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Listening intently now, Valerie found herself leaning forward slightly as Theodore told why he was acting so, in his own words, foolish. Human. He had once been human but was turned on his deathbed. Turned into a creature of the Dark. Before he could finish telling his story, a loud crash sounded above them and she jumped to her feet when water began seeping through the ceiling. She was about to go after Theodore as he stormed out of the dining room, but the dripping water made her hesitate a moment and instead grab a forgotten bucket from the pantry to place under the leak. She scooted a few of the chairs away and picked up the one he’d knocked over earlier as well as move the painting out of the way. She leaned it up against the wall away from the drip and looked over each of the brother’s faces, her gaze meeting with the green eyed one.

“So… Which one of you turned him?” She asked out loud to the painting but of course she got no answer, only the strangest feeling that the green eyed one was smiling behind his cold expression. Leaving the dining room, Valerie met Theodore at the bottom of the stairs and noticed the red stained on one of his hands. He was grumbling more to himself than to her as he passed and she watched him walk towards the front door. Before he left he called over his shoulder that she could go out if she wanted, after she had Marco dry the carpets. Once he slammed the door she wasted no time walking up the stairs to see where the Loyal blood was. She found him in the left hall, getting up while muttering to himself and he shot her a resentful look before she had even said anything. Seeing the scope of how much water had really spilled out of the broken pipes just from a glance into the bathroom, she sighed and stepped back from the water soaking into the carpet.

“He wants this cleaned up by the time he comes back.” She said simply to Marco turning away as she continued. “I’ll go get you a mop and I’ll deal with the carpet.” She left him for a minute before walking back up the stairs with a few towles and the mop. They spent about an hour taking care of the mess with Marco mopping up the rest of the water and replacing the pipe that had broke and Valerie drying out the carpets, scowling slightly since there was now going to be a stain. Getting back to her feet after picking up the towels that she’d used, she held her hand out to Marco since he still had the mop. Wordlessly she took the mop and towles back down stairs and she took care of the mess in the dining room herself, also dusting off the table completely. She felt eyes on her again as she turned to put back everything that she hadn’t used and take care of the things that she had. The feeling was enough to make her turn around and meet the green eyes of the brother in the painting.

“Tell me, was he always this moody when it came to his things or did you make him like this?” Valerie asked, setting the cleaning things down and walking over towards the painting. She still didn’t get a reply but now she felt utterly amused by his actions that had made her cautious before. “I think he was probably always like this. Always ready to break someones arm at the drop of a coin.” She chuckled to herself and stepped back from the painting, taking wet things outside to dry out in the strong sea breeze.
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Theodore realised her hesitation to sit beside him and was smart enough to know his quite strange reactions towards that painting was making her doubt his sanity. He had surprised himself too, after all those years Theodore thought his...fears would be fine from that man and yet again only seeing his portrait gave him illusions. The vampire sighed and looked down at his tea, focusing on the breakfast instead. He barely ate and he was not going to eat something disgusting in these rare occasions.

Theodore checked and observed the hot liquid first and by sniffing it he could not find his favorite smell yet it was acceptable for the first time. He took a few sips before setting it down and completely ignored the rest of the meal. He already knew they did not taste good. He mostly waited for Valerie to finish before she finally spoke up and her general question made him wonder if he should tell her everything and if it would make him feel better. Slowly he pushed the teacup away and stared into her eyes, trying to guess what she was thinking. Well, He could tell some of the story.

"Alright? You mean after hissing at a mere painting?" The vampire sarcastically asked before chuckling bitterly. "Ah, well. There is reason behind any foolish act. And my reason..." Theodore glanced back at the fallen picture, half glaring. "Is that one of those brothers...changed my origin forever." Whether it had gotten warm in the room or it was him getting angrier remembering ancient years when he was still a...

"I don't know if you have realised from this mansion or not, I was once a human being. Yes, one of those you look down to. I was a part of their pathetic community with my stupidity in thinking that all dreams would come true." Theodore was now gripping on the tablecloth, baring his fangs as he was flooded with hatred. "And then...a plague happened...our family members dropping dead from it like leaves...before the brothers came, claiming that they had the cure. Well, they were healers and actually helped most of the villager but.. one specific brother...came to our mansion and said that he the ones on deathbed...And he would do it for a high price that only out family could handle it, well...Back then I had no hope to survive, I was dying and while I was burning in fever, I could see his blurry image leaning over and-"

Theodore was interrupted when they both heard a loud crash and a louder curse in a pained tone before something leaked down on their heads. Theodore was glaring at the ceiling. Marco had obviously broken a pipe and now the upstairs was probably flooded.

"That clumsy, poor excuse of a living being..." Hissing slightly in annoyance, Theodore swiftly stood and rushed out, heading straight to the bathroom Marco was supposed to fix.

At first nothing could be hears but then a howl of pain echoed in mansion and Theodore stomped downstairs. He had lost control when he saw how his dear carpets were ruined and had slapped the young butler hard enough to throw him in the mess he had made and hold his bleeding cheek.

"That retard fool does not know how to do anything." Theodore was more like grumbling to himself than talking to Valerie. "Make sure he will not have any meals today. I am going to fetch someone to repair the mess." The vampire walked past Valerie to go out before giving one last order.

"You can go out if you want but first make him dry the carpets well or I will dry him tonight. Tell him that." He shut the door behind loudly.

Rubbing his swollen cheek, Marco was sitting in the pool he had made in the hallway. Now this was no respectful way to treat a proud man like him. Yeah sure, He was a wasted man already but still had some dignity. He was not some sort of kid to be disciplined.

"Dumb old bat and his bitch."
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The night had come and gone in a blink of an eye when Valerie laid down to rest. She had been awoken by the brightening rays of sunshine creeping in through the still open window. Stretching her arms, she slowly got up and walked to the window, closing it and latching it before looking out. The village below the mansion was alive with day to day business going on, but she could only watch from a distance and maybe get Marco to help her find her footing with this new life. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs before she had left her room and carefully, she checked where she’d put the bag of coins to make sure it was still there before going out. The dress she wearing, she assumed also belonged to Alice, and that made her wonder how many other members of his family were also Vampires, if not all of them?

She saw Theodore at the bottom of the stairs as she came down and she murmured her compliance for the task, watching him go back into the dining room. She followed after him and stopped in the kitchen, realizing that she still hadn’t found where any the dining wear was. She spent a few long minutes searching for them again when she found them in the back of the empty kitchen pantry, the one place she hadn’t looked yesterday. The silver and glassware had all been wrapped and put up for safe keeping, none of the pieces even had a scratch. Snapping out of the trance she’d had while inspecting the dishes, Valerie just shook her head at herself and walked back to the kitchen.

As she was just about finished with preparing the tea right after the two plates of food when a loud clatter and crash made her jump and she glanced into the dining room from just around the doorframe. There was a chair on it’s side and the painting toppled over it, Theodore was standing over both, huffing and glaring down towards the painting. She quickly hurried back to grab the tea first and walking out into the dining room cautiously. She caught the end of a low hiss as Theodore moved to sit down and she silently placed their cups before going back into the kitchen to get their plates. When she returned, Theodore made a motion for her to sit, the knocked over chair and painting still slightly behind him. She had half a mind to refuse sitting next to him, especially after his little outburst, but it was because of that outburst at seemingly nothing but the wall that she wordlessly took a seat next to him.

Their breakfast was something simple and quick since she had limited kitchen utensils to work with, along with the fact that she hadn’t had to cook for herself for many years. It consisted of bread and cheese and fruit, the cheese having been melted onto the warmed bread and the fruit having been sliced into pieces.

When Valerie sat, she noticed the vampire looking over their food with an expression she couldn’t place, he then reached for his tea and sniffed, swirling it slightly before taking a sip. While doing this, he met her stare and she made herself look away and begin eating. She still didn’t say anything, she just looked at him from time to time. She only spoke in her soft voice when they were both almost finished.

“Are you alright?” She asked, her voice almost a whisper as she looked past Theodore towards the fallen painting and then returned her cautious gaze to him.
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[i Alright. Alright.]

These two words were the only things she had said since coming here. Theodore was suspecting that she was already broken in mind or had changed her mind about giving herself to him. It did not matter to him. Hell she could even become mute. The vampire was not used to sleeping during dark but his sleeping schedule had messed up in recent days and he had no choice but to close his eyes to the moonlight. Once he reached the master bedroom, Theodore opened its seal and revealed a surprisingly fancy room designed with different souvenirs of the lands his family members had travelled to. Theodore actually liked seeing new places and cultures at least before going mad.

He moved over to the bed that he had cleaned when he first came and laid down. Tomorrow he could try having breakfast with Valerie and maybe she would talk some more to him. Blinking, He asked himself why he even cared. Well, many things had happened and maybe he was changing again. Marco was going to reduce their privacy but he was needed to keep the mansion decent and also Theodore was not sure if Valerie was familiar with housework so she needed a hand. Theodore could not stay in mansion all the day. Even though his family had saved up plenty money, still he had to earn some too. Maybe he would restart the pearl business and if it didn't work, He would start another business. Years of studying in Deloriak library taught him many things about nowadays economy.

Slowly his eyes closed and he went into a dreamless sleep.

Early morning, Theodore felt the sunshine mildly shining on his face and he hissed waking up. The vampire had forgotten to close curtains before sleeping. Rolling away from the rays, he quickly pulled the curtains together and rubbed his face. It was a good rest after all those troubles. He walked downstairs noticing that Marco had just arrived with his donkey, setting down his stuffs. Theodore had scared him enough to wake up early even with the heavy headache he had from hangover. Theodore opened the door before he even could knock and saw that the new butler's face was bruised from the last night's introduction. The vampire silently pointed uptairs whispering at him to clean the rooms and also fix the facilities. Marco just quickly rushed to the direction he had pointed, swearing at the vampire and his lady in mind.

Theodore saw Valerie coming downstairs, he nodded at her instead of a proper greeting. "Prepare breakfast for two. I will be joining you this morning. After that, you will be able to use the bathroom." He gave his orders and headed to the dining room once more, wishing that she had cleaned there first.

Theodore at the table, ignoring the painting by staring at the statue. He had no idea why it still was there with those cracks. He would tell Marco to throw it away along with that painting...Again, he gazed at that cursed thing and gritted his teeth seeing [b him] smirking with those crimson eyes.

Furiously, Theodore grabbed on the nearest chair and threw it at the painting, making both crash on the floor.

He was still standing, hissing lowly when Valerie came in with the teas. Theodore looked at her then the mess he had made before sitting down slowly, motioning at her to sit beside him so they could eat together.
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Valerie waited for Theodore to act and when he did, she was acutlly aware of how slow he was going, taking his time, breathing in the way she smelled. She turned her face away as he finally opened his mouth and she let out a small breath when he bite her. It was quiet but still audible. She found herself grimmisting again, and she wanted to reach forwards and grab for him, to hold onto his form till he was finished. But he had already stopped before she could lift a finger and simply licked the wound to make it stop bleeding. She dryly swallowed and looked back at him as he stood, walking over to the painting and revealing a safe. She saw the eye symbol on it and watched him open the safe, taking a small bag out and dropping it on the table by her.

“Alright,” She said, knowing she’d probably spend it sparingly since there weren’t very many things that she herself needed at the moment. It was the mansion that need quite a few things fixed in it, but maybe she’d get some kitchen utensils if she couldn’t find any by tomorrow. Valerie blinked at her own thoughts, when was the last time she’d thought like this? Glancing back at the Vampire, she heard him say that she was coming with him to find someone and she nodded with understanding, not saying anything else. She didn’t react when his possessive nature showed through a little, she instead just stood to follow him to the door, suppressing any expression that could hint at what she was thinking. Besides that she was tired, she’d need to lay down and rest once they returned to the mansion.

Walking down to the village, Valerie felt the cool night air sweeping in from the water and sighed. She followed after Theodore, staying as close to him as she dared while still peering around at the village. She caught glimpse of faces looking at them from windows but Theodore didn’t even gaze about. His walk was steady and with purpose and soon they reached a noisy bar where voices and laughter echoed out through the walls. She felt the vampire slow and take her hand before walking into the bar. Quite a few heads turned, making her glad she had changed into the longer more modest dress since she could feel the eyes roaming over her. She didn’t notice the hand reaching to touch her hair, but Theodore somehow did and he suddenly spun around, stepping past her and snapping at the man, biting off a piece of his nose. Valerie stepped back slightly as the man howled held his bleeding nose, but now it seemed no one else would bother them, through their eyes still followed.

Theodore’s grip on her hand tightened as he stalked towards someone sitting away from the door with two harlots fawning over him. Once they were right behind him, and the two women had scurried away, Theodore let go of her hand and instead wrapped it around the man’s neck. She stared as he began to drag the young man out and she quickly followed after them, not falling a step behind the two till they were out of the bar. She watched him throw the young man down and she pressed her lips together firmly, standing still behind them as Theodore whispered something. He stuck the young man again before hissing something quietly and pointing at her. This gesture made her more curious now then alarmed. Who was this man? She watched Theodore stand up and throw a handkerchief down at him before approaching her. The annoyance he was showing made her stand a little ridgedly but she waited for him and listened as he began to explain who this man was and what he’d be doing.

Marco still looked a little dazed but fear had helped sober him up and he was watching them both with a pale complexion. Unlike him, Valerie was no stranger to violence. Hell she had personally killed plenty in the last 200 years, so being allowed to kill him if he was found slacking didn’t seem all that strange to her. “Alright,” She said in a soft tone glancing at Marco as he began to stand back up. With that, Theodore turned and started back up through the village, and Valerie followed right after him. They walked back up to the mansion and she waited for him to open the door before they both stepped inside. By now the afterglow of the sun had completely vanished from the night sky and few stars were out with the shining moon. Realizing how dark the mansion on the inside was now, Valerie reached her hand out to the wall, using it to guild her slowly till her eyes adjusted. She felt so tired now and Theodore had left her without another word.

Carefully feeling her way to the stairs, she started up them and walked into the room she’d cleaned earlier. The window was still open and bright moonlight light up the room. Walking over to it, Valerie leaned on the window sill and glanced down towards the village. She took it that since Marco hadn’t followed them back, he’d be showing up the next day. That thought made her sigh to herself, standing at the window and continuing to gaze out silently.
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Valerie was way too quiet and obedient. She could not be a queen with such an attitude. Either she was still in shock of turn of events or just sacred. Well, he could not blame her for any of that. Silent or not, her blood was the same; Less talk was more appetizing to think about it. When she sat right in front of him and did not even try to look away, Theodore felt that she was not scared, maybe because she knew she would survive no matter how much blood he would draw out of her. Maybe she was numb to the pain she was going to go through or she was good at masking her feelings. The vampire was too thirsty to wonder about that, so he reached out a hand and brushed it along her warm face, moving it to her neck to easily feel her pulse. Her veins were so inviting. He pulled away her hair and noted in mind that the bathroom should be repaired soon for she needed a bath.

He did not rush it like before because he did not need her blood to survive a battle this time. He took his time and leaned over, sniffing on her scent, becoming more and more familiar with her body so he would detect her from far away. Soon his mouth opened and slowly his fangs sank into her skin, reaching her vein. blood started pouring in his mouth and it was still tasty and inviting. Theodore pulled his chair closer to her and kept on sucking calmly. A few slurps were enough. So soon he pulled away and gave one last lick to her neck to stop the bleeding. Theodore was not sure what to say next, none of his preys offered their blood themselves. So he just silently stood up and walked to that painting which was still haunting him. With much more confidence than long time before, Theodore took it off and revealed a kind of safe there with that same eye. He used his blood again and opened it, letting Valerie see the coins saved there. He picked a small bag of silver coins and dropped it on table in front of her.

"You can buy the supplies you need whenever you want. This island belongs to [b my] family so you cannot leave it without trouble." He didn't need to lock her up. There was a thin chance she could escape and...she herself had agreed to be his.

"It is already night. I need to find a certain person, who usually is found around these times." He explained briefly and looked at her calmly. "You are coming with me. So people will know who you belong to." He said the words a bit harshly, showing a bit of his possessive instincts.

Theodore led her to the front door and let her go first, following close behind before taking lead again downhill. The soft breeze stroked Valerie's face as they approached the sea and the village. The fishermen were returning to their homes and most of the villagers were preparing to sleep early got another busy day. Most of them quickly walked away seeing Theodore. The news had spread and they were under stress of being hunted while they still were curious.

Theodore ignored all of them and kept walking until they reached the noisy bar; filled with irresponsible young men getting drunk and spending their coins for bookers and singers. They were too high to fear the vampire and just stared at Valerie, grinning at her fine skin and features which matched a noble' s standards. Theodore took her hand to walk among the alcohol smelling men, until one of them tried to touch Valerie and was treated with an aggressive hiss and a bitten off piece of nose. He screamed and fell on floor, rolling as he held his bleeding nose as other pulled themselves away to let the new vampire pass.

Gripping tight on Valerie's hand, Theodore made firm steps to one young man who had cared the least to what had just happened and was gulping down his fifth bottle. He had messy dark hair which had been rarely combed and washed well, with drunk half closed odd coloured orange and yellow eyes. He was too busy with the women each side of him trying to seduce their loyal customer and suck out more money from his family chest.

Theodore stopped behind him, huffing. So this worthless piece of shit was the only remained son of the family whom had served Theodore's family for ages. The women scurried off seeing the frightening vampire behind them and that made the man finally look back. "Hmm?..what the hell ya wa- Ah! Ugh! khhhh!!!" He struggled to breath after Theodore grabbed him by neck to easily choke him as dragging him out.
Throwing the ungrateful creature down he started kicking the poor confused who was barely sober before kneeling down and whispering something in his ear which made him gasp and shake his head before being punched, again Theodore whispered in his ear and pointed at Valerie gritting his teeth. The man gave one fearful glance at her and slowly nodded as blood dripped down his chin. Theodore narrowed his eyes, spitting on him before throwing a handkerchief which caught and wiped off the blood from his face slowly standing up.

Theodore approached Valerie, still annoyed. "This is Marco. He has the blood of our butlers... [b sadly] and he will help you in chorus and mostly outdoor ones. If you find him ever slacking...or...not respecting your privacy, you are allowed to kill him." He was so serious about it and that tone made poor Marco pale. His one night of fun turned into a life of..slavery....though he was going to get paid but still. He hated work yet he knew this was going to happen anyway and he had the same destiny as his family...geez.
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Valerie walked down the front hall that led to the kitchen and she paused to look around the room. Like the rest of the mansion, there was dust everywhere but besides the dust, there was plenty of counter space and empty shelves. There were also two spots for cooking fires and one still had a cauldron on it. Looking down at the large iron pot, she could see the remnants of dry water that hadn’t been cleaned away, and a large crack running down the side to the bottom. She made note of that since she wouldn’t be able to boil anything in it and she walked out into the dining room. The first thing to greet here was the long table and tall backed chairs that lined it. The carvings were so intricate and carefully made, She brushed her fingers through the dust along the edge and looked over towards the fireplace. The mantlepiece of the fireplace was a bat like gargoyle that may have once been fierce, but there were cracks running through it and chips of stone missing from the statue. She then looked up towards a painting, a painting of three young men, all with similar features and expressions. She gaze at them and noticed that one had striking eyes, seemingly offset from the painting and looking down at her, watching her, peering down in such a way that she might even think the figure was alive…

The door from the main hall opened and pulled Valerie from her thoughts, and hearing Theodore’s calm footsteps made her sigh a little, stealing one more glance at the painting before she walked out of the dining room and through the kitchen to meet him. He was still in the front hall when she went to him and she noticed him look at her before gazing at the dress. When he spoke someone’s title and gestured to the dress she had on, she stopped and listened, a little unnerved by the tone he had. He finished speaking with a disgusted tone and a thought passed through her mind. [I Is it really so bad that i’m wearing one of her dresses?] But she didn’t ask that question out loud. When he changed the subject, she blinked and looked down at the basket he’d brought back with him. And she made a tentative point not to move till he’d walked past her.

Valerie walked over to the basket and picked it up, carrying it over to the kitchen and setting it on once of the dusty counters. She brushed her hand through the dust to brush some of it off of the counter and coughed as more of it swept up into the air. Waving away the dust with her hands and coughing, she finally had a semi clean space to prepare the food and she then began looking around for utensils. Looking in one cupboard, she found it empty and moved on to another. It was also empty and so was the next. Straightening back up, she looked at the children and sighed remembering that it was still cracked. She finally found what she thought was supposed to be a cutting board and brought it over to the counter, setting it down near the basket. She then stepped back and looked at the food in thought, trying to remember what she could make herself with only the food she had.

Yeah, it had been a [I long] time since she’d had to do anything like this.

She didn’t hear Theodore come back down the stairs or walk down the hall and into the kitchen doorway. His voice made her jump and she glanced over her shoulder at him, noticing that he too had changed clothes, but she could also see something in his face. Specifically his eyes. Thirst.

Valerie turned slightly away as he approached her but she didn’t move to avoid him. She felt his hand on her shoulder and waited for him to suddenly yank her closer and bite down into the throat, but he didn’t. He instructed her to come to him once she was finished eating and began to walk out into the dining room. What he left her with made her glance at him perculierly, since it was like a threat, a heavily veiled threat. But she was able to brush the thought away and finally decide what to make.

Once she was done, she walked back into the dining room and found Theodore, partially glaring at the painting with fangs bared. That sight made her hesitant to approach him, but he noticed her soon enough and the glaring look was gone as he stared at her. She walked over at his soft invitation and she tentatively turned the tall chair next to him before taking a seat. She sat with her back straight and her hands folded in her lap, the chair turned so she was facing him and her violet eyes watching him, waiting quietly.
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The front room had two hallways. The one on the right led to kitchen and further to the dining hall. The dining hall consisted of one long table, flowers and tree shapes carved on it. The chairs were tall and quite uncomfortable in their fancy styles, making the person on it stiff. At the corner of the room was a fireplace, covered in ash and dust. There was a statue of a a horrifying bat with opened mouth and bare fangs on it, clearly cracked and chipped as it sat on top of the fireplace. Old candles were placed on wall, spider webs hanging from them. There was one painting of three people staring emotionlessly forward. Three young looking men in fine clothes. They were quite similar, giving the clue of being brothers. Only one of them had stunning green eyes staring at Valerie. His eyes injected fear and they were alive...

Suddenly she heard the entrance opening with a whining creak and she heard calm steps coming in. Theodore had arrived. He was holding four large baskets in his hands, carefully placing them on the dirty floor. His eyes were much calmer now, like he felt safer and more satisfied on this island. The vampire was soon recognised by the elder villagers who had heard from their grandparents about the owner of the mysterious sealed mansion up on the hill and this struck the village with fear of being hunted down from now on. Theodore did not let them know he no more needed their blood for he had his own 'prize' with an unending blood supply. Turning his head, he watched Valerie coming back from her small exploration and noticed the dress on her. She had already felt home and changed clothes. It was rude of her but Theodore did not expect her to know any manners. The vampire believed his own blood was much more noble than hers.

"Alice of the Massacre night." He introduced the original owner of the dress as pointing at it. "The miracle who saved from the cursed night, attracting accusing finger to her that she was a part of the Massacre. She was poisoned later by a dhampir's blood." Theodore spat out the unfamiliar name of 'dhampir' with disgust and humiliation. Dhampirs were children of a vampire and a human. Having the thirst for vampire blood, they searched for their guilty parent to seek revenge.

"Here," Theodore changed the subject himself, pointing down at the basket full of vegetables and fruits, also some bread and some meat. "Cook yourself something. Or eat them raw, I don't care." He walked past her towards the left hallway, where the servants rooms were supposed to be. He searched through the old scattered stuffs there and found a small painting. He hummed looking at the small painting of a very loyal butler's family and soon walked to the front hall again, setting the picture on the nearest table and going upstairs to his own room to change his clothes.

He soon came back down in black long suit, an odd fashion from far west. He smelt Valerie's scene in the kitchen as something clenched in his throat.


Walking quietly, he stopped at the doorway and watched the woman with narrowed eyes. "The facilities need repairing." He pointed out. "I see if I can find the loyal blood. Must be in village as their ancestors swore to be." The vampire was approaching her slowly, remembering how addictive her blood was. He reached out a hand and gently set it on her shoulder. He could just throw her on floor and tear up her delicate throat He was in control, He could do anything. Yet, lions never played with their food. He was not a pathetic cat. "Once You have done must fullfil what you have agreed to. I will be in dining room..." Ah, dining room. How ironic. He didn't meant to be but that room was currently the only decent place.

"Also,..." The vampire stopped at the doorway to glance back at her. "You barely talk. Keep it up. I hate long tongues." With that icy threat, he walked to the dining room and sat on one chair, glancing around at the dusty place. His eyes stopped on that painting and suddenly felt chills along his spine...those green eyes were now crimson as they stared at him...after centuries...still...

When Valerie entered, Theodore had bared his fangs at the painting. The eye a were still green for Valerie and the vampire's reaction was quite strange. He finally noticed her presnece and stared at her. "Take a seat." He softly told her since it was meaningless to be rough to a willing prey.
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In a mansion on a secluded little island, where the doors to the outside could only be opened by one being’s blood who shared the island with a small seaside village of caretakers, two people resigned themselves. One used to be a powerful Light who had always held the lives of her people in her hands, that was till the day she decided a singer betrayal was enough to let the Nation collapse into anarchy. And the other was a twisted Dark, one whose thirst for blood brought him to sweeping away the Immortal Light and bringing them both to the isolated mansion.

The Light’s name was Valerie and on the first day she was brought to the mansion, she’d watched the vampire leave after he told her to pick a room on the second floor and clean in. The way he had phrased it made it seem more like a suggestion, a suggestion that she couldn’t ignore. Stepping through the dark halls with very little sunlight shining in, Valerie found the stairs to the second floor and climbed up them, finding a landing with another hall going both to the right and left of her. She spotted the master bedroom at the end of the right hall and saw that on the lock of the door, there was a symbol of an eye pressed into the metal. She turned away so she wouldn’t go over to try the handle and she walked to the first room on the left of the landing, opening the door and stepping into the room.

Like the rest of the mansion, everything was covered in a thick layer of dust, but this room surprisingly had curtains and a window behind it, showing the faint glow of the afternoon light slowly turning to dusk. She paced around the well sized room and looked at the bed which had been made to sleep in but it was obvious that no one had slept there in a long time. She next walked to the wardrobe, the only other piece of furniture in the room and opening it, she was surprised to see long noble women’s dresses still inside it. The wardrobe had mostly protected the clothes from the dust that coated the rest of the room and it seemed that moths hadn’t gotten to the fabric in the many years of being unused.

Valerie leaned on the doors to the wardrobe with a sigh and she looked back around the room. This would do since this was what she’d agreed to. She looked down at herself and decided to change into one of the modest dresses since the one she had on now was less than decent, at lease for her it was. She then left the room, walking back door the stairs. Theodore said there should be things to clean with somewhere and she didn’t think they’d be upstairs. She found some things in a small closet below the stairs and going back up the stairs to her chosen room. She sighed again and the seemingly simple task in front of her and she set the cleaning utilities down, first walking over to the window and pulling the curtains back before pushing it open. A soft breeze from the water met her through the window and she looked out, seeing that this side of the mansion was facing the small village on the other side of the island.

She watched the scene for only a moment before turning away and proceeding to dust and sweep the room, shake out the quilt on the bed, and bat down cobwebs. It had been a long time since she’d had to do things like this and she dumped the gathered up pile of dust out the window. Looking out again, Valerie could see that no one was in the process of coming back yet, so she took the cleaning utilities and left the window open, walking back down the stairs and put them away and look around the rest of the mansion.
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