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Name: Aileen Chambers
Age: 13
Eyes: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Parents: Edward and Irene Chambers
Demon Butler: Katrina Phantom
Info about her: Aileen works for the Queen as the Queen's doll. Her parents work the chamber buisness while she works for the Queen with Katrina.

Plot idea:
Aileen's family has known the phantomhives for the longest time, in fact she was engaged to be wed to the future Earl of Phantomhive. When things go tragic and she thought nothing could get worse but then her family was attacked, fear became desperation and she longed to seek revenge on those who were trying to take what she had left, but on those who'd she thought taken her future so she made a contract deal with a demon named Katrina Phantom, who saved her parents. From that day forth she started working for the Queen as the Queen's doll, she kept her reputation in high society as the lady chamber but nothing could prepare her for when her and Ciel meet again but under new terms. Her the Queen's doll and him the queen's guard dog having to work together.

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