My Little Pony: New Neighborhood

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It was the start of the Winter Wrap-Up. Isis Wintergale moves in to Ponyville.


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Jimmy Saintpony laughed. "Isis, where the buck have you been?!?"
The white mare sighed. "Oh, just been doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that...say, when did you get to Ponyville? Last I heard, you were with the WonderBolts!!!"
She looked around. Everypony seemed to be staring at something...or rather, somepony. Isis decided to check it out. She trotted through the crowd until she came face-to-face with a strange mare. She decided to greet her with a beat of a wing. "Hello!!! I'm Isis Wintergale! And you are...?"
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 186d 14h 21m 10s
Once Rocksanne made her way into town, zshe looked for a place she could spend the night. Ashiver raked her body, she was cold, wet, and hungry. In town, a building had a sign in the window that promised a warm dinner with your night stay. Just through the front door was the lobby where a bunch of ponies were gathered together in. Her curiosity was stronger then her desire for rest, so she joined the crowd to see what was going on. Rocksanne worked her way through the crowd till she got to the center.
  rocksanne / 193d 17h 15m 48s
Isis walked into the nearest hotel and smiled. The ponies here seemed friendly enough, but she sensed that something was...amiss...
"Whoa..." she whispered as she trotted into the center of the hubbub, starting once she saw an old friend from Cloudsdale: Jimmy Saintpony, a green pegasus with a brown mane.
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 209d 16h 2m 27s
Rain was coming down in sheets, the sky was dark and angry. Every now and then the roll of thunder would go by. A dark red pony was trudging through the rain, her hooves soak and caked in mud. In the distance, she saw a small town. A nearby sign told her that the town was called Ponyville. Steeling herself against the wind and rain, she made her way to the town, hoping to find a place she could rest.
  rocksanne / 222d 17h 9m 40s
Isis: *trots in, looking around* "Is this the place...? Is this...Ponyville?"
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 231d 14h 58m 19s

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