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I'm so in love with this guy <3

Stefano Valentini.

He's the new bad guy in the evil within 2.
  .Art. / Stefano / 1y 57d 10h 12m 12s
[size10 "Your character Beautiful is very beautiful Where the heart eye emoji when you need one XD
  .: Two Sided:. / -Foxy / 1y 57d 10h 17m 0s
It is really pretty. I love it. Reminds me of the phantom of the opera. ^^
  .Beautiful. / Stefano / 1y 57d 10h 20m 39s
[size10 Aww well they all look pretty I just hunt for picture and if something stand out to me I save it ^^ I love the pic I have Ren wolf form it's so pretty.
  .:Luminary:. / -Foxy / 1y 57d 10h 22m 10s
I'm pretty sure you will get to play with them all ^^

Hopefully they will all be to your liking...

I stole most my guy pics from a phone game XD XD
  .Fear. / Stefano / 1y 57d 10h 29m 20s
[size10 Aww, I know it takes some time to get the bio all written up. It feel nice. I seen you had a few character ^_^ I hope I get to play with hem all ^^ I kind of remade Amai and Urami that who this is going to be. There a little different. So there not the same. Oh I can't wait! Sorry I went a little crazy.
  .:Luminary:. / -Foxy / 1y 57d 10h 30m 22s
lol don't worry I completely understand XD

I've got a few extra characters made so I am good for another rp. I'm going to try and fix up their bios and get them all set up and then I am going to get started on posting lol. Hopefully it will be a good post since you've had to wait almost a day for it XD
  .Fear. / Stefano / 1y 57d 10h 35m 26s
[size10 Aww I think your profile looks great. I've change mine a few times. I was trying to make it different. I might fix it up and make it girly Idk maybe then that annoying brat will leave me alone haha here I am still being cranky. Sorry I'm run off an hour of two of sleepy and puppies are being so loud... Go for it that way I post that in here. I made a few more character that we could maybe play with in another rp. I need to fill out their bios and stuff. Hmmm Maybe I should clean that one account I was going to give you and make a bitch account when that person come back I'll use that to bitch him out XD Jk but I do like to edit my accounts it entertain me. Lol we could share use it to do our dirty work Bitch people out haha sorry I'm being spiteful. Don't worry Foxy isn't going anywhere just being bitch. He lucky it not that time of the month. XD I could of really lost it....
  .:Luminary:. / -Foxy / 1y 57d 10h 38m 6s
It took forever, but thankfully those damn pictures are shrunk down lol. XD. Now the more frustrating part. Names and bios XD XD

I'll most likely just steal your bio ;3
  .Fear. / Stefano / 1y 57d 10h 48m 16s




Need to resize some of these. Just got to figure out how. Should get that done soon I hope. Now to look up a lady then finish my profile hopefully.
  Stefano / 1y 57d 11h 57m 23s
[size10 [+Darkred Sigh. Yet again people tent to annoy me so early in the the fucking morning. What do they want from? I know I should be more friendly right? I just can't I'm not as friendly as I use to be... I'm only on here to write entertaining stories just something to do to past the time... It suppose to be relaxing -_- no no people want to cutter my inbox with there stupid pm? Are they waiting for me to snap? Well here they go! [+white Fuck off!] If they want to rp that okay but they need to tell me not send annoying message that make me want to show my dark side.

[ Go To War ~ Nothing More ]
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 57d 13h 31m 44s
[size10 [+Darkred Sigh. Why do people tent to annoy me so early in the morning... It makes me want to lash out. I wont but I will think about it...
  FOXY / -Foxy / 1y 58d 8h 7m 47s
Japanese words I don't want to forget

Full Moon - Mangetsu
Crescent Moon - Mikadzuki
New Moon - Shingetsu
  FOXY / -Foxy / 1y 60d 6h 12m 2s

Full Name:






Hair color / Length:

Eye color(s):


Sexual Origins:

Loved One:

Relationship Status:


Family/ Friends:



Blood Type:






Favorite song(s):

Favorite color(s):

Additional Information:

Text Color
  FOXY / -Foxy / 1y 60d 4h 37m 3s
[center [font "Courier new" [+red -Foxy ]

"You’ll be addicted the moment you kiss me..."


"...But I only do love when it’s soaked in whiskey"
  FOXY / -Foxy / 1y 61d 3h 27m 20s

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