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The octoling gladly led them to the armory, where Jace spotted an older variant of the octoling armor, the same kind the octolings used before Agent 3’s disappearance. He came out of the armory, still wearing his mask and the armor. “I’m all set now.” He said, and the octoling shrugged and then led them to the training grounds. “Here you are, let me know when you’re ready to head out.” The octoling said, and waited outside.
Matcha nodded in understanding, before turning to an Octoling who was much more acquainted with the facility than them. "Could you please guide us to the armory, and then the training grounds?" She asked, curious as to what Jace might pick once they would get there.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 16h 48m 26s
He nodded and asked if he could get some different gear before he went to the place she mentioned, since he felt a bit uncomfortable using his old squad outfit since he betrayed the inklings. “I’d like to so that I know they’ll see who I actually fight for...” he said, his mask hiding a grin.
The female smiled underneath her mask in satisfaction, glad to see that the serum had performed its job correctly. "Good, that's how it's supposed to be." She said, placing the canister of ink back where it was. "Let me take you to a small training area so we can test how well you swim in the ink. Once we get there, we will have to wait a couple minutes before we can do the test, but it's the final thing we need to do to ensure that the serum has completed its task." Matcha said, standing up.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 22h 19m 36s
He hesitantly held out an arm, making sure to remove his sweatshirt before he did so, and when he felt it against his skin, he only felt the ink, it didn’t hurt, not at all. “It’s just wet, no pain.” He said, smiling under his mask slightly, seeing that the serum worked.
"Yes, for now we'll only be able to test you by dropping some ink against your skin. If you feel fine when we do so, then the serum was successful. Afterwards, it'll take about 10 to 15 minutes before you can start swimming in their ink at full capacity." Matcha told him, grabbing a canister of Octoling ink to use for the test.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 22h 26m 0s
He sighed and slowly stood up after about five minutes, the nausea gone already. “That...was weird...” he said, looking around as he put his mask on. “So this is going to make me able to use their ink?” He asked, smiling a bit after he put on the mask.
Matcha calmly sat down in an open chair, waiting and watching as the Octoling researcher injected the serum into Jace. She could see his slight discomfort, which she had to deal with when she first joined, so she knew how it was. "Your nausea should go away in 5 or 6 minutes, and by then, we'll be ready to test if the serum has worked." She told him.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 22h 31m 20s
He nodded, taking both the pills, making a face at the horrible taste of them, but he relaxed enough to let the octoling inject the serum into his arm. He could feel the serum entering his bloodstream , and he felt slightly nauseous, but it was better than throwing up.
Once the Inkling had entered the building with Jace and he had been handed the pills, she watched him take his mask off. "Go ahead and take those, you'll need them if you don't want to feel like garbage during the procedure. Once you take them, the researcher to your right will inject you with the serum." Matcha explained.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 22h 40m 1s
He smiled at the board, and soon he was led to a building where a few octolings messing with weapons and with some other things were working, and a couple of them were waiting near a chair, one holding a syringe and a couple nausea pills. “Wow, I never thought about this, it’s amazing.” He said, smiling under his mask, and soon he took off his mask after being handed the two pills.
Matcha waited for a second as the Elite Octoling of the group pulled out a small device that displayed members and squads of the entire Octoling forces. There was one section labeled "Sweet Tooth" which contained Inklings, including Matcha, who was labeled as "Stix" as her nickname. Soon enough, Jace's name was entered onto it, and they took a picture of him as well to make sure they'd recognize him.

"There we go. Now we need to get him to our researchers." One soldier told the two of them.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 358d 22h 44m 7s
The male nodded when she explained that they weren’t the only ones to help the octolings, and he waved nervously at the octolings, and a couple waved back, then one told Matcha that they would have to take him to the researchers to have the serum administered.
  Jace Azure / DoomGuy123 / 359d 27m 6s
Nodding slowly when the male said he was ready, Matcha began leading him down to the Octolings. As she heard him continue to speak, she turned her head a little bit to be able to reply. "A small group. I don't recall the exact number, but it's not much. Still though...a small group is better than nothing. So yes, more than just us." The Inkling said, before they had approached the Octoling soldiers. Jace could hear her explaining how he was joining their side, and that he needed to be registered as an ally. "I've spoken to him, and also warned him of the consequences of betrayal. He's ready to join, and also ready for the procedure to be able to swim in and use your kind of ink." She told the soldiers.
  Matcha "Stix" Azar / AskTheStaff / 359d 29m 43s
“I think I’m ready for it...” he said, putting his weapon on his back, and he waited for the female inkling to lead him to the others so that he can get registered as an ally. “How many of our kind is actually helping the octolings, anyway? Is it only us?” He asked, hoping it was more than just the two of them.
  Jace Azure / DoomGuy123 / 359d 33m 16s

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