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Just the day to day interactions between two people

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Theodore didn't show any reaction on outside when he felt her arms around his shoulders and her smaller body pressing against him. But inside, the urge of owning her again flamed. Valerie was seducing him and the vampire did not take her apologise serious. He was not naive and it was so obvious what she was trying to pull yet, Theodore did not push her off and let her do what she was doing. It was not like he could do anything about stopping Cabhan. If she wanted to help his master, it was fine then.

He preferred to give up and just enjoy the remained time of him having her only for hinself.

His eyes were set on the painting and he only glanced at her briefly when she looked at him to see a hint of response; When she did not find any, Valerie decided to act bolder and his eyes widened slightly she was over him right in his face.

She wanted all of his attention for herself. Now it was hard to tell if it was a part of her plan or just her own desires. Her arms crept behind his neck and Theodore just stared into her eyes before deciding to do what she silently demanded and put one hand on her side and pulled her close to his chest before making circles on her back. He pressed his lips on her neck and planted light kisses on it before sliding down his hand to her lower back whispering in her ear.

"Ah, It will be hard handing you to him."

He stroked her lower body before sinking his fangs in her neck but kept rubbing her sides gently. "Valerie." He pulled away from her neck and kissed her ear gently before asking quietly. "Have you ever loved somebody in your long life?" He was a bit curious about her mysterious life and this interest of him was a quite a big success for her. He wanted to actually hear her talk. Days before he wanted to be alone and now he could not keep his hands away from her lovely body.

Now he was rubbing the places her wings would be attached, remembering her soft feathers in the harsh snow back in Light nation.


He pulled her closer to him.

"Reveal your wings for me."

Now it was way too much. But he had saved her wings and saw it his right to touch them whenever he wanted to. The wings made him uncomfortable but also dangerously pleased him in some ways.
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Valerie watched Theodore walk away before she heard what he said from the top of the stairs. “Of course.” She said quietly, watching him leave and gasping as Lilith turned her claws back on her, making her drop the Mother of Shadows. Lieven approached her after the little orange and white cat darted off to hide, and Valerie just sighed to herself, wiping at her face and making sure that she wasn’t bleeding too badly. “I swear I’m going to break your back if you don’t stop….” She muttered, hearing Lieven just meow and trot away, his tail still held high.

Letting out a heavily breath, Valerie walked back up to the first floor and went to the dining room. She found Theodore sitting and facing Cabhan's painting. She didn't pull out a chair near him, instead going directly to him and cordially wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She leaned herself on him, not sitting on his lap necessarily but pressing herself as close to him as she could get without sitting on him. “I’m sorry that I woke you up.” She cooed softly, her tone genuine and apologetic. “I still don’t like the idea of bringing him back, but it doesn’t seem like there is anything I can do…” She glanced at the painting, pausing a moment before continuing gingerly. “Perhaps you were right not to trust me with this, but it is no matter now.” She turned her head towards him, peering at him with just her eyes. He still looked a little stressed, but not as much as he had been minutes earlier.

She wasn’t getting any real response from him, so Valerie moved in front of him, settling down on him like she had when she found him in the snow, and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. She was now quietly demanding his attention while not saying anything. But her actions and subtle motions pulled him away from his thoughts, away from anything she had just said, making him only pay attention to her. She honestly didn’t want him to pay much more attention to herself and the things she did, bu she also didn’t want the trust she’d so easily gained to go to waste so soon. She needed to act a little different to keep him calm and plaisant, and she would do what she had to in order to stay ahead of him in this situation.
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Theodore observed her dishonest calm face and then at the growling new cat in her arms. Lieven was just cleaning himself like nobody was in this barroom with him. The vampire did not like this situation at all. He could clearly feel that everything was slowly getting out of hand and unfortunately Valerie was one step ahead of him. She was not an empress for nothing.

The vampire stared into her eyes before letting out a frustrated sigh and decided to step aside from this complicated scene. It was quite much more milder reaction he usually gave. Normally he would just snap and give a lesson or two to Valerie so She would not try to act sneaky and smart again.

He just turned away and walked back towards the stairs but before climbing them up, he stopped and reminded Valerie her purpose of living here;

"I am waiting for you in the diningroom."

Theodore was not that thristy but he was getting greedy by having an unending source of blood who could satisfy him in any way.


Lilith hissed again and swatted at Valerie's face once Theodore was gone. Lieven just purred and rubbed himself to Valerie's legs.

[b [i Gotta say, you have got lovely legs my pretty lady.]]

Lieven meowed after teasing her and then casually walked away with his tail held high but Lilith was far from being calm and collected like him. She was the Mother of Darkness and this little Light dared to trap her in this humiliating vessel. She had jumped on the ground, hissing threateningly at Valerie before she took off into a random direction hiding away among the boxes and barrels.

Theodore was waiting in the same old dining room, his chair facing the painting he dreaded the most but now that the situation had gotten worse the vampire had started feeling less fearful about his master coming back. Cabhan had still bit tried in communicating him even after helping him find another piece of his soul but Theodore was not upset about it. He just wanted to forget it all and only focus on his Valerie.

Only he and Valerie.

Last night was only a start. He wanted more and more from her.

Because All Vampires Were Created Greedy.

Dark was greedy.
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The sound of Cabhan’s voice made Valerie look up sharply and she internally groaned when she saw his green eyes flashing in the dark. She looked away from him as he taunted her in her head and she fiddled with her feather, twisting it slightly in between her hands. “You’ll have to show me those sometime.” She murmured softly as he mentioned the secret passageways before inspecting the other cat.

Valerie saw the she cat's eyes open moment’s after Cabhan turned his attention away and she didn’t do anything to warn him as Lilith sprang to her feet and swatted at him with her claws. In the waking world, the cat just hissed, but inside of her mind, the Light could hear her echoing screams. It was enough to make Valerie stand and snap the feather in her hands, causing it to disappear in a few strands of light.

“Alright, Enough. Be Quiet!” She snapped in a hushed tone as both cat’s looked towards her. “You never said what kind of vessel you wanted, you only said that it had to be alive. And on this island it’s far more inconspicuous for a cat to start acting strange rather than a person….” Right as she finished speaking, there was a banging on the basement door. That distracted Valerie for only a moment and in that moment, Lilith leapt for her, digging her claws into her before climbing up and making Valerie jump at the small unexpected pains.

“Hey! Ow, Ow, Ow!” She grabbed at Lilith as the little orange and white cat reached her shoulder and just then the door at the top of the stairs was kicked open. The only thing Valerie could do in that moment was hold Lilith so her claws weren’t digging into her anymore and she glanced back at Theodore as he ran down the stairs. She watched as his glare changed to uncertainty at the sight of Lilith and her shadow and she adjusted her hold on the cat, hearing Lilith growl and flick her tail with annoyance.

“Erm… Yes Theo?” Valerie asked in the most casually voice she could muster. “Is there something you need?” It was dishonest, not addressing the clear problem in the room. But Valerie wasn’t going to say anything about what she’d just done. If Theodore wanted to know about it then he could ask himself, she wasn’t going to be the one to bring it up. She shifted her grip on Lilith again and calmly stroked the cat’s fur, standing with her weight back on her heels and her expression cool. Like nothing was wrong.

Theodore on the other hand looked almost like he was going to snap again because of the stress and tension. But Valerie knew how to hold her cool. Her feather was gone so the only thing he could get upset about was the other cat, Lilith. But then again, would he even know that was Lilith in the Light’s arms unless she told him it was? Valerie just bit her tongue and waited for his response, still standing as cool and collected as she could surrounded by the Dark.
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[b [i Oh, dear. What an adventurous girl. Bad, Bad girl I would say.]]

Cabhan's voice echoed in Valerie's head and when she looked back she saw Lieven staring at her with his green glowing eyes.He started approaching her with a tail held up high. Yes he was now able to communicate through her mind even when she was not in illusion and also, his shadow was no more a small car but a tall figure.

His presnece as a cat was fading giving its place to a dangerous Pureblood Vampire.

[b [i Darling; A locked door can no more help you. Now I remember so many secret passages in this place.]]

He rubbed his body against her, purring as looking at the limp orange cat.

[b [i Ooohhh. What are you going to do, You naughty Light? Already cheating on a fluffy kitty like me? Fufufufu....]]

He then moved over to the still moveless cat believing that Valerie had failed summoning that strong Dark he had felt earlier. He sniffed the body and then started cleaning himself in a taunting manner before he felt something sharp scratching at his face. Hissing he jumped away and arched his back threateningly at the now awakened cat.

His ears flattened when he saw how the wild cat's shadow twisted and grew into the deformed figure of Lilith and her pupils turned glowing pink.

[b You fools! You bastards! Giving me this pathetic vessel!]

Her scream echoed in their heads as she hissed in her cat form her odd shadow swaying impatiently. Both of the cats then turned their heads at Valerie staring expectantly like,

Now What?

But the awkward silence between the three did not last long for there was banging on the locked door and slightly worried but mostly angry voice of Theodore whose sleep was disturbed because of all those powerful presence rushing in, was heard.

"Valerie! Are you in there? What on earth is happening? Open the door, [b Now]!"

Lieven just meowed softly and went to licking between his legs showing thag he cared the least about Lilith's presence thought he kept an eye on the orange one. Lilith just hissed some more showing her annoyance at Valerie but then leaped on her holding her small body against Valerie by her claws. She then climbed up until reaching her shoulder.

Losing his really short temper, Theodore finally kicked opened the door with a loud bang and rushed in the basement, glaring directly at Valerie. Yes. All the love he made was forgotten.

He first noticed Lieven, then gritted his teeth seeing the large shadow then saw the new orange cat which was the source of his tension. He made a step back as those weird coloured eyes stared at him. Then he gazed down and saw the horrifying shadow of Lilith. His hand again subconsciously went for the missing sword but did not grasp on anything physical.

"Valerie..." He said again but this time his tone was more catious.
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Valerie laid still on her bed, her eyes widening as Lilith's shadow enveloped the room. The only thing she didn't cover was the window because…. How else would the little Light be able to see how endless the Dark really was? Listening to Lilith's words and swallowing down her fright, Valerie gripped at the covers tightly, closing her eyes and only opening them when Lilith instructed her to find her a living vessel. She watched the shadows shrink till they disappeared and she was again alone in her room. The first rays of morning were beginning to brighten up the sky and Valerie looked away from her window, willing it to still be night.

[I I can't bring him back first. He’d just take over our lives before I even have a say… But maybe bring her back would help… Since she did offer…]

Valerie somehow managed to drift off to sleep and she awoke around mid morning. The sun was up and had been for a few hours and she was pretty sure that Theodore had probably returned to his room to rest for the day. Getting up out of her bed, she looked herself over and frowned at the marks that she saw. Yes they’d fade but just the sight of them warranted her to gather some clothes and hurry to the bathroom. She didn't have to worry about getting undressed since Theodore had taken care of that for her, an hour later she stepped out into the hall, her hair damp and wearing a fair blue dress with cutout shoulders and a long skirt. It was similar to the dress Theodore had wanted her to wear when he walked in on her bathing.

Walking to the stairs, she paused at the top and glanced towards the master bedroom. Valerie had noticed herself doing this time and time again but she wasn't quite sure why. Maybe it was just herself being a fool like Theodore had called her. She sighed at that thought and made her way down stairs. Because of the time, she half expected to see Marco around somewhere but that wasn't likely since he had probably woken up hungover in some village girl’s bed. She was still a bit bitter by what he had tried to do so it was just fine that he wasn't there yet. There was still very little left in kitchen so finding her shawl again, Valerie grabbed some silver coins and two baskets to fill in the village.

It was on her way back that she spotted something else to bring back to the mansion. At the village festival, she had seen how many cats there were just wandering the island so she was sure no one would notice if another one followed her back to the mansion. What she had seen was a dusty orange and white she cat whose animalistic trust she won quite easily. Back in the mansion, the Light let the food in the kitchen and took the cat down to the basement which had the only other that locked besides the outside doors and the master bedroom. Setting the cat on floor and kneeling next to it, Valerie pressed her lips together and bite her tongue with anxious hesitation.

“... Don't wake up…” She murmured half to herself as she grabbed the cat by the scruff of its neck and revealed her wings. The shift in the air was immediate and shocking and Valerie plucked one feather from her wings before hiding them again. Without waiting to see if either of the two Darks noticed what she'd done, she rubbed the hollow shaft of her feather before sticking it into the cat's side. Pushing it deeper and holding the squirming animal down, Valerie twisted her feather a little before yanking it out and letting go of the now limp cat. She then waited seeing if Lilith would take over this vessel.
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Lilith was silent at first after Valerie asked her for advice which was unlikely. Light usually were too proud to ask a Dark help let alone Mother of Darkness; But Valerie was the odd one. She chose to serve a Dark and now was dwelling on choosing between two Darks to be loyal to. It was more than pathetic but Lilith did not feel the need to remind it to her and stated with those hollow eyes before she started chuckling.

Her chuckles grew louder and louder and in the same time her deformed limbs stretched and reached the other walls surrounding her. Now she also had one glowy crack on her shadow face as a grinning mouth. The enlarged shadow of Lilith was done chuckling eventually as she had spread herself all over the room, looking more in control than the former queen of Light empire.

[b My poor trapped 'glorious' Light, You are the one to choose but...]

She grinned once again before continuing.

[b Let me give you this little advice as a good 'aunt' I am. You should not devote yourself to a vampire because their greed is endless you think you have given everything but he keeps demanding more and more until he gets bored of your submission and then you will as important as an old chair. Whether you want Cabhan or Theodore, you must being Cabhan back. You cannot have both. As long as the Pure is alive, the seed will not be at ease and in your grasp. You cannot do anything to Cabhan when he is in his eternal form of life. Find his body and bring him to the this world before choosing one.]

Now her voice started fading as her shadow started shrinking.

[b Ah. I cannot stay here in this form for long; Hmm...I might know how you can find his body but first, find me a living vessel.]

Lilith then shrink dowb to one single spot before vanishing competently and leaving Valerie alone on her own.

Her presnece was short but not unnoticed. Lieven was just hanging around in the dining room, not bothering to wait behind the bedroom' s door since he did not like Theodore leaving his scent on Valerie. The cat would not go around her before she took a shower and get rid of the smell. He was lazily staring up at his own painting when he suddenly felt something that shook his small body. Something had just appeared that sharpened his senses and tensed his muscles.

Lieven was not sure if he wanted to go after the source of this strange and familiar feeling or not but then something more alarming caught his attention. His ears flicked as he heard a calling to him. He darted out, his ears sharpening more for the sound and soon he found himself in front of the library door which was closed.

The buzzing was driving him nuts and a single door was not going to stop him. He flexed his small body and shoved himself in the room from the space between the door and floor. The buzzing was now so loud and he glanced up seeing the grand clock. Whatever buzzing, was in there.

Lieven jumped on the book shelves and landed on top of the clock pawing at its face. But he could not opened with claws. Aggressively he hissed and clawed on it. The presence of Lilith vanished and the buzzing stopped but Lieven was still insisting to see in the clock.

Suddenly a pair of hands reached forwards and opened the face of the clock revealing a small red pouch in there. Lieven looked up seeing Theodore.

[i So he has finally accepted my return...]

Lieven let out a purr and jumped down to rub against Theodore's leg but the vampire stepped back and just opened the pouch pouring its containment on the cat. It was a black coal like powder but when it touch Lieven, he felt another piece of his soul joining him.

The cat's shadow grew into a figure on the wall. His silhoute was there, giving a hint that his arrival was approaching soon.

"Hmph." Was Theodore's reaction before he turned and walked away.
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Valerie only opened her eyes when Theodore pulled away from her, murmuring that they would talk after she rested. She leaned her head against his hand as it brushed past her face and she watched him leave, saying nothing to call him back and feeling content. But she also felt something else. A dangerous feeling that she had let run rampant during her years of tyranny. She shivered at this feeling and rolled over onto her side, letting her mind think of nothing until a small humming caught her attention. Lifting her head, Valerie looked around before rolling onto her back and looking up, the covers on her bed pulled up to her chin. She saw Lilith’s twisting shadows and the sight made her look away, hearing the creator of the Dark races cooing in her head.

“That isn’t what I’m worried about…” She whispered softly, turning onto her side towards the window in her room and gazing out towards the village and the sea. “I doubt she would steal away my wasted life for something like this, but it is only a matter of time…” She paused, listening to Lilith’s words and feeling her skin crawl at the sickly sweet, rasping voice and the dark shadow’s reaching down the walls towards her. “I do, don't I… Even after so long.” She murmured with a quiet laugh and a light blush. She closed her eyes and sighed longingly, trying to push away the memories of recent events. Opening her eyes again, Valerie gazed motionlessly out her window from her bed. Listening to Lilith, her giddy longing faded and was replaced with deep shame.

“It is pathetic, isn’t it? Toying with two beings of the dark who would rather see me dead if this was any other situation.” She shifted uncomfortably under Lilith's gaze and used her hands to cover her face. “I’ve lost myself. Everything I know, everything I’ve learned. It is so useless here.” She wasn’t expecting any sympathy from The Mother of the Dark, but finally hearing the words that she was truly lost, even from her, made it slightly easier to accept. “Is this… All there is now?” It was a vague question and Valerie slowly pulled her hands away from her face, staring forwards blankly. “I never thought that this is the life I’d be leading so close to my fifth century of life…. It is pathetic…” Trailing off, she listening to the incessant humming from Lilith before she quietly spoke again.

“Since you are here, watching over myself and the products of your creations, is there anything you can suggest I do?” Valerie rolled onto her back and gazed up towards Lilith’s shadowy form. “Should I devote myself to him? To Theodore…? I’ve already given him everything I have to give. My blood, my body, my life…” She paused again, wondering how much a simple death had costed her. She could have easily avoided it by letting Johar kill Theodore with his last dying breath. But she hadn’t… Back then she wasn’t thinking straight and now she was paying for it with the overwhelming realization of how pathetic her life would become. “Or perhaps… Should I help Cabhan?” Her question was sincere and she waited for Lilith’s reply, like a child looking to their guardian for guidance.
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Nobody answered her there. The means of communications with other dimensions here differed from the original lands of the Mothers. So her call had no response.

Theodore had closed his eyes, keeping her close to him and just eager to do it all over again but he could clearly feel her exhaustion. Theodore indeed became a bit softer towards her for what she generously gave him so he slowly sat up giving her the space she might needed.

"We need to discuss the coming changes soon but now you need your sleep." His voice was calm and collected, his body no more tense. He pulled the blanket over her after getting out of bed himself and brushed his hand against her lovely face for the last time, murmuring a 'good night'. He then walked out of the room but not before giving one last look at her then at the dark hallway which could be hideout of one particular cat.

After the vampire left, Valerie heard a soft humming which grew louder and when she could figure out which way it came from she saw a shadow forming on the ceiling right above her head. The shadow twisted and made several forms until changing into something like a broken deformed figure with long hair floating flatly on the surface. They had two small glowing circles as eyes but no other face features.

[b What is it, Valerie? Is it the guilt after pleasure? Be at ease for Mother of Light is still asleep and cannot reach your sinful wings here.]

It was Lilith's voice echoing in her head.

[b Mmmm~ And you have fallen so hard that you are already drooling for a pure Dark yet to come. As a Light you indeed know how to use your gifted body~]

And then the being let out a chuckle, her voice a bit raspy and not as clear as she was back in the Light and Dark lands. She did not have any presnece here and was literally a shadow which could only feed on the two few Darks in this place.

[b To mess with the murderers of the night...Ahhh~ Did you know they were my masterpiece yet a failure? They were so perfect yet disrespect and lacked loyalty. I wanted to erase the first asap but seeing th misery they casted on you worthless Lights and the worthless humanity....convinced me to let them grow...]

[b And now you have lost yourself to lust, clinging to anything to fill in the hole which reminds your one big failure of ruling an empire. My poor pathetic Valerie~]
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Valerie felt how forced Theodore's kiss was, she felt his fangs slicing at her lips and catching her tongue but she didn't pull away from him. She instead kissed him back hard and pressed herself even closer to him. It was only moment’s later that Theodore’s nails grabbed her legs and hoisted her up, moving them both away from the front door and to one of the walls of the front hall. He pressed her against it with her legs crossed behind him and she couldn’t help but shiver as she felt his cold hands feeling her warm skin. Valerie’s arms went from his shoulders to behind his neck, holding herself up till he pulled away to breath. They were both panting and despite the feeling of eyes watching them, she never looked away. She could see the need in his eyes and that look made her stop and consider what she was doing.

If she gave this to him, if she let go of every reason that she had to hate him and betray him, break the pact that they’d made… Would it be worth it? What she gained here was Theodore’s trust and maybe even a little respect from the Dark, but what she would lose… There wasn’t much time to think about it as Theodore pulled her away from the wall and moved up the stairs with her, turning into her room and closing the door behind him. Now there was no time to reconsider because as soon as he set her down, he was back to kissing and snapping at her, his hands tugging at the dark scarlet dress. She didn’t stop him, but she did pull away just a little, no longer kissing back as rough or returning her grip to the back of his neck. She instead closed her eyes and murmured.

“Theodore…” Saying it almost like it was the first time she’d ever said his name. Her voice was soft and low, hardly even a whisper, and she exhaled heavily as she felt the Vampire shift over top of her. Subtlety, her arms wrapped around him, below his own arms and her hands felt for his scars. When she felt them, she pressed leaving hand at his right shoulder while the other dragged across his back, feeling the scars through his clothes. Eventually, when they were done fooling around, Valerie shifted a little under Theodore, her eyes still closed and her breathing slowed.

She was listening, waiting to see if Theodore would say anything to her or if he’d just let her rest. She was tired from staying up half of the night but she knew Theodore would still be mostly awake. Shifting in his grasp again, she began to think quietly to herself. Was Lieven outside of her door, listening to them? Or had he slunk off to some desolate part of the mansion, looking for the blood offering stone that Theodore had taken? Would Cabhan invade her dreams again and say he no longer wanted her help? Or would he just disappear till his body was found and come back with a vengeance for her stealing Theodore away from his control?

[i Can you hear me?] She wondered quietly in her own mind. Thinking back she remembered that Lilith had invaded her mind as well, back during the war. She had taunted the queen about turning to Theodore for help and she had scorned the light woman. Was the Mother of Shadows still there? [i Cabhan? Lilith? Is anyone watching over us?] She didn’t expect to hear any answering her wondering questions and she pressed her forehead against Theodore’s collarbone, softly sighing again.
  Valerie / BBJ / 287d 15h 43m 56s
[b Only we exist.]

[b And nothing else.]

His tensed, alarmed body started to relax as Theodore was forced to look into her eyes with his wild gaze. The vamoire was so on edge, So corrupted and so disturbed. Shedding blood was one way to sooth him and make him forget his weaknesses. Make him forget the eyes which were burning into his soul and reminding him what a worthless weakling he was. How he shook pathetically under the shadow of the monster.

No. Cabhan did not exist. Only Valeire was there before him. He could kiss her. He could drown her in his love like he once did with Minerva.

No. He could let her corrupt his heart instead of the Pure blood shadowing over them. Because one soul could not be stained by two.

If Valerie conquered him, Cabhan could not claim him as his property.

In his crazed state, this was a convincing way. So he immediately smacked his lips against hers and his nails dug into her hips like she was a rope he was holding on. If he let go, it was back to Cabhan. The kiss became deeper and wilder, her lips already bleeding in his mouth. But it was not over. At least not for him. His hands slid down and he pushed her legs up, lifting the woman in his arms and pressed her against the wall and he kept on attacking those lips and her tongue. Love had no place in his actions.

It was a mixture of rage, fear and lust.

Her hem of dress was being boldly pushed up as she was still held up. His icy hands roamed along her legs and up to where she had not let anyone for a long time before stopping and pulling away. Theodore was panting as he glared down at her not with annoyance but with need.

Lieven was watching them. His green eyes were glowing in the hallway and slowly the cat started approaching them but Theodore did not wait for him. Instead he carried his prize into her room, the first place he accessed and dropped her on the bed. It was not long before his lips were pressing against hers as his hands pushed down her collar and pushed up her her skirt. He slowly started moving on top...
  valkyira / 287d 17h 49m 14s
Valerie let go of Theodore’s arm as he stormed out and she just looked after her, not moving to follow him as Qiana spoke up with her offended manner. She instead sighed and walked over to the table again, moving to sit down but stopping at the teen’s bold questions. “No, though it might seem like I was…” She paused at Qiana’s last question and she looked at her with sharp eyes cutting into the girl’s uncomfortable expression. “He didn’t buy me. We had a pact, one of blood.” Valerie’s voice had dropped low but it was still strong and loud enough to be heard by the girl. “I promised him my myself, my time and patience if he helped me leave the Light Nation. He followed through with his end of our bargain and that’s why we are now here, both for a new start.” She turned her gaze back towards the doorway and pressed her lips together with an unamused expression.

“I think I should go, make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone.” And with that she undid the ribbon from her hair, starting towards the door. Valerie glanced at Qiana as she walked past and her expression was solemn, not hardened or cold like Theodore’s was. “I apologize for the inconvenience.” She said as her parting words and left the chief’s home. Lieven was nowhere in sight but she was sure he was close, and so was Theodore. Walking back up the road towards the mansion, she spotted his tall figure on the road in front of her, his pace slower than it normally would. She hurried to catch up with him and half way up the road between the mansion and the village is when she reached him.

Valerie held her tongue at first, saying nothing as she could see in the moonlight that Theodore was still upset. Glancing back, she spotted a small black form darting for the tree line that ran up along the road towards the hill. By now they had reached the steps that led up to the front of the mansion and Valerie took Theodore’s arm, murmuring softly. “He’s following us.” Almost immediately, the vampire turned his head to look back, but Valerie let go of his arm and quietly said, “Don’t look back.” Her hand had slid down to his and she grasped it firmly, glancing at him to make sure she had his attention as she quickened her pace to the top of the stairs. Once they’d reached the front doors, Valerie turned back to Theodore and placed her hands on his shoulders, leaning up against him with their eyes meeting in the dark.

“Kiss me,” She said, her words firm and her gaze unwavering. “He can still see us, but-!” Valerie’s hands reached up as Theodore tensed moving like he was going to look back again, but she didn’t let him. Her hands cupped his face and kept him looking at her, “He doesn’t matter… Only we exist. Just you and I... And nothing else.”
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Theodore looked ultimately annoyed on outside but inside was another story. He wanted to lash out and just pour his rage on Valerie. Even his hand went for the missing sword and his fingers flexed slightly. Thus cat was not leaving them alone and Cabhan was just taunting him by doing that.

Normally somebody would get hurt when the vampire was this frustrated but this time his partner was a strong willed Light who could neutralize his dark parts with her calm nature. She took the control of the situation and closed the curtains again, giving him the look he was not used to.

Theodore narrowed his eyes and bared his fangs, staring down at her hard but did not make any move against her. He kept standing there until he heard a slightly curious 'Hm?' from the younger house member. He stepped back from Valeire and gave a glance at Qiana who was holding a basket of fruits.

"Are you leaving? Don't. Mother is preparing the Fire Fish."

Theodore's fists clenched and he hissed out a, "I lost my appetite." And walked past the confused Qiana getting out of the housr.

"Uhm. Fish has a dull taste but Fire Fish is so valuable and rare." Qiana said with a slightly offended manner, daring Valeire to just storm out too. She set the basket on the table and watched the Mistress again. Now that Theodre was gone, she could now chat more freely with the odd woman.

"I have heard you are from the barbaric lands." She obviously meant the Light nation. Lily was not good with keeping stories to herelf. "We're you a slave there...?" She twirled a strand of her blond hair around her finger. "I mean...a pleasure slave? I have heard these are pretty common there." The teenage girl was way too open about that.

"Lord Theodore bought you?" Qiana was now staring uncomfortably, hoping that her bold questions would not make her run too.
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At the sound of Theodore's voice, Valerie spun around to face him, catching the annoyed look in his eyes. With a quick glance down to see that Lieven had left her alone, the little brat, she bowed her head slightly and looked at the Vampire with just her eyes. “I plan to leave him that way as long as he stays here.” She said with a hardened tone in her soft voice,

“It isn’t like anyone here can find his body. He doesn’t even know where it is or where it could be hidden.” Pressing her lips together, she watched Theodore stare at her with his narrowed eyes. It almost looked like he was trying to see through her, into her mind. After a few seconds too long of watching each other, Theodore cleared his throat and adjusted his collar. He told her to go change into something formal and that they were going out since there was no food.

With her head lifted up, Valerie straightened up and past him, her head held higher than it had been when he caught her talking about him to the cat. His decision was strange, out of character for the cold and calculated vampire. She wondered what had made him decide that he was going to dine with her tonight and she paused at the stairs glancing around for Lieven’s green eyes. But the little menace was nowhere to be seen. She’d get back at him eventually for leaving her there in that position. Maybe by throwing him into a tub full of water or off the village pier into the sea.

When she came down, Valerie had braided her hair back and to the right over her shoulder, weaving a light red ribbon into her hair like she had tried to do before but instead decided against that look. It hadn’t been appropriate for the time but now it looked fine. The ribbon was a few shades lighter than the dark scarlet dress she had found and though it wasn’t overly extravagant, it was far more formal than the dresses Theodore had been insisting she wear instead.

The Light woman noticed his gentlemanly actions right away as they set out and her violet eyes looked curiously at him, a strange daring look. Her eyes only turned away from Theodore when they entered the village and she let him guide her along, bringing her to the largest house, next to the mansion, on the island. She stood by him as the door was opened for them and they were met by a teenage girl, her eyes meeting Valerie’s. A woman shouted the girl’s name and Valerie found herself tightening her hold of Theodore’s arm slightly, hoping he wouldn’t overreact with what Qiana had called her.

Luckily, he didn’t seem too bothered by it, only a little annoyed, like he always was. When they walked inside, Valerie glanced at the furs and animal skins that were hanging around, decorating the large home. It reminded her of the place where she had grown up, a place which was always cold and fur was necessary to stay warm and be comfortable.

As Theodore did most of the talking, Valerie listened and observed the two women, Qiana still seemed quite interested in her while her mother was a little on edge about the whole situation, though she remained pleasant. Valerie caught what the teen girl had said and she looked over sharply, flashing an almost promising smile to show that they would talk in the future. While doing this, Valerie didn’t notice Theodore staring at the window till he stood up suddenly and walked over to it, pulling aside the curtains to reveal the small black cat with green eyes looking in at them.

“Oh no…” She breathed, feeling her shoulders slump and the pleasant mood vanish at the sight of Lieven. “Ignore him Theodore, he can’t do anything to you with the way he is now. Just leave him be.” She said with an exacerbated tone, covering her face with one hand out of slight embarrassment and watching him with her narrowed eyes through the spaces in her fingers. She saw he still had a scowl and that look was what pulled her to her feet, making her walk over to him and yank the curtains closed with just as swift of a motion.

Once they could no longer see Lieven outside, Valerie lightly took Theodore’s arm, giving him another strange look. The only difference was this look held no curiosity in it, only disapproval. “We’ll talk when we go back.” She murmured quietly, only looking away from him when Qiana entered the dining room, stopping as she saw the lord and his mistress standing by the window.
  Valerie / BBJ / 288d 11h 1m 17s
"Scare [b me] away?"

The offended voice said behind Valerie and there Theodore was standing. His eyes radiated annoyance but his face did not show much. He rose up one eyebrow at her before getting in the kitchen first. Lieven was no where to be found, He was good at escaping of course.

"How long are you going to keep him around as a cat? Are you that arrogant? You think if you refuse to help him he won't come? Hmph." Theodore realised there were no food left in counters and made a mental note to tell Marco buy some supplies the next day. The vampire then looked back at the former Light queen, wondering what she really had in mind.

Then he realised that all these days they lived in this mansion he was just trying to read her mind somehow. It was quite odd for the cold vampire to focus on another being this much. Yet Valerie was so mysterious that even made him curious. He had tasted her over and over but never found out what she really tasted like. This woman was unique. Maybe Mother of Light was even proud of creating her. And now Theodore owned her but ironically did not do what to do with her.

What she really was to him? Food supply? Concubine? Niether. She was Valerie. His Valerie.

Realising he was staring for too long, Theodore cleared his throat and adjusted his collar. "You have wasted plenty of food I bought. Now that it can't be helped, go dress in something more formal. Maybe you should taste the fresh seafood of this island for at least once, to be fair." He was literally taking her out for means of fun for the first time.

Ah. He was indeed changing.

Once she was ready, Thedore acted like a gentleman and offered his arm for her to take. Tonight they were going to act like normal nobles. Maybe it was because Thedore could feel his days of freedom were over soon. He took her downhill to the village.

Now the place was the biggest house in the village, owned by the village chief. It was a place where merchants could meet the chief to agree on selling new merchandisers or when especially a commander from Tiburon wanted to discuss some politics. Most of the meetings were held there.

Theodore did not need to knock on the door for the two were spotted from the window by the bored daughter already. So the moment they were in front of the fine house, the door was opened and there the chief's teenage daughter was standing there with curious eyes on Valerie. Her dress was too tight for a decent lady and her curves were hugged perfectly. She had a faint make up which was an odd among the modest villagers and her hair had been worked on for at least two hours it seemed.

"Qiana, who is there?" A woman shouted from back of the house and it took a moment for Qiana to shout back.

"It is the Lord and his concubine." She boldly said before being almost knocked away by her embarrassed and worried mother. A chubby woman who had slight wrinkles around her eyes. She was more that surorised to see Theodore and Valrie at their door.

"O-oh. Goodness! Welcome! Welcome! Please forgive Qiana. She is still childish." Theodore just huffed and walked past her, taking Valeire along. It was a nice warm place designed by skin animals that the merchants gifted them.

"My husband is still not home so if you-"

"Actually, [b Mistress] Valerie wanted to try the special fish of here-"

"Oh, you have come to the right place! I am a specialist in that...Come come....We have just gotten one perfect 'Fire Fish' today..." The cheerful woman took them to the dining room and made sure they are seated comfortably before rushing out to get the stored fish.

Theodore willing to dine with them was a good sign for the village..Esoecially when they needed some money support from their Lord.

Qiana came in after five minutes bringing tea and warm biscuits. She was still staring at Valerie but holding back from saying anything in Theodore's presence.

But finally when she was setting down Valerie's tea cup, she whispered;

"You should tell me how you have kept your skin so fine." Then she turned and walked out. Theodore was staring at the window with narrowed eyes before standing and walking to it. With a swift move he pulled the curtains and revealed Lieven behind the window, staring.
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