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If you wanted to lure me in there you should have stayed handsome my fella.


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he hit me and it felt like a kiss

he spanked me as i laid over his leg


Getting old

High-key Gay


walked over in my knee highs and sat in his lap

smiled wide for him and purred like a little cat

  Fantasy / MyBoy / 44d 55m 12s
Hear that, babe? We’re legends

You're going to be amazing

like, a cool clown.

I choose joy


"You're going to have to fight...and you're gonna win!"

Sometimes there's just decisions

Hello Sirs

You Know ;)

Im a flesh boy

Litches Get Stiches
  Fantasy / MyBoy / 71d 22h 2m 23s

My boy loves his friends like I love my splitends

and by that I mean he cuts 'em off


Getting old

High-key Gay

Stabby Boi

My boy's an ugly crier but he's such a pretty liar

And by that I mean he said he'd "change"

  Fantasy / MyBoy / 73d 19h 24m 32s

Peace! I hate the word.

'Tis he, that villain Romeo.


Getting old

Really Gay

Spider Boi

I'll not endure him.

JK thats my bestie. Bestie get it.

  Fantasy / Tybalt- / 137d 21h 38m 20s

Oh what a fantastic development

Hello Hello welcome to my cave~


Getting old

Really Gay

Spider Boi

My reputation Proceeds me

Also my cool spider tabard

  Fantasy / DogVotes / 137d 22h 4m 2s

Song for Kendal at some point. Just a cute one?
Just a cute song he wrote maybe? [b nOPE THIS IS HIS CONFESSION SONG it fits so welllllll]
sings when he thinks hes gonna be alone
Song he wrote for the two of them
  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 204d 48m 1s
Heyyyyy....Mayybeeee.....Make this into a comic? My character only ofc. [ bleh]
  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 207d 16h 13m 54s

  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 210d 7h 31m 12s
  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 214d 20h 58m 5s




gay, nah, in between?


  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 219d 15h 33m 12s
The names Lance

Oh hey I'm gay

Oh mans I'm trans

I'm hella salty

  Arden / AbracaFuckYou / 219d 17h 17m 21s
I thought there's this random gene that shows up in people, it could develop in the teen years or as a baby, and it terrifies and shocks the public. These mutated people come to be known as oddities and they are disregarded as members of society, usually not being able to attend school with normal kids or make relationships with normal people because they are so hated. Some genes aren't noticable, but some are, so a few really old oddities form a school to "save" the youngest generations.

It would start as a kind of slice of life thing but soon they notice kids are going missing, the school says they just went home but the main characters would come to find clues that the school isn't really helping them, and they actually have a secret lab where they take all the students to experiment on to find a cure because all the testing they have done they find works better if they use teens and children rather than adults.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 227d 17h 18m 24s


Almost old


Seriously I'm a dude. Fuck off

  Abe / RoughLove / 231d 4h 12m 23s

[montserrat [center Aiko hopped into her bed as soon as she got home and snuggled down into her sheets.

[#c695d6 "What to watch today."]

She said as she turned on her TV.

The news popped up, but Aiko didn't pay much attention as she picked up a book from her bedside table. Her eyes trained on the pages for a while before she looked up at the tv and saw the story that was on. Usually she just used the news for background noise but with a story like this she really got excited.

She practically jumped onto her feet, jumping on her bed while she turned up the TV.

The interview today was with Deku and Ground Zero.

[#c695d6 "YES! Texas smash that dummy!"]

She said excitedly, jumping off her bed, pretending to punch the ground. She jumed around her room, punching and kicking at the air childishly.

When she was out of breath she stopped, hunched over and holding her hips.

[#c695d6 "These guys are so freaking cool! I can't wait to be like them!"]

She flopped back onto her bed, watching the rest of the news segment with a big grin on her face before her phone started ringing. She turned the volume down on her tv and picked up the call.

[#c695d6 "Mom! Hi. How are you?"]

She asked nervously.

[b "You didn't call."]

Her mother said flatly, making the girl nervously chuckle.

[#c695d6 "Well you zsee...I was um...very busy... And um..."]

She stuttered out.

[b "Aiko no excuses. How did you do?"]

The girl smiled and stood up, pacing around her room.

[#c695d6 "Well Ii don't know if I got accepted yet but I'm pretty sure i got in. I kicked some robot butt out there."]

She giggled as her mom grunted.

[b "I want a call as soon as you get the letter Aiko. No waiting."]

The woman said. Despite her cold demeanor Aiko knew her mom was super proud of her.

[#c695d6 "Of course mom! Tell dad I love and miss you guys."]

She said, grinning ear to ear.

[B "We love you too."]

She said, hanging up the phone. Aiko jumped around a bit and cheered. Nothing made her happier than making her mom proud.

A week later she opened her usually empty mail box to a white letter with a wax seal. The girl squealed loudly, causing her neighbor who was also getting their mail to jump.

[#c695d6 "I got my letter!"]

She said, holding up the letter to the man, who awkwardly smiled as she ripped open the letter with her teeth. Her tail swished behind her as the hologram popped up, telling her she was accepted.

[i "Congrats?"]

The neighbor said as the girl jumped around cheering.
  RoughLove / 236d 2h 4m 13s

"I just don't like you"

  Abe / RoughLove / 239d 14h 33m 22s

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