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[b "Meeting and then a fitting for a bunch of outfits."] she said. [b "My manager said since word got out that I was supposedly married to the super star of country music, companies had been calling her left and right asking if I would be interested in wearing their clothes... I guess we need to do some sort of press release sooner or later."]

Later that day, she was in the middle of a fitting when she seen Kane's face pop up on her phone. [b "Yeah, that's fine. I'm going to be a little bit... Babe I gotta go. Love you."] she said. She glanced back to her manager and everyone else that was in the room. [b "Sorry about that."] she said.

A little while later, she was finally finished. She had been poked at all day long, and she was starving. [b "I need food."] she said. She knew that she should be dieting, and watching her calories, but right now she didn't care. [b "I want corn dogs. Can we go to that stand that's always in central park?"]
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Kane kissed her, "So you have that meeting with managers today and a fitting downtown but I have to work today and its killing me. I love you and I wish I could go with you." He said sighing and leaned his head against her shoulder.

Later that day Kane called her while he was recording, "Babe I'm going to be getting out a little early, do you mind if I stop by the shoot and bring you home so you don't have to take an Uber... I still don't trust those things... too many creeps around."

Kane was very over protective of her but he always would be... she was his wife and he loved her very much. The drive to her fitting was short but annoying with all of the traffic, and trying to park his truck was damn near impossible but he managed and walked in, getting a guest pass sticker he headed to the studio.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 340d 16h 26m 10s
Hailee was actually hoping that Kane would be able to perform. His song “Pull It Off” was practically perfect for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it at least that’s what she thought. She would be making the call to her people in the morning. She hoped between herself mentioning it, and Kane’s manager as well, they could make it happen.

She was fast asleep, until she heard Rambo all but trying to tear down her bed frame. She groaned and opened one eye, trying to adjustment to the light. She looked up as she seen Kane and just grinned.

She smelt the French Toast, and quickly sat up in bed. [b “You made my favorite!”] she squealed. She realized that he was indeed carrying a tray of food inside their bedroom and she just grinned. [b “You’re amazing. Baby. Thank you.”] she said. She laughed before she reached down and somehow managed to get Rambo back in the bed. [b “And here comes Cassie right behind you!”]
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 340d 19h 16m 2s
Kane nodded, "As long as you like your manager then I'm okay with it." he kissed her gently and chuckled, "Pull It Off would be perfect... I texted Markus and let him know your walking and hes going to contact them... I mean it would be amazing for both of us... and I get to look at you in all that lingerie.." He smiled to her... about an hour later they were in bed.

The next morning Kane woke up and made breakfast, french toast with bacon, sausage, and hash browns. "Darlin'.." he muttered kissing from her shoulder up her neck, "I made breakfast baby girl... time to get up." Rambo was digging at the side of the bed trying to get her up as well. Kane just smiled. "If you don't get up... theres more for me." He said kidding, "I'm just kidding, your getting breakfast in bed baby." he said bringing a tray into their room.
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[b “Pull It Off would be so funny. But I’m not sure if they’ll allow it, but I’ll definitely ask about it. It would be fun. But if not, you could just be my adoring husband in the crowd.”] she said as she snuggled closer to him.

She nodded when she heard him mention her speaking to his manger, now that she was mangerless. [b “That would be awesome.. But one of my mondeling friends recommended her Manager.. when I was complying about mine. I think I’m gonna try and see if you would be interested with managing me.. I just feel weird about having a male manager now..”] she said.

Her career had been booming since the world had seen that she was in the mix with Kane, even more so when word had leaked that the two were married. She wanted to believe that it was just because she was so good at what she did, but even she couldn’t lie to herself.
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 355d 21h 20m 53s
“I have three more shows and I’m off tour for awhile and I’ll be split between here and Nashville and I know there’s a Nashville Fashion week and I want to see you walk there but I have watched the Victoria’s Secret show in the past on television and well...I know you’ll be covered..maybe I can sing and you walk while I sing? It’s something to bring up to them...I mean we are The IT couple right now.” He kissed her and smiled, “I’ll talk to my manager Markus, he’s going to be at the show we’re going to so you can talk to him then. He manages models and artists too, he knows what he’s doing.” Kane said kissing her, “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you that people wouldn’t like us together...I mean I’m biracial but I look black right now because I’m tan but sometimes I look more white...it’s not something I can help.”
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Hailee looked back at Kane and just shook her head. [b “I’m not gonna allow him to just call me and start telling me that I shouldn’t have gotten married to a man with darker skin! That’s bullshit.”] she said. She was furious.

She laughed as she heard his comment about the French magazine. [b “Is it a bad time to mention that I was asked to walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion show?”] she said. She was excited about it. She’d always wanted to do something big, even though she knew it would be a strain on her anxiety levels, but she would get through it. [b “It’s a really big deal..”]

She sat down on the couch and took a sip of wine. [b “It’s a really big deal. I’m excited about it.. But are you okay with it?”] she wanted to make sure that Kane understood what this meant. [b “I mean.... What do you think?”]
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 355d 22h 2m 40s
Kane looked at her, "Babe... you didn't have to do that... he was your manager.. and I'm used to that." It was true, Kane was used to being treated poorly just because of his skin color... even though he was a famous country singer he was still struggling with people and their backwards ideas and small minds.

Kane kissed her gently and said, "We can find you a new manager... I mean your career is off the charts lately... I've been watching... and trust me its weird walking through an airport and seeing our wife on the cover of a french magazine." He went to his luggage and pulled out the magazine, "Of course I bought it because well... I love you."

He sat back down on the couch and said, "A lot of people look down on me for my skin color and I'm only half... my mom was white and my dad was black."
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Hailee blushed and simply nodded. [b “I’m so sorry. I-... I’ve just been so tired and stressed lately. I cannot believe that I forgot.”] she said. She felt horrible at this point. [b “I cannot believe that I forgot.. I’m sorry babe.”]

She grinned as she watched him post their favorite wedding photo. She instantly went on her Instagram and liked it. She also commented [i “Forever and Ever.”] with the red heart emjoi. [b “You wouldn’t believe how much stress was just lifted off my shoulders, Kane.”] she said.

She looked down when she heard her phone rang and she just groaned. [b “I don’t want to deal with this right now.”] she said. She grabbed her phone and slide her finger across it to answer it. [b “Yes. We really got married... I love him more than anything.”] Her entire body froze when she heard him comment on Kane’s color. Her blood was boiling but she couldn’t move. [b “So what, Cercio? If you have a fucking comment on my husbands skin color, then you can come down here and say it to my face so I can kick your ass after! You’re fired.”]
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 356d 17h 55m 26s
"Did you forget our wedding night?" he asked smiling, "We have slept together... you made it a point that we had to have a real wedding night." he said and kissed her before looking at the picture, he took it and posted it on his instagram with the caption, "I do..." it also had the ring emoji. He kissed her again gently and said, "Cat's out of the bag... everyone knows now that your are Mrs. Brown." He grabbed another piece of pizza before his phone started going crazy with notifications and hers rang, it was her manager. "Hailee, you married him? This was supposed to be a fake relationship... not a real one? Are you really in love with him?" Kane could hear her manager on the other side of the phone... what was so wrong with Hailee marrying him? Then he over heard her manager say, "Hes black Hailee..."
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Hailee nodded. She was already scrolling through her the album in her phone named “Wedding Photos.” She found one of Kane looking down at her, while Hailee was looking up at him. They just looked so in Love. She pulled up Instagram and sat there, trying to figure out what she could caption it. [b “I know what picture I want to use.. But what should I caption it? Maybe I should just let you post it. You have the most followers.”] she said.

She just grinned as she heard him say he wouldn’t be drinking her wine anymore. [b “At least you finally tried it!”] she said. She took another sip and glanced over at him. He was just perfect. They had been married for almost a month and a half, and they weren’t even together for most of it. He was so compassionate and understanding with her.

[b “We still haven’t slept together...”]
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 356d 18h 17m 20s
Kane shrugged and said, 'I thought I'd try something new and I must say... I don't see the appeal baby... and after this is finished I will have a bud light lime but I don't want to waste your wine." He kissed her and said, "Maybe we should post one of our wedding pictures on our social medias and just see what happens... I mean our managers don't even know we're actually married, No one does." It was obvious wanted the world to know so they didn't have to hide anymore. Pictures of Kane at Hailee's runway walk were all over social media. People were wondering why Kane was there as they had been apart for a month. Some people even thought they broke up which they didn't.

Kane shoved a piece of hot sausage pizza into his mouth and pulled it away... the cheese pulling into strings and falling onto his chin.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 356d 18h 35m 49s
Hailee sighed soflty and nodded. [b “I think it’s time that we publicly announce our marriage.. That way I don’t have to hide my ring anymore... I just don’t know how we should do it. Maybe we should set a meeting up with our managers?”] she asked.

After Kane had ordered the pizza, she headed to take a shower. She wanted to snuggle up with Kane and. It have to worry about anything for the rest of the night.

After the shower, she realized the pizza was here. She grabbed her glass of wine and a blanket and hurried into the living room. [b “I forgot that it was Harry Potter weekend!”] she said excitedly. She reached down and took a bite of pizza. [b “Are you drinking wine?”] she questioned. Kane hated wine, or at least that’s what she thought. [b “You always make sure I have beer or whiskey here for you..”]
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"No no no I love you... I just... I want you to wear your ring... it shows people your taken. You don't know how many men at that show were watching you, I was getting jealous. Your my wife... not theirs." He kissed her gently and ordered their pizzas... sausage for him and pepperoni for her and they would both eat the breadsticks. He used the intercom to tell Troy at the security desk that he had ordered pizza and it should be there in about 45 minutes. He had used a fake name instead of Brown, when he ordered pizza his last name was Green... a different color but no one had caught on just yet.

When their pizza came, Kane sat it on the coffee table and grabbed his own glass of wine. The dogs were asleep near the couch and the tv was playing Harry Potter as there was a marathon on tonight.
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As soon as they were in the penthouse, Hailee headed to the master bedroom to change into an oversized tee shirt, and then she headed to the kitchen for a big glass of wine. [b “Can we order pizza? I want breadsticks... and a big slice of pepperoni.”] she said.

She crawled into bed with her glass of wine and smiled softly at Kane. [b “This is nice. Just being able to relax and chill without having the press basically breathing down our necks. She snuggled into Kane and took a sip of wine.

[b “My rings in my jewelry box. I can’t wear it on the runway, so I don’t even take it to shows. I was afraid to loose it. I know it costed a mini fortune.”] she said. She looked at him slightly confused next. Why would he think that she didn’t want to be married to him? [b “Oh of course I love you, Kane. Why would you think that I didn’t? Did I do something wrong?”]
  Hailee. / BooBear96 / 356d 20h 56m 31s

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