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A war has broken out, and the only way out is either through victory or by death, and two soldiers manage to make it through the entire D-Day invasion, and it’s in a very unforgiving place, which was Normany, which has been refurbished and repaired as an even more deadly stronghold for the enemy, but can a medic and a soldier make it through in one piece?
Romance will happen

Medic: Jack “Thumper” Leggs



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Jess was currently wearing nothing but black panties and her sports bra, her panties barely covering her large thick ass as her breasts were almost spilling out of her bra.
"No kidding perv bunny. But I think it's about to be game over." she said showing her pretty good hand. Not great, but better than his.
"So, lose the jocks kid, time to show that tiny dick I threatened to shoot off."
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 4m 43s
Every other turn, they won, until they both only had their underpants on, and they both were down to the last two rounds. “This is getting pretty steamy...” he said, smiling a bit, and he frowned at his hand.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 6m 31s
She grinned as she showed her hand.
"No fuck you." She said as she put her cards down, then seeing his own hand and smirking.
"Well that's my win first." She said and getting a pretty crap hand. Seeing his Royal flush she frowned and took off her visor and shirt. Showing a black G-Cup sports bra that barely held her giant breasts. Continuing with their game like this.
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 7m 59s
“Oh fuck you.” He said, showing his hand, and it was a flush, but when he saw her hand, he growled, taking off his jacket. Then he took the cards and shuffled again, this time getting a royal flush for his hand.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 10m 10s
Her hand wasn't exactly bad either, but she couldn't tell what he had. The way he asked her if she was ready could mean he was trying to get her to swap out cards, meaning he probably had a decent hand. She'd go for it and try and get him with her own Flush.
"Oh I'm good, ready to show little perv bunny?" She said holding her hand and looking at him blankly. Her breasts bouncing slightly as she held her hand up a bit higher.
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 11m 23s
His first hand was a flush, and he didn’t even exchange any cards, so he waited until she was ready to either exchange some cards or not. “So, you ready to exchange some cards or what?” He asked, knowing he had a very good hand.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 14m 40s
She smirked at first when she heard his suggestion. Looks like she was right, he was a little perv after all. But she grinned and laughed when he said he was the best gambler where he came from.
"You're looking at one of the best and most arrogant gamblers in the military kid. You're clothes are going you little perv." She said picking up her cards and only glancing at them for a second, not a single emotion on her face as she looked at him and they started their game.
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 18m 2s
“Let’s play strip poker.” He challenged, being a very good gambler, and he smiled, shuffling the cards and he felt out five cards to himself and her. “Fair warning, I’m one of the best gamblers where I’m from...” he said, and he smiled.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 19m 55s
She blinked and couldn't but laugh at his suggestion.
"Cards huh? Alright, but we will need to make it interesting. I'm quite a competitive gal. I don't play for nothing. What are we staking? Smokes? Secrets? Our clothes? You name it, and I won't lose." She asked intrigued, if she had one weakness. It would be any form of gambling, she hated to lose anything, just the idea of a game of anything would get her hooked instantly.
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 22m 53s
He pulled out a pack of cards and said he always kept a pack in case they got too bored. “How about a game of cards?” He asked, not opening the pack until she agreed, and if she didn’t, he could always put them away.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 25m 1s
"As long as I don't catch you staring or doing anything in my sleep. You're dick can stay attached to your body." She added smirking still before making sure Desert was fully loaded, listening to his idea of establishing a choke point and nodding.
"Agreed. But that can still wait a while. They'll be on high alert, wait an hour o two before we move in. When the search parties get sent out, then we'll move in. But we'll also need somewhere to stay away from the enemy, a cave or abandoned building would be preferable. This won't be solved in one night, and they'll definitely sweep their bunkers daily." She added and nodded.
"So looks like it's boredom for the next couple hours kid."
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 27m 6s
He smiled and told her that he was appreciative of the fact that she saved his tail. “As for the last thing you said, don’t try it.” He said, and he checked his magnum to make sure it was loaded as well. “If we can find an empty part of the bunkers, we could establish a choke point and keep rooted there.” He said, being a bit more tactical.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 31m 17s
"That's better. But just a heads up, when someone saves you from being shredded to pieces by an Artillery gun. I'd thank them, especially when they would have been more likely to have themselves shredded by it." She added with a smirk before giving him a smoke and her lighter.
"And if you stop being such a pansy ass. I won't hit you, and I might remember your name." She added keeping her smirk before glancing around.
"Well first things first. We need to find shelter, because there isn't much we can do now with all of our forces wiped out. We need to just hide out for a while." She said then thought of something, looking down at her breasts before glaring at him.
"And if I catch you perving on me, I will shoot your tiny dick off. Are we clear?"
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 33m 41s
He sighed. “Fine, and I wasn’t being ungrateful, I’ve been tossed around like a grenade ever since I’ve got here, especially after I’ve helped my fellow I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t hit me.” He said with a sigh, and then he made sure his STG was loaded, and he asked what he needed to do.
  Jak “Thumper” Leggs / DoomGuy123 / 21d 10h 37m 46s
Jess just growled and glared daggers at him. She hated being back-talked to, especially not by a spineless little coward like this kid.
"It doesn't matter what you are, you fucking ungrateful little asshole!" She snapped, picking up by his collar with ease using only one hand.
"Medic, soldier, who gives a shit! You signed up for the military, you expected to be put on a battlefield! Out here, we're all guns following orders and serving our country! Or you're just a hired gun that wants a thrill! Either way, everyone out here, should be prepared to die, or they deserve to put a bullet in their own skull!" She growled at him before throwing him to the ground.
"Now grow a pair, and shut the fuck up with your whining. Whining little kids don't need to smoke." She added before reaching into her overly large bosom, and pulling out a pack of smokes and a lighter from between her G-Cup breasts. Lighting herself a smoke and putting it between her lips. Offering him the small carton.
"You only get one if you do everything I say, got it? That's if you want to survive this."
  Jess 'DeadEye' Jones / DarkVulpis / 21d 10h 40m 41s

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