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Just the day to day interactions between two people

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Being greeted by a mess wasn’t hard to believe. She knew something was wrong when Theodore sent her away and coming back to this just proved it. Valerie pressed her lips together to keep down her reaction as she saw what had happened to Marco but she was slightly glad that Theodore hadn’t killed him. She listened to his bitter statements and brushed off the ‘weird woman’ phrase. She was sure if Marco was thinking properly then he wouldn’t have let that slip out. She noticed the lurking shadow passing near them and she looked up to see Theodore coming closer.

“Hmm…” She hummed with an unamused look when he spoke coldly to her and she walked forwards to circle around him and go upstairs. When he sudden reached for her, she turned and snatched her wrist away, staring him down with an unreadable look in her eyes. For a moment, the Light remembered that Marco was still in the front hall with them, leaning back on the wall for support but she didn’t dare take her eyes off of him.

“Really?!” She asked quietly with such a soft, astonished voice, almost like it was hard to believe he’d be telling her this. But it was clearly in mockery as she drew close to him again and pushed herself into his arms, placing her hands on his shoulders and tightening her grip enough so he’d notice it. “Away with you, Marco.” She then called out to the butler but she didn’t look towards him. “Take care of yourself for you look like a mess.” She told him while watching Theodore and taking in his expression. Once she heard the loyal blood’s limping steps walk away, she tilted her head up and closed her eyes, sighing quietly and speaking to the vampire in her soft usual voice. “Must you be so careless? You’re just as bad as I am.” She mumbled, keeping her head up and her eyes closed as she leaned against him.

A cool, sea breeze swept into the front hall, blowing around them as a reminder that Valerie had left the front door open, just like Theodore had.
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Lieven made a groaning sound as Valerie passed, sounding grumpy for his fun being ruined because of a sneaky kid. However he did followed her again but this time with much more distance since he was not sure where Theodore could be. He still did not want to meet him again, not in the mood to deal with more troubles. The fact that Valerie barely talked to Theodore was helping a lot.

The door was left opened which was odd since Valerie had seen Theodore always closing it carefully to protect his mansion from uninvited wanderers. Once she got in the mansion, she found a mess in the front room.

Scattered papers of the booklet, broken vases, turned chairs and table, fallen paintings and scratched walls. As an icing to the cake, splattered blood was in the middle but it was not much thankfully. She heard heavy steps approaching and met a Marco in tattered clothes, beaten up. He looked unbalanced and was holding a piece of meat against his swollen face. There was blood corner of his lips but he had not been bitten.

"Y-you're back." He groaned the obvious and then just sat down on the floor since he felt the world spinning around his head. He was not sure if his bones were cracked or not; Though it hurt a lot. "G-good thing you were away..." He touched his painful wrist, trying to sooth it down by rubbing it gently. "I can't believe I actually fought back...well, I was paid well for that." Marco bitterly hissed and dropped the meat, frowning at the booklet pages. "It is all because of this cursed thing. Ugh, what the hell is happening here?!" He was not even looking directly at Valerie; One could not be sure if he was still aware of his surroundings or not. "No, it is all because of [b him] and his weird woman." Then he looked at Valerie again, blinking several times to adjust his sight.

"Oh and he demanded that you go directly to your bedroom and not come out until he says so." He leaned to the wall and tried to stand up with its support but stopped when he felt a shadow passing him and he looked back to see Theodore standing in front of Valerie.

"You were way too quick to come back here. I see you are learning to be obedient." He said coldly but just casually stepped over the broken things and ignores Marcus' presnece like nothing had happening. Even Though his collar was torn. Seemed like Marcus had really fought back. "I need blood." Theodore suddenly said and reached out to grab his price' s arm to pull her close to his fangs.
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It had only been a few minutes when Lieven stirred her and she woke, finding him right next to her head. Before she could push him off of the bed again, her eyelids grew heavy and they closed, giving way to darkness and the soft glow of candle light. Candle light. She looked around finding herself back in the dining room of the mansion. It looked much cleaner and welcoming but she knew it couldn’t be real when she spotted the Gargoyle sitting back over the fireplace. The soft voice behind her made her stiffen, but she couldn’t turn around to see who it was. Hell she could hardly move in this illusion, the weight of dread was just too much. She outwardly cringed at his stroking touches and as he turned her head, she met Cabhan’s glowing green eyes. With the last thing he said, she was able to find her voice and she spat out into their kiss.

“Save it. I am done being queen.” But that didn’t stop him...

An external touch pulled her from the illusion and still drowsy with sleep, she sat up slowly. Valerie took a moment to rub her eyes and face before looking towards the little boy who’d woken her. It was only moment’s later after he asked who she was that Lilly came in, scowling the little kid and making him apologize for disturbing her. “It’s alright Lilly,” She said calmly, wiping the sleep away and glancing at Lucas coolly. “I’m sure he’s just as curious as everyone else.” She said, reaching out and lightly pinching one of his cheeks, making him giggle and squirm from Lilly’s arms, running out of the room.

“Oh Lilly, before breakfast could you get me some ink and paper. There’s something I need to write down.” She watched the young woman go and began looking around the room. There was black fur on her shawl but Lieven was nowhere in sight. He’d probably gotten out when Lucas opened the door. Sighing to herself, she distractedly picked the pieces of fur from the fabric till Lilly came back. Then after she went out to breakfast. Valerie had written and folded together two sheets of paper, bringing the ink and quill back to Lilly and thanking her for it.

“Now there’s one last thing I’d like to ask of you before I go.” She said, pushing several silver coins into Lilly’s hand. “Please make sure this is delivered to the mainland.” Valerie had a soft genuine expression as she requested this from Lilly and with a courteous ‘Thank you’ to Miss Henrietta, she left. She found Lieven lounging in a patch of morning sunshine just outside and this sight made her walk right past him, audibly scoffing because of how she remembered he’d woken her and got into her head. Instead she started back up the road towards the mansion, wondering if the doors would be unlocked for her or not.
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Lieven gave one unpleased look at the shawl then at Valerie. Of course bed was much much more comfortable. Though he did not defy her anymore and just purred and meowed softly when she ruffled his fur again. It seemed like she did not care whom he really was and her loneliness tortured her enough to accept a mysterious creature like him. He sat down after pawing on the shawl a bit and relaxed. She finally went to bed and Lieven closed his eyes too, but not going to sleep.

Being an innocent cat had its own benefits but Lieven wanted to dominate this island once again and this fluffy body was not helping it. Valerie had enough courage or stupidity to sleep in his presnece. As arrogant as a true Light, indeed. He slowly and quietly crept out of his temporary bed and turned around the bed, waiting for the moment.

Making sure she was already asleep, Lieven leaped on bed right on her head and before she could react and push him off his green eyes stared into hers, forcing her eyelids to drop again as she fell into an illusion.

Valerie was at a dining table, various tempting fruits, drinks and meat before her. It was the same dining table in the mansion but much more shinier and new. The room was not dusty and dead, being lit with several candles. The statue of Gargoyle was there on the fireplace, not having any single crack on it.

"Now, please help yourself my little angel." A soft voice cooed behind her and she felt long arms wrapping around her slim body, thin fingers stroking her sides lovingly. "What a breathtaking beauty you have. Such a pity you have these chains..." And now that he mentioned it, she felt cold heavy chains around her ankles not letting her stand from her seat.

The person behind her moved his hand up to her neck and stroked the spot Theodore usually bit on. "Mmm...He is indeed a cruel and rough one. Don't you agree? He does not deserve you. But do not worry my precious one, I will come and remind that beast who is the true owner." Her face was turned by chin but she did not see anything but darkness with two green orbs floating.

"My sweet flower, If you want freedom...find my body; And I shall make you my darling queen." She felt soft but icy lips kissing her, much more skilled than Theodore. They deepened the kiss as hands stroked her sides-



A small but persistent finger was poking Valerie's cheek until she opened her eyes and met a small face of a little mischievous boy around four or five years old. He grinned when he saw her awake. "Who are you?" He asked with his small voice. His face was a bit feverish and small healing spots were on his skin.

"Lucas! There you are! Don't you bother our guests. How many times should I tell you?!" Lilly's scolding tone cane from the door and she entered, picking up the giggling kid in her arms. "I am so sorry ma'am...Lucas is Miss Henrietta's grandchild. He got the pox and his father left him here with his grandmother to be taken care of while he is at the sea. And I see he is all recovered and healthy now, Isn't that right you little nosy mouse?!" She gave a non serious glare at Lucas and tickled his sides making him laugh.

"Say sorry to Mistress Valerie, Lucas."

"Sorry, Mistress Valerie. But a cat's butt was on your face! Heehee!"


"Can I have breakfast with Mistress Valerie? She is like the sirens daddy told me about!"

"Of course not! She needs privacy not an annoying rude kid like you!"
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Her kind facade held as Lilly spoke and Valerie casually put her bowl aside, crossing one leg over the other and shifting since Lieven was pawing at her feet and she was still trying to ignore him again. “I have been told that I look out of place here, though I still hope for that to change soon... I met Lord Theodore in a land two territories away from here, across Goldenaria in the wicked Light Nation.” The Light Nation hadn’t acted wicked for many decades leading up to the war that tore it apart, but old scars remembered that time and she was sure the elders of the island would know of the Lights dreadful past.

“What he was doing there, I haven’t the slightest clue. But he did help me greatly, and I agreed to come with him here.” All these little lies, as long as she stayed constant with them, it shouldn’t be a problem in spinning this fanciful tale. “I came here with him because of what I owe him. I owe him my time and my patience...” She trailed off and felt Lilly staring, probably wondering what the scary lord could have done for her to have her owe him. But Valerie wouldn’t say just because she knew that Lieven was also listening.

“Well, thank you for keeping company this evening,” She said standing and luckily Lilly took the cue to also stand and take the dishes from her. “Perhaps after tomorrow, the next time we see each other, I’ll be hosting for you, up in the mansion.” She offered and they both chuckled at that lighter thought. Once Lilly was gone, Valerie dropped her shawl on the floor next to the bed. “That is where you can sleep tonight.” She said promptly to Lieven as he slunk out from under the bed. “I don’t want to wake up and find you on the bed with me, is that clear?” She asked, feeling slightly ridiculous that she was setting ground rules for a cat, but because of what he really was, it was necessary.

She ruffled his fur again and moved around the bed towards the window. Outside, Valerie could see the lane going towards the docks and the beginning of the trees that lined the road leading up to the mansion. Again she wondered what Theodore could be doing and if he figured letting her know would make her think less of him. Well if he was really worried about that then he wouldn’t have told her about how Cabhan took control of his life. She couldn’t see the mansion from the inn and eventually stepped away from the window, dosing the candles and walking over to the bed. Settling down, she glanced around the room to try and catch sight of Lieven’s deep green eyes, but she couldn’t see him. Instead she just laid back under the covers, closing her eyes with a sigh and drifting off to sleep.
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Lilly was more than happy to talk with Valerie. She was a bit scary yes but her kind expression melted the ice quickly and the younger woman sat on the chair with her hands on her lap. Lieven was hiding under the bed, his wet nose touching Valerie' a ankle slightly.

"Oh yes! This island is so pretty and lovely!" Lilly clapped her hands together with a grin, wondering if she was allowed to ask questions. "Have you gone for a picnic yet? I know a perfect place in the shore. Just the sound of waves give you a wonderful feeling. Most merchants nag that our village smells like fish but I gotta say, I have grown loving this smell. Uh, I figured you are not a fan of fish so I brought the flowers. Because you know..." Taking a deep breath after talking so much without a pause, she finally decided to uncover her curiosity.

"You do look like a fine lady from far away. Umm...where did you and Lord Theodore meet?" Lilly bit her lips, expecting her question to be indirect but she had just spat out the bold question and was just hoping she would not leave the inn immediately for her rudeness. Henrietta would be so mad. Reputation was her priority.

Lieven started pawing at her feet just to annoy Valerire teasingly. He was bored in this inn but could risk facing Theodore in mansion while he was in this shape.
  valkyira / 4d 14h 55m 47s
Valerie was walking on her way to the inn when an older woman stopped her, calling her by her new title. Mistress. Inwardly she cringed at that title but outwardly, her polite expression held. She followed Henrietta inside where she met Lilly and was showed to her room. The room as fair for what the island had to offer and she thanked Lilly, watching her leave. The sound of a cat from the window made her turn an she narrowed her eyes at Lieven, seeing him enter the room and begin grooming himself like nothing was wrong. Huffing to herself, Valerie walked over and promptly closed the window, glancing down at the cat and sighing to herself.

“So this is how it will be, hmm?” She asked aloud to him, crossing her arms and staring out the closed window. “You, following me around, and him, shunning me until he’s hungry again… How incredible is this?” She trailed off after the last bitter part and her discontent expression now looking around the room. Valerie’s eyes then turned towards Lieven, as he finished grooming himself and sat up, meeting her stare.

“And it's probably because of you, isn't it?” She mussed in a less bitter tone, reaching down and scratching behind his ears. “You don't deserve to be called Lieven.” She cooed softly, standing straight again and glancing back outside. Even though the night was young, the breeze was cooling it down quickly and the dress she was wearing was too thin for the climate. Tightening the shawl around her arms and shoulders, she thought back to how it had been mid summer when the war began, progressing quite quickly before deteriorating and falling apart in a matter of weeks. She closed her eyes at this thought, pushing it away and turning towards the bed.

Settling down on it, she laid back to relax and it was only a moment later that Lieven jumped up onto the bed after her, meowing. “You little monster!” She hissed suddenly with a smile, grabbing him and ruffling his fur roughly. “You can’t sleep up on the bed with me.” She grinned and pushed the little cat off of the bed, watching as he jumped down and looked back at her. She chuckled a little, laying on her side as he meowed at her and tried to jump back up onto the bed, but every time he did, she just pushed him gently back off.

After about an hour, Valerie heard Lilly knocking at the door with dinner and she sat up, going to it to let her in. “Mind staying and keeping me company?” She asked the younger woman with a kind look and she walked back over to her bed, sitting down and beginning to eat while Lilly decided whether or not she was going to stay. “This little place is lovely, quiet and safe.” She said mildly, her eyes scanning the floor for where Lieven could have gone after she pushed him off of the bed last. “It’s so very different compared to where I’ve come from. But it’s different in a good way, a good change...”
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The fishermen were going back to their homes as Valerie walked though the village. Some wondered what would her business be in this place and some were too exhausted to notice her. Nobody tried to interact with her Valerie was called from behind.

"Mistress Valerie is it? There you are!" A woman with grey hair tied into a neat bun and a thick plain black dress walked to her and stood with a respectful space. "I have been waiting for you. My name is Henrietta. Lord Theodore told me that you are going to stay a night in my inn. Follow me. It is getting dark soon and the dress you are wearing is not quite suitable for the cool breezes of night." She gazed at Valerie's summer dress with disapproving eyes believing it was too light coloured and thin for a respectful mistress.

Henrietta led Valerie to the small but decent inn, being welcomed by a dark skinned girl named Lilly.

"Your dinner will be served in an hour. You can call for Lilly if you need anything. Lilly, show her the room. We have prepared our best room here, hope you enjoy it." Henrietta was talking so politely but her face held no real emotions for she did not like the household of the cursed mansion. Valerie looking way too different was also not her liking.

But the younger Lilly was so excited to see an outsider after a long time. Normally they had travellers from nearby islands most of them were merchants. This lady but was the mistress of the feared mansion up on the hill and she also was beautiful. Lilly was a bit jealous of her silky hair and fine skin. It was just hard to believe she had chosen a frightening person like Theodore. She could have even married a prince if she wanted too with the pretty look she had.

Lilly led Valerie upstairs silently though she kept looking back at Valerie curiously. They stopped at a room and the girl opened the door to reveal a small place with a bed and a table a long with a chair. That was all. But it was cleaned carefully and smelt like wild flowers for there was a vase of flowers on the table. "Well..." Lilly cleared her tone awkwardly, gripping on her stained apron. "If you needed something, just shout my name, Lilly. I will be around; Ma'am." She smiled at her shyly before making her leave to give Valerie some privacy.

"Meow." From the open window, came out the soft, familiar meow. Lieven was sitting at the window, his tail up happily and those green eyes staring at her with interest. He hopped down and sat in a corner, licking himself carefully and even feeling safe enough to lick between his legs.
  valkyira / 5d 16h 19m 13s
Valerie walked Elbertina down the stairs, letting her move down on her own but being close by to support her, and she ignored Lieven’s meowing. He rubbed himself and purred about her legs but she didn’t pay him any mind. Cabhan didn’t deserve any of her attention right now. Making their way to the door, they both stopped as Elbertina began asking about her sword. Where was her sword? She’d put it in her own room but hadn’t seen it when she’d gotten out the clothes.

“...” Valerie didn’t get a chance to respond when Theodore suddenly dropped the sword in front of them, making Elbertina focus her attention on picking it up, rather than what the Vampire said next to her. “Oh really?” She mused softly when he said that she wouldn’t be coming back to the mansion because she was too nosy. His frowning threat only made her scoff and turn away, helping Elbertina stand straight again before walking down the steps. She didn’t look back towards the mansion since there was nothing there for her, but her mind did wonder what Theodore could be hiding.

Down in the village, she could feel the stares. The owner of the mansion’s minsteress, walking alone with an injured girl. It was quite a sight, and like Marco said, she stood out hopelessly. With her sleek dark hair and her violet eyes, her smaller slimmer frame and her light, fair complection. There was no way she’d be able to hide in a crowd here. Guiding Elbertina to the docks, Valerie spotted her Tiburon vessel. A small craft with a minimal crew, but she could tell that the ship was fast. Made for transporting passengers over long stretches of sea, quickly. She gazed at it curiously and a little thought crossed her mind.

[i I would be able to leave this island with that. Escape, disappear and never look back.] She didn’t know what having cursed blood would be like, but she knew that leaving now after just beginning to experience this kind of like wouldn’t do. It wasn’t worth breaking their blood pact. “Remember what I told you, Elbertina.” She said calmly, looking at the Tiburon lieutenant and letting go of her arm. “Good luck, and never come back.” With that Valerie turned away and started back into the village. She wouldn’t go back to the mansion and push Theodore even more, especially after how clear he’d showed it that morning in saying that he didn’t see her as another person. But he would, eventually.
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Lieven did not look worried that Valerie might end his life or even tell Theodore now that he had blown his cover. It was like his return was absolute and nothing could stop that. The more they struggled to defy him, the more they were making it hard form themselves.

The cat followed the lady of the mansion anywhere she went yet the doors stopped him to get in the room but it did not bother him since he was not planning to do the same thing he did with Elbertina.

Elbertina felt much much better this day and her fever was gone. Also, her wound did not bleed abymore and she was glad to hear Valerie she was going to get out of this hell even if her crew were not coming for her. She was also thankful for the warm breakfast despite that she still could not trust Valerie completely. This stranger looked like any other women even if her features did not match the villagers. The odd thing about her her eyes. It was different from the other people the way she gazed. Just thinking about what kind of existence she could be made Elbertina uncomfortable so she tried to just focus on standing up and walking on her own feet so she would not be much of a burden for Valerie once she came back.

Soon the lady was back with new bandages and a tunic for her. Elbertina sat back down on bed and let her change the bandages hoping that the wounds were not infected. She noticed the cat watching them at the door with those green eyes and the lieutenant was surprised at her own uneasiness as she looked away. Lieven left the two alone only to wait at the front door.

Elbertina managed to go downstairs once her bandages were changed with help of Valerie. Again, she saw that black cat which was meowing at Valerie. So this cat was hers. Lieven purred and again rubbed his fluffy body against her legs.

Elbertina squinted her eyes when the door was opened and the sunray which was blocked in the mansion rushed at them. Suddenly she touched her waist and remembered something.

"M-my sword. Where is it?" She asked quite nervously, treasuring her father's gift. Something dropped at her feet and she jumped slightly seeing Theodore in front of them. He had dropped her sword. "Don't use this sword too often." He murmured cold. "It will start sucking your soul."

Elbertina stiffened slightly but was not quite convinced by his warning. Nobody told her so and she had no reason to believe him so she just whispered a thank you and bent her knees carefully to pick up the sword.

"You are not coming back to mansion for tonight." Theodore told Valerie and before she could express her surprise, he added to his command. " You are to stay in inn. They expect you there. I have some business in this mansion but you proved yourself to be too nosy." He frowned slightly before walking past her.

"If you leave the inn for any reason, I will cut off your legs."
  valkyira / 6d 9h 5m 32s
Valerie didn’t stop Theodore from pushing her back down. It was all too obvious what she was trying to do but her expression held as she met his gaze. He reminded her that she was nothing and told her that this would be the last time she acted like this. It was a clear warning and he sank his fangs into her neck to get the message across. [i Perhaps…] She thought wincing as he bite just a little too deep, spilling her blood before letting go and walking away. She brought a hand to her neck, holding her wound and watching him leave. It was only a few moments later that there was a meow and a fluffy black cat bolted for her, jumping onto her lap before she could get up. This didn’t startle her at first, she only felt alarmed when he reared up on her and she felt his sandpaper tongue lapping at her neck. When he fell back onto all fours, looking at her with a meaningful gaze, she stared. First looking at Lieven than up at the painting before back at the little cat and her mind made the connection quickly.

“You’re…. Him.” She said softly, continuing to hold his green eyed gaze. Many thoughts spin through her mind with this realization. Cabahan was this cat. This small, feeble bodied fluffy cat. She could kill him easily in this form, or she could make Theodore do it. But he would probably just find another host some how. Then could just chase him out of the mansion, knowing he needed the stone that Theodore had taken in order to gain his stronger body back. But then he could just possess another to come in and find it. Then what about just locking him in a room? Leaving him there out of sight and out of mind...

Slowly, carefully, she nudged him off of her lap and stood, watching the little cat as she turned away and walked back into the kitchen almost in a daze. The one that Theodore feared so much was just a cat. A vampire cat but a cat nevertheless. She noticed him at her feet, rubbing against her purring and she finally looked away from him, spying an untouched breakfast on one of the kitchen counters. Oh right, Elbertina. Her breakfast was cold but it didn’t take that long to warm it backup and bring it upstairs to the lieutenant. Knocking on the door to her bedroom, she let her know who was coming in before opening the door. She made sure to close the door, keeping Lieven out while she spoke to Elbertina to figure out how she was going to leave. She didn’t ask her any questions before she ate, but once she was almost done, Valerie folded her arms in front of her and began to ask questions.

“Did you come with a crew?” When the answer was yes, she asked if any of them would be willing to come and get her. As she said none of them had wanted to accompany her up to the mansion, Valerie nodded and pressed her lips together. Marco was somewhere in the mansion following Theodore’s orders so he couldn’t take her down to the docks. But he hadn’t told her that she couldn’t do it herself, he hadn’t even protested her plan as she told him it. “Alright. I’ll be just a moment, then we can try to get you up on your feet.” She took back the bowl and walked back out into the hall. She wasn’t surprised to see that Lieven was still waiting for her, but she made a note to close the door so he couldn’t get to Elbertina. Casually, she walked back downstairs ignoring him till she figured out what to do. Theodore might not like how she still acted like a leader, but it was one of her greatest assets in solving problems. After she walked back up stairs, she found herself a long shawl to wear over the summer dress and she got out tunic for Elbertina. Her wounds had to be taken care of first but then they’d leave.
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While his eyes were still closed in frustration, the vampire stiffened as he felt Valerie wrap her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. This was new. She had not done this before. Usually it was him forcing her to come to him whenever he needed blood. Yet, Theodore did not quite like this attitude and fought the urge in himself to push her away. The reason was so obvious when she pulled away to express her solution. Valerie was trying to be the one having the rein.

The former queen gave herself this permission to treat him like one of her underlings, like he was just one of her 'honies' to mess around with. The proud, arrogant vampire stood as she asked him if he wanted to help her against his maker. He stared down at her before reaching out a hand and he pushed her down to sit again by pressing on top of her head to remind her who was the Lord here.

"You..." He inhaled before leaning over to get on same the same level as her. "You have no idea whom you have given yourself to. You just threw yourself at me because you are the coward one. I am not trusting you with this. You easily turned away from your own nation. How could I know you won't run to Cabhan like you ran to me once?" He narrowed his eyes at her before slipping a hand under her chin, his claws slightly scratching her neck as he tilted her head up.

"You have no power or right in this mansion. You are just here for your blood. This will be the last time you ever try to act like a queen again." And with those harsh words which came out from an already torn soul, Theodore bit through her neck starting to feed on her carelessly confirming that she was just an object to him.

He took a little blood for he did not have appetite. Theodore could feel the painted Cabhan burning through his soul by staring at his back. The vamoire pulled away and wiped his mouth, not even licking the fresh wound close before he made his leave out of the presnece of the Pure Vampire.

Right after he left, leaving the mansion once again, Lieven entered the dining room meowing. He saw the bleeding wound on her neck and the scent just struck him hard. Lieven was on her lap in a blink, meowing softly. Now he had to act like a normal cat but he just could not resist anymore and his vampire self was getting stronger so he stood on his back legs and licked her wound clean. Immediately the bleeding stopped and the wound was closed even faster than Theodore's doing.

Lieven purred at the taste, rubbing himself against her before staring into her eyes with a meaningful gaze. Now she would know who this cat really was.
  valkyira / 8d 16h 29m 31s
Valerie heard Theodore push the chair next to him with his foot and she turned back to see his beckoning motion. With little hesitation, she turned back around and walked over to him, sitting down and not saying anything. She wondered what he was thinking, looking so miserable and so unsure as he turned away from her. Marco came in and spoke briefly to Theodore, though it was clear the vampire didn't want her to know what he was having Marco try to find. Sinner’s eye… She hadn’t heard of that before but now wasn’t the time to be pushing about new things.

Once Marco had left and Theodore had silently stalled a little move, he began talking, meeting her gaze with his own serious look. And Valerie listened, not interrupting and never looking away from him. She noticed as he continued on that his voice wavered and his hands shook, even spilling some of the coffee from his cup as he set it down on the table. By now he had looked away from her again and when he finished talking, she watched him cover his face with his hands. He was so desperate and so shaken with his revelation that his maker could be coming back. Valerie took a few minutes to think before doing anything. Slowly, quietly she stood and closed the space between herself and Theodore.

Without a word she wrapped her arms around him, not looking at his face as she rested her head on his shoulder. She could feel how tense he was and feel him shift, probably to look at her but she didn’t move away. “So you aren’t safe here…” She mused softly, holding her arms around the Dark. “But what can be done?” She wasn’t asking for an answer, she was only thinking out loud. “I don’t want to run away any more, and I don’t want you to either.” She said leaning off of him so she could meet his gaze, her arms still loosely around him. Her voice was soft and her touch was gentle, but neither were kind as she looked at Theodore’s face, taking in his weary eyes and his ugly scars.

“I did not give myself to a coward.” She continued quietly, letting go of him and standing up. “If there is hell to pay than we will give as much as he’ll take.” She glanced up towards the painting, looking at Cabhan’s expression. For her, it had turned to a sneering smile, while for Theodore, it was still a fang bared grimace. “Will you stand with me?” She asked, looking back at Theodore. She didn’t know if she was sorely underestimating Cabhan or if the trauma he’d caused Theodore was swaying her judgment; but her stance was strong and ruling nature clear in her form. Valerie stood tall and she let her words sink in. Her wicked heart would face this Dark that threatened her new life for she knew no fear for any other Dark, other than the one that could kill her. But he was no longer with them in the world of the living.
  Valerie / BBJ / 9d 9h 46m 40s
Theodore did not respond to her decision about the unwelcomed guest. He coulf care the lwast about her now. She was used by Cabhan and Theodore doubted if he would try with the same vessel again. But she also demanded to talk with him. The vampire at first kept his silence for he was not eager to talk about anything; He knew well Valerie was not going to be kept in dark for long and she had to learn about the rising evil sooner or later.

Theodore pushed the chair beside him with his leg to get her attention before motioning at her with a tilt of his head to sit with him. Once Valerie did, he turned away from her to hide his anxiety if she ever dug too much about his maker. He heard Marco coming in with two cups of rich coffee. Theodore was not pleased with the sudden entrance yet he could not refuse coffee. The young butler had dark bags under his eyes already confirming that he was not used to sleeping less than eight hours.

"Did you find anything?" He whispered at the leaving loyal blood as swirling the Dark brown drink in the cup. Marco froze for a second, turning to face his lord. "Uh..." Uncomfortably he looked at Valerie then down at his shoes a bit nervously. "Sorry. As far as I have searched, there has been nothing named 'Sinner's Eye'-"

"Enough. Go back to to your duty and do not leave the library until I say so." Theodore firmly cut him off and Marco sighed in defeat, walking out with a hanging head.

Theodore sipped his coffee before finally beginning to speak with Valerie. "I suppose you are just too curious to know everything, Hm? About Cabhan...In that picture?" Without giving a glance at the cursed painting, he made a gesture towards it. "Very well. Since he will soon affect our lives, I will tell you the things you need to know." He set the cup down and turned fully to her, making eye contact. There was not any intimidating gaze anymore just seriousness.

"As you already know, I am not pure. I once was a human. My family owned this island. It was a paradise back then. We traded pearls with different countries that you don't even know the names of. But one day, the gods turned their back to this island and a deadly disease spread. Many died from it. I too was not any different...I remember burning in fever and seeing illusions as my life was ticking. I was...sixteen yet full of ambitions which were all going to fade. Three brothers arrived to our island on a boat. They had an elixir which could cure many patients but it was too late for me. One of them...was very odd and outstanding. He was nothing like them. Those green eyes and his frightening humiliating gaze...He told my parents, he could save me and also some of our relatives who were also on death bed. They quickly agreed but...never asked themselves how or why. I remember...feeling someone beside me. I thought it was our butler, I weakly demanded water but instead I felt cold hands around my neck. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning over me and I met his thristy gaze. I had never seen a vampire before. When I saw those fangs I weakly begged him to stop but it was done. Those fangs pierced my skin and he kept on drawing out blood until I was sure I have met my end. Then he forced me to swallow drops of his blood as he whispered the vows and bounds of...a vampire 'seed'."

Theodore had not noticed but his hand was shaking and the cup he was holding just confirmed it as he spilled some of the coffee on the table.

"Not just me...also a few other family members who he found 'worthy' enough to be changed. From that day...I tasted hell each day until...He finally left for a while to tale care of something. I still did not dare to defy his orders to step out of my own mansion which was now claimed by him; But one day, Another Pure, wounded from a small war came to our island and he was the one who caused a successful escape."

Sighing, Theodore looked away. There were lots he had not told but maybe little by little....

[h3 Meanwhile, Just a little break and a little hint. At the good old Deloriak, The castle.]

"Achu!" Romeo rubbed his nose dramatically as throwing some books and papers in fire. "Oh somebody is surely talking about me!"
"Yeah yeah. Maybe a vampire hunter is adding you to their list. So are you sure these books are not needed in...future for, you a part of history?" N.V indifferently asked as handing the cheerful vampire another stock of papers.
"Oh silly little Cannibal! The future is all about demon hybrid kings and queens! They would not like to know some anti-demon history"

[h3 Okay. Enough of that. Back to island and the story.]

"Cabhan, is not just a Pure Vampire, He is the vampire among vampires. It was a miracle some unknown hunters managed to seal him away for so long but now he is coming back...and there is hell to pay." Theodore covered his face again as leaning forward on the table.

He was desparate.
  valkyira / 9d 15h 57m 23s
Valerie left her room quietly, first checking on Elbertina who was still asleep, probably exhausted from her wounds and the strain of tension from the night before. She’d have to find out later if the Lieutenant had come with a crew or not before sending her away. Walking to the top of the stairs, Valerie paused and looked over towards the master bedroom, wondering if she should try to go to Theodore now and pry for answers or wait. She turned towards the bedroom door but with a second pause, she turned back and went downstairs to get something to eat. She would talk to him about what had happened last night later. The smell of coffee greeted her in the hall to the kitchen and she walked in to find Marco there, brewing the bitter drink while also flipping through the cookbook.

“Good morning Marco.” She said coolly as she entered the kitchen and walked over towards the pantry, “You’re here early.” She noted and closed the window that she’d left open before returning to the kitchen. She didn’t know that he’d stayed in the mansion all night, following Theodore’s orders but she wasn’t going to ask why Marco was there. Her mind was still thinking about the nights events. She took the cookbook from the butler as he turned back to the coffee and she got around the ingredients to making some porridge for breakfast. Valerie didn’t realize that Theodore had come downstairs till she passed the dining room door, walking around the counter and caught sight of him, turning his gaze away from the painting. The sight of him made her stop what she was doing and set down her serving, telling Marco that she would take it up to Elbertina in a few minutes.

She then left the kitchen and entered the dining room, far less cautious than she should be. The Vampire turned his gaze onto her as soon as she entered, but that didn’t stop her from approaching him. The sky blue dress swished around her ankles as she walked and the quarter length sleeves stopped at her elbow. The collar of the dress was closer to her neck than the others had been, but she wasn’t planning on letting Theodore ruin this dress as well. She stopped at the back of the chair next to him, hesitating before finally deciding that she wasn’t going to sit down yet.

“We need to talk.” She said, her violet eyes meeting his gaze firmly though she wasn’t trying to challenge him this time. “I’m going to be sending that Tiburon lieutenant away as soon as I can find out if she has someone who can come and get her. If not then I’ll have Marco take her down to the village port and send her off on the ship that she came with…” She paused before saying less firmly. “We don’t have to talk now, but it must be soon.” Valerie paused again, before stepping back from the chair and turning around, prepared to leave again but lingering long enough that Theodore could stop her if he wanted to talk now.
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