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Morning started early everyday. No matter how much he cleaned or kept the house well, Ash always had something to say. Earlier, he told himself, just a little earlier and work a little harder.

In reality, Ash's harsh words would never stop. But Jasper was sure it was his fault and if only he worked just a bit harder each day, then maybe?

In the beginning it was so good. Ash was sweet, loving, and took him in after his falling out with his father and care for him. So, obviously he wasn't all the bad. Something changed, Ash got meaner, his words nastier and they eventually were down right threatening. It wasn't like that all the time and it was only when Jasper made mistakes.

He clearly should have done better and deserved the nasty words.

Jasper's mind was in a swirl like very morning. He was so exhausted, mentally tired, and really some days he didn't care while others his emotions were high strung and one word from Ash left his in a puddle of his own tears.

"[b Ah, good morning, Jasper.]" His voice was almost haunting. It made Jasper's skin crawl but at the same time he loved him, right? No one is perfect.
"Good morning," Jasper mustered up a smile for the other male who'd just woken up for the day. "Breakfast should be done."
"[b Good.]" He was a little curt this morning. Work seemed to be more stressful than usual and Jasper had messed up breakfast the last few days. He made extra sure everything turned out right.

Neither really spoke for a few minutes. Jasper felt his stomach knot up, he wanted to ask Ash if it was okay for him to go to that little cafe today, alone. He wanted a little him time. Time to unwind. But something about Ash's demeanor told him if he asked there would be a few choice words for him.

As if sensing his thoughts, "[b You got something on your mind?]" Ash was looking dead at him, his eyes flat, emotionless. Sometimes, they scared him. Sometimes they held love and passion. Ash was like a storm, powerful, beautiful, and sometimes they could be deadly. "Oh, I-uh,"
"[b Out with it. You know when you're like this it's annoying. You're annoying.]" His voice dripped in irritation.
"Of course, sorry. I was just wanting to go to that cafe today."
"[b Alone?]"
Uh oh.
"W-well, you've been so busy and being shut up seems to only be doing bad for both of us. I thought, if I get out for a bit and give you space..."
Ash was quiet and Jasper couldn't quite meet his eyes.
"[b Fine.]" He knew the '[i fine]' had conditions and Ash wasn't going to explain them again.
Jasper smiled warmly, "Thank you!" "[b I spoil you, y'know?]" Ash's eyes warmed up and he smiled back at Jasper. Fleeting moments like this caused Jasper's hear to flutter.


Soon after Ash ate and left for work, Jasper cleaned up the kitchen in record time before stepping out of the house. It had felt like forever since he'd gotten to leave. Ash was over-protective, that's all. He was worried someone would hit on Jasper or try and take him away. It was sweet really.

Luckily, the cafe wasn't too far away from their little home so Jasper merely walked and enjoyed the warm day. He'd arrived only a few minutes, "[i Hiya! Welcome, table for one today?]" The girl that greeted him was one that he'd seen many times before. Often, he was their with Ash and he never really had to speak for himself.

Jasper smiled politely and gave a small nod, trying not to act awkward or nervous. "[i Don't be shy! I don't bite.]" She was pleasant and helped him relax a little before seating him. "[i I'm surprised your boyfriend isn't here. He's working hard, huh?]" Jasper gave another smile and spoke a bit aloofly "Yeah..."

The girl grew quiet before he sat down at the booth she'd led him to. "[i Well, your server will be right with you!]" She quickly sauntered off and left him alone with just his menu.
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