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He went to Sheldon, and he bought a slightly modified Range Blaster, and paid 9500 for it, which was pretty expensive, and he quickly made his way to his home, and he made sure he didn’t drop it or bump into anything on the way there. “I found a partially modified one for 9500.” He said, handing it to her.
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 13m 53s
The female went quiet for a minute before speaking up again. "I assure you that you won't have all the necessary components for me to modify the blaster unless you are a [b true] weapons nerd. You'd have to be as weird as that Sheldon guy who sells you his weapons to have what I need..." She tried to tell him, before he had already left her and she didn't know what to do.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 23m 25s
He smiled. “If you want to modify it, I have some tools and parts. You can even take apart some of the weapons in that box if you have to.” He said, and he told her that he would be more than happy to get one. “I’ve never been fond of them because I prefer being a safe distance away from my enemies.” He said, and he told her that he would be back as soon as he could.
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 28m 48s
"Y-you...would do that for me?" She asked gently, looking back up again, towards the male. "My blaster isn't exactly the same as your kind's blaster...I'm not sure if I'd like it or not...cause even slight differences can change how I view something." Roxanne told him, being grateful for his offer but also trying to be honest with him. "If you got one, I would have to modify it...but I don't have any of the required materials to modify it like how mine was..." The female admitted.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 31m 42s
He thought for a moment. “You had an octoling variant of the blaster, right?” He asked, giving him an idea. “How would you feel if I were to go get a blaster from the shop and bring it here?” He asked honestly, seeing how she had a thing for blasters.
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 37m 15s
Roxanne looked inside the box, trying to see what weapons were inside of it. "Let's see here..." She said quietly as she pulled out a small handful of different weapons, including the Splattershot Pro, but she had no interest in that one. "A Luna Blaster...a Goo Tuber...a Carbon Roller..." She mumbled, not impressed at all. "I gotta be honest with you, I don't like any of these." The Octoling admitted, sighing and looking down because she felt bad for not liking his selection.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 39m 46s
“I have a few weapons here if you want to see which one you want...” he said, and he pulled out a box that had different weapons inside it, one of which was a splattershot pro. “Pick any of them you like, I don’t use anything other than my E Liter.” He stated
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 44m 2s
The Octoling sighed and stayed silent until Rivet was finished speaking. "I don't know. I would consider it, weapon-an Octo Blaster-was left behind at the Kelp Dome where you found me. It's probably gone by now..." She told him, basically saying she would need her blaster back or a new weapon entirely before she'd go outside.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 45m 48s
“Maybe we can change that at some point...I think you might be able to become a citizen...” he said, and he looked outside. “Maybe we could go for a walk or something...this district is usually clear of people, except for at the construction sites...” he suggested
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 48m 54s
"Salmon run?" She asked, remembering something. "I've snuck around the areas where Salmonids reside and watched one of those take place. It looks really fun...too bad I'm an Octoling..." Roxanne sighed gently.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 52m 19s
“I think it’s some kind of tropical punch.” He said, putting the last two groceries away, and he closed the cabinets. “At some point I may go do a salmon run, because I could use some money, and that’s the best way for me to get it.” He said, and asked if she would be alright with that.
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 8h 55m 1s
"Oh! Uhm...thanks, Rivet." She told him as she took the drink, actually smiling a little bit for once. The Octoling took a sip after twisting the cap off, and it had a nice, flavorful taste to it. "This is pretty good." Roxanne chuckled a little bit.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 8h 57m 48s
“Sorry I took so long...” he said, and he handed her a drink. “I thought you could use something to drink so I got you this...” he told her, then he set the bag of groceries on the table in the kitchen, where he began to sort things out and put them where they belonged.
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 9h 0s
Roxanne had yawned as she continued to sit on the couch, awkwardly waiting for the male to get back. In fact, she even was able to take a short nap. However, the Octoling was able to wake up a few minutes before she heard the door open and see Rivet come back in.
  Roxanne Rose / AskTheStaff / 259d 9h 8m 32s
He sighed and grabbed some of the things he needed, especially soap and toilet paper. “I should probably get something for my guest...” he said, grabbing something to drink for the octoling, and headed to the cashier. Once he paid for his things he began the trip home, taking about an hour before he finally arrived
  Rivet / DoomGuy123 / 259d 9h 10m 30s

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