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[center [font "century gothic" [+Skyblue [size20 Just stay out !]]]

[center [pic]]

[right [size10 [+Skyblue Or Freddy will chase you out! ]]]


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[+red Umm remember when you are on my computer and you go to edit profile there a color picker. That is where I get them all. lol I just decided to give them names so you can see them.. You will need the [# and the numbers / letters

It's okay, I'm use to it. I mean I still get to see people.
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 3d 42m 31s
Oh wow those are all beautiful. Where do you get your colors at? Is it the places that the webmaster had up?

Oh wow. I can see why you feel lonely now. That sucks. Wish I could hang out more so at least you had someone around to talk to and stuff.
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 3d 58m 12s
[+red That because I have a lot of free time? Well not a lot but time, I can play on my computer. I can alway send you some pretty colors I find ^^

I should say I have some me time, When I get off no home unless I am at dads then no awake.

[#cf130c Venom #cf130c ]
[#29bdfa Sky #29bdfa]
[#98b4f6 Rain #98b4f6]
[#8cd9c3 Greed #8cd9c3]
[#eaa9e3 Blush #eaa9e3]
[#f0adcd Dream #f0adcd]
[#13cd91 Haze #13cd91]
[#d28c04 Just gold #d28c04]
[#efe31a Sour lemon #efe31a]
[#f406c0 Heart-beat #f406c0]
[#b143ef Wild #b143ef]
[#ca18ec Lullaby #ca18ec]
[#6c15d1 Lust #6c15d1]
[#591b7e Night #591b7e]
[#f2071a Bite Me #f2071a]
[#f56e00 Lock #f56e00]
[#20267e Midnight #20267e]
[#125612 Dark Forest #125612]
[#8c949b Wolf #8c949b]

Here a small rainbow if you want more I'll galdly look for more.
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 3d 1h 29m 49s
Thank you. Your profiles are always so well thought out. I just kind of throw mine together. I hardly add color or anything anymore. I need to, but I sadly don't. Mostly because I'm on my phone playing with stuff lol. So that makes it a bit difficult.
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 3d 1h 55m 54s
[+red Thanks. Your profile always looks great too.
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 3d 2h 3m 33s
His profile looks great ^^ I really like it.

I really like my profile to. Im just thinking of how to add my about me part. Lol XD
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 6d 5h 24m 49s
Awww how sexy ;P Lol I help -Shadow clean up his profile. It still need a little work but it's nice. I love your profile Steffy so cute...even thought he wants to enjoy watching you die a beautiful gruesome death.

[ Shadow]
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 6d 5h 39m 5s
It does look really nice the way it is now. I think I may change mine around.I'm going to change Kirai's pictures around I think. His profile could use a bit of a revamp.
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 6d 5h 48m 24s
[+red Thank you! Lol ^^ I really like how it is now. It's perfect for me when I get pissed. XD

I'll try getting posts in tonight or tomorrow XD
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 7d 3h 20s
lol Changing the profile makes things a lot of fun. Change it as much as you think you need to. XD I'm always looking at mine and wanting to change things too... lol, but currently I don't feel like fighting it lol.
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 8d 1h 12m 18s
Old Profile format... It's getting changed once again. -_-' God I'm just not happy with how my profile looks.
[center [size20 -Foxy ]]
[font "century gothic" [#f8a0e3 [center "You’ll be addicted the moment you kiss me..." ]]]
[center [pic]]
[font "Century gothic" [#f8a0e3 [center "...But I only do love when it’s soaked in whiskey"]]]
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 9d 7h 45m 31s
[#fb23df I finally finished my character bio. It took me a while but it is finally done ^^

Also going to store this in here.

[h3 ]
[center [#fb23df :. Monster | Old Enough | Pansexual | To Good For You | Bitch .: ]]
[#facce9 "Bound to sing for us, a worthless monster... It never sees us, It despises us" ]
[center [pic]]
[#fb23df "Lying so useless, we start to holler "Hey, get up you worthless Circus Monster!"]
[center [ [pic]]]
  Circus Monster / CircusMonster / 1y 18d 50m 32s
I understand ^^ I'm excite I am going to go read your post. And possibly reply maybe. I am still a little sleep.
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 19d 6h 33m 47s
lmao. My brain started dying on my females post. I haven't played a female in quite awhile.
  .Picture. / Stefano / 1y 19d 6h 42m 28s
That’s alright, I understand! I think my girl was long than Hayato post
  Foxy / -Foxy / 1y 19d 6h 49m 12s

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