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[center [b -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-]]
[center Ideas for the rp:]

Val is throwing a surprise party for Kane and his crew to celebrate finishing the tour. She even got the crews family and friends to fly down to participate.

First family trip after the tour to Hawaii. Towards the end things begeeuthem gets weird.

During the breakup Kane dates someone else. Propose to her within two weeks of dating. Gets matching tattoos.

Rumors of Val and Austin gets more intense. He’s there for her after the breakup and miscarriage.

Val takes photo shoot gig in wedding dresses to show Kane what he’s missing. Bwahahahaha
[ wedding photo shoot 1]
[ wedding shoot 2]
[ wedding shoot 3]
[ wedding shoot 4]
[ wedding shoot 5]
[ wedding shoot 6]
[ wedding shoot 7]

[ photo shoot 1]
[ photo shoot 2]
[ Photo shoot 3]
[ photo shoot 4]

[b Kane leaves Lauren at the altar! His idea. Not mines but in [u love] it!]


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[#Af18ae You would think he would’ve done it. But for moments like these he needs you around. So instead of sleeping over our house or renting a hotel or a room you have your own house. I have the deed at my place. Freshly built. Almost don’t durbiahing it.] she have Tabatha the keys.

They follow her in. The place was cleaned twice before the furniture came in. The babies have a room to share. Monastery bedroom and bathroom. Two guest rooms. [#Af18ae Now remember you’re closer to Kane than to me.] she says checking double checking on things on her own. With the screams she heard she knows the babies found their room. Valentina was making sure there’s no dust. Everything is installed properly. She checks every corner of every room.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 69d 9h 27m 0s
"Val... this is amazing," Kane said getting out of his truck and seeing Alan trying to get out of the car on his own. he was trying to be a big boy. Kane picked him up, "Momma... Valentina went above and beyond." As soon as Tabatha saw the house she began to bawl, "Valentina, you did this for me?" Kane smiled, "I told you shes the best momma and a damn good interior designer if she wasn't such a good model." Ava motioned for Kane to lift her up as well. "Alright princess."
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 69d 9h 58m 33s
[#Af18ae It is 85% hers, 17% the babies and 3% Kane’s.] she says grinning. She puts the blindfold on Tabatha. [#Af18ae I’ll text you the address. You shouldn’t leave your car here and you’re riding solo cause I don’t trust her being with you. She’ll take off the blindfolds and the babies are going to be my eyes and ears.] she says quickly sending him the address before guiding Tabatha outside to her car. The babies follows holding onto Valentina’s dress.

The babies were snitches. Told her when she moved or touched the blindfold. When they got there she waited for one to pull up before getting everyone out the car. The house if for her so she’ll be closer to Kane and driving distance to her and the kids.

[center [ The house.]]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 69d 10h 5m 7s
Kane nodded, 'Yeah darlin', I drove here... you want me to take momma and follow you or should we all ride together?" Kane's mother looked to him, "You know about this?" Kane shook his head, "Not at all but I trust Valentina with my life so If she says shes got a surprise, I'm all for it." Tabatha shook her head smiling, "You really do love her Kane." He nodded and saw the blindfold. "Momma if you have to be blindfolded I'd think this surprise is more for you than for me."
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 69d 10h 17m 9s
[#Af18ae Kane we don’t live together. I have to go home and pack. Tabatha you should stay at his place. Watch him and the kids. I’ll hire ba nanny to also help out with the kids... they have clothes at his place. I’ll stop by later or tomorrow to get them. Okay?] she asks looking at them both. His therapist walks in. Val moves to allow his therapist in. He needs it. Tabatha held on to the kids who screamed for her not to go. Val waves bye before going to say bye to the others before going home.

[ Before leaving Val posted pictures of her and the babies on there vacation with the captain can’t wait to go back and kiss the dolphins again.] sighing, Valentina walks back to his room. [#Af18ae I was going to save this surprise but I feel like you both need some cheering up... I have a surprise for you tabath. Eother I bet Kane from doing it or he doesn’t like having you around... kidding. I think because I don’t know. Tabatha you cake here by Uber so you can ride with me. But blind folded.]
“Oh no. I don’t like the sound of that.”
[#Af18ae You’ll like it. Kane did you drive? The surprise is an hour away. It’s almost done like i said. I thought I would have more time considering by the time you and Lauren got back. Not to mention it’s been underworld since the gender reveal party...]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 69d 11h 59m 1s
Kane hugged her tight, "I love you Val... as a friend, a mother to my children... everything... just don't leave me okay." He kissed the top of the twin's heads. "I'm sorry... just I wasn't prepared to see Rebecca after all these years... I burnt that picture along with every other one.. I don't know where Lauren found it... I burnt everything... I couldn't look at it anymore..." It was becoming clear that Kane had demons he couldn't handle alone. Not anymore.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 70d 7h 4m 28s
Valentina runs her hand through her hair. [#Af18ae Kane. Our babies aren’t your medicine. They shouldn’t even see you like this and I don’t want you ruining the vacation with your sadness. You can go to the house when I’m gone working. Your mom agreed to babysit and Tabatha you’re not allowed to leave him alone with them. I don’t care what he says. He’s not well. Since your mother is staying with me she can take the kids home. I get today was stressful and emotional. But I’m holding everything in because I don’t want the baby to see me cry or angry... so stop crying.] she kisses the babies bye. The began to cry. Olivier walks back to five the babies a gift.

“Love ya munchkins. I’m going to miss you.”
[#Af18ae Thanks. Good luck with Bella. I don’t know if Kane dates her before or after his wife but apparently she’s a handful. From my personal experience she lied to get a paternity test.] she kisses his cheek before he left. Val takes the babies gifts so they can open it when they get home.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 70d 7h 9m 28s
"Can I go with you? I don't want to be away from them for awhile... its true, I have PTSD.... and things trigger it and I... well I'm not me but the twins help me. I don't know why but they do." He said looking to Valentina. When they called Oliver daddy, Kane broke down crying again. "They hate me." he muttered shaking his head. "I shouldn't even be alive... how can I be a father when they hate me." He wasn't okay... he needed Valentina and she was leaving him.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 70d 7h 18m 36s
[#Af18ae I don’t hate you. I don’t care. But if you’re a mess you shouldn’t have the kids.] she says walking in to sit down near the kids. They both try to sit on her lap.

“Hey I’m leaving. Bye val. Munchkins... Kane.” Austin says bye to val and kid the kids before leaving. Olivier was next. Also ignoring Kane. The kids said bye daddy Ollie. It was cute to her but she knows it kills Kane each time.

[#Af18ae Well lucky for you or wonr air for about a month. The need to edit it and what not.] she says checking her face in the mirror. She has a small busted lip and a scratch. Nothing else. Stacey looks a lot worse. It’s hilarious. [#Af18ae I’m taking the babies back to Dominican Republic soon so we can kiss dolphins again. Just a heads up. Not sure when we’re leaving though. I still have photo shoots to do and go back to record another episode of Arrow...] she bends down to tell the babies to say bye to daddy. Tabatha walks in wanting to talk to Kane. Val smiles but looks like she doesn’t like her at the moment.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 70d 7h 22m 29s
"Please... if you don't mind... Val can we talk?" he asked looking to her, his face full of worry. "Do you hate me?" he asked dropping his head into his hands. "I never told you about Rebecca because I tried to forget and blamed myself... its why I started drinking in the first place.... Valentina... I don't know how to make it stop now. Lauren just ruined me..." He shook his head, "I.. I'll take the kids for pizza and I'll be okay... I just need a couple days."
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 70d 7h 36m 54s
[#Af18ae I can’t. The break isn’t that long. I have to go back out. For the record these mini sandwiches sucks.] she says checking her teeth to make sure nothing is stuck between them. Austin went to get her when it was time. She had them go to Kane’s room since he most likely won’t be coming back out. Everyone say where they sat before. Tabatha didn’t go back out.

They began to talk about Bella and Olivier. Then they went back to Austin and Valentina. They’re trying to figure everything out from all 3 seasons since this is their first interview. The other surprise guest was Matt. Olivier and Matt almost fought. Olivier was trying to get payback for what he did to Valentina. Even Stacey appeared. That’s when things for hairy and Stacey charged at Valentina. They fought for a few before everyone broke it up. Austin’s was holding val back. She was panting, fixing the front of her dress and her hair. [#Af18ae I don’t know who’s worse you or Lauren. Don’t think I didn’t see the bullshit you wrote on Twitter.] Stacey has to go back stage to get checked out.

[i Now that’s pure bad blood...] they wanted to ask questions for Kane. It they didn’t want to bring him back out when he’s going through a tougher time thanks to Lauren so they ended the reunion. Valentina went to Kane’s room to get the kids. She knocks on the door. [#Af18ae Hey it’s over. Do you want the kids to stay with you? I’m about to head out...]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 70d 9h 34m 49s
Tabatha was watching the twins in Valentina's dressing room and Kane was in his in tears, crying. "His therapist is in there... hes crying, saying he doesn't deserve to live now... what Lauren did, brought up his past, hes broken... he told me to tell you thank you for letting him take the twins offstage because they were the only things stopping him from punching Lauren." Ava and Alan were watching scooby doo on the television in her dressing room. "Valentina will you talk to him?" Tabatha asked.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 70d 11h 3m 44s
Valentina didn’t like that he took the kids and it showed. Austin sat next to her squeezing her hand. [i Are you okay?]
[#Af18ae Yea.]
“She’s lying. He took the kids without talking to her. They live with her. He should’ve asked.” Oliver says annoyed.

Kane could still see what’s going on. There’s monitors around so the others could see what’s happening.

[i Lets continue. We all know being famous one way or another interacts with crazy people. However, Valentina and her babies have a racist stalker. Take a look.] they showEd her reading the mails she got. Threats she got when going out alone. What happened during Halloween. The aftermath break in. Then with Olivier. It had Valentina in tears. [i You his this from almost everyone. Why?]
[#Af18ae I didn’t want to bother anyone. Nothing bad happened until the break in. It’s scary because it’s just me and the kids. I think the break in scared me more. I moved a week after. I feel and because the house got broken into. The old house. Even left a horrible message in chicken blood... i started taking self defense classes and travel with two body guards now.]
[i “Woth this going on do you still want to to have more kids?”]
[#Af18ae I do. Actually. One or two more.]
[i who would want to have another baby with?]
[#Af18ae Wow. Well I’m single now so no one. Maybe I’ll go a sperm bank when I’m fully ready for another one] she says Smiling.
[i Well let’s talk about Olivier know. Do you know who’s his baby mama?] everyone shook their head no. [i Lets bring her out.] to be hold it’s Bella. Kane’s ex. Lauren and Val looked confused. They spoke for a while before calling it a break.

Valentina went to her room. Austin follows her to tell her everything that happened between him and Catherine.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 70d 12h 16m 57s
“I tried to forget about that part of my life and everyone in Georgia knew that I had married her and Lauren was in my class, she was Revecca’s Friend and I didn’t tell her she just knew. I didn’t tell anyone. I stopped thinking about that part of my life out of guilt, if I had been home and not enlisted in the army then she would still be alive.” Kane said and Lauren looked up at the screen with a smirk, there was a wedding picture of Kane and Rebecca, she was Latino like Valentina but mixed with white, she was beautiful. Kane looked up and broke, “I...I’m sorry I can’t do this.” He said picking up Alan to take him and Ava back to the green room.
  Kane 4.0 / Polkadotrocker / 70d 13h 1m 17s
“We thought you grew up and lived in Nashville. Dam my dukes. You’re full of lies and secrets.”
“He sounds stupid too. You don’t get radiation for a gun shot wound. He must’ve got shot in the head too.” Olivier says shaking his head.

Valentina drops her hands when things calmed down. Ava says hi Daddy Ollie. She even left Val to go hug him high. Alan does so too when Ava returns. Val got up to escort them down to Tabatha so she won’t charge at anyone else because she hasn’t to watch the babies.

[i We’re glad you finally seemed help. Why now? Valentina knew something was up. But it seems like you’ve been more... something... with Lauren. Do you not trust her or love her as much as you claim?]
[#Af18ae It’s not that bad. I’m not mad.]
[i But you told him everything about your past. They only thing you kept was the kids calling Olivier daddy and for good reason. He almost cried.]
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 70d 13h 31m 41s

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