Two Bodies, One Heart

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a simple Pokemon roleplay

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It was the start of spring. All across the Alola Region, a quiet calm had settled. A solitary Lycanroc in its midday form padded through the Lush Jungle, hunting for prey. Then all was quiet...until the silence was broken by a loud thudding sound.
I, Luna Whitewood, was standing over my adopted brother's chest, grinning triumphantly. We were playing Catch the Sibling, and I was winning.
“Awww, no fair!!!” Lukah whined. “You always get me!!!”
“The perks of being older!” I yipped. “You just gotta get faster!!!”
Lukah growled. “Faster, eh? Just you wait!!! When I become a Jolteon, my ExtremeSpeed will kick your furry butt!!!”
“Not likely.” I replied.
Suddenly, there was a low, intense growl from behind a bush. Lukah, who was only a level 6, whimpered loudly.
“Sis,” he whined. “What was th-that?”
I got low to the ground. “I dunno, but it sounds hostile. Lukah, when I jump, you run. Okay?”
“O-okay...but be careful!!!”
The growling continued until, with a yell, I lunged forward.
“Run!!!” I barked. Lukah took off like a rocket, tail between his legs. I Tackled the source of the growling, and we went sprawling. After what felt like an eternity, I came nose-to-nose with a male Eevee. He jolted once he saw that I was a shiny Pokemon.
“Whoa!!!” The male Eevee yipped. “No need to Tackle me, missie!!!”
“Shut it.” I snarled.”Who are you and what are you doing here?”
“The name's Titus Sunwind, pretty lady,” the male Eevee replied. “And yours is…?”
“Luna Whitewood,” I growled. “And don't call me pretty. I am downright ugly. Shiny Pokemon are freaks. Lunatics. Dirty piles of Mew scat.”
“Oi!! Don't go insulting Her Grace!!” Titus growled. “Lady Kelurae is the sweetest, most generous Mythical Pokemon in existence!!!”
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