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[center [i Please give me credit you you’re going to take my plot! ...]]

Valentina always had a thing for her brothers best friend. Maybe it has something to do with him always being at their place and he protects her when her brother isn’t around. If anything he probably knows her more than her boyfriend of 3 years.

Alejandro is two years older than Val. He’s know for many things, many talents. But Alejandro has one secret. He likes his sisters friend. Weird right? It’s easy to hide your feelings. It’s like playing a long game of hide your feelings. Yay! When would everyone secret come out? How would Val and Alex (Alejandro) handle the fact their siblings likes their best friend?

Now I know it’s not much but Alejandro can either like a male or a female. I’ll leave that choice to whoever joins! Just a heads up I’ve never done a M/M but I’m willing to give it a shot. PM me for further details.
[i [center Again give me credit you’re going to take my idea. Just because you change the title doesn’t mean shit. Don’t be rude. Thank you kindly...]]

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[ Valentina's bf, Thomas]
[ Valeria's ex, Matthew]

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[center [i "I think we could do that. Or if someone is feeling really reckless we could take this back to the room."]]

Did he really say that? She looked away to watch the family gear up to get ready. [#Af18ae Ahh... I don’t know...] she says a bit confused. Why is she wussing out now? Do it! Grow a lot dammit!!

Valentina bites her bottom lip swimming close to him and whispers in his ear, [#Af18ae What If I am feeling reckless?]] the girl shits her eyes before biting his earlobe. She tries not to laugh as she swims away to get out. Now more than ever she’s freaking out. are they really going to do this? It’s like a weird dream come true but also freaky! If Alex was to find out they would all die. It’ll be like an episode of House where Dr. House drives into Lisa Cuddy’s living room after seeing her with another guy dining with her sister and her sisters husband. Alex may even burn the place down with them inside...

Val walks grabs a towel and heads to their room. Not daring to look back. At leas they’re sober... unless nothing happened last night and they just got naked. If that’s a thing. It has to be a thing. Maybe that’s what’s lead to this moment. Right? God, she’s acting like a fool. She’s acting out! On the bright side, part of her dream is coming true. Again. Val uses the towel to hand dry her hair as she walks inside their room kicking off her flip flops.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 9h 6m 0s
Oh she was too cute and the look of confusion on her face had him smile all the more. This was the only time he could flirt with her and not feel guilty. Besides..when he said he liked her, Mike had not been lying. Hell had she not been taken before and Alex not his best friend he would have asked her out by now. Not that she NEEDED to know that.

His shock had come from when she swam up to him and her arms and legs were wrapped around him. [#9251c1 "I think we could do that. Or if someone is feeling really reckless we could take this back to the room."] The word came out more husky than he meant. But the girl did things to him. As did the fact that he didn'y have to worry about dying.

It was after their words had passed did a family come in and she pull back. They really did have to keep it PG-13 but hell he wanted it R. [#9251c1 "So what are we going to be doing since we no longer have the pool?"] He asked and gave her a tilt of his head
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 10h 44m 49s
Valentina nods. [#Af18ae Indeed. Horrible people comes up with horrible ideas.] is he flirting with her? Her heart. Oh god! This can’t be happening. She didn’t know what to do or say. She’s never been in a situation like this. Then again the new single her is sort of reckless...

Crap. She’s going to do something she normally never does. The girl swims up to him and wraps her arms and legs around him. [#Af18ae We still have lots of time to kill... should our take family to watch a movie?] she says smiling. Still embarrassed and feels stupid for pretending they’re engaged with a little girl. Not to mention she got out of jail. Why would she even be in jail for? She doesn’t fight, do drugs, or is a rebel.

Val looks behind him seeing a family coming in. [#Af18ae Told you we wouldn’t have the pool to ourselves for long.] she says before letting go of him. Gotta keep thing Pg-13 around the kiddies.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 5d 14h 39m 33s
Both Valentina and Alejandro were very different people and the man knew that already. So when those words had alipped out his mouth, Mike had regretted them. And Val had always been the better of the two. More behaved and almost NEVER in trouble. The most trouble the girl got into was only in the last few days. Or that was what he knew. Regardless though, the man chose to keep his words to himself.

[#9251c1 "Fuck this water is cold and the race should warm us up. So yeah, sounds like a plan and you'll lose."] The man teased as he joined her side. And soon the count to three was done and the laps began. One lap began the warming up, but it wasn't until the third that he happened to be fully warmed up. And he would NEVER have thought he would hear the girl say the words she quit. Her brother would have had her ass, but Michael could not help laughing when he came up to join her in the "deep" end of the pool.

[#9251c1 "Well then I'm horrible now?"] He asked with a smile and wink. Yeah he was teasing the girl but it was fun. Even mildly flirting. Besides they still had the carnival later to go to.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 5d 15h 23m 47s
Wait, her brother met a girl? He meets girls all the time! It’s nothing new. Maybe he’s trying to settle down with one girl? It’s official. Hell is freezing over! He never focuses on just one girl. Never. He’s sick or dying. Oh god... this news is alarming. But ha, is he kidding? She’s her own person already. A better person than him! That’s for sure.

[#Af18ae as much as I would [b [i love]] to say a few thing regarding what you said about my brother, but you’re one. Let’s do this before we both regret jumping in... Although I’m already there.] she says trying to smile. She waits for him to join her side, counts to three and it began. And this point she didn’t care about how she was doing. She just wanted the rush and workout to warm herself up. It took two laps for her to warm up. Thank god.

She gave up feeling better. [#Af18ae I quite.] She says happily. Her brother would kill her for saying such thing. Val leans again at the pools way around the 5’7 deep side of the pool. [#Af18ae Whoever’s idea it was to come to the pool is a horrible person.] she says smiling.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 9d 3h 8m 19s
It was funny to watch her waving her arms like she was. He couldn't tell if it was because the water was cold or that she was trying to get his attention. Whatever the reason had been, Mike's attention was caught by her words and her question. And he really had to think how he wanted to answer. Because he did vaguely remember Alex saying he was going to let Val calm down and to make sure to keep an eye on her. So this to him would be interesting.

[#9251c1 "The only that I have heard from your brother was to ask about you and to make sure that you're okay. Otherwise I think he was spending time with the girl he met, Michelle. But yeah, I've not really heard much from Alex either. But doesn't mean he's plotting against you, Val. Maybe he is learning to let you be your own person."] The man said as he had dropped his own towel on the chair with hers.

[#9251c1 "Still up for that race?"] He asked as he FINALLY jumped in himself. And as he did, Michael sure as hell regretted it. The water was almost like ice.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 9d 7h 12m 10s
Alejandro actually didn’t know much about cleaning. He did google as few things. He did drop off his laundry. He wanted to do Valentina’s laundry but he didn’t want to see anything he normally likes on girls in her room or find certain things he definitely doesn’t want to find.

After he was done he got ready to go to the gym. That’s the only place where he can clear his head. He was definitely there longer than normal. Something about the smell of sweat and hear the sound of weight clinging or dropping. It cleared his head. Literally! His mind was empty and it feels amazing.

But the time he left he was sore and drained. He was forced out because they knew he was pushing himself. Not to mention he was there until it got dark. He drove home to head straight to his parents bathroom to get in the tub full of cold water and whatever ice they have. He did forget a few things. Like his cellphone, a magazine, speakers for music, and locking the door. His mind must’ve been forgotten somewhere. Ugh. When his body was numb-ish he got out the tub to go get everything along with a mop to dry the floors. [center [pic]][center [pic]]
Valentina laughs. [#Af18ae You probably can but I’m still up for the challenge.]

When they got back to the hotel she went to go change first. Since she has more assets. When she was done Val walks out letting her hair loose. She stretches getting ready to start a new bet. [#Af18ae Since I’m done I'll have room service come in and clean and leave fresh towels.] she says grabbing the towel she uses for the shower earlier. The towel was wrapped around her waist before leaving to get room service. She picked two chairs that’s closer to their room, dropping her things down and jumps into the pool. It was cold. She wanted to scream but she flaps her hands trying to warm him. No matter how many times she went under the water she was still cold. They need to start the race. Especially since they have the pool to themselves at the moment. It won’t last long. It’s like when people see others there’s in the pool it’s a clear sign it’s open. [#Af18ae Hey, have Alex messaged you? I haven’t heard from him which is nice but it also worries me... he could be plotting against me.]
  Alejandro / Simply_Random / 26d 17h 17m 7s
[#be5cf5 "It's fine that you didn't call or text.. I mean it would have been nice to know.. But you know I don't mind the dropping in either. Sometimes it gets lonely.. So the company was nice and nothing for to to say sorry for.."] Her words had been rushed and her cheeks actually a bit red. God she wished she could explain what her words meant fully. But she couldn't because wven if she did, the man would never believe her. He would think she was trying to get into his pants AGAIN.

Silence fell and like Alex, Val happened to munch on a couple of fries. She was TRYING to find something to say. But each time she tried nothing came..or she would think about the amazing sex they had had. When they were alone BAD things that did feel SO good tended to happen. It seemed like there was a draw.

When he spoke next, Val bit her lip. She wanted to tell him not to go. But before she could, the man had taken half the food and soon was out the door. Pouting and cursing herself, Val plopped down on the couch and put a movie on.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


Honestly he thought the act wpuld have worked. ALMOST did he say how he wished it wasn't fake but managed to "bite his tongue" there. Now was not at all thw time to tell her. Hell never would be because of Alex. But that didn't mean he didn't love her. Wasn't in love with her. [#9251c1 "No, nothing I can think of.."] He muttered as he too checked his own stuff out and looked to her when she spoke about Thomas and what the guy had done to her. That was ALMOST as bad as what Valeria let guys get away with.

[#9251c1 "If he did that to you.. You should have left his ass, Val.. You're too good for stuff like thar...and yeah I'm driving."] The man muttered as he was given the keys. And soon, the two were out of the store and at the car. She only told him she would be right back and something made him know why. But he did not ask and only began to drive back once she was in the car. [#9251c1 "Bet I can beat you in a couple races."] He said with a quick smirk to her, TRYING to distract her and himself as he still was wanting to kick her ex's ass. Maybe he should tell Alex?
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 27d 12h 37m 42s
A quiet night... sound amazing except he always hated being alone. Always. That’s why he’s over protective of his sister. He was able to play with her when she was able to walk. He hated the attention she got growing up. It always left him alone. Ignored. That’s why he loves the RugRats movie. Tommy knows exactly how it feels. Except Alejandro always wanted that monkey singing part to happen. He attempted it a few times but there was never any monkeys in the backyard or the park!

[b Want me to leave then? You can enjoy your quiet time with food. You’re welcome...] he says eating some fries. Maybe he should go home... he shouldn’t be here. Bad things happen when they’re together. Bad sexual things that feels amazing. [b Yea, I’ll go... sorry I should’ve texted you first or called. My apologies. I’ll just go home and I know about Val. I made Mike to take her out to help her be in a better mood.] he grabs his half of the food before leaving. He didn’t say bye to her because the last time it happened they he sex. Not again.

He went home. But for once he actually cleaned. He never cleans. He pays Val good money to clean up a little. She also knew what and where not to open or touch anything. He even took out the trash. Something his dad normally does since he loves that fact his son is on college and in the football team.
[center [pic]]
Valentina laughs. [#Af18ae No problem fake baby daddy. I’ve seen the baby gig work so I gave it a shot. I guess it doesn’t work as well as it does. Gotta say that was one cute bathing suit for our fake princess.] she says stopping to put the baby clothes on a rack. Valentina froze again seeing the girl who was with Thomas. [#Af18ae Thomas may be here... is there anything else we need?] Val asks turning to the self check out. She scans everything as quickly as possible. Why is she so scared right now? [#Af18ae Is to weird that I’m scared of him now more than ever? He has a temper. He almost hit me once but Valeria came in at the right time.] she confesses to him. Since she’s fidgety she drops her wallet. Thinking about this made her remember about Halloween two years ago. He actually hit her and she used the bruise as a disguise. She used makeup to make it look fake and be a zombie. It made her shiver. [#Af18ae You’re driving] she says handing him the keys. There’s going to be another reckless moment today. She can feel it. We they got to the car she told him she’ll be right back before going back to Walmart to get a box of condoms to be more on the safe side. Even if it’s with him or someone else. She runs back and gets in smiling. [#Af18ae Alright lets get back and get in the pool.]
  Alejandro / Simply_Random / 45d 21h 34m 36s
Angie as Val sometimes did prefer to be called didn't really expect much after Alejandro's text and so had pretty much been spending her appartment and cleaning up. It wasn't like she had much to do as it was. Well she had other girlfriends, but Val was her main and she hated going out without the other. Or at least she did when she wasn't partying.

She had been about to put some popcorn into the microwave and start a movie when the knock came to the door. Wihout really thinking, Val opened it and was surprised to see Alex there. Quickly the girl did step aside to let him in, but god she wished she was wearing more clothes and not the blue tanktop that was a bit snug and her short black shorts. Only was she dressed the way she was because she did NOT expect to have company and had resorted to a lazy night in.

He looked good and she knew he had been working out too. She wanted to do him again, but had to push that thought away. He was her best friend's brother! And he was almost dating someone. They could NOT do it again. [#be5cf5 "I just figured it might be fun...No underlying meaning here I promise. Just some reason you came to mind. Val is my number one for girl nights when I don't want to party..well she is my number one regardless.. But most my friends are into the things we usually are..and I wanted a quiet night. She's actually been busy so I've not heard much from her either."] The girl said as she took a bite from the burger she had snagged from the Wendy's bag. [#be5cf5 "You know...I won't hold you prisoner...if you're don't have to stay.."] His unusual stiffness speaking heaps and she could read it.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


Michael had NO idea even what the girl would have in mind. He knew she was a good actress and usually could come up with improb VERY well. So he was curious where this would go. And when she skipped up, the man had to bite back saying anything. But his first thought was [i 'Is she really going for this one?']. He let it play out and had HOPED the girl would leave but she was persistent.

Val upped the game saying how she didn't mind beating a slut and that her parents had a damn good lawyer. She even made out with him infront of the girl. As bad as it was, Mike loved the exscuse to kiss her he did return it and it had not been part of the act. Though she didn't need to know that.

Soon, the two were walking away and he had to try not to laugh at the muttering that followed them. [#9251c1 "That was awesome Val! A real life saver and I owe you."] He said, now laughing that they were out of the crazy's sight
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 46d 6h 24m 58s
Val laughs. He needs help. She left the cart to go get some baby clothes size 6-9 months. She grabs four different baby outfits since there's more girl clothes than boys and cute little boots. She skips over to them. [#af18ae Hey babe I found our princess the cutest swimsuit. My mother found the engagement ring so we have to tell everyone at the family BBQ that we're...] she slows down seeing the girl next to him, even though she knew about it. She's good at acting. She lies to Alex most of the time. [#af18ae ...engaged... ] she honestly thought it would work but the girl gave her some attitude. It made Val laugh. [#af18ae Listen you slut. He's my man and I do not mind beating the shit out of you. My parents have money and god dam good lawyer. While I'm out after being handcuffed for five minutes I'll pay the lawyer extra to add false charges so you would do time... I've done it twice. Want to be next?] She grabs Mike and makes out with him in front of her. [#af18ae Now let's go home. I'm missing our baby already. Plus I'm trying to keep my promise and not fight] she smiles at him and walks away. She had to bite down on her bottom lip so she doesn't laugh. She could hear the girls saying what the fuck and how she's crazy and left.
[center [pic]]
Alejandro sighs. He waited for his friend for an hour. Michele was busy. He drove to get some food and went to Valeria's place. Crap... he had nothing else to do. He can go home... but he'll be alone and he got extra food. She's alone too. He get out the car with some Wendy's and knocks on the door. [b Hey, the guys ditched me for some [i tail] and Michelle is with family... I hope this isn't too awkward...] He does want to sleep with someone. He's going to have to keep a distance from her despite being at her place. They can't do it again. No matter what. [b So why go with me? Why not make a girls night out? Minus my sister. She hasn't spoken to me since I told her about you... maybe she needs to be left alone for now] he says taking everything out the bag. To keep his mind pure he's going to think about gym and college and football training. Guy things. He knows how it feels to be cheated on and for that reason he doesn’t want to start a relationship with Michelle if he’s doing it with his sisters best friend. It’ll be unfair to both girls. It made him wonder if being there and. It with Michelle is a mistake.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 46d 8h 59m 41s
There really were no games being played on his end. He could have left the girl at ANY time had he really gotten bored or wanted to. But he was having fun and liking the time getting to know her without Alex around. [#9251c1 "No games intended, Val.."] He let out in a faint moan as she had nibbled on his earlobe and pulled away. God she was being a tease.

It didn't take long before they were in the car and Valentina was driving to the nearest clothing store with happened to be Wal Mart. She went her own way and he went his. He found something simple and was done. But soon had a young woman flirting and he had to admit that he did NOT want a thing to do with her. But she was persistent. And soon he saw the text and smiled. Val had PERFECT timing. And so he pressed one on response. He needed to be saved.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


She should have known there would be an answer like the one that he gave. But hey he could have blown her off completely. So she should be happy she even got an answer back, right? Right...but she wasn't as it did kind of hurt. Was this what it was like to watch the person you had been secretly in love with for years kind of be with someone else? God it fucking hurt and stung.

But the girl pushed her feelings down. [i 'That sounds fun! I hope the two of you enjoy your night! Umm yeah there is...I think a couple towns over or something.. And if you don't end up going out, sounds cool.'] God that hurt but she HAD to be the her he knew. And she sent it.
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 48d 13h 9m 1s
Is he messing with her? He is isn't he? He's playing a dangerous game. One she normally wins all the time. Girls are better at teasing and flirting. She crawls closer to him. Her lips inches from his ears. [#af18ae I don't know what you're playing Mike, but you're going to lose.] she whispers lightly. She even gently nibbles on his earlobe before bouncing off the bed grabbing the car keys and her wallet. It was time to go shopping!

She drove to the closets store, which was Walmart. She went her own way to get a bikini. They didn't have any cute ones so she grabbed a simple one. She even grabbed two towel and some snack. she stops seeing It didn't take long for one of them to find Mike. She looks horrible and possibly pregnant. She sends him a text. [i [#af18ae Need saving press 1. Want to bang her press 2.]] [center [ swimsuit]] [center [pic]]
Alejandro was so close to caving. This chick is feisty and determined. He likes that. michelle texted him so he ended up calling her. Saying he wanted to hear her voice, but he really needed a reason to get away from the girl. When the conversation was over he kept an eye on his friends. They scattered. Most likely getting laid. He went to the car to wait for them when he got a text from Val. [i [b Is there even one around? I may be doing something with Michelle later. But if I don't I'll swing by and pick you up. Cool?]]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 48d 12h 17m 37s
[#9251c1 "Dangerous in a good way or bad? And yesh, the head never gets fully better but it gets more tolerable. So at least you're not dying today."] The man teased a bit as he was eating. It was amazing to see how bouncy and full of life she was. But he had to admit he loved it.

Mike found hinself chuckling when she came twirling out of the bathroom and the jumping on the bed. [#9251c1 "I'm bored of the guys and this seemed more fun. I told you I care and this has been nice. Also yeah I think our deal is still on if you want it to be. Or do you have any others you want to make?"] Yup he was teasing her as she was still so very bouncy. God he wished he had her energy

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


The message back made the girl smile at least a little. So she knew that he was at least good. But it was nearly impossible to get the night before out of her head. What was worse was she did like even if it shouldn't it meant something to her. And since she could NEVER explain how she felt or what even made her act this way, Val would have him anyway she could. Even if just a fuck buddy.

And that thought had a hole form in her chest. Yeah she had to get it together. She was supposed to be flirty and fun, not boring and sad. [i 'I promise this is being good..but maybe can we hang at a carnival or something later?'] And before she thought it throgh, the girl sent it to..Alex..
  _ALONG_ / SheDevil / 48d 15h 19m 19s
Valentina was impressed with the sex scene though. It feels good to have something to eat. She saw Val's text, but didn't reply. The girl is having fun with Michael... she’ll understand. But what surprises her is that she didn't wake up sick. Hopefully it doesn't change now that she has food in her belly. She couldn't finish eating. It was as if she spoke too soon. Her stomach wasn't having it. The orange juice is life though. [#af18ae Last night was so much fun, but this headache isn't fun. It's not like the first one so I'll live. Your ideas are great but dangerous.] she says chucking.

The girl got up to get her makeup bag to go put on some makeup. Again, the simple things. She wants to look cute for the boys. [#af18ae So is yesterday's deal of having fun first and then be wingmans is still on the table or we can do whatever tonight? Maybe even beat up Thomas if he's there.] she says dancing at the idea of it. Okay, now why is she in a dancing mood? Maybe tomorrow Valeria and her can go out to dance. Mike can come too if he wants. [#af18ae Another question. Why haven't you been hanging out with your friends? I don't need a babysitter.] she twirls out of the bathroom before jumping on the bed. The amount of happiness and energy she got out of nowhere was amazing.
[center [pic]]
Alex sighs. [b [i Good and I'm good. Slightly tired.]] So what was supposed to be a girls free day didn't last long. He was a good boy and barely flirted. He didn't touch any of them. Although one of them was trying to hard to get him to fuck her. It was so tempting. She succeed at giving him a hard on, but he refused the temptation. It was like the scene from the Disney movie Hercules where the witches cut a string and it kills a person taking their soul. His string was the golden one like Meg's towards the end. Not today demons. Not today! It is hard to be good though. His ex did mess him up pretty bad. Michelle seems to be good and semi innocent. That’s why he wants to make it work with her. But Valeria is dangerous. She’s too much like him and that will be chaotic. Messy. It’ll end bad. He can’t do that. Not to himself. They both need help...
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 48d 16h 21m 1s

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