Need a partner for an SCP containment breach rp

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I am in an SCP containment breach rp that could use a new partner. My character is named Haydon and my partner's character is named Dononic. I'm going to come right out and say there is a relationship forming between the two of them, so if thats a problem for you, i'm sorry, but it already started. Domonic is new to the foundation at the time of the breach. Heydon is a d-class. They have been working together to try and survive.
Plot wise, there have been a few escapes from 173, and the pair have been to and gotten out of the pocket dimension. They just found the 131 pair of scps.
if you want more details, you can read the rp or message me.
all kinds of characters are ok. We can work with anything.

here is the rp

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