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He smiled a bit, hoping that she would be able to be comfortable with him around, as he actually cared about her safety. “I was hoping that I might be able to stick around with you for a while...but only if you want me to...” he said, being a bit skeptical about her because she was a blue ring octoling.
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 2h 52m 33s
The female Octoling sighed gently, hearing Ren's words and feeling a little more at ease, although her paranoia still made her have that slight feeling that he was lying even though he wasn't. When he had lightly touched her hand, she twitched again, although she kept her hand where it was despite how her PTSD was affecting her.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 5h 14m 52s
He sighed. “There is...something that you should know...” he said, hoping that she would understand how it worked. “You see, there is an unspoken law about attacking or injuring Blue Rings...” he explained to her, trying to make her feel a little less paranoid than she was. He then continued to talk. “I’m here to make sure that what happened to you doesn’t happen again...” he explained some more, and continued to talk. “I’m here because I want to...and the main reason for that is that I’m here to protect you.” He said, and touched her hand gently
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 5h 39m 57s
The female listened to Ren's words, taking the parcel a bit hesitantly due to her constant paranoia that liked to pop up. "T-thank you..." She said, as things went quiet for a few more seconds and she decided to make a remark towards what he had said before giving her the parcel. "I may have recovered physically, but..." Shai pointed to her head slowly, sighing and looking down again. "I can't even talk to anyone without getting scared at least once that something may happen or they might do something to me." She admitted.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 6h 16m 54s
“I’m sorry about what you went through at the weapons factory...but I did not know what you truly were until after the incident...but I will say that I’ve never met an octoling able to take that kind of thing and recover...” he said, and he remembered the package. “Oh...I did bring this for you...” he said, handing over the parcel containing a rather stylish suit similar to her work outfit.
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 6h 22m 11s
"'s you." Shai managed to say, the purple formations on her hair fading. "Sorry about mind has been a wreck..." The Octoling admitted, sighing and breathing deeply a couple times to calm herself down a bit. Afterwards, she had gone rather silent, looking down a little bit as if ashamed or depressed.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 6h 26m 23s
He looked scared when he saw the vein-like lines appear on her hair, and he backed up a bit. “I just wanted to see if you were okay...” he said, having no weapons on him, and he had a parcel in hand, which was a gift for her because he felt bad about that very day, since he knew she didn’t deserve the pain she had dealt with
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 6h 28m 6s
Almost out of the blue, she heard the voice of a male and quickly turned around as she practically jumped back, her hair flashing with purple vein-like formations on it for just a second. "W-wha?" Shai had asked, and from her movements it became obvious that she was still mentally damaged from the whole ordeal from a month ago.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 6h 33m 26s
The bit couldn’t stop thinking of the event that he had been there to witness. “Why was a rare species working in a place that was a big risk to be...?” He kept asking himself, and one of his allies told him that he wasn’t on any scouting or assault missions, so he decided to see if he could go and find the female octoling from a month earlier. As he walked along the trees and shrubbery, he looked around, until he found a small path that looked less taken, and he followed that path, which came out into a clearing where he saw the female, and he slowly approached her. “Miss...?” He asked gently.
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 11h 35m 39s
The female never replied to Ren, just looking at him with a mixture of confusion and surprise, before the EMTs had come in and carefully picked her up, rushing her off to a hospital as quick as they could...

[center [b --1-month-later--]]

It had been a little bit of time since Shai had gotten out of the hospital, having healed well. However, Tentatek had decided to let her have a break from her job for another week or two due to the events that had taken place. Her mind had been affected pretty badly by what had happened to her, and she seemed both more jumpy than usual and frightened half the time. At the current moment, she was in a rather private area of nature outside of Inkopolis, not wanting to be near anyone.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 12h 3m 15s
When he noticed her blue rings on her hair and under her eyes, he looked surprised. “I’m helping you because I don’t care if you’re helping our enemies , I also find it very interesting that you are a very rare kind of octoling as well...” he said, and he continued to stay with her until the EMTs arrived, which he hid in a puddle of his own ink when they did get there.
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 12h 7m 23s
Feeling her consciousness wanting to slip away, Shai held on instead of letting go. She continued to look up at the male, nodding in understanding towards his words, which let him get another look at the blue rings under her eyes and one or two on her hair which he somehow hadn't noticed yet. "W-why are you h-helping me...anyways...?" The Octoling asked quietly.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 12h 17m 3s
He sighed, and he grabbed the phone, knowing that he was still not the best person to be doing it, then he dialed 911, and he began to talk. “Listen, there’s a severely wounded female who needs immediate medical attention, the location is at Tentatek.” He said, and before they could ask who it was, he hung up the phone, and he told her that the EMTs would arrive soon
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 12h 25m 28s
"H-how am I supposed a t-this?" The female managed to ask gently in between breaths, happy that the bleeding had slowed down enough that it wasn't getting everywhere, but still in horrible pain knowing that her body was continuing to get weaker and weaker as time went on. [i And why is he even helping me? They came here to murder...and yet this one is trying to help me. Why...?] Shai thought to herself as she looked up at Ren, with a worried and pained expression on her face, which was a little paler than before.
  Shai Laqueta / AskTheStaff / 1y 21d 12h 28m 30s
He growled. “You won’t die...not while I’m here...” he said, pressing harder, and eventually, the bleeding stopped, and he tightly tied the fabric around the wound, and he told her to call the hospital immediately, as she wouldn’t last the rest of the day without a blood transfusion to keep her alive. “You can’t die...not yet...” he said, and he looked around, making sure that he wasn’t being spied on by his fellow octolings.
  Ren Agade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 21d 21h 56m 40s

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