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He told her that he never knew that she was the protector or that there even was a protector, as he only heard of the rumors from the people around the land. “I also came here to work on finding some resources that can only be obtained in these caves...” he continued
  Axton Sedge / DoomGuy123 / 1y 3d 21h 29m 25s
Freyja eventually lowered her staff once the male adventurer had explained himself, and she tilted her head a little bit when he was finished. "You must be speaking of the ancient crystal of Visha. I must inform you that the crystal is sole property of both this cavern system and myself, as I am its protector." She told him kindly.
  Freyja Rhearn / AskTheStaff / 1y 3d 21h 33m 43s
The young man sheathed his sword, cautious of the female in front of him. “I came down here unknowingly by some type of lift back down the tunnel...” he told her, and then he explained that he was searching for something in an old story about the caves.
  Axton Sedge / DoomGuy123 / 1y 3d 21h 35m 54s
The young mage had gently opened the door, before noticing Axton and backing away swiftly as she raised her staff in a defensive stance. After a few moments and neither of them attacked each other, Freyja spoke up. "Excuse me, but...why have you come to the deepest level of this cavern system...?" She asked rather slowly and gently, waiting for a response.
  Freyja Rhearn / AskTheStaff / 1y 3d 21h 37m 39s
He backed away from the door, his weapon ready if necessary, not knowing if she were to harm him or not, since he had met many vile magic users along his adventures in Visha, and he would not be surprised if she were one either. [i I hope I’m wrong about this one.] he told himself in thought.
  Axton Sedge / DoomGuy123 / 1y 3d 21h 40m 20s
From a small crack in the door, the male could see Freyja in the large, naturally formed stone room that was aligned with many gemstones and small crystals, along with the two larger ones belonging to the golems and then the gigantic pinkish one. "Something isn't right...I feel...another presence. Somewhere." She told herself in a gentle voice, before she began to approach the door to check outside, not knowing that Axton was outside.
  Freyja Rhearn / AskTheStaff / 1y 3d 21h 42m 50s
The male approached the tall tower-like structure, observing the way t was put together, then the adventurer saw a small crystal, and with slight hesitation, he pulled it out of the socket, and he heard a what sounded like stone grinding against stone, and it grew louder until a stone door opened in the structure. “What in the hell...?” He said to himself, and he cautiously peeled through the doorway, and he went into the room, but as soon as he entered, the door closed on him and he felt the piece of stone beneath his feet start descending into the depths of the land of Visha. When the stone elevator reached the bottom and the door opened, he immediately exited the stone shaft. When he looked around, he was in an odd passageway, where he walked down and found a strange door, but he was hesitant to open the door, as he was not sure what could lie beyond the wood door.
  Axton Sedge / DoomGuy123 / 1y 3d 21h 45m 53s
Having a home deep below the surface, in a cave of wonders, seemed almost like a fantasy dream. For Freyja Rhearn, this was a part of her everyday life. Her home was located in the lowest parts of the entire cavern, with a giant pinkish crystal in the center of her very abode. This was what she protected, what she put her life forward for. There were two smaller, yet still large light blue crystals next to it, which were sleeping golems put into place by the young mage woman. She sighed gently as she scanned over the gem-covered walls, observing the different shimmering colors.
  Freyja Rhearn / AskTheStaff / 1y 3d 22h 10m 5s
Axton was an adventurous lad, free, restless, and full of energy, but his desire for adventure has led him to many troubles throughout his adventures across Visha, meaning he had fought many beasts. But his time he was after a special crystal located deep below the surface of Visha, which was where he planned on going. As the lad looked around, he spotted a tunnel leading down to a crevice in the ground, where he spotted a strange tower, but he thought it was some type of shrine. “What a peculiar shrine to find below the surface...” he said to himself
  Axton Sedge / DoomGuy123 / 1y 4d 6h 15m 34s

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