I wish I wasn't lonely

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Just for me so I can sulk as I type


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I'm not angry with you, I love you too much to ever be angry, I'm just tired. Tired of waiting, tired of giving myself false hope, I am selfish.
I want your attention on me. I want you to want me as much as I do you. I'm so sorry. I'm crying hysterically, you're the only man I've ever cried over, is that pathetic? It's ok to no longer love me, or [i be] in love with me I just want the very best for you and I'm constantly thinking about you. Even when the chances of you responding are slim to none, all my love for you is poured into every text. I think about giving you corny smooches every chance I get, even your voice brings butterflies to my stomach. I love you wholeheartedly. My darling, my sweetheart, [i my] love.
  MochiBuns / 145d 23h 20m 17s
Sometimes I wish you would just message me and ask how I'm feeling and I could throw my heart out at you, you are the light of my life, the fire in my loins.

Last class of the day I asked Douglas to hold my hand, he agreed and we sat there with our fingers intertwined for the remaining 20 minutes of lecture.

Admittedly, I'm looking forward to Thursday so I may ask him again.

I want you here. No. I want to be there. Beside you, engrossed with your manhood, your scent, everything about you I'm so deeply in love with.

Two consecutive nights have gone by, the same dream leaving me in the dark. I'm standing, barefoot and mangled in the front of your house, I leave flowers every night and the dream ends.
I'm a passionate and terribly lonely girl.

I've written you a letter, but I'm rather embarrassed to ask for an address...
  MochiBuns / 146d 14h 22m 8s
Mitä kuuluu?
My Finnish friend and her bf are really cute, for Christmas she framed photos of elves and taped her and her bf's face on all of them
So cuuute
  MochiBuns / 147d 16h 51m 40s
You're a really creepy dude just tell me who you are please jeez
  MochiBuns / 148d 10h 50m 7s
I'm wearing a baby doll dress today and I'm very wary about the length :--(( I always find myself wearing really short skirts and dresses but in fact I really prefer the long ones better
I got lit this morning and I know sure we'll that I'm going to be asking around for food because I didn't eat and now I'm thirsty too wtf I complain too much I think tbh
  MochiBuns / 154d 1h 33m 55s
My friend's godfather wants to be my sugar daddy, I'm feeling off about it...
I'm watching [i Flipped] it's really cute
  MochiBuns / 154d 13h 48m 30s
A group of students in my physics class are talking about how many kids they want and one goes "I want three children" and everyone's so shocked and this girl goes "I want 5" hnnnng this is a legitimate conversation no joke this other girl said "I would get bored after the baby turns three years" wtfff
  MochiBuns / 157d 21h 22m 26s
He wants me to come over and play Xbox with hiiiim nooooo stop being nice >:(
  MochiBuns / 157d 21h 28m 5s
Austin, you're a sweetie, but I'm not going to take this relationship seriously if you ask me to go steady. If you just want kisses and hugs that's chill but when you question whether I trust you I couldnt care less
  MochiBuns / 157d 22h 47m 48s
Found a pair of really cute mom jeans and although they're two sizes too big I still manage to make them [i pop]
  MochiBuns / 158d 8h 52m 36s
I bought a journal the other night and I may just delete this, or not if I'm eventually found out because my mother is invasive although she claims not to be :T
  MochiBuns / 158d 14h 6m 34s
I pwomise I'm not as sad and pathetic in person umu someone called me cute and I freaked out :'')
  MochiBuns / 158d 14h 19m 28s
My friend likes this guy but he's obviously trying to get with me and I'm feeling awkward and he keeps asking for my number and I try to turn it around but he's not taking the bait hnnng
  MochiBuns / 158d 19h 10m 48s
I'm binging Hyouka tonight, subbed of course, and I can already foresee my day tomorrow; tired, sad and empty, lazy ensemble and overall wishing I didn't breathe.
  MochiBuns / 159d 11h 8m 11s
Tonight went really well, we watched "Ready Player One", it was cute I fell in love with Wade Watts (obviously)
  MochiBuns / 160d 9h 45m 38s

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