I wish I wasn't lonely

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Just for me so I can sulk as I type


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My friend's godfather wants to be my sugar daddy, I'm feeling off about it...
I'm watching [i Flipped] it's really cute
  MochiBuns / 6h 36m 11s
A group of students in my physics class are talking about how many kids they want and one goes "I want three children" and everyone's so shocked and this girl goes "I want 5" hnnnng this is a legitimate conversation no joke this other girl said "I would get bored after the baby turns three years" wtfff
  MochiBuns / 3d 14h 10m 7s
He wants me to come over and play Xbox with hiiiim nooooo stop being nice >:(
  MochiBuns / 3d 14h 15m 46s
Austin, you're a sweetie, but I'm not going to take this relationship seriously if you ask me to go steady. If you just want kisses and hugs that's chill but when you question whether I trust you I couldnt care less
  MochiBuns / 3d 15h 35m 29s
Found a pair of really cute mom jeans and although they're two sizes too big I still manage to make them [i pop]
  MochiBuns / 4d 1h 40m 17s
I bought a journal the other night and I may just delete this, or not if I'm eventually found out because my mother is invasive although she claims not to be :T
  MochiBuns / 4d 6h 54m 15s
I pwomise I'm not as sad and pathetic in person umu someone called me cute and I freaked out :'')
  MochiBuns / 4d 7h 7m 9s
My friend likes this guy but he's obviously trying to get with me and I'm feeling awkward and he keeps asking for my number and I try to turn it around but he's not taking the bait hnnng
  MochiBuns / 4d 11h 58m 29s
I'm binging Hyouka tonight, subbed of course, and I can already foresee my day tomorrow; tired, sad and empty, lazy ensemble and overall wishing I didn't breathe.
  MochiBuns / 5d 3h 55m 52s
Tonight went really well, we watched "Ready Player One", it was cute I fell in love with Wade Watts (obviously)
  MochiBuns / 6d 2h 33m 19s
Going out to the movies with my bf and I tried flaking out like 20mins ago and she called me saying "I CAN GIVE YOU A RIDE." "I'VE PAID FOR YOUR TICKET ALREADY AND SEATS ARE RESERVED FOR THE BACK BECAUSE I KNOW YOU LIKE THE BACK" when did I deserve such thoughtful and sweet people <3 <3
  MochiBuns / 6d 6h 59m 33s
My arms are in so much pain from training... my supervisor is really young and when he had our team go through our save drills he made it incredibly easy for me as he played the passive victim I need a challleenngee
  MochiBuns / 6d 14h 32m 22s
Will someone play OW with me on PS4? My friends keep inviting me to play but I suuuck and want to get better before I do uwu
  MochiBuns / 6d 14h 58m 20s
I dreamt I cut up someone who kidnapped my friend and ate their face, neck, and stomach which I kept saying "yum" after every bite
  MochiBuns / 6d 15h 4m 17s
I hate you! I'm in so much pain waiting for you! I try and stay optimistic but you're not going to be with me
I'm done waiting
Please don't message me
  MochiBuns / 8d 5h 52m 38s

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