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[center [i Please give me credit you you’re going to take my plot! ...]]

Valentina always had a thing for her brothers best friend. Maybe it has something to do with him always being at their place and he protects her when her brother isn’t around. If anything he probably knows her more than her boyfriend of 3 years.

Alejandro is two years older than Val. He’s know for many things, many talents. But Alejandro has one secret. He likes his sisters friend. Weird right? It’s easy to hide your feelings. It’s like playing a long game of hide your feelings. Yay! When would everyone secret come out? How would Val and Alex (Alejandro) handle the fact their siblings likes their best friend?

Now I know it’s not much but Alejandro can either like a male or a female. I’ll leave that choice to whoever joins! Just a heads up I’ve never done a M/M but I’m willing to give it a shot. PM me for further details.
[i [center Again give me credit you’re going to take my idea. Just because you change the title doesn’t mean shit. Don’t be rude. Thank you kindly...]]

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Seeing the look on her face he could tell she did not like the drink. Did he dare tell jer that there was coconut in it? Actually no because she HATED the taste. So he just watched her until she had done.

[#9251c1 "I was more talking about being in the hungover state. Even when it seems tame it still has you regretting the night before and wondering what the hell you did. But yeah, your brother probably will make it hell today too. True that you didn't do any of that, but still decided to go to that party."] Michael pointed out to the girl, taking in her reaction to what he showed her. It was obvious she had not expected him to keep the photo and he hadn't meant to. IF her brother knew she had sent it and he kept it both of them would be literally six feet under. [#9251c1 "Hey it's okay, Val. When drunk we all do things. So don't be sorry."] The man said. And honestly he wasn't as he did like the picture. He would have to get rid of it but yeah.

It had taken them awhile to get back but he hadn't minded. There wasn't anywhere he needed to be and it gave the excise to hang out and to really make sure she was okay. He did not say anything until they got back and she was getting all the food out. [#9251c1 "Yeah I found you and he had Val. No worries I like having you alive and around.. but how about the going out?"] His words had JUST been managed before Alex came down the stairs and Valentina left them.

[#9251c1 "She didn't drive. I did. And she ready suffered a bit with one of our drinks. Made it while someone got a shower."] Mike said as he took a few items himself. His eyes went between Alex and the other Val for a second as the other girl was quick to tell the morning and leave the kitchen. He gave his friend a pointed, yet questioning look as if asking what the hell was up with the normally bouncy one of the double trouble duo.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 48d 5h 1m 55s
The girl was defintely sober enough to know what she was saying and doing by now. She was the "bad one" and the one always at parties so she was used to the after effects. And her words creepy as they had been had only been meant to flirt with the boy. Besides he WAS the one who had ended up naked first and had shown himself off. So he had no right to really be freaked out at her words.

When he had made the first move, Val was the slightest bit shocked. Honestly she would have thought she would have to try harder. Or she thought he would decide against it because of her being his sister's friend and also just finding this to be wrong. The thing was thoug that she had always wanted this. Always wondered what being with him would be like. And as soon as there was the rough and passionate kiss, Val knew she would not be disappointed and their movements became synced and frenzied. It was not long before the pleasure exploded from them both and soon he pulled from her.

[#be5cf5 "Not a word..."] The girl breathed out, blue gaze on him. After Alex was gone, Valeria got a proper shower and cleaned up. Maybe fifteen minutes later the girl was turning of the shower and and wrapping herself in a towel and went back to Val's room. She dug in the other girl's closet until she found a simple blue sundress and then made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, smelling the food. Val was quick to get a breakfast burrito and say a quick morning to the guys before she went to the livingroom to join her "twin".

[#be5cf5 "So how's the head?"] She asked as she plopped down on the couch beside the other girl and began to munch on her burrito.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 48d 5h 21m 30s
Valentina doesn't know if it's her hangover that's making her taste buds wacky or she's actually tasting coconut and honey, maybe even kale... blah. It's nasty. Valentina ins't crazy about coconut so it's definitely not her favorite thing to be tasting in this state.

[#af18ae "Nah, he doesn't have the right to punish me. Besides It's not like I went to Vegas to get married or had random unprotected sex."] As the began to head to the car he shows her his phone. Her heart stops beating seeing the picture she sent him, drunk... She doesn't know if it's a good or a bad thing that the conversation is innocent, but yet she sent such a picture. Ugh. [#af18ae "Well you must like it if you haven't deleted it."] she says, but instantly regretting it. Why did she even say that? [#af18ae "Sorry... ignore that. I'm also sorry I sent that..."]

It took a while to get breakfast and deciding what to even get. Nevertheless, she got two of almost every breakfast item and paid for it. The ride back was silent. She didn't know what to say to him. When they arrived back to the house was when he said something. [#af18ae "I'm assuming you're the one who found me because if Alex did I probably wouldn't be alive... so thank you."] she says chuckling taking everything out. [#af18ae "I guess your reward is that picture that I shouldn't have sent in the first place... or I can take you out. As friends. As a thank you."] Val was going to continue talking, but her brother came in. She ignores him and grabs what she wants to eat and heads to the living room to eat there and watch some TV.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 73d 12h 53m 17s
The guy tried not to laugh. How does she know his [i 'friend'] is not so little. Has she been watching him? Creepy... [#4682b4 "Well then.. I'm going ti kiss you until you can't catch your breath... touch you until can't see straight..."] With that he made he first move. The kiss was rough but passionate. Their movements became more and more frenzied until finally, pleasure explodes throughout their bodies.

When they finished, he got out grabbing the blow drier for his hair. [#4682b4 "Not a word to anyone. My sister would cook us like a live lobster..."] He wraps a towel around himself before sneaking off to his room. He could hear light chatter coming from downstairs. Alejandro quickly got dressed. He is the kind of guy who cares about his appearance, meaning it took him a while to put on lotion before. Now when it came to his hair he took his time.

Alejandro jogs downstairs when he was done. [#4682b4 " Good morning. Please tell you she didn't use the car after last night..."] he says looking through the food his sister got. He sat down munching on a few things. [#4682b4 "Dam... my evil plan is a no go..."] he says chuckling to Mike since he knew what it was supposed to be.

[center [ outfit]]
  Alejandro / Simply_Random / 73d 13h 56m 9s
Val was more than aware of what she was saying. Unlike the other Val, Baleria partied more and did find herself in some pretty sticky situations. Alex had seen and had to save her from it. But could she tell the man that? She knew he was aware she was no angel, but she didn't know if he knew JUST the sort of things she did. [#be5cf5 "Oh come on, Alex..Now you're being cruel. To me and your not so little friend."] The words rolled off her pretty pink tongue in a purr as she moved closer to the man, her hands oh so slowly running over his shoulders. God he was so delicious and she couldn't help that she wanted him. Besides when would another chance like this ever come again?

[#be5cf5 "Val wouldn't have to know? And has been so long since I have been with someone who knows what they are doing.. Oooh and I am so sure. You're just..well you already know."] Yup, the girl was playing to his vanity but also in her own way begging him. Would she regret this choice? Perhaps..but only because she knew her best friend would skin them both alive if she found out. But she wouldn't because she had ALWAYS loved and wanted the man.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 74d 2h 18m 38s
The man did feel bad for the girl. He could remember his first hangover and it had been like his head had been splitting. So he could honestly say he understood the pain in her head. [#9251c1 "They say the worse something is...the more it blocks out the toxins that the alcohol leaves behind. Also this just is a punishment too. Alex used to make me drink it all the time. After awhile you just get used to it."] Mike found himself saying as he ate the piece of baccon she had swapped with him. [#9251c1 "And yeah, breakfast sounds good since I am sure you'll be in trouble most the day."] Those words had been a bit of a tease.

He did keep his eyes on the young woman. Almost dod he argue with her about the paying, but she would win in the long run. She ALWAYS did and he ALWAYS let her. Besides it did give an excuse to just be near her. Even if he could NOT say anything he really felt. [#9251c1 "You got back about two...Alex and I had to get you and the other Val last night...It was actually kind of wild."] Michael explained as he took out his phone and showed Val the messages that she had sent him. The girl deserved to know.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 74d 2h 26m 11s
[i “Is there enough room for me to join? I still feel so dirty after last night and showers are more fun with someone else."] is he hearing this right? Alex looks at the glass where there’s a blurry figure. If he can have a three some in here he’s pretty sure another body would fit fine. Even with having one of the girl a little bit in the plus size. Although it’s something he won’t tell her.

A low growl escapes him thinking about the threesome he had a few months ago. The thought of it is turning him on and waking up his little friend. [#4682b4 “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Val would kill me if I was to do anything with another friend.”] Alejandro began to wash his hair when she joined him. He awkwardly laughs feeling a small breeze. He knew she was in there. [#4782b4 You’re probably still drink. Best and believe you don’t want any of this.”] he says being super cocky. He turns around to rinse the shampoo off his hair. [#4682b4 I don’t mind doing it. I don’t turn away the opportunity, but you were almost forced into doing it... are you sure about this?”] he places a a hand down to cover his junk that was starting to wake up again as if on que. Is she for real? He wouldn’t mind. It’s been a while but his sister is going to kill him... her too... this is going to be a hot mess.
  Alejandro / Simply_Random / 80d 13h 56m 20s
As much as she loves being in the same room as her crush, him using the blender wasn’t cute. Her poor head. It hurts. The girl only made four strips of bacon. [#Af18ae I know... I’m just going to eat these four and order some food for pick up. I’m in no condition to drive... but you are. Let’s go get breakfast for everyone. What do you say?”] she happily takes the drink and swaps it’s with a bacon so he can have some. A half a sip into the drink she spits it out in the sink. [#Af18ae “Are you trying to kill me? This is nasty...”] she shakes the drink and smells it. It doesn’t even smell better. It made her gag.

Valentina uses her free hand to pinch her nose and chugs it down. [#Af18ae I don’t think I’m ever going to let loose like that again... I’m cool with partying but drinking simply isn’t my forte.”] she stares at what’s left of the drink. The hand that was pinched on her nice was on her stomach. It’s horrible. How is this a cure? The girl grabs another piece of bacon before. With the other Val in the bathroom and Alex out on a run, it would be a win, win situation. [#Af18ae “Alright since it’s bright and early I don’t mind going in the clothes from yesterday. We can go through the drive through and i pay.”] Valentina checks her pocket to make sure her cars were still there and they were. She’s ready to go. She grabs the keys and tosses it to him. [#Af18ae Hey, what time did I get home? I barely remember anything after I did a chugging competition...”]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 80d 14h 23m 19s
The boys went to bed late because they had spent a lot of time playing COD to calm down. It was funny how they got their asses handed to them by kids who would then trash talk about how bad they were. And Alex's temper only had Mike laugh more. To him it was a game, but he enjoyed the way that his nest friend made it into one of their football games and had a plan. FINALLY their luck turned and they were able to teach the kids a lesson.

He hadn't noticed when Alejandro had left because he had fallen into a deep sleep with a nice dream. He dreamed that he had FINALLY told Val how he had felt and they were able to date. Both Alex and the other Val were happy for them. And he didn't want to wake up, groaning when he felt someone fall on him.

Dark eyes cracked open just as the girl he had been dreaming about rushed out of the room. And after a moment, Michael was up, wearing his jeans only and no shirt as he followed after Val. For a couple moments he stood in the doorway of the kitchen and watched her. [#9251c1"You know we could have ordered food.. But since you're cooking need a hand?"] The man asked as he soon made his way into the kitchen and began to make the drink his friend called a cure for a hangover. [#9251c1 "After last night didn't think you would be up so early...and try this, it helps with the hangover and splitting head."]
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 81d 2h 40m 52s
Val didn't even notice that Alejandro was in the bathroom at first. Her attention had only been on the fact that her head was throbbing and she needed something for it and BADLY. It was when the man turned and gave her the bottle of tylenol did she allow blue eyes to wander him quickly. [#be5cf5 "Wasn't going to be, but had a brain splitting headache. Didn't think you would be up either. Aaaand call this getting even since you obviously saw last night."] She said with a faint laugh. Yeah she was being sassy, but Alex was being a bit of an ass.

The girl unscrewed the lid and took a couple pills and washed them down with a handful or two of water. Her eyes again went to the shower as the man, the one she had a thing for was in it. She couldn't see much but she HAD just seen him naked and it was not at all disappointing. In fact, it was MUCH better than even her dreams as he was sexy as hell.

It was probably the fact that her head was still fuzzy that made her say her next words.[#be5cf5 "Is there enough room for me to join? I still feel so dirty after last night and showers are more fun with someone else."] Val said in an almost purr, slowly sliding the batman shirt off and standing there in only the other Val's short black shorts that she had found. She was giving the man the chance to tell her no. But in the back of her mind, the young woman hoped he got the hint and knew just what she was offering.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 81d 2h 50m 1s
It was hard to stay awake. Especially after she heard him say that he loves her too! Her mind played a cruel trick. Ever had a moment where you thought you sent a text to someone and had a nice conversation, but it turned out to be a day dream or a dream? Well that happened to her. The confessed their love for each other and began to date. Not caring what Alejandro would say or do. It was such a beautiful dream.

What was worse was that she heard her phone going off. It woke her up. Her head was pounding. She needs to throw up. There’s a lot to do. The girl gets up covering her mouth. She runs to the bathroom but quickly stops hearing the shower. It made her barf again in her mouth. She runs downstairs to vomit in the sink. It was gruesome. One after another after another. It was as if her soul was coming out with every throw up that comes out. She rinses her mouth before running upstairs to her brothers room to wake him up so he can make that nasty drink that he calls a hangovers cure. Instead the hangover girl trips over her brothers best friend/crush. The girl quickly rolls off of him and falls on the floor. It was so embarrassing that it made her want to throw up again. She covers her mouth and runs downstairs again.

God, she’s so embarrassed. She couldn’t even apologize because she ran out of the room. If there’s one thing she remembers Thomas would always eat greasy things after drinking hours before. For that reason she decided to make the entire pack of bacon. But after making it, she regret starting. They couldn’t ordered food!
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 84d 9h 56m 10s
Alejandro and him played live. The boy would scream from time to time when the little punk kids would talk trash when they kill them. It pisses him off. He hates trash talkers. Alex changed the sensitivity and gun. He spoke to his buddy as if the COD was a football game to conquer it! It was a touch and go, but the lucky turned on their favor and they were winning. It was nice.

They went to bed late and he was up early to go for a run. He knows his sister and his sister may not wake up early, so this was a good opportunity for him to go for a run. When he got back he went to go shower. However, before that he grabs a bottle of water and drinks it. It took a while for him to head up to the bathroom. He didn’t bother locking the door because he didn’t think the girls would be up. He still have his wireless headphones on as he began to trip. Naked, he began to check his face in the mirror. He was in the middle of squeezing a blackhead when the door opened. It was the other Val. All he did was smile. He opens the medicine cabinet to pull out a bottle of Tylenol. [#4682b4 “Good morning. I didn’t think you or my sister would be up. Is this you trying to look at me naked? Because all you gotta do is ask.”] he says being an ass. He hands her the bottle before going to the hop his the shower. He pushes the sliding door and gets in before turning on the water. The sliding doors has a fog tint to it so he can’t really see her face but a figure there. Not to mention one of the door has a towel hanging on it so part of his bottom half was hidden.

If there’s one thing the siblings have on common, it’s that they aren’t ashamed of their body. They work hard for it.
  Alejandro / Simply_Random / 84d 11h 10m 31s
☆Michael Andres King☆


[#9251c1 "You really did a number on yourself tonight..And I do love you..why we came to save you.."] Michael whispered. He knew that the girl wouldn't remember his words. Knew that she was so close to passing out completely. Probably the only reason that he had even said his words to begin with. And the ONLY time he let himself admit out loud how he felt for the girl.

When she had turned his face to kiss him, Mike was shocked. And he was praying to god Alex would not see it. But he also did return a soft kiss. It had been unavoidable because he had always wondered. As soon as she was out, dark eyes went back towards the house to see Alejandro coming out with the other Val. He raised a brow in question when the girl was wrapped in the man's jacket. But he didn't ask because even he knew the other Val was a bit wild.

[#9251c1 "That is evil, man. But it'll teach them not to do this again."] He said, smirk over his own lips. He had moved to the other side of the car and gently got Valentina in as well. And soon he in the front, looking to Alex. Alex and Val did look cute and for a moment he was reminded of those old movies they watched where knights saved princesses from trouble. And in his mind as cheesy as it sounded it looked like he and Alex had been the knights for the girls. But he quickly shook his head. They were only watching out for them so they didn't get hurt.

When they got back to the house, Mike again gently got Val and took her inside and up to her room. And once he had, Michael was in Alex's room waiting for the man. He could see how the other was pisses off at what had happened. [#9251c1 "Yeah I can see now. I thought they would be smarter than this.."] He said as he had gotten the air mattress ready and soon joined Alex in COD.

~Valeria Angelina Johnson~


[#be5cf5 "Sorry....I...thank you..."] The girl whispered as she had pulled back the slightest bit to look up at him. Her hand moved to his cheek and did kiss him. Would she remember that she had done it? No but just something, probably the alcohol had made her do it. And after she had, the girl hid her face against him against, trying to block out all the lights and the music. It was when they got outside did the girl fully knock out in his arms.

All of it felt like a huge dream. And one she wanted to be over with. She had woken in Val's bed with a head that felt as if it was splitting and she let out a soft groan when she saw how early it was. The girl slowly slipped out of bed and wobbled to her friend's dresser to get a pair of shorts, blushing dark red when she had realized what she was wearing. But she didn't take too much time to realize and went to the bathroom in the hall, trying to find something for her throbbing head.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 87d 15h 10m 24s
Valentina didn't give up. Even Andy tried to help but his friends beat roughed him up. It almost started a fight. Since she's drunk and doesn't want anyone fighting, she continued to dance with someone she doesn't want to dance with. He kept getting touchy. She would swat his hand and push him. She actually smacked him, but that just got him mad. He grabs her wrist, twisting it a little. "Play nice sweet cheeks."
[#af18ae "You must've grown up without a mother because your manner are shit... no wonder why you harass girls, you can get one."] she hisses.

She instantly regret it. The look on his face was actually terrifying. All of a sudden someone actually challenged Pedro, again. The person pushes Pedro. Pedro his him and it looked like a good hit, but then the guy had a mighty punch breaking Pedro's nose. A few people cheered. Val chuckles and spits on Pedro who's done. [b "You're going to regret that!"] he shouts full of anger. Valentina chuckles when someone picked her up bridal style. [i [u "Come on trouble, lets find your brother and get you out of here."]] the guy whispered.
[#af18ae "You know you love me. It's A-Oh-kay because I love you too."] The girl wraps her arm around his neck and rests her head on her shoulder. Her forehead touching his cheek. When they got out side, she pick up her head. The fresh air feels so good. It was hard to keep her eyes open, but she did. The girl uses her left hand to turn his face. Val kisses him. [#af18ae "Thank you..."] she whispers between his lips. She kisses him again before resting her head again, knocking out.
[center [pic] [pic]]

[#4682b4 "Hey... don't worry I got you... I got you."]
Alejandro had a rough start squeezing through. He kicked a few people out of the way. He wasn't sure what to think. If this Val is wasted, his Val is probably too. What if his buddy couldn't stop a douchebag from touching her?

He made it down safely. Andy was holding ice on his face. It made him scrunch up his eyebrows. The hell happened down here? He made his way outside. His sister was in Mike's arms. A half sigh escapes him. She safe, but drunk. [#4682b4 "They are so going to regret getting drunk tomorrow. Stay the night? We can blend our protein shakes bright and early."] he says giving him a wicked grin. He walks to the car. He knees his car for support. He did it so he can free one of his hand and still have Val in his arms, so he can grab the car keys to unlock it. The guy carefully opens the door and used his legs, squatting, to carefully to get her in the car. Crap, his legs feel so sore right now.

The young adults are going to have the place to themselves. His parents are going to see a friend who recently had another baby. It took a while to get home because a lot of people where out driving to have a good time. After turning off the car and parking in front of the house he runs to the house door to unlock it, before going to pick up Valeria. Mike went first. It was good because it would give him a chance to find something to cover up the girl. He left her on Val's bed in his jacket. Since he didn't want to go through his sister wardrobe he went to his room to go get a shirt he uses as a pajama. He gave her his Batman tank top. He saw her in a way he shouldn't have, but he's not going to let her sleep with nude. It tends to get cold at night. It was easy to do it, but when he was done he stared at her for a few seconds before heading to his room. [#4682b4 "For shits like this is why I act the way I do."] he turns on his PS4. As it turns on he goes to the closet to get the air mattress for Mike. [#4682b4 "I'm going play a few rounds of COD. You can join or crash. You know where the closet for extra linens are at."]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 88d 12h 12m 43s
☆Michael Andres King☆


[#9251c1 "Shit she is not good at all... Lost the other trouble and can't walk straight..."] Michael muttered as the message came in. He refused to show this one to his best friend, ESPECIALLY with the picture that she had sent. She was DEFINITELY drunk to send it, though he had to admit she looked hot. [i 'No! That is your best friend's sister..'] He had to remind himself as he deleted it and had another beer. The man hoped that the other would keep his word in taking him wherever after.

About an hour later they were done with their food and split the bill. And the next message from Val had come in. It read like shit, which made him know she was messed up and badly. [#9251c1 "Yeah..I am still thinking this party..."] He said as they left and had gone out to the car. He could tell Alex didn't really want to go. Hell he didn't either but after what Val sent he had a feeling that they HAD to be there and had to get the Vals out of there.

When Alex pulled up to the very familiar house with the lights flashing, loud music, and everyone laughing and doing their thing the man cringed. It looked as bad as he remembered. [#9251c1 "I don't plan to stay long. Check for them and then go..."] And when he saw the group that Alex mentioned, Mike nodded in agreement and was quick to get inside with Alex, pushing his way through the crowd. Didn't take him THAT long to see Val on the dance floor and Pedro the one to have her. Michael ran to the dance floor and pulled the other man away from the girl and got a good punch to his jaw before he had punched the other man in the nose, breaking it. When he was sure Pedro was going to take care of his nose, Michael went to Val and picked her up, bridal style.

[#9251c1 "Come on trouble, lets find your brother and get you out of here."] He whispered, carrying the girl to find Alex and the other Val.

~Valeria Angelina Johnson~


The girl was already so far gone to the alcohol and was by now letting the boy do what he wanted. It was all a blurr to her by now and she could not think straight. If she could, Val would have pushe the boy off or never agreed to begin with. But even now it would not have done her any good with her hands held and pinned above her head. She had heard her phone but ignored it. She would check it later since she couldn't get to it in those moments.

Blue eyes were closed as she was thinking that the best way to get through it was to pretend that it was Alex. It was how she got through all of her sexual encounters when she got into them like this.

The girl felt Joe pulled away and heard the struggle, eyes opening to see Alejandro there. [#be5cf5 "A..Ax?"] The girl slurred out, being still majorly drunk. As soon as she was in his arms, the girl whimpered, her head killing her. She would have one hell of a hangover in the morning.
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