We made a deal and that resulted in a promise that you that you could have your own bed. I’ll sleep on the floor, Lillian. Don’t argue about this.” Freddie narrowed his eyes at Lillian, daring her to argue with him. Despite how much he wanted to sleep in that bed, he was not about to let the woman in front of him spend another night on the floor.

The warm air from the bathroom and the smell of hotel soap hit his face. Freddie took a step closer and looked over Lillians shoulder to get a glance at the bathroom. “Are you sure you won’t want to bath together, kitten? That bath looks big enough for two.” He said, looking back at her.
  Frederick Lester / Burningsxn / 129d 15h 26s
The look on his face wasn’t enough to tell her that he had been surprised by her softer approach. While it was partly due to the fact she felt well rested, it was also because she had felt guilty for snapping at him earlier that day. While he had been out of line and deliberately teased her, he was giving up his time and putting a lot of effort into helping her disappear and if she wasn’t careful she would end up being left in the middle of nowhere with nothing and nowhere to go.

They made their way to the room in silence and when they arrived she couldn’t help but notice the upgrade in facilities to the night before. A part of her knee that this still wouldn’t be up to the Lester standard but it was more than enough to satisfy their needs for the night. Her eyes scanned the room and found Frederick when his voice filled the silence. “Nonsense. There is no point in driving to another hotel just in case there might be another room with more than one bed. We’ll make do. As for my mood, it appears that you may have been right about my need for sleep, but don’t get used to it, I’m sure there will be plenty of times you might find that you are wrong.” Lillian laughed softly and ran her hand over the fabric of the chair and let out a satisfied sigh as she leaned her elbows against it and watched Frederick settle down onto the bed.

“We?” She laughed once more and shook her head. “No no, [i we] shall not bath. I am going to soak in the bath and [i you,] darling husband of mine, you are going to get some sleep.” She said as she made her way towards the bathroom, inspecting the facilities and started to run the bath to fill it with hot water. “I’m assuming I do not have to sleep in one of your shirts again this evening?” She asked, appearing from the bathroom and stood a few feet away from Frederick. She didn’t want to start going through bags that did not belong to her. “And don’t worry. You can take the bed. I’ve had more than enough sleep and it’s more important that you get yours if you are going to be driving all day tomorrow.”
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 147d 3h 24m 42s
Freddie felt the hand on his shoulder and smelt the almost-familiar shampoo before he heard her voice. Her words were more than surprising, calling him dear and darling when only hours ago she had been snapping at his head like a lioness. To top that off, she was accepting that there would only be one bed. Freddie felt his shoulders sag slightly, it really was looking to be the floor for him. Turning his head slightly to look at Lillian he forced a smile onto his face.
"Yes my love, I'm sure the room will be just fine."

Only one bed and now she was talking about hot baths, it was almost as though she knew what the words would make him feel. Freddie didn't believe that Lillian would use his attraction against him, as punishment for his earlier words. Especially after he had apologised so kindly when he could have easily shouted or dragged her back to the car without anyone so much as asking him to pay his bill. No, her desire for a bath would be genuine, not just a tactic to cause a sleepless night for Freddie.

The room was towards the back of the hotel and though it was not as lavish as places he had stayed previously, it certainly beat their hotel the night before. The bed looked comfortable and the room was furnished with an armchair and writing desk and of course, a bath. Freddie dropped the bag onto the armchair and stretched his arms.
"Well [i darling ] it looks like you've woken up in a much better mood." He said, smiling at her. "I wouldn't have minded finding another hotel you know? Somewhere else may have a room with separate beds."

Freddie walked over to the bed as he spoke and sat down, running his hand over the soft throw. At least one of them would be enjoying the bed. It would be a huge improvement to the floor or the car and if she was able to get a good night sleep, hopefully, this bright mood of hers would continue long enough that they would not argue again. Of course, such a thought was futile and a waste of energy. They would argue again, if not that very night then certainly the next day. The two were like fire and ice, opposites in almost every sense other than their stubbornness and their passion. A dangerous recipe.

Getting comfortable on the bed, Freddie kicked his shoes off and propped himself up against the cushions.
"So whats the plan, wife? Shall we bath and then go to bed?" Freddie flashed Lillian a wicked grin and winked at her playfully. He did not expect an answer, possibly something thrown towards his head. Driving for so long with nothing more than his own thoughts for company had made him restless. Frederick was not used to spending so much time with one person, especially when there was no entertainment.

Back home his nights consisted of parties, clubs and alcohol. There was dancing most nights or cards at the club. They would go out driving or on the boat and even quiet nights in were gatherings of school friends with beers until the sun rose.
  Frederick Lester / Burningsxn / 147d 3h 44m 41s
Frederick had not responded to what she had said, not that she expected him to. He did not seem interested in a real wife and she only said it in passing rather than trying to actually make him think about a potential future. It was then that she had decided to use that break in conversation to take his advice and get some sleep. It meant that they did not have to sit in silence or even tempt fate with another argument. With her head resting on the window, she allowed her eyes to close and quite easily drifted off into sleep. Lillian had come to realise that she could pretty much sleep in any environment these days and comfort did not actually factor in to how well she slept.

It wasn’t until nightfall that she woke again and if it was not for Frederick leaning over to wake her she might have easily slept for several hours longer. She stirred slightly, almost startled by his touch but only because she had been so deep in her sleep. A small groan escaped her lips as her eyes opened, expected to see light but instead they were great by a darkened sky. Apparently she had managed to sleep for the majority of the day. Lillian instantly felt guilty, wondering if it had been unfair of her to sleep all day when he had to drive. Maybe she should have kept him company.

Lillian titled her head and met his eyes with her own and allowed her lips to turn up slightly. “Alright, I’ll be right in.” She said, her voice still a little hoarse from her sleep. She watched as he grabbed their bag and walked into the hotel and she took a minute to stretch out and fully wake herself up so that she could actually function when she walked into the hotel. Frederick had been right about one thing, the sleep had certainly improved her mood. After a few minutes she finally left the car and made her way to the hotel just in time to hear that there was only one room left and that only had one bed.

If she had been in the same mood she had been in earlier she might have been frustrated by that fact but she took it in her stride and joined Frederick at his side, resting her hand on his shoulder after seeing his reaction to the news. Lillian smiled towards the woman working reception and shook her head. “Not to worry dear, that room will be fine.” She looked at Frederick with a smile. “We will manage won’t we darling?” She knew that her mood might have surprised Frederick especially since she would normally find an argument with everything she possibly could. “Please tell me that there is a private bathroom. It’s been such a long day I think I will need to soak in a nice hot bath for a while.”

When it was confirmed that the room did in fact have the facilities she desired she thanked the woman and took the key and smiled towards Frederick again. “Come on darling, you’ve been driving all day you should get your rest.” The role of caring wife seemed to come easy to her that evening but he shouldn’t get used to this side of her.
  Lillian Rogers / d1gn17y / 147d 4h 29m 10s
The journey to Vermont was uneventful. Lillian soon fell asleep and Freddie spent most of the time looking at the road, trying to keep track of where they were heading, and occasionally stealing a glance at Lillian. Despite his teasing, she did not snore and other than the occasional huffing sound and shifting in her seat she was as silent as the road around them. Freddie envied her, he had never been able to sleep in a car for longer than a few minutes and never as soundly as the woman next to him was.

The city approached before night fell and Freddie pulled into the parking lot of one of the better-looking hotels. It was almost criminal to wake up up the sleeping blonde next to him. It had to be done and it would be better for her to sleep in a bed rather than his car, not that he could see her sleeping through the night now that she had slept so long on their drive.

He reached over and gently shook her arm, trying to rouse her from her sleep.
"Kitten, you need to wake up. We're at the hotel." He said and sat back, dropping his hands from her arm. "I'm going to go and get us a room, meet me in there when you're ready." Freddie wasn't sure he wanted to leave her in the car alone, or let her walk to the hotel from the parking lot but he thought it would be better to get a room without having to explain that she was his wife and possibly spark an argument between the two of them again.

Freddie got out of the car and picked up the bag of their clothes, slinging it over his shoulder and made his way into the hotel. It was easy enough to charm the woman at the front desk, she was sweet and when he said he would need a room with two beds because he had trouble sleeping and didn't want to wake his wife, she smiled sympathetically.

The woman looked through her book and when she looked back to meet his gaze Freddie knew she was about to deliver bad news.
"I'm sorry Sir, we only have one room left tonight and it has one bed, not two." Freddie ran a hand through his hair as she spoke and sighed, it was looking like he would be spending the night on the floor. It seemed fitting after he had all but left Lillian with no choice the previous night.
  Burningsxn / 147d 4h 48m 10s
Lillian nodded at his words, understanding that perhaps now they could draw a line under what had happened and at least try to forget about it. The tension between them could easy escalate and she was sure that it was more than just tension but she did not want to ponder that thought any longer. It would be dangerous to do so.

Soon enough they were back on the road and she couldn’t help but feel a wave of relief wash over her as they put distance between them and the restaurant. As the relief came she allowed her head to lean on the window of the car and she started to feel herself relaxing as they travelled further up the road. She chuckled slightly at his comment and shook her head. “I’m sure that my snoring is not as bad as you suggest it is.” She thought after that their conversation was over but when he mentioned the waiter she sat up and looked over at him. Had he not noticed how uncomfortable he had made her felt? Or had in noticed and was attempting to annoy her further? She settled on her first thought, hoping that his apology had been genuine after all.

“And I am sure that I would have turned him down.” Lillian bit the inside of her lip at she contemplated what to say, not wanting to let on that he had made her feel the way he did. “He was a creep and I’m not convinced he would know how to treat a lady anyway. Perhaps a Crystal would be more his speed as well as yours.” She said with a raised eyebrow, keeping her tone light so that she did not anger him. She laughed gently and finished it with a sigh. “I do think that deep down you want something more Mr Lester. You may have spent time in bed with lots of women who have plenty of style but a lack of substance and I’m sure that you are bored. Maybe you don’t realise it yet but I can assure you, men who fill their lives with countless women are never quite satisfied, even if they think they are in the moment. Maybe when you get back home you can find yourself a real wife.”
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