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Alright. They are both done. The girls a little shorter than my guys XD
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 3m 7s
I’m sure I’m going to love it! I can’t wait to read it!
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 6m 14s
lol. I am excited too. I got my first post up. Hopefully it sounds alright. I'm working on my second one now.
  Me / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 16m 42s
I understand :) it make since. I’m so excited for our rps
  .:Hayato:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 18m 13s
lmao XD

I start anime and then I go read the wiki and catch myself up and then I don't want to watch it.
  Me / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 30m 34s
Aww I try a few episodes but I end read fan base one. Lol yaoi
  .:Hayato:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 31m 27s
Yeah. I read about all of that lol. However I couldn't seem to get into the anime lol.
  Me / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 38m 19s
Yeah probably hate him for that. It's funny Izaya the monster and Shizuo actually not he never hate anyone well maybe he hate Izaya but not enough to kill him.
  .:Hinata:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 41m 7s
lol XD XD That's normally how it goes.

It doesn't help that the man that's hugging him put him in that chair technically XD
  Me / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 42m 43s
[size10 Yeah because he getting hug / pinned Hahha he look like he been pretty depressed he has bag under his eyes and he in a chair TT_TT Poor Izaya. Even if he is an asshole.
  .:Hinata:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 44m 35s
lol that's true. XD I have so many. Man games and anime got to stop making good looking characters XD XD

Oh wow lol. He looks shocked, angry, and disgusted all that the same time.
  .Beautiful. / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 48m 53s
[size10 Awww, that okay he just one of your many fantasy husband or wifu lol

I enjoy this pic look at Izaya face XD <3 I still love those two <3 <3
  .:Hayato:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 50m 19s
meant changed my character lmao XD

Oh i love Ruvik sadly though Stefano has stolen my heart from him. </3
  .Beautiful. / Stefano / 1y 139d 19h 52m 25s
[size10 Huh what photo changed? Hmm?

I figure he was he simply beautiful I still love the other but this one so pretty but just because Ruvik wasn't easy on the eyes didn't meant he wasn't beautiful tho XD Omg you have to see this photo!
  .: Two Sided:. / -Foxy / 1y 139d 19h 55m 16s
Ah! They changed my photo... Damn thing... -_- well then.
  .Beautiful. / Stefano / 1y 139d 20h 4m 21s

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