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[Andika Growling deep in this throat as the cat approached them so casual so swiftly as if he knew them but clearly he wasn't there for good intentions. He was looking for fight, lusting for blood just like his master. He didn't agree with what the child was doing but it wasn't like he was able to stop him. He though raised the boy right but. It wasn't like he appear much in his human form. He could still talk to the boy in his wolf form, but the child didn't listen too him.

The boy had some growing up to do. Being toss aside startled him but only for a split second. He race towards the boy jump in the way of the cats claws. He let out a small cry of displeasure. Mixed with a growl he told the boy to run. [+skyblue "Get out of here before it's too late..."] he said.

His beautiful white fur had been dyed red. Just like it was many years ago. Stained red with blood. Growl as the wolf latched on to the male throat. He bit down hard known that it wouldn't stop that cat. It would only distract long enough for the boy to get away. This cat wasn't someone you wanted to mess with.
  .:Luminary:. / -Foxy / 1y 2d 23h 33m 9s
[font "Century gothic" It didn't take long for the male to find the wolf. Who was this with him? Some snot nose brat that didn't even know what he was? He could smell there was something different about the boy, the boy wasn't his interest at all. It was that mangy old mutt that he had by his side. He approached the two quiet before raising an arm to smack the blonde hair boy out of his way.

As he though he was stop by mangy old mutt. It didn't even hurt, there was blood but it didn't hurt. It was almost like a mosquito was bitting him. [+orange "Weak..."] he said as the threw the wolf as if he was nothing but a stuff animal."] his fiery eyes glance over at the boy. How annoying, he been living with that annoying half breed that stood before him for so long that he gotten weak.

He would get rid of that problem right away. He leap forward and lashed his sharp talon at the child. Surely it wouldn't take much to kill him right? He was weak. He would be easy to tear apart. He would destroy this retch then make that wolf remember what he was. Then when he did he would destroy him once and for all.
  .:Monster:. / -Foxy / 1y 2d 23h 45m 2s
[center The male that was with him did whatever he told him to, but the boy was use to being a loner. Even tough the male seemed to think he was getting closer, Aldrich was slowly pulling himself away. He didn't like getting close to anyone. It would appear that they would simply hurt him if they got close enough. Besides he wasn't exactly the most friendly person in the world. He enjoyed hurting others. It was more fun that way. Life just wasn't worth living if he wasn't being mean to someone or something. With him being as dangerous as he was that meant he could be very hard to read.

He was constantly traveling the streets. He had nice things and had the money to do whatever he wanted, but he would rather patrol the streets on his own and attack people at random. He got more and more dangerous every night. His blood lust unable to be quenched. This was most likely the demon that lay unawakened in the boy. The boy didn't seem to bothered by the fact that his powers hadn't awakened yet. Why should he be bothered by it? It wasn't like he could do much about it.

That night he was again walking his streets. The loyal pet that followed after him meant nothing to him really. At least that's what he told himself. He didn't like admitting that he had emotions. That was weakness to him.]
  .End. / Stefano / 1y 7d 23h 22m 27s
[Font "Century gothic" Years had past since he has last seen the wolf. Feeling victorious and proud of himself, that the wolf was gone. Urami rein over most demons any who try to challenged him was easily defeated. Urami has felt like a king and some demons even seem him as one. No dare to get in his way or ever try to challenge him.

As the year past Urami held to his title as the king, a heartless ruler. Urami had grown bored over they years. No seem to want to challenge him. It was boring but then one a familiar scent drifted in the air. It was him! It was the wolf, there was no doubt about it. Urami growled in anger how dare that bastard show his face after being gone for centuries.

Urami stormed out of his hidden castle. In the direction of the wind. He was going to kill that wolf once and for all. He would murder anyone who got in his way.
  .:Monster:. / -Foxy / 1y 16d 3h 38m 28s
[Andika Many years ago there were two powerful demons that often go into horrendous fights. The fight would last for days on end. They both aways limped away a blood disgusting mess. Wolf was almost always victorious, there had been time when he was beaten down. After the last battle between the wolf and the cat demon. The wolf disappear, he was no where to be found. The cat often wonder if he had actually been successful in killing that retched wolf.

Centuries passed the cat was happy thinking that wolf was gone. Then it happen a familiar scent was in the air. It was him, it was that wolf, he thought had died off a 100 years ago. The cat snarled in rage. How dare that mangy-mongrel turn up after a 100 years. The cat decided to invest this familiar scent. He had to be sure it was him before he attacked him. Normally Urami didn't care he kill who ever dare to get in his way but this wolf was different. Maybe it was because part him deep deep down in the depth of his heart he still love the wolf.

Before the two fight each other to a blood mangle pulp. They use to love each other. The wolf couldn't agree with Urami heartless and cruel ways. Amai had moved on. He didn't often fight very much. He only fought to protect his master. After that last fight between the two Amai went into hiding trying to recover from his wounds.

It took quiet some time for them to heal properly. In that time Amai came a crossed a demon. This demon was weak, he could smell death on him. The demon asked if he could take care of his son. Amai agreed too it. He took care of the dying demon song. He watch after him, making sure that no harm came to him. He didn't mind feeling like the son's pet.

He was much more than an ordinary pet. He clean, he cooked, help the child with home work. He did what ever that child desired. He was happy to help. Happy that he was big part of someone life. Even if he was just a pet. As his master aged, the two became closer. They had there difference but even those didn't seem to pull the two apart.
  .:Luminary:. / -Foxy / 1y 19d 3h 20m 15s

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