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verb: Search determinedly for someone or something

The year was 478 AD and horrible creatures reeked havoc across the globe. From mischievous imps to towering minotours. As the years went on, a select group of peaceful creatures got fed up with being hunted and decided to take matters into their own hands.

These people are called hunters.

Hunters are creatures that travel the globe, searching for the creatures that are a part of the Slad, an organization led by The Dark One, and destroying them. Slad creatures only care about spreading misery and despair everywhere they went.

Most hunters are generational, a skill past down from generation to generation. They would merge in groups of 2 or 3, trained together from birth and almost exclusively male. Hunters only mated with the intent of continuing the Hunter tradition.

Martin Bowen and his partner Julian Dutah were a world renowned hunters, their kill list was so long there were silly rumors that it could be wrapped around the world twice. They were the best of the best and went down in history as such. As the years progressed, the duo started to search for partners so they could continue the Hunter bloodline. Julian found a bride and a son was born of their union. Martin found a bride soon after but to his dismay, a daughter was born. Shame drove him into a murderous rage which resulted in the murder of his bride and ultimately his suicide. Julian wanted to preserve his long time friends good name. He managed to cover up the truth, stating that Martins bride was really a spy for the Slad and that she killed Martin and their son.

As the news traveled, creatures gathered together to mourn the famous hunter, thankful for his years of service, never knowing of his atrocities.

The fight against the Slad continues.


Age: 26

Race: Shapeshifter

Gender: Female

Family: Starlight was left in the Dark Forest when she was an infant and taken in by Wood Nymphs and raised as their own. They were always very honest with her about her origins and try their best to help her find out where she came from. No one knows that she is child of the famous Martin Bowen. Julian left her in the woods to parish, never knowing that she survived.

Strengths: Spying without being notice, Hand to hand combat, Swordfighting

Weaknesses: Anything to do with machines, Keeping her mouth shut


Age: 27

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Family: Chandlers father, Joseph Fland, was a hunter who lost his partner in the line of duty. Joseph saved the famous Julian in combat once and they were partners ever since. Chandlers mother was a small demon doing her part to fight the Slad.

Strengths: Hand to hand combat, Strategy

Weaknesses: Socializing


Age: 25

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Family: Her parents and older sister were killed when she was younger by the Slad in a raid of her town. She had been with her Aunt and Uncle, who took her in after the slaughter of her people and taught her to fight. They taught her how to physically protect herself, but more importantly they taught her how to strategize so that she didn't have to.

Strengths: Traps, Strategizing, Equipment

Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand combat, Close Combat


Age: 27

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Family: Julian Dutah was known for being partners with Martin Bowen and being a renowned hunter. Those who knew him knew that he found just a little too much enjoyment in killing the Slad, especially after Martin's death. Julian rarely speaks of his old partner. Ryder finds some sport in killing the Slad, but no one could say that he is the same as his father. His mother worked with the hunters by allowing her home to be a wayward point for any hunters in the area who needed assistance.

Strengths: Close combat, Short swords, Hand-to-Hand combat

Weaknesses: Long-Range combat, Strategizing

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Ryder was having a really bad day.

He and Chandler had been tracking an imp for the last several days. Ryder hated imps. They were small, grotesque little phosphorous creatures who would cause mischief and mayhem wherever they went. This particular imp seemed to have declared itself the king of chaos. It had been single-handedly terrorizing the village by scaring away livestock, destroying crops to make crude messages in the grain, stealing items from townspeople, and releasing small animals into the villagers' houses to watch them panic. Imps were a menace. Nothing as dangerous as the Slad, of course, but something that hunters were to deal with nonetheless.

Chandler had created a beautiful strategy to capture the imp, littering a path with various traps that the imp might fall into. If avoided, the traps would drive him closer and closer to the path that Ryder was currently traversing, his sharp eyes following the glowing mass as it tore through the trees. He heard the [i snap] of a trap detonate, followed by a whoop of victory. Ryder slowed, his eyes scanning the trees for a moment. He saw the streak of soft light swing past him just as Chandler's voice erupted in curses. He launched forward, his hands closing on air as he tried to wrangle the imp. He cussed, kicking off of a tree after it. Chandler would stay where he was, so they could meet back and regroup if he couldn't catch the little bug right now.

Ryder was known for his combat prowess and his speed. He could outrun almost any human in the short run. Imps, however, were also known for their incredible speed. He doubted he would even be able to see the creature if he were entirely human, it was so fast. He sprinted after it, running flat out through the trees, dagger in hand to incapacitate the creature if needed. All of a sudden, the glow disappeared; he skidded to a stop in a small clearing, his head whipping about as he looked for it. Left, right, front, back, up--DOWN!

The small imp launched from a small fox den in the brush, screeching wildly as it latched around his waist, grabbing at his daggers 'round his waist. His deft hands managed to grab a dagger and slice Ryder's belt which dropped to the forest floor, tripping him up. Ryder staggered, and the imp took the opportunity to scamper up his side onto his shoulders. The imp was really an ugly creature, with long, spindly fingers and a Gollum-esque face. Its eyes were the size of baseballs, glowing an off-kilter green in comparison to the soft white light emanating from the rest of its body. The creature grabbed a hold of Ryder's dark hair and let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like a yee-haw. Ryder blindly stabbed at the creature, hoping to scare him to one side or the other so that he could snag it.

The creature snatched the dagger from Ryder's hand and cut the straps of his backpack, dumping his belongings on the floor. Instead of stooping to grab it or get his dagger back, Ryder reached back and wrapped his arms around the creature, smoothly ripping it over his shoulders and slamming it to the ground.

The creature let out another ungodly wail, and Ryder reared back, slamming his foot into its face before it could flee. The creature went still, unconscious from the force. Ryder leaned over, panting as he quickly dragged his bag over to pull out a long string of copper chain. He secured the imp, wrapping him in the copper chain, linking it in the back with a heavy silver padlock. Copper was known to sap the strength of imps and several other creatures, so it was good to have. He scooped up the imp alongside his now-useless bag and his now-useless belt and trekked back to where he was to meet Chandler. He unceremoniously dumped the imp on the forest floor in front of him and threw out his hands in a 'ta-dah' kind of way.

[b "Have I ever mentioned how much I [i hate] imps?"]
  Ryder Crane / SilverSilence / 312d 14h 9m 3s
[i Good luck.]

The wind whipped past Chandler as he ran through the trees of the Seeded forest. There was no way that he was going to let this little monster escape his grasp for a second time. There was a light glow from the creature in front of him, making it easy to follow. But it was just so fast.

His eyes flicked around him and a smile crept across his face, everything was going to plan. He slowed his pace a little. A few moments later he heard a small, aggravated yelp.

[i "Gotcha you little shit!"]

He said in victory. He jogged over to the trap that he had set earlier to find a small rabbit stuck in the small cage. The smile faded and a string of curse words spilled from his mouth. How does this little beast kept evading him? He and his partner had been tracking a little imp for past few weeks and haven't been able to get it. He wished that he didn't have to catch it alive, that would make his job easier. He opened the cage and let the scared little rabbit out.

With a sigh, he pulled out a little journal from the backpack on his back and flipped through it, looking at some of the hand drawn traps that he had doodled in there over the years, trying to find a better one to use. His partner went around the other side of the forest to try and cut off the little bastard on the other side,s o he should be along soon. Hopefully he had a little more luck.

Chandler did not like staying in one place for to long, it made them easier to track, easier targets for the Slad. It was annoying that they had been stuck on this case for so long. The nearby townspeople paid them in advance to get rid of the little imp that had been scaring their livestock and stealing food. It wasn't Slad level by any means, but as a hunter, you serve the people. He was ready to get out of this town and get back to their real mission, hunting Slad and destroying them
  c h a n d l e r / moonxxbeam / 312d 14h 52m 11s
Blitz awoke with a start, launching out of bed with a knife in hand. She sliced the air before she returned to her senses. She sat down on the ground, her chest heaving. Another bad dream. The Slad, slaughtering her town, her unable to move or help as her parents were murdered, as Clover was murdered. She slowly pulled herself back together, reaffirming that she was in her room. All was--not well, she supposed. But she was safe at this moment. More than she could ask for, most days. She pushed to her feet, dropping her knife on the bed. It was too early to be awake, but she was confident that Star was already awake. She could never sleep for long, for the same reason that Blitz could not.

A while later, Blitz entered the living room, dressed for the day, pack in hand. Her bag was heavy, but the weight was reassuring. It meant that she had all the materials she needed to live in the event of an attack. She had spare parts to create a number of different traps, rations, weapons, and her book. All hunters had one--Blitz's was her pride. She loved gathering information and documenting which defenses worked best for which creatures. Her book was geared more toward the weaknesses of creatures and strategic ways to defeat them than anything else.

She crept through the living room, glancing around. It was empty. Her aunt and uncle had to be asleep. She didn't want to wake them if she could help it. She slipped through the front door and went into the early morning light, heading to Starlight. When she arrived at the familiar home, she didn't bother knocking. She had been partners with Starlight for many years, and she considered Starlight a friend whom she could rely on. She dropped into the seat next to Starlight unceremoniously. [b "Don't suppose the warden will let me sneak anything?"] she stage-whispered to Starlight, side-eyeing the food that Sansa was making.
  Blitz / SilverSilence / 319d 12h 19m 12s
[i I am so sorry.]

The voice sounded like it was far away. A distant memory that could never be fully grasped. A figure hoovered over, the face blurred out. Why could she never see him? Darkness back dropped the shadow of a person. There was something behind. A whole lot of somethings. Tall, dark and looming. They swayed from side to side. Almost like wind was moving them. Trees?

A gasp escaped quivering lips as the images disappeared and were replaced by even darker surroundings. As the eyes looking around adjusted they saw a small tidy room, crowded with handmade furniture. Gasps for breath escaped the figure that looked around, trying to make sense her surroundings. This was not the first dream that Starlight had had that was like this, but it was the most vivid.

It was always the same, a figure above her with a blurred face so she could not make out who it was. But this time there was something different. Trees. There were trees behind the person this time. She pushed the sweat plastered hair from her face and sighed. Her vantage point was from the ground. Why? It was infuriating having this dream night after night for the past 26 years.

The sun wasn't up yet, but she sure as shit was.

[center ---]

[b "Darling, please keep your hand away. Or I [i will] cut it off."]

The voice attached to the threat was sweet but deadly. Kind of like the best piece of cake you will ever have in your life but you know its filled with rat poison. A pout creeped onto Starlights face and she sat down with a [i thump].

[i "I was only trying to help."]

The girl retorts as she pulls a thick leather bound journal from the bag next to her. Starlight opens unwraps the book and opens it to a fresh page and starts to sketch the latest creature that she and Blitz have been tracking. She starts to write everything she knows next to the sketch of a small griffin. Griffins were creatures that were half lion and half eagle. They weren't a threat per say. Not part of the Slad. But they weren't allies either. Griffins only cared about themselves. They would work with hunters and Slad, with no cares. They were guardians of treasure. Anyone could hire them as protection as they transported gold and jewels from one place to another.

But this was a baby and it had been spotted multiple times over the past month. They never stayed in one place this long. She was hoping that it just got lost and its mother would come back and it wouldn't be a problem. But nothing was ever how it seemed.

[b "Should we be expecting Blitz this morning?"]

The sweet voice asked, pulling Starlight out of her trance. She looked up at a tall feminine creature who danced around the small kitchen, making something that smelled amazing.

[i "Yeah. We said we would meet up here for breakfast and then go off for the day. I probably will not be home in time for dinner."]

She then replied and the creature in the kitchen made a tsk tsk click with her tongue but nodded anyway. This beautiful creature was a mother figure with Starlight. Sansa was the one to find Starlight left in the woods as a baby. Despite some protests from the other nymphs in the small community, she took Starlight in. Everyone grew to love her just the same. And the rest is history.
  s t a r l i g h t / moonxxbeam / 319d 14h 45m 21s

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