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A shallow hazy cloud of light smoke drifted before Schuyler's eyes as the stone-faced boy took another drag from his already diminished cigarette. He removed it from his mouth before flicking the butt over the railing and down into the raging tide below them.

The grooves within his fingerprints tracing away at the deep engravings on the cold steel lighter that he clutched in his left hand, the lanky and slender frame of Jaques slowly rising as the words of the one he had grown so loyal to drifted through his mind. They bounced around in his head as of they were rubber, his response flowing out of him as freely as the river beneath their feet.

[I "I haven't seen anything quite like it before, Miss Schuyler."]

The title he uttered before her name gave her all of the answers she was looking for. This was not simply due to his nationality, but his upbringing and respect for the ones he knew settled within absolute power above him. The teen girl knew all too well of the effects she had on her 'Guppy', and he all but embraced it.

Breezing past them came a cold rush of air, blowing the boy's hair back out of his eyes and face to reveal his expression and where his gaze had now shifted. His eyes were fixated on the rocks below, free hand gripping the railing with his usual white-knuckle grip, despite him being personally unaware of his doing so. His frame had always betrayed his true musculature, and hid his freakish strength from anyone who would inquire. Jaq always did have a hard time controlling his own strength.

[I "When the time comes, perhaps I would long to feel the stark cold of that water, and the rocks accompanying it. I do not believe today would be the appropriate day."]

The boys voice cuts through the sound around them effortlessly, his volume and confidence complimenting his prim and proper speech. On some words, his accent shone through.
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[center [size12 [b [u I n t r o d u c t o r y / E n c o u n t e r]]]]
[size12 Schuyler, a youthful teenager with a brutish semblance, stood balancing upon some iron railing. Her cold eyes stared straight ahead into the horizon. Next to her, leaning against the same railing, is another fresh-faced asshole. An unassuming Guppy. One that listened and upheld an overwhelming 'I don't give shit' attitude. And perhaps because of his nature, her usual mind games were suddenly pointless.]

[size12 Even with their painfully blatant positions. Even if her slender legs, as they are dressed down in bloodied bandages, are bare. He wouldn't dare spare a glance her way. Could it be the French are simply a decent breed? Or is he afraid of appearing rude himself? Whatever the case might be, the Beast of Westerburg High has a new plaything. A very obedient one too.]

[size12 [i "Guppy,"]]

[size12 Her voice must have been a surprise. A real contrast to her overall appearance. It drips with an affectionate aura so great, the taint from its vulgar undertone brings forth such a harsh whiplash⸺This might honestly be the reason why she's respected by their peers.]

[size12 [i "What do you think of the view here?"]]

[size12 Their location is Vertigo Bridge. One of Vertigo City's most prized landmarks. Something about it being build for an unnamed Martyr. While the history is muddle, the overlooking view is meant to be remember. As if its beauty is branded onto your brain forever.]

[size12 The scenery is of a vicious river, deadly, jagged rocks and just the picture of death in general. What a twisted happenstance. This place had recently become a popular suicide spot for the downtrodden. Perhaps it too would become her grave as well. Of course she didn't utter this, not fully.]

[size12 [i "Wouldn't it be grand to dive off here?"]]
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