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[tab]Luke was happy for the shift in conversation, thankful that Grayson seemed to take the hint to avoid the topic, though he didn’t miss the way that his posture seemed to tense, and that, in turn, made Luke feel a little uneasy as well. He shifted in his seat, one of his hands instinctively raising to cup the back of his neck to try and make himself smaller.

[tab][+darkblue “Ah. She’s same as always, I guess. Just as rambunctious as she’s always been, and just as hard headed.”] Luke hummed, staring down for a long, long moment at the tablecloth, feeling as if the conversation had lapsed back into awkwardness again.

[tab]Was he making Grayson uncomfortable? It sort of seemed that way. Luke always seemed to struggle to make small talk. It wasn’t so much that he was shy, he’d always had no problems making connections to others, but he struggled with idle chatter. He cleared his throat uncomfortably.

[tab][+darkblue “Uh… hey, it kind of seems like I’m making you uncomfortable. I can go back to work if you want me to. We can always catch up later if it’s easier.”] Luke offered.

[tab] With all of the worst timing that she always had, Jodi chose that moment to show up with two plates of French toast, sitting one down in front of both of them.

[tab][i “Here you are boys! Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you need anything else.”]

[tab][+darkblue “Wha-- Jodi, I’m not here for breakfast.”]

[tab]She shrugged nonchalantly, giving Luke a conspiratorial smile and a wink.

[tab][i “You looked like you could use something sweet to fix that attitude of yours. Look at you arguing with your boss. Take a break already, you work yourself tooth and nail all the time, one day off won’t kill you, bud. Consider it a sick day so you can get the stick pulled out of your butt.”]

[tab]Jodi didn’t even wait for a response before she swept away with a flourish to go and seat another table who’d stepped in.

[tab][+darkblue “Wait! Jodi!”] Luke looked flustered, shooting her a glare as she intentionally ignored him. He rubbed at his heated cheeks, trying to calm down the rush of blood that had flushed his face at the comment about him having a stick up his ass. [+darkblue “I’m sorry. She’s a lot.”] Luke mumbled.
  lυĸe / Wendigoing / 3d 17h 55m 40s
The question Grayson had asked seemed to bother Luke. He couldn't quite say why...or what really seemed to make him unhappy but Luke adverted his gaze from Grayson, but finally he had spoken.

"[i I don’t date.]"

Grayson felt a little uncomfortable. He didn't mean to ask something probing or something that made Luke uncomfortable. He felt nervous. Normally when Grayson asked too much Ash would lash out...Grayson stared down at the table. For some reason, he waited for harsh words but Luke merely continued to explain himself instead. Grayson's eyes glanced back up at Luke.

"Oh...I am sorry." Grayson felt a bit of obligation to apologize. "It wasn't my place to ask. Hows your mother? Besides that whole trying out dating again?" The boy quickly changed the subject with a small smile. He didn't want either of them to dwell on it and clearly Luke was unhappy with that conversation.

Anyway, he wanted to know a how Luke's mother was doing. She was always sweet and welcoming, maybe he could stop by sometime and tell her hi? Ash may not go for it...
  Grayson / -Bewitching- / 8d 6h 34m 21s
[center [pic]]

[tab]Luke noticed his expression as he spoke about his boyfriend, though the next question immediately shifted Luke’s attention away from it. Luke fell silent at the line of questioning about his own personal relationships, wondering if he was going to have to go through the same song and dance with Grayson that he’d gone through time and again with his own mother, and coworkers and other friends.

[tab]Luke just never really had much interest in dating. Even in highschool. He’d had a girlfriend or two because he felt like it was something that he was supposed to do, but he’d never really been attached to any of them, and it had been nothing short of a chore to try and muster up the energy to show them any sort of affection. All it had really done was make them angry at him and question if he was cheating or if something was wrong with him.

[tab]It was a topic that Luke liked to avoid. It wasn’t like he’d never had feelings for people, but it took him time, and it was a lot easier to realize that he had feelings if they had already known each other.

[tab][+darkblue ”I don’t date.”] Luke admitted eventually, not able to bring himself to look at Grayson directly. He felt a little pit of shame, knowing that it wasn’t normal for someone his age not to date, but he’d never felt like there was something wrong with him. [+darkblue “I’ve never really been interested in dating, to be honest. Mom say it just takes the right person but… I don’t know. I think maybe watching mom date put me off or something.”]

[tab]Luke waved the thought away, not wanting to keep talking about it.
  lυĸe / Wendigoing / 16d 6h 24m 7s
Grayson smiled as he heard a little about Luke and the current events that are taking place in his life.

It's been so long and he remembered how caring and sweet Luke's mother was. She was always very welcoming and had snacks for them even when they were older and would spend time together at Luke's house.

He didn't really invite Luke to his own. His parents weren't...terrible. At least not his mother. But his father was so worried about having a gay son that Grayson couldn't bring another boy around without being haggled by his father. So, he merely never invited him over. But it was good, mainly because of how kind Luke's mother had always been to them.

Luke didn't seem to miss a beat as he asked about Grayson and his boyfriend. He smiled a little wearily. It made him all the more realize how angry Ash would be if he knew. "Y-yeah, I do. His name is Ash. He's currently working but I wanted to come here alone. I don't get the often."

It wasn't a lie, but maybe he shouldn't have mentioned it, some people would take their relationship the wrong way. Really they have, saying how Ash wasn't good for him. They were wrong.

"What about you? Anyone special?" He quickly changed the subject off of Ash. His stomach stirring with anxiety and doubt knowing he was going against him.
  Grayson / -StarGuardian- / 16d 12h 42m 17s
[center [pic]]

[tab][+darkblue “No, it’s alright. There’s no real trouble, she just likes to give me a hard time.”] Luke assured, slipping into the seat across from Grayson, propping his chin up on his fist, letting the silence settle in again, not quite comfortable to talk openly. It had been so long, and Luke was a private person anyway, so it was hard for him to know where to start.

[tab]He was a little glad when he spoke, though it wasn’t quite so easy for him to know where to start.

[tab]Luke looked down at the paper cover that had been spread across the table, fidgeting with it with his fingers as he thought.

[tab][+darkblue ”Well… I’ve started college for being a vet tech. And working here. Not much else has changed though…” ]Luke leaned back in his chair with a sigh, crossing his legs one over the other. [+darkblue “Oh. And my mom’s starting to date again… I guess that’s something too…”]

[tab]Luke leaned forward again, looking at Grayson and taking a minute to look a little more closely. He seemed so different, though Luke wondered if it was right to just write it off as him just looking older.

[tab][+darkblue “What about you? My manager mentioned something about you having a boyfriend earlier, I think… is that true?”] Was that too blunt? Luke couldn’t think of another way to segue into conversation other than that.
  lukє / Wendigoing / 22d 6h 41m 39s
Grayson couldn't help but return the warm smile, pushing back any fear or well as thoughts of Ash as Luke stepped away.

Was this a bad idea? He felt so torn...but there wasn't really any going back now. He invited to catch up, that's all there is to it, he knew Ash would understand. Grayson waited patiently as he looked out the window, watching the people stroll by living just the everyday life.

He wished sometimes his relationship with Ash wasn't so...strained? It was hard for them to go out, Grayson usually said or did something Ash didn't like. Often he just stayed quiet while they were out. Well, he was quiet at home to.

Grayson's mind wondered but he was yanked back to reality when Luke had come back to the table. He smiled, "I hope I didn't cause the trouble." Grayson certainly didn't want to cause any issues between Luke and his manager. Luke had asked to sit and Grayson nodded slightly, "Yeah, of course. That would be nice." He could feel himself relaxing.

He always felt like himself with Luke. Even back in the day, he'd felt safe to be himself and they usually always had a good time goofing off. Grayson wondered just how much has changed.

There was a moment of silence as Luke had seated in front of him. Grayson felt awkward, how should he start? He didn't know if it was okay to just talk about himself or if he should ask? It'd been so long since he just sat with a friend and almost felt like he'd forgotten how to have friends.

"So..." He finally found the courage to speak up, he glanced up at Luke, "How have you's been at least, 5 years?"
  Grayson / -StarGuardian- / 24d 9h 15m 21s
[center [pic]]

[tab][+darkblue “Don’t worry. It’s probably going to be pretty quiet in here until the lunch rush picks up.”] Luke assured, a little relieved to hear that there seemed to be interest on catching up on Grayson’s end as well. Luke left Grayson with a warm smile to go and put in his order.

[tab]It was a small restaurant, so it was only a couple of yards to get to the staff area behind the counter, where he tore off the order ticket and tucked it into one of the clips above the window into the kitchen. He glanced toward his coworker, who had taken to leaning against the counter and checking her phone.

[tab][+darkblue “Jodi, can I ask you a favor? The guy at table eighteen is an old friend of mine, and I’d like to catch up with him, can you take over table eleven?”]

[tab][i “Lukas, you should know better than to flirt with a taken man.”] She shot back with a smirk.

[tab][+darkblue “Very funny, Jo.”] Luke sighed, rolling his eyes at her dramatically. She was sometimes just too much for him. Jodi was in her thirties, and had somehow managed to convince herself that there was no way that a man his age could be uninterested in dating. Luke didn’t know how to put it into simpler terms for her, so he’d long since given up on trying to explain and just dealt with the teasing it seemed to inspire.

[tab][i “Yeah, sure Luke. Go have fun talking to your friend, lord knows you take this job too seriously.”] She waved him away, and luke had to wonder how someone with such a lax personality had wound up in a managerial position. Luke decidedly wanted to end the conversation there, so he turned back towards Grayson.

[tab][+darkblue “Sorry, my manager was giving me a hard time.”] Luke apologized, scratching at the short hairs at the back of his head. [+darkblue “Do you mind if I sit? I feel kind of bad just hovering over you. I’m betting there’s a lot to talk about.”]

[tab]In truth, Luke was sort of hoping that Grayson would take the reigns of the conversation, he always felt a little lost when he was trying to talk about himself, and he was more interested in hearing where he’d been at any rate. He could recall hearing rumors that Grayson had been kicked out of his house, though it was high school so it could have just been something generated by the schools rumor mill to start up drama.
  lukє / Wendigoing / 24d 13h 56m 7s
Grayson had caught the slight falter in Luke’s customer service smile. Maybe because he acted a little cold towards him? He didn’t mean to...he was anxious. Not just over Ash, though that being the major factor, but because ya hadn’t seen Luke in...god how long? 4..5 years? At least. He was about 15 when his parents told him to leave and Ash found him.

He smiled faintly his eyes averted, didn’t surprise him that Luke thought he left. Grayson basically fell off the face of the earth to some, but it was for Ash. He didn’t believe that Grayson truly loved him with all those other people taking up his time. He didn’t really know how to explain himself so..he just kept quiet.

Luke had spoken again after a moment of silence had filled the space. He had offered to chat, catch up a little, maybe even a chance to be friends once more.

Grayson was hesitant. Ash had friends...right? It didn’t mean he loved him any less if he were to befriend Luke again. Grayson looked back up, a warmer smile, feeling a little more confident that he’d like to reconnect with Luke.

They were good friends for so long..he missed a connection like that. Not that he didn’t have one with was different, or at least that’s what he liked to tell himself. “I’d like to catch up, if you don’t mind. And not too busy” Though, fear still sat in the back of his mind, Ash’s glaring cold eyes in his mind, but he shook the thought. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“It’s been awhile, it’d be nice.” He spoke again as if to convince Luke but really he was convincing himself it was okay.
  Grayson / -StarGuardian- / 25d 5h 6m 57s
[center [pic]]

[tab]Luke tried not to let it show on his face that he was surprised to hear that tone of voice out of Grayson, certainly not the same way that they would have greeted each other a few years ago, but Luke chalked it up to them likely growing apart. It was alright, Luke could understand that, though he couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t excited to seeing a long absent friend.

[tab][+darkblue “Sure thing!”] Luke’s smile warmed slightly from the customer service smile that he’d put on. He sat down his tray and he retrieved his order pad from his apron pocket and jotted down his order. Luke felt another rush of nostalgia, remembering Grayson’s notorious sweet tooth. [+darkblue “And I usually work the earlier shift, but I work on my days off from classes. I didn’t know you even still lived in town.“]

[tab]Luke lifted the pitcher of ice water and turned over a glass for Grayson. There was a silence while be poured the glass out for him, Luke wasn’t sure what to say to him. There was a lot that he wanted to say, but he wasn’t sure if Grayson wanted to hear it.

[tab][+darkblue “Hey, it’s not too busy right now, speaking of, so if you want to catch up, just flag me down, ok?”] Luke said finally. [+darkblue “I’ll go ahead and get your order in now.”]
  lukє / Wendigoing / 25d 6h 38m 24s
Grayson took his time. Looking over the menu, it had so many tasty sounding options! He'd been here a few times with Ash, but today, he was alone.

It was kind of nice and he got to make his own decision on food! Ash hated sweets and hated it even more when Grayson indulged. But it would hurt this time, he didn't have to know!

He smiled to himself as he was making his decision. Though, he felt anxiety knowing he would have to order soon. Ash did most of the ordering for them while they were out, he took care of Grayson. Even if his words were cold and harsh sometimes.

The cheery voice of a male pulled him back to reality. Oh no. Grayson wasn't allowed to speak with other men without Ash present. His eyes flickered up to the male, realization washed over, it was Luke! Grayson hadn't spoken to him since he first 'left' his parents home. It wasn't soon after that he'd met Ash. Ash didn't think all his 'past' friends were good for him...they lost touch after that.

Ash would be extremely unhappy if he knew. But he felt a pang in his chest, he hadn't realized how much he missed his old friends until that cheery face came to view. "Hey, long time." he spoke softly, anxious, but he was glad to see an old friend.

Grayson stared back down at his menu, a faint smile on his lips, but he felt wrong. Ash's angry glare in the back of his mind. "I'd like the..french toast, if you don't mind." He spoke again, but his voice still soft, he'd hoped that Luke could even hear him. Maybe he should leave? He felt torn. Ash would be so angry, furious even...but this was a chance to see an old face.

He allowed himself to look back up at Luke. "I'd also like just a water to drink." Grayson paused. "It's nice seeing you. I didn't know you worked here." It wouldn't hear to chat with him, right? Ash didn't...really have to know. But anxiety still gripped him and he almost felt so worried that he wasn't sure he'd be able to eat at all.
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[center [pic]]

[tab]Luke had a slightly later start today, which was nice, since it let him give his mom a call to wish her a nice weekend without having to wake her up at like 4 in the morning. She always assured him that she was happy to hear from him at any time, but Luke knew that his mom needed the rest more than she would ever admit to.

[tab][i “Make sure that you eat some breakfast before you go to work.”] She laughed, her voice coming through the bluetooth headphone he had in. Luke sighed, but smiled anyway.

[tab]”You’re mothering again.” Luke hummed, laughing as he leaned up onto his toes and reached up to the top shelf of his cupboard, pulling down a bag of granola and pouring some into his bowl of yogurt and giving it a stir.

[tab][i “Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean I stop being your mom.”]

[tab]”I’m eating, I’m eating.” Luke assured, hopping up onto the counter and swinging his legs as he brought the bowl into his lap and lifted a spoonful into his mouth. “Anyway. I hope you’ve been having a good couple of days off. You made any plans for this weekend?”

[tab][i “Not a lot right now, I’ve been thinking about maybe going on a date tonight.”] His mother said it in such a sing-song way that it made Luke feel a little bad for his gut reaction to be a sinking feeling, but he knew that his mom had struggled with relationships, even beyond his father. She never seemed to have anything but extraordinarily bad luck with men. Luke wasn’t able to catch the sigh in time before it had left his lips, and the way that his mom dropped silent on the other end of the line he knew that he’d probably upset her. He scrambled for a minute, feeling bad for hurting his mom’s feelings.

[tab]”Just be careful ok, mom? I care about you, and I don’t like seeing you hurt.” Luke said softly.

[tab][i “You’re one to talk about mothering.”] She laughed, and Luke was relieved to hear her humored again. He would much rather have her laughing than crying again over a dumb guy who didn’t care about his mom’s feelings. [i “Don’t worry Luke. It’s just a little fun, I’m not looking for anything serious.”]

[tab]”Ok, mom.” he glanced up to his clock on the wall, realizing that he definitely needed to be getting on his way to work, though he felt bad leaving the conversation off on that note.

[tab][i “You need to get going to work, don’t you?”] As per usual, his mom always seemed to be on the exact same wavelength as he was.

[tab]”Alright. Have fun on your date, ok? And stay safe.” Luke laughed softly, setting aside his breakfast and slipping down off the counter, walking into his living room and walking over to his futon to get ready.

[tab][i “You too. Don’t go too hard on yourself at work. I’m sure I’ll talk to you again soon. I’ll be sure to tell you all about how bad my date went.~”]


[tab]Luke showed up at work, wasting no time in tying the navy blue apron around his waist. He had already pulled his hair up into a short ponytail, as per the workplace dress code, though he felt like he probably looked pretty silly with the little stump of hair gathered on the back of his head. One of his co-worked stepped back, passing him a note pad and a pen.

[tab][i “You’ve got a party of four at table eleven and a party of one at table eighteen.“] she was much less bubbly when she was in the employee only section, a feat which often left Luke marvelling at how quickly she was able to turn off her “customer service” voice. [i “The one at 18 is usually the one who comes in with his boyfriend, but I think he’s alone today.”]

[tab]Luke quirked an eyebrow upwards, not recalling the couple that she was talking about in particular, but wasting no time in writing down the table numbers at the top of his order ledger.

[tab][i “Oh, right, you usually work the really early shift, huh? Just make sure that you’re polite about it. His boyfriend is the one who usually does the talking, so you might have to be patient with him.”]

[tab]Luke nodded as he grabbed a tray and placed a pitcher of water on it to go out and get their orders. He pressed open the door to the kitchen with his back with practiced ease, turning and walking out, stopping at table 11 first and taking the order of a family with two particularly ornery looking little kids. Even if they weren’t particularly well behaved, luke was often charmed by little kids. He liked to blame that his mom and her penchant for cooing at her friend’s kids just as much as she did at Luke.

[tab]And with that out of the way, he turned toward table 18, getting a ping of familiarity at looking upon the form sitting there. Luke smiled inwardly as he recollected his pitcher and walked towards him.

[tab]”Hey stranger! It’s been a while.” Luke’s tone was a little more cheery than usual, much the same sort of habit that he was sure all of his coworkers had developed. As excited as he was to see a childhood friend, he had to remind himself to remain professional. “Hope you’ve been well! What can I get for you today?”
  lukє / Wendigoing / 29d 8h 33m 0s
Grayson had found comfort in your usual house chores. It gave him a sense of....not so worthless? Never mattered anyway, Ash always says he could do better. But it's to help him be a better person, right?

The younger male had been working on laundry all morning when suddenly toned, strong arms found themselves around his slender frame. "[b Morning.]" Ash must have just woken up.

Grayson melted into the safety of the arms around him. Yeah...there were bad times..but how could he give this up? Ash was just always looking out for him...right? Yeah, of course.

"Good morning." Grayson smiled enjoying the moment of bliss. But the moment was over pretty quickly as Ash retreated back into kitchen that was attached to the laundry room. "[b Breakfast?]" Grayson knew that tone, it was poised as a question, but he knew it meant now. "I'll get it started." He murmured back putting down the clean clothes he was in the midst of folding.

"[b You know when I wake up. Why do you insist on waiting to make breakfast and cause me to be late?]" Grayson felt a heaviness linger in his chest. "[b Do you even love me?]"

Grayson whipped around "Of course!" he said almost desperately. Ash had taken Grayson in when his parents threw him out. He gave him a roof, food, money, and was his lover. Ash was...his world. Where would he be without him? No where, even now..

"[b Then maybe act like it.]" Ash's yellow eyes were cold, harsh, "[b Or can just leave?]" Grayson's eyes fell. "I'll be better next time." His voice soft. Grayson was never good, why couldn't he just be good for Ash? For a man that did everything for him. "[b Good.]"

Everything fell quiet for the time being. Grayson made Ash's usual. Bacon, eggs, with lightly toasted bread. Though, he didn't make himself a plate as he had planned on trying out that little place nearby he saw when him and Ash were out.

Ash didn't even notice Grayson wasn't eating. He usually never fussed if Grayson ate or not, honestly Ash preferred if he ate less, to keep his figure for him.

"[b Plans?]" Grayson hadn't noticed, but Ash was now looking up from his newspaper staring at him, emotionless. "Oh..uh, I was gonna clean some more. Maybe try that new breakfast place." Ash raised an eyebrow, laying down his newspaper, now clearly interested. "[b Alone?]"

"Well...It has a lot of sweeter foods, so I wouldn't like it. Plus, it is mostly female run from what I can tell." Ash narrowed his eyes. "[b Okay. Tell me about it when I get home.]" Grayson smiled. Usually, Ash was pretty strict on places Grayson could be alone at. They fell silent again..and that's how they spent the rest of breakfast.

"[b I'm off.]" Grayson nodded standing with the door open for him, smiling. "I hope you have a good day." Ash smiled sweetly, kissing Grayson's head. "[b Sorry about earlier. I just...I just am trying to make you a better person. Or else how will this work?]" Grayson frowned a bit, nodding. "I understand. Thank you for caring about me." Ash patted his head, before forcing his head back so he could kiss him on the lips then left quickly.

Grayson completed his morning tasks as the clock now shown it was 8 AM. He smiled, he should dress quick to get to the cafe quicker.

He dressed in his usual long sleeved sweater, as it was a the chillier time of year, and some jeans. Grayson does his best to not stand out. Ash hated when he got attention, but that's because Grayson was so precious to him, it was endearing. Though, it got lonely when Ash was gone for work or work trips.

His mind filled with thoughts of Ash and his ever exciting feeling of trying some sweet breakfast items, that he almost missed the front door. "[i Welcome! Just one?]" the hostess was a sweet and bubbly girl. Grayson grew flustered...he wasn't alone often. "yeah.." he murmured causing the girl to falter at his odd demeanor. "[i T-this way.]" Grayson felt anxious and trembled slightly as he sat in the booth...alone.

"[i Your waiter will be with you in a moment!]" "thanks..." Grayson quietly looked over the menu. Everything was so yummy looking, he felt a smile touch his lips. Ash hated it was rare he got to indulge. '[i you'll get fat. You can't expect me to love that?]' Grayson heard Ash's voice fill his head. One time couldn't hurt? Ash said it was it's okay.
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